Dirty Little Secret II Open Rp

By now, it didn’t take Andy a long time to get ready for a show. He had his makeup technique memorized, and his clothes was already picked out for every day thanks to his sisters, who made sure he was fully packed. He stood at the door, waiting for him/her to come out, wondering just what they had picked out to wear. It was his first time bringing someone other that his Scout or his family on tour with him, and he had to admit, he was curious to see what BVB-like look they would come up with. He heard the door open, turning with a big smile. Until he saw them. His face dropped. How could someone look so…good? How was he supposed to pretend they were just friends when he/she looked like that?

I had a bit of an accident.

But it looks worse than it is. 

And basically I’m stuck in bed for a few days and okay, I’m a bit freaked out and cold and shaky, but I suppose I’ll get a lot of books read. If I can stay awake long enough to open them.

I guess this is what I get for running around by myself on thin ice.

(Remember, it really does look worse than it is)

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Leo plopped himself down on the bench, exhaling softly and placing the bag he was holding on the ground in front of him. Looking over, he saw the person sitting next to him on the bench holding a large screen. It was like a computer but without those rows of letters. Stranger than this the warlock did not see. The words tumbled out of his lips before he could stop himself. 

Strange feeling.

Does any one else get that feeling where you feel like you’ve forgotten something, but you have no idea what? I’ve had it all day.

I’m sure there is something I’m meant to be doing, but I can’t remember it.


Suitcase in hand, he had stopped right in front of the building towering over him. He couldn’t help but put on a smile at the sight of the school. Hope’s Peak Academy was a school one could only hope to attend as one might say. 

Ah, that was a nice play on words if he’d say so himself. On a more serious note, he felt glad to be in an academic dreamland– even if it was for a trivial “talent” such as possessing the mere ability to run. This could really bring out his potential and soon he might be able to spread his beliefs and thoughts to the brightest of minds. How glorious that would be! Finally, oppression would be eliminated at last for a utopia. 

It’d take some time though and he’d have to be patient and work hard he reminded himself. Straightening his posture, he entered the building at last to become bemused. These… decorations. They were most definitely reserved for the spooky holiday of Halloween. He could have sworn that his schedule said he’d be arriving after the holiday. To think that there was still decorations for it though. How… neglectful

He scrunched up his nose and pressed forward. Halting abruptly, he realized one small issue: He had already become lost. He had absolutely no idea where he was going. To think he’d get himself in such a situation right off the bat. It was really distasteful. He’d have to set out and find someone else and hope they were well-informed of the area. Clearing his throat in preparation, he took a small detour (not that there was much to take it from) and roamed around a little.

Jia Xu just sat on his desk along with alot of scroll that are on his desk as he decided to put his hand on his chin as he begin to think to himself “I have to learn about this land that theses Unknown warriors are coming from the amount is starting to increase abit”

With evening slowly approaching, the angel wanders at a slow pace down the banks of the river for the sake of having something to do. She really didn’t want to be in her room seeing as how she was oddly alone nowadays in there. Coming close enough to the edge of the lake to see her reflection, she stops and sighs softly, eyeing the ripples in the water. Vaguely, she wondered if the ripples were being caused by the giant squid that was rumored to live under the water’s surface.

He could hardly believe that the school had decided to announce a field trip at such a time. The academic year had most likely barely started for them (not that he was convinced very much with the lack of a proper staff in use), yet they were already being sent away for a while on a ridiculous most likely uneducational vacation. He had expected so much more out of this school only to be mildly disappointed.

Who even was that voice anyway? Well, he had no time to dilly dally as he had to repack. This is how he had found himself on the seas on a ship. Taking a deep inhale, he leaned over the railings and looked down to the sea in thought.