opera singer in the kitchen

highlights from my three years working at panera

  • customer pooping on the floor
  • pulling a stag beetle out of an old woman’s hair
  • two employees started dating and had a blow-out fight in the parking lot before work at least once a week
  • employee cutting her finger practically off because she jammed her arm in the bagel slicer
  • catering coordinator fucking the GM in the basement
  • man claiming he didn’t have a panera card because a friend stole all his rewards cards while he was in a coma for a year
  • the turkish opera singer who worked in the kitchen for a summer
  • disheveled man offering “voodoo therapy” in the dining room to guests as they walk in
  • tiny dominican lesbian stole the girlfriends of two different male employees

i-just-love-dorcas-meadows  asked:

omg 12 for ralbert pls

“H-how long have you been standing there?” - “Long enough.”

Race tended to sing while he cooked. It didn’t matter what he was cooking or baking, or for how long, but it was a force of habit. Race had distinct memories from when he was a kid of his mom singing while she worked her magic in the kitchen. She had been an opera singer before she and his father got married - he was a stage manager and she was the lead singer, and the rest was history. So Race, even though he never knew the translations of the songs he was singing, let alone their names, sang softly while he cooked in mostly Latin and Italian, sometimes German if he was full of energy that day (German vowels are the worst).

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