We are a strong generation. But we are also a broken generation.  We are a generation that looked at history and decided to love with our full hearts and empty our very souls into the galaxy.  We are a generation that was told we are like every other generation from the past, bound to make the same mistakes and become the same weary adults in a mid-life crisis.  We were told our colors are too bright, our language too foul, and our dreams too ambitious.  We said no, we will not fall into the beaten tracks of our ancestors.  We will learn from the past because the past haunts us every day.  We are broken, doubted, belittled, angry and have been swimming against the current since day one.  
But because of this we are vivid,  unforgettable, breathtaking, without regret, and strong.  Our youth will not fail us.
—  New Age Change, Gabrielle poemsmadeofwhiskey