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Prakhata Club Security, art by Igor Kieryluk

From the World Guide…

The Prakhata Club is home to the exclusive society of the same name.
Admittance is highly sought after by those who want to demonstrate their
status, procure prized works of artifice, or simply participate in the most
famous parties on all of Kaladesh. The club is open only to its members and
their invited guests. These guests often include famous or up-and-coming
inventors, successful derby racers, or ætherborn socialites. The club lies
behind a network of labyrinthine halls and a series of increasingly ornate
doors, each of which requires a unique code to open. The first door sits at
the end of the platform in Sakti Station. A quarter mile and a dozen or
so doors later, the club opens up into a dimly-lit lounge where firefly-like
thopters flit around creating a mystical ambiance. From there, a single
staircase rises into the main hall where raucous club-goers party until dawn.
In rooms adjacent to the main hall, high profile auctions take place where
wealthy members bid against one another for claim to the latest masterpiece of a celebrity inventor.

Some members are given special keys that allow them to bypass the requirement to input a code at each door. The keys are small
brass-colored spheres that have intricate, curving lines engraved into their
surfaces. When a key is fed into a keyhole at the first door, it tracks along
the winding hallways, opening each successive door as the member makes
his or her way to the club.

Above the club’s main hall is a suite that is known the Trophy Room. In this secure location, club members display their prized
devices, hoping to inspire both awe and jealousy. Non-members are not
allowed in the Trophy Room without an escort.

Part of the fun of club events is the everchanging dress code. Themes are communicated to members ahead of time,
and all attendees must comply if they wish to gain entrance. Some themes
require ornate costumes, others only subtle tweaks on current fashions. All
themes however, involve artifice of some kind, and certain tailors devote
their craft to designing for Prakhata Club events.

Last part of the selfic fic (part 1 here and part 2 here) for those who asked :)

No way. What room?

Room 11. Right across your door I’m guessing.

Iris waited for his response, which took a few seconds to come. He’d type, then un-type, then type again and her patience was waning thin with his indecision.

But then: wanna meet…?

Good response, she thought. Sure :)

She dropped her phone and made her way over to the door (more like ran, because what were the odds of this whole thing happening? Just about zero). When she opened her door, she was greeted with the opening of the door of Room 12, directly across hers. 

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      IT DIDN’T take long for the male to arrive. His black car parked out front as he made his way to the door, fist knocking against the wooden door. Hands moved into the pockets of his jeans as he took a step back, awaiting for his friend. Once the door opened, he offered his signature smile. A light smirk with joy curved on his lips. “Hey stranger.”


Evi is trying to figure out what she’s supposed to do with the kid and school, should she send her?  When she hears a knock at her door.

Damn all these visitors lately!

When she sees who is standing there through the glass, she is frozen in place.  She doesn’t want to open the door, she has no idea what she wants to say to him.  

They stand and stare at each other as the world comes to a complete stop…..

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Im such a cunt omg

so this dude on campus has this HUGE crush on me but hes a fuckboi so I’ve been like playing along and giggling at his jokes and flirtin and letting him walk me to my classes ect ect

ANYWHO he walked me to my car last night bc it was super dark (like it was 11pm when i left the rec room) and he walked me to my car, opened the door and everything and like stood there. Like i KNEW he wanted a kiss and shit so I just said ‘thanks fam’ and got in the car and left

Weeks After being shot by Tyrell, Elliot does all to avoid him and it's going great and surprisingly heart aching
  • Tyrell knocks on the door of Elliot's apartment.
  • Warily Elliot goes over to open it but still traumatised from everything that has happened since the take over of F Society, he hesitates and shakingly asks:who is it?
  • Tyrell feels the terror in his voice:it's okay Elliot. It's only me.
  • Elliot recognises the voice but doesn't open the door:....
  • Tyrell:Ell-Elliot please open the door. I need to see you.
  • Tyrell:please, Elliot. I've been coming to see you at the hospital since– that night. I didn't want to do it, Elliot please know that. I would never hurt you on purpose.
  • Elliot rest his head against the door:you still– you still did. You still hurt me.
  • Tyrell:I'm sorry. I truly am.
  • A beat. The two stand on either side of the door, foreheads resting against the wood, hearts aching – mourning for each other.
  • Elliot:Angela told me... she told me about when you called her.
  • Tyrell:...
  • Elliot begins to hate that he can't see the look on the quiet man's face so he opens the door and is instantly met by sad blue eyes.
  • Tyrell looked anything but himself, dark bags under the eyes, messy hair and wearing something that you'd see on Elliot rather than the notorious Tyrell Wellick.
  • Tyrell doesn't say anything as he cups Elliot's cheeks, he liked the way he didn't flinch like he used to.
  • Their faces closed together and their lips met. The kiss was soaring and mind resting. They were at peace at last, after a very long anticipated time.
  • Pulling away Elliot said:is it really me you claim to love or my other self?
  • Tyrell:I love every version of you Elliot Alderson, every single one.


