Wesley Wescott | 18 Years Old | Witch | FC: Chris Zylka | OPEN

“Would you do anything to work out all the wrong?”

The Past

Wesley is known for being a loner. He’s cold, detached, and sometimes he can be rather mean. Of course it wasn’t always that way, it never is. While Wesley had never been particularly social, his older brother Matthew was always able to get him out of his shell. A few months ago, Matthew went missing, no note, no explanation, no trace of him. While the police searched for him, they gave up after only a month, which seems to explain Wesley’s distaste for authorities.

After Matthew’s vanishing act, Wesley changed, he became withdrawn and the few friends he had he began to fade away. Then he found the package came. No return address but it was for his brother, and Wesley couldn’t help but open it. Inside is what surprised him the most. A simple book to a passerby but it held much darker secrets than anyone could imagine. A grimoire passed down in his family for generations, it was then Wesley realized why he never felt normal, why he always had a misconnection with people. He was a witch.

The Present

From then on he often visited the witch shop, buying books, and often pestering the women there with his questions. His current project was to find his brother, no matter what it took; he had to get him back.  


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