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So, Orbit Publishing has contacted some of us in the Imperial Radch fandom to help reveal the cover for Ann Leckie’s new novel! We’ve each been given a piece and this is mine, which is part 1 of 4!

Follow @orbit-publishing this weekend as each new piece is revealed. Also, @annleckie’s new novel is available now for pre-order. Details to come!

Honestly, one of the most tragic parts of Phantom to me is the fact that all his life, Erik had been judged for nothing more than his looks. There was nothing wrong with him besides his appearance, he was an innocent person. Then, he allows that trauma, that /torment/ to change him. He starts to become just what people so unjustly called him. He starts to became a monster and Christine is the only person who makes him aware of that. She’s the only person who makes him want to be /good/ and by that time, it’s already too late.

I'm making a broadway sex playlist help

so far I got:

Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera

As Long As You’re Mine from Wicked

Bad Idea from Waitress

Dead Girl Walking from Heathers


also i dont want hamilton bc the only option would be ‘say no to this’ and no

one song per musical pls

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The Royal Opera House of the Palace of Versailles is amongst the finest creations of the master French Architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel. Built under Louis XV for the wedding of his grandson, Crown Prince Louis-August (future Louis XVI) and the Hapsburg Princess Marie-Antoinette in 1770. It is the largest palace court theatre in Europe and one of the few surviving. Following a recent $70 million dollar renovation, the floor of the lower seats can once again be raised to the level of the stage and be used as enormous Ballroom or Banqueting Hall. Concerts, plays and ballets are now being held on a regular basis during the Chateau’s Theatre Season and the public can purchase tickets through their website.