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okay but Jungkook leaned in a bit too????? there are so many things I’m confused about

  • Jungkoook said there was no one in the room to help him with the wifi connection so there’s no one who could’ve opened the door when Jimin came so did he have the key? Why? How? He literally broke in the second time and fell while running down the hall
  • Jungkook said there was no way Jimin could’ve heard him because his room was on the other side of the hall. How did he know? Had he already been to Jimins room? Definitely
  • The look Jimin gave Jk when he was talking about that one time he roomed with Tae in Mexico? And how Jungkook wasn’t even listening to him because his chest was too distracting?
  • How Jk was so visibly disappointed that Jimin wasn’t coming back to his room but when Tae entered he was suddenly so annoyed?
  • The thing Jimin does when he talks to Jk and his voice is really soft?
  • The way Jk just froze when Jimin touched his hair??????
The Door Is Nearly Open (Vocal cover / Original lyrics)
AshEaria & James Roach
The Door Is Nearly Open (Vocal cover / Original lyrics)

So no one’s missed it, April the 13th
This is the announcement everyone’s been waiting (for)
It has been five years since the Kickstarter
Don’t you think it’s about time to get this show started?

So rig the fandom to explode while being vague about the launch (and)
Try your best just to survive the memes are gonna eat you alive (and)
Hussie this is cool and all but where the fuck’s the epilogue (so)

Say it one more time
It’s almost the time (let’s make)
Another pun ‘bout time
We’re gonna blow your damn minds.

Also known as That Song From The Second Hiveswap Trailer: Meme Version.

There’s some volume dumbs and a lot of desyncs bcause my laptop ports aren’t great, but I’m actually kinda really pleased with how this turned out??? I wasn’t expecting it to actually sound nice.

So there you go. Have fun.

Original music by @jamesroachmusic
Lyrics and vocals by @ashearia

The signs at a house party
  • Aries: that one drunk girl that gives everyone shots and is real fun until someone doesn't want a shot and then she tries to fight every one.
  • Taurus: four words. Stoned on the couch.
  • Gemini: the host.
  • Cancer: in the corner waiting for it to be over. Only here cuz their outgoing friend dragged them along.
  • Leo: telling obnoxious lies because everyone is intoxicated and is believing the stories of grandiose, which is a rare opportunity.
  • Virgo: shy but cool guy who is only here because the person he likes is also here.
  • Libra: cute guy who backpacked across Europe and speaks seven languages. You're in love, he isn't about that life.
  • Scorpio: don't open that bedroom door or so help me.
  • Sagittarius: made an appearance with a beach ball and big funny hats for fun times, left at 12 like Cinderella.
  • Capricorn: wearing a blazer? Somehow it works? Talks about sustainable living? Somehow not bored?
  • Aquarius: on the back porch with a small crowd of people talking about fringe theories and how humans are animals too.
  • Pisces: by the pool, talking to everyone and anyone. Also the drunk girls by the bathroom.

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Imagine unisnav and johans family working together to throw a huge welcome home party for the adopted kid (possible fanfic or Drabble?)

“He’s sleeping…” Usnavi mused, he had been holding the toddler for the past hour or so while they sat in the uber. Usnavi and Johan had their child for a little over a week, they private informed people of their adoption. Slowly, only because they wanted to enjoy this angel for as long as they could before he was to be shared with their mixed and…very strange families. Johan smiled, Usnavi never looked more lovely. 

Their child peacefully sleeping in his husband’s arms. Their child. It was all happening. Johan felt something change within him, something didn’t sit the same. All this was a foundation he never thought himself capable of. To be a husband, to be a father, to raise a family. The couple were walking on air as they approached their apartment, ready to ease into parenthood. 

Johan opened the door to their apartment and was met with— 


The room was full of Johnsons, Bow and Dre, their kids and Johan’s hippie parents. Along with Usnavi’s family friends, all gathered in their apartment. Usnavi automatically shielded his precious son as the crowd of baby hungry women stampeded over to him and began cooing and proding at him. His angel was ripped out of his arms and was set on Daniela’s hip where he looked confused between his fathers and the new stranger.  
“Aww is he shy?” Zoe smiled watching the boy pout with a slight disgruntled stare.
“Que shy? His gotta shake that shit out of him.” Daniela placed a red lipped smooch on his cheek.

“He’s not shy, he’s…not wearing his hearing aid.” Johan smiled a bit, their son looked around and gently signed something. Johan replied silently and the two exchanged knowing smiles. Suddenly he turned and hugged Daniela’s neck.

