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hi do you possibly know where I can watch/dl Korean dramas with English subtitles as many HD as possible? ://

for downloading:

  • AvistaZ: i only use this site for really old dramas with 0 seeders bc it’s like a little exclusive drama community so its easier to get torrents with a decent amount of seeders - the site is open for registrations random times throughout the year so i’ll keep you guys posted when they open :~)
  • torrentwiz*this is probs my fave site to torrent from atm!! it basically has every single kdrama you can think off but the only downside is the whole site is in korean :< but what i do is.. i copy & paste the drama name into the search bar and the rest should be relatively straight-forward!
  • dramatorrent*: i’ve used this site quite a loot! you can either download or stream off this site! my only issue with it is the subs they provide.. it’s either the subs are for the wrong ep or the timing is somewhat off, but it shouldnt be too much of an issue since you can just download subs from another site :^)

for streaming:

  • viki: this might not be available in certain countries but it has a wide range of dramas for you to choose from, in which a majority of them are subbed and HD
  • youtube: if you’re really lucky, you’ll be able to find your drama on youtube! haha i found Seoyeong, My Daughter on the KBS youtube channel but that’s like 1 in a million :–(
  • epdrama: i use to stream my dramas from here but the quality isn’t the greatest so it’s usually my last resort
  • dailymotion: quality might be a bit questionable but if you really can’t find anywhere else maybe try here? :^)
  • dramayou*: this is where i stream the majority of my dramas just bc i prefer the layout of it compared to drama4u! i feel like this site is probs one of the fastest to upload subbed episodes as well :> 
  • drama4u: also another really good streaming site! the kdrama choices on this site is pretty impressive! plus it also provides a range of kshows, tw/chinese dramas, short films etc. 
  • gooddrama: never really used this site bc of the ads spam! but it does provide a huuge selection of dramas, movies and animes from different countries (+ it has a really good genre selection) 


  • subscene*: i luv luv luv this site! i swear this site has the subs for literally every single drama possible!! and it provides you with 10000000 different version of the subs + 100000 different languages as well! 
  • opensubtitles: i’ve used this site once i think, bc i couldn’t find the sub version that i wanted from subscene (which rarely ever happens) ngl i dislike the layout of this site v v v much 
  • darksmurfsubs: it’s a fan/community subbing site which i rarely ever use just bc the layout of of the site is really confusing 

(*) - fave sites 

Hope this helped !!