Imagine McGee checking up on you while you’re at home sick. McGee fluff is life. 

Requested by Anon~

It took you significantly longer to get to the door in your current state, but you managed it. Tim was very patient in waiting for you to let him in, and when the door opened, he offered a smile. “Hey there, Y/N.” He greeted, though he kept his distance when he walked into your home.

Your only reply was a grunt, shuffling past McGee to go lay back down.

He followed you, looking sympathetic. “Not feeling much better, are you?”

Another grunt was his only response. McGee couldn’t help but smile.

As you collapsed onto your bed, he held up a plastic bag for you to see. “I brought some medicine, some soup, and a little stuffed bear from Abby.” Tim reported before taking said bear out of the bag. “She feels bad that you’re sick.”

Despite your sour mood, you smiled and took the bear from Tim. His hand reached out and pressed against your forehead, and the look on his face told you that your fever was still pretty high. “Time for some medicine.”

Sebastian Stan Request

Hey love!! Can you please write an imagine where the reader and Sebastian Stan are dating, and they go stargazing on one of their first dates (cuz they’re both huge space nerds)?? Love your blog!!

“Um,” you laughed, “when did you get a truck?” Sebastian had just pulled into your driveway to pick you up for your 3rd date in a car you had never seen.

“I borrowed it from a friend,” he smiled. “Come on, I’ve got a fun night planned,” he opened the door for you and you hopped in the passenger seat.

“I’ve never seen any of this in my life,” you said watching as the dark countryside passed by you from the window. “Where are we going?”

“I can’t tell you,” he smirked.

“Are you taking me out here to murder me,” you joked.

“How’d you know?”

“Ha ha ha, I forgot you were funny.” A few minutes later Sebastian was pulling over in the middle of an empty field. “What are you doing,” you asked as he opened his door and grabbed a bag of stuff from behind the seat.

“Getting our date ready,” he grinned and disappeared behind the truck.

You followed him out and to the back of the truck and looked at the tons of blankets and pillows he situated in the bed of the truck. “Come on,” he said hopping into the truck bed. He extended a hand to you and helped you up.

“What gave you this idea?”

“Look up,” he smiled and pulled you down into his chest. You tilted your head and looked up. The black night sky was littered with thousands of stars that you didn’t get to see from the city.

“This is beautiful,” you awed. “Look, there’s the big dipper.”

“And there’s the little dipper. And, there’s Hercules,” he pointed.

“This is awesome, Seb. Thank you,” you snuggled into him among the blankets.

“I’m just happy you’re happy. That and that you like to nerd out over space with me.”

“Maybe for our next date we can go to the Science Center’s space attraction.”

“Next date, huh? Does that mean this date went good?”

“It does,” you smirked.


At the back of the ship was a dun obelisk, a vertical structure that detected my approach and opened by sliding two doors out from its centre. In front of me was a hulking suit of armour - old and imposing. Its helmet appeared to wear a stern countenance, and the chestplate and pauldrons had been pocked with damage from a hundred bitter wars. All of this was distant to me, but it was still my past. It wasn’t a myth. It wasn’t a legend.

…I looked at the top of the obelisk where a cuneiform pattern was etched. It had the bearing of the armour’s owner. My old name: 


We left our armour here in the ship - armour that could have kept us alive for millennia. We forsook it and everything from our past, and started anew. Me, my wife, our son. We would return to the roots of my people, millions of years before. Simple farmers who lived and loved and died. I would fail my namesake, that was for certain - nothing about me would be eternal or lasting - but I would not fail the soul my people.

That would be eternal.

What we once were before our pride, before the wars, and before Halo. We were noble, kind creatures who served one another and recognised our small place in the greater story. That is how we would be on this world. That is how the last chapter would be told.