“What did you say to him?”

Usnavi smiled, beaming from ear to ear. “He asked who everyone was, Johan said…his family.”  

Mistakes Were Made

Universe Alteration: 

Some nut decided to give the synthetic form of the black lion a pair of hands. 

This has thus rendered her smaller form capable of most things bipeds are capable of, such as opening doors, using a keyboard, opening jars, opening take-away containers, tickling people, picking people up, tucking people in, opening locks and in general making a nuisance of herself. 

Tags: V: Shake Hands with the Devil
Origin Story: Here

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Maybe wolfstar sharing bed? I love you btw 💙 Stay strong 😙 Eat chocolate 🍫 It'll make it better ❤

Thank you so much, Moony!!! <3 

tw: nightmares.

- Sirius was bouncing all the way up to their dorm room.

- He had been dying to tell Remus the way he felt about him for nearly a year, but today?

- Today he was actually going to tell him. 

- And he couldn’t contain his excitement.

- Throwing open the door, he was in luck to see that only Remus was in there with his back towards him whilst he rummaged through his trunk.

- “Moony!” Sirius beamed, throwing his arm’s around Remus’ back and hugging him tightly. 

- “I have something to tell you!”

- “Sirius …” Remus whispered, pushing his arm’s off of him and turning around.

- “Moony, let me just get this all out before I can’t.” 

- He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

- “Remus, I’m in love with you. I want to be with you for the rest of our lives. I want to kiss you and take care of you, and I just want you to be mine. I love you.” 

- He opened his eye’s again to see Remus’ eyes red rimmed and deflated.

- “M-Moony?” Sirius asked with uncertainty.

- “Why couldn’t you have told me this 24 hours ago?” Remus whispered and took a few steps back.

- Sirius tilted his head to the side.

- “W-what do … I don’t understand.” 

- Remus heavily sighed and pulled a note out of his back pocket to pass to Sirius.

- He took it warily and read it.

- “Umbridge has decided after a letter from a student explaining what happened last January that it’s … that it’s now illegal to be a werewolf. The auror’s are on their way. I’m to be executed at noon in the courtyard. In front of the school.” Remus said in a deadpan tone.

- Sirius eyes grew wide and tears fell from his eyes.

- “But … no. No!” He screamed frantically. “They can’t do this!”

- “If you only told me a day before … we could have had a day together.” Remus stared at the floor, “but now, we’ll never know.”

- “Remus, no! Can’t we hide? Can’t we run away together, please Remus! They … they can’t kill you!” 

- “You’d go to Azkaban if they found that you helped me.” 

- “I don’t care!” He screamed, his face streaming.

- Sirius threw his arm’s around Remus’ shoulders and hugged him tightly.

- “I can’t loose you, Remus!” He whispered into his neck.

-  The dorm room door slammed open as 5 auror’s bursted through.

- Two of them stormed over to Sirius and roughly tugged him away from Remus.

- “NO! NO!” He fought to no avail. 

- The other three auror’s grabbed ahold of Remus and manhandled him through the door, though Remus gave no fight.

- “REMUS!!”

- The auror’s holding onto Sirius dragged him through the door behind Remus and out into the courtyard.

- The entire school stood in a circle facing a wooden pole in the middle which Remus was being tied to.

- Sirius struggled against the men holding him, but couldn’t escape.

- “It’s your own fault, Black.” A eerie voice said to him.

- Severus was stood to his left side, staring at Remus.

- “You! You did this! You wrote to Umbridge, you bastard!” He screamed.

- “How could I?” He chuckled and turned to face Sirius.

- Sirius gasped. 

- “When I’m dead?”

- The left side of Severus’ face was badly mutilated.

- His eye was white and scarred, there was a large bite on his neck that was still bleeding, you could even see a bit of bone.

- “You sent us to our death, Black.”

- “I didn’t … I … us?”

- Severus pointed to Sirius’ right.

- Quickly turned his head, he felt his knees buckle beneath him. 

- “No …”

- James Potter stood there with a gash in his stomach, broken glasses, and three large scars across his usually handsome face.

- He stared at Sirius with hate.

- “Was it worth it, Sirius?” James snapped.

- “I didn’t know! James, I’m … I’m so sorry.” He cried.

- “You sentenced Remus to his death.”

- “Remus …” He whispered, turning back to where his beloved was tied up.

- He watched as someone walked into the centre of a courtyard holding a gun.

