Black Outs and Breakdowns

“You know what I fucking hate everything and I still haven’t put myself in the ground for forever.” Dean argued against the person worried about him,”Now excuse me I’m going somewhere.” 

Shrugging on a backpack he vanished outside and took off in a run. Making it miles before collapsing near a lake. His breathing evidence it’d been hard. Sitting up he looked up. Before cracking a smile as tears flowed out his eyes.

“Why can’t any of the people I really want to kiss me realize I really really want to kiss them?” Gabriel sighed,”Seriously so many hot guys and stuff yet none of them get the hint.” He popped some candy in his mouth,”I mean I can get people but somehow some people miss the hint.”

“Oh..Hi. Do you like my Spider Man costume?" 

He swallowed, staring at the other who had just watched. His mask had been torn away from his face, but he had managed to hide his face before knocking the baddie out. However, his Spidey Senses were so focused on the fight he was in, he didn’t notice the bystander watching.

"Larping, y'know.” He explained, with a shrug.

Katerina Jebb

In a New Performance Piece, Tilda Swinton Turns Fashion Into Art

The actress Tilda Swinton has for several years collaborated with Olivier Saillard, the director of Paris’s Palais Galliera fashion museum, on an annual performance for that city’s Festival d’Automne. In 2013, they did “Eternity Dress,” in which a garment was tailor-made — from measuring and patterning to cutting and sewing — for the actress before a live audience. The year prior, Saillard and Swinton created a piece called “The Impossible Wardrobe,” in which Swinton walked a selection of beautiful, fragile historical garments from the Palais Galliera’s archives (Napoleon’s tailcoat, an ermine collar worn by Sarah Bernhardt) down a runway.

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Miles & Miles

Big in Japan, Tokyobike Gets a Permanent New York Home

He just wanted to buy a bike. That’s the short answer to the question of how Dean Di Simone, the founder of the New York digital agency Tender Creative, and his wife, the model-slash-marketer Juliana Rudell Di Simone, became the Stateside keepers of Tokyobike.

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And it was overheard//Open

“Order of business steal a kiss,get a boyfriend of sorts,and steal his jacket.” Lucifer muttered out loud while sipping at a drink and doing some paperwork in the pretty empty club. Wasn’t open yet though there was some set up for a party the next night.

He’d been zoned out when somebody came up to him. Therefore hadn’t noticed they had just overheard what he’d muttered. But then it dawned on him and he downed his drink. 

NASA opens library of cosmic audio to the public
Houston (UPI) Oct 23, 2014
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American space agency NASA has made available to the public over 60 audio samples recorded on various manned and unmanned space missions. Uploaded to SoundCloud, the 62 files cover everything from cosmic weather on Jupiter, to the moon landing and other Apollo missions, to Kennedy promising a generation of people in the twentieth century they would live in the space age. All of t
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Copyright George Condo

George Condo Creates Portraits in Action

Last June, the Metropolitan Museum of Art asked the artist George Condo to participate in a discussion on Willem de Kooning. In the course of his research on de Kooning, Condo read several texts by the art critic Harold Rosenberg and became inspired by the concept of “action painting” — the term Rosenberg coined to describe the intense, almost performative energy the Abstract Expressionists used to paint their canvases. Condo experimented with that idea while creating his newest body of work earlier this year in his East Hampton studio.

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