Our new life here would be the end of our great journey. [Halo: Fractures - Epilogue]

I hope you’re all enjoying the RPs going on. There’s some discussions going on right now actually about how currents Events are progressing and we might actually need to pull in a few more people to make things flow smoothly.

So if you’re from the Sonic, Mega Man, Mecha, or any Franchise, send me an IM and I’ll add you to the chat so we can discuss what roles everyone will be playing.

I watched in amazement as You gave me the courage to take on the seemingly impossible, to move from “I can’t do this” to “I’m doing it,“ only to find out that what I’m doing isn’t working; it’s not enough. I don’t know what happens now or where to go from here. I just don’t know. I’m overwhelmed. I feel like I’m out of options.

But it was You who called me here, You who asked me to do this, You who provided for me and opened the doors for me to walk through up until now. And that, along with everything else I know about You, is what keeps me believing that You haven’t left me to figure this out on my own, that You’ll part waters, that You’ll make a way for me to finish what we started.

anonymous asked:

May we please have another part to the zombie imagine?


part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8 part 9 part 10 part 11 part 12

You wake up when you hear a soft knock on your door and sit up sleepily, “Come in.” Dylan smiles as he opens the door and closes it behind him. “What are you doing?” you giggle quietly. “Visiting,” he murmurs, sitting on the edge of the bed. You scoot closer to him and wraps your arms around one of his, resting your chin on his shoulder as you smile up at him. He grins down at you and leans in to give you a soft kiss. You kiss back and pull away, looking at his lips. “You know,” you murmur, “I’m glad your parents and everyone are here, but it was nice being alone.” He nods, “Yeah.” You lean in to kiss him again and he hums, his eyes slowly closing. You make out for a few moments and pull away, grinning as he follows after your lips and kisses you again. You finally move back and he sighs, watching you, “We could sneak down to the basement tonight.” You lean in to whisper over his lips, “Is there a couch down there?” He kisses you again in response and the two of you keep making out until it’s time for dinner.

“Your lips are still red,” you whisper as you, Eric and Dylan walk down the stairs. Eric laughs, “Everybody probably knows already.” Dylan shakes his head, “We haven’t said anything.” Eric just smirks and the three of you make it to the kitchen, having quiet conversation as you eat dinner. You and Dylan keep exchanging glances, trying to keep his parents from noticing. Dylan tries to focus on his dinner more than anything else. He’s been writing about you in his journal. He’s never been so attracted to a girl and he can’t believe you like him back. The journal is full of passages about wanting to cherish you and crossed-out urges of wanting to defile you. You actually seem to want to be with him and he’s not sure how to handle that. Dinner ends and you get up, thanking his parents and head upstairs. They all go to sleep in a few hours and you leave your room, gently knocking on Dylan’s door. He opens it and you take his hand, leading him down to the basement.

Dylan’s heart is pounding as you set down your flashlight in the corner. You move up to start kissing him and his shoulders relax as he moves his arms around you. He watches you pull away and lie back on the couch as you smile up at him. He crawls over you and hovers as he kisses you, too nervous to touch you because he’s already getting hard. You pull away after a moment and take one of his hands, slowly guiding it to your chest. He swallows and lets out a quick breath, starting to kiss you more deeply. He’s growing impossibly harder as you arch up into him and moan softly. You shiver as Dylan moves down and starts kissing at your neck, mumbling that you’re incredible. “Take it off,” you whisper over his lips. His eyes widen. not sure he heard you right. You smile and pull your shirt over your head, revealing a dark blue bra. Dylan’s eyes darken and he instinctively moves down, starting to kiss over your chest. Before long, your bra and his shirt are off. Dylan’s having a sensory overload as he presses against you. You shiver at the contact and the two of you continue making out for a long time. You finally get dressed and go back upstairs, kissing him goodnight. Dylan goes back to his room and fills Eric in excitedly as you go to sleep.

Althea headed towards Claytons place, thinking about her conversation with Juliet. She seemed to really think he was a good guy despite the cheating, and it was two year ago, Althea was trying to keep that in mind as she found the key, let herself into his house and started to unpack the bag of muffins she brought. She also had coffee, a latte for her, black coffee with cream and sugar for him because she wasn’t sure what he liked. She put a muffin on the plate and carried it and his coffee back to his room, knocking before opening the door “clayton?”