- He couldn’t make out who it was.

- “Death by silver bullet.” Severus said. “It’s the only way to kill a werewolf.”

- “No, nooo!” He began to fight to loosen the grip of the auror’s.

- Everything felt as if it was in slow motion.

- The person raised their gun and pointed it at Remus’ chest.

- “NOO!” He screamed.

- Somehow, he managed to escape the grip of the auror’s and ran towards Remus.

- Bang.

- “REMUS!” Sirius’ screamed, sitting bolt right up.

- “Shh, shh, Sirius, I’m here!” Remus whispered.

- Sirius frantically looked around the room attempting to catch his breath.

- He was sat up in his bed, and Remus, oh sweet Remus, was sat on the edge holding Sirius by his shoulders.

- Sirius placed his hand on Remus’ chest, feeling it to make sure there was no bullet wound.

- “It’s okay, Sirius, you’re okay. It was just a bad dream. I’m here.” 

- “Remus!” Sirius breathed, throwing his arm’s around Remus shoulders and repeatedly kissing his neck.

- “Oh, Remus! I love you, I love you so so much, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He chanted between kisses.

- Remus was taken aback. 

- “What are you sorry for, Sirius?” He asked, rubbing soothing circles into Sirius’ back.

- “I … I killed them … I killed you. I’m sorry. I was so stupid.” He sobbed.

- “Shhh, you’re alright now. It was a just a nightmare.” 

- “But it could of been true!” He sobbed harder. “I didn’t … oh Remus. It felt so real!” 

- “Come here.” He whispered, pulling Sirius in for a tighter hug.

- “I love you, Remus.” He repeated.

- “I love you too, Sirius. You’re my best friend.” He pulled back and smiled. “Let me go get you some water.”

- Remus moved to stand up, but Sirius’ hand shot out of to stop him.

- “Please, don’t leave me,” he panicked.

- Remus felt his heart break at how scared Sirius was.

- Whatever the nightmare was, it really shook him.

- Sirius pulled back his duvet and looked at Remus pleadingly. 

- “Please, stay with me?” 

- “Of-of course.” Remus stuttered.

- Nervously, Remus climbed under the covers, and Sirius wrapped his arm’s around his chest and rested his head on his shoulder. 

- Remus held Sirius close, gently running his fingers through Sirius’ hair to sooth him.

- Sirius’ breathing began to slow down as he nuzzled against Remus’ neck.

- Remus felt himself drifting off when Sirius spoke.

- “I meant what I said, Moons.” Sirius whispered.

- “What’s that?” He yawned.

- Sirius leant up on his elbow and leaned over Remus.

- Remus opened his eye’s to look at him.

- “That I love you.” Sirius smiled, placing his hand on Remus’ cheek.

- “Oh … oh!”

- Remus sat up in the bed and stared at Sirius in shock.

- “I’ve been wanting to tell you for awhile now …” Sirius continued, “but I was scared.”

- Remus felt the corner’s of his lips tug upwards.

- “I told you … in my dream, I told you … but then …” he loudly sniffed.

- Remus placed his hand on Sirius neck. 

- “Tell me what happened,” he encouraged. 

- “You … you told me I was too late …”

- They stared at each other for a moment, both of their eyes flicking to their lips and unconsciously leaning in.

- “Am I too late, Remus?” Sirius whispered against Remus’ lips sending a tingle throughout his body.

- “Definitely not too late.” He replied, closing the distance.

- The kiss was slow but deep. Their tongue’s lazily tangled together as their hands tenderly and innocently explored one another.

- They pulled back for breath, resting their foreheads together with quiet giggles.

- “Tell me this isn’t another dream?” Sirius smiled, stroking his hands up Remus’ neck.

- Remus chuckled with a toothy smile. 

- “God, I hope not.”

- He kissed Sirius again and pulled him down so they were lay next to each other.

- They lazily kissed until sleep claimed them both.

Sorry I went a little weird on this one, it was an odd dream I had (when I actually managed to fall asleep for ten minutes, thank’s insomnia.) I hope you liked it!!

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Request: John Shelby imagine where you want to get married but he keeps putting off the idea and you argue about it, like full on screaming match, and the reader is quite sassy and doesn’t take shit. Thank u x

Hope this ticks all the boxes. This may, at some point turn into a two-shot but I don’t know. Tell me if you want a sequel…


She shouldn’t be nervous. Really she was just being stupid. The door to the Shelby house had never looked more intimidating. Hesitantly she raised her fist and knocked against the hard wood three times. She took a step back as the door opened to reveal the matriarch of the Shelby household. Polly Grey stood in the doorway, a plastic smile on her face.

“Well, well.” She tutted. “If it isn’t John’s little pet. Keeps you hidden away, don’t he?.”

She stretched out her hand to introduce herself. “I’m…”

“Ha” Polly laughed, interrupting. “Don’t be humble darling. I know who you are. How is Mr. Solomons?”

Of course, she thought, Shelby’s do their research. Adele Solomons was, however, perfectly aware that she was being patronised and did not take too kindly to it. Pasting on a saccharine smile of her own locked eyes with the woman.

“It wasn’t humble, it was polite darling.” She drawled in return, ignoring the woman’s question. “Though I don’t expect you would know the difference.”

One side of Polly’s mouth lifted up slightly and she stepped to the side, letting Adele in to the Shelby home. She’d never been inside before and was slightly nervous to be entering, especially without invitation. She should have called. Let him no she was coming. God why didn’t she think. No, she told herself sternly, John and her had been together for long enough, she had every right to be there.

“John.” Polly shouted into the house.

He grunted in response. She smiled in spite of herself, he was just so…John.  

“I like the girl.” Polly said, shouting into the house again. It put Adele at ease at least a little bit. Two years and she’d just met her fiancees fucking mother figure. The last time John had come to London he hadn’t left on good terms. They argued about the same thing they always argued about. She couldn’t live like this anymore though, it was tearing her apart.

She walked into the main room of the house and he turned around.

“Del.” He shouted, dropping the forkful of scrambled eggs he was about to shove into his mouth. He crossed the room in one big step and wrapped her up in his arms. He smelt like home - she held her breath. She allowed herself one moment of normality, tracing the curvature of his face with her fingertip. She stepped back. A crease appeared between his brows.  

“What are you doing ‘ere? Thought ye were still in London town.” He said, confusion evident in his tone.

“We need to talk.” Her eyes fixed themselves on the clean white ceiling. Internally she was a mess, fluctuating between anger and hurt, sadness and fear. She needed to get her shit together. A man with a moustache entered the room, looked between the two of them and walked out without a word. She saw a shadow of John in the mans face.

“Was that one of your brothers?” Del asked, quietly. He just looked at her blinking slowly.

“That’s er Arthur.” He replied, a crease appearing between his brows. “What did you want to talk about?”

“I…” She coughed and started again. “We have been doing this.” She said gesturing between them. “For almost two and a half years. We got engaged over a year ago. What am I supposed to think when every time I mention a wedding you run back off to Birmingham?” Her voice cracked. She was just…it hurt so fucking much.

“What are ye trying to say, Del? Ye want it to be over, that it?” He was angry now too. His neck held a bright red blush and his eyes had lost all their humour.

She could throttle him. Rolling her eyes, she sighed “Once again, John, the point is completely lost on you.”

“Maybe ye should explain it better then.” He challenged. Of course he was going to make this her  fault. Everything she had felt, all that worry and stress on the train here bubbled up in an ungodly rage.

“Maybe you should stop treating me like some dirty little secret. Am I your London whore, John Shelby? You haven’t introduced me to your fucking family, I had to meet your aunt on her fucking doorstep.”

He looked at her, mouth open like a codfish and somehow his lack of words enraged her even more. She furiously wiped the tears that began to trickle down her cheeks.

“Dont think I haven’t noticed. Two and a half years John and every time we go to meet your family, there’s business or your great aunt dies or…I can’t even remember the other fucking excuses you’ve made.” She paused taking a breath and he took a step towards her.

“Del.” He started.

“Don’t you 'Del’ me.” She screamed, her throat raw. She balled up her hands hitting his chest with her fists. “I’ve heard enough of that bullshit for a lifetime”

“What? Yer going to come to Birmingham, live in me house, raise me fucking children? Is that want ye want?” He yelled back, grabbing her wrists. She’d never seen him so angry.

“Do you even want me there?” She asked, ripping her hands from his grasp. He raised a hand to is forehead, looking away from her.

“Course I fucking want ye there. Ye just don’t want to be there. Birmingham, it’s not London. There ain’t no space for someone like ye.”

“Someone like me?” She smiled a cruel smile. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean ey?”

“Means that yer gonna come ere and slum wiv a Brummie boy, play house for a year or two and then figure out it ain’t for ye and fuck off back ta London.”

It was like ice water replaced the blood in her veins. Her red hot anger turned cold and settled in her chest. She’d waited two fucking years. She’d waited in London, alone for him to come to his senses. But…she couldn’t fucking do it anymore. She’d proved herself. She’d fucking…fuck.

“You think I’d do that? You’re talking like you don’t even know me. Truth is, you’re a fucking coward John Shelby.” She pulled her engagement ring off her finger and threw it onto the floor in front of him before turning and walking straight out of the house.

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You had been tasked with finding Bucky when he disappeared after dinner. You went to his room, after a quick look, you didn't see him until you saw the sliding glass door slightly open. You walked over and peeked out. Bucky was sitting in a lounge chair in a dark corner of the balcony. You were about to ask what he was doing but stopped when you heard him moan. You looked down to see his hand wrapped around his cock, pumping slowly. He looked up in surprise when you failed to hide your own moan.

“Need a hand, Sergeant?”

Sinful Sunday™

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prompt, for Viktuuri: unusual inheritances. someone died and left character X a fanatically loyal warrior order.

The doorbell drags Viktor’s attention from his coffee in an unsettling way, and with a small groan, he stumbles through the apartment to the door. He peeks through the spy hole and frowns upon seeing what appears to be an attractive young Asian man standing at attention, shoulders stiff with the posture of a soldier.

A little worried, Viktor opens the door slowly and stares at the man. Dark eyes sweep up to meet his gaze, and the man bows.

“Good morning, Master Nikiforov. I am Yuuri, also known as KD40XJ9, your Martial Assisted Living Servant. I am pleased to make your acquaintance,” the man tells him, and Viktor feels the hairs on the back of his neck raise.

“What?” he asks, unable to process anything. He hasn’t even finished his coffee.

The man slowly straightens, eyebrows furrowing slightly. “I am Yuuri, also known as KD40XJ9, your Martial Assisted Living Servant. I have been ordered by the High Courts to serve you in any capacity you deem acceptable from this day forward.”

“Um,” Viktor replies, clutching his coffee close.

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IMAGINE: Justin comforting you after something happens at the Winter Formal

Up til now, the night had been going very well. I’d been excited about the dance for weeks now. A cute senior even asked me to be his date, which I accepted. I was having a good time dancing and having fun until I saw my date making out with some random chick.

Instead of going up and confronting him, which I would have normally done, I ran out of the hall with tears pricking at my eyes. I wasn’t very upset, just humiliated. I didn’t even care that much, why was I crying?

I had been standing alone in the dark hallway for a few minutes when I heard the door open and close again. I quickly wiped my tears away, which had fallen down my cheeks despite the useless attempts at stopping them.

“Hey, Y/N, are you alright?” I heard the concerned voice of my best friend, Justin Foley, behind me.

I turned around and smiled weakly. “Yeah I’m fine thanks Justin. Go back in and enjoy the dance.”

“You’re not fine.” He stated, stepping closer to me to wipe away yet another rogue tear with his thumb.

“So, you and Jess seem close. ” I said, attempting to change the subject.

He laughed. “Nice try, but you’re not changing the subject.”

He took another step closer and wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back. We stood in each others arms for a while, not saying anything.

Justin and I had been best friends since we we’re kids. We’re always together, people even thought we were dating for a while. He’d been there for me throughout the hard times and so had I for him. He often crashed at my place when he was having problems at home. My parents have basically adopted him.

“You’re the best.” I whisper.

“I know I am.” I feel him smile. “But you’re better. I love you.”



30 oz chopped relish

4 g brown sugar

8g confectioners sugar

3 pints pool water from last summer


preheat oven to 600. leave oven door open.

put ingredients into parn withought mixing

leaven oven door open

you can’t look at it until it’s done. please don’t look

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What's been the best experience between you and Yura in the bedroom?

When he accidentally called me Daddy. It was like a door had opened to a lot of the… kinker sex that we now have. We both had these kinks but never brought them up until after that point.

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Kuya Emilio, it's so hot here (in Cebu City lolz)! In my house ALL of the fans in the sala are turned on. What should I do to cool down po??

If you’re used to staying upstairs, DON"T. Go downstairs or wherever the sala is at least and hang out there instead, and if possible, open your doors or windows at least, don’t close them. Hopefully you have screen doors so the air is ventilated. Yes turn on all them fans ahhh. AND NEVER FORGET TO DRINK WATER AT LEAST EVERY HOUR. KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED. Be chill this summer. The heat is ungodly. orz