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I ship you with happiness because that's what you deserve <3

((OOC: Oh heck yes. Here’s a picture of myself in my happy place, enjoying some tea, books, and blankets on a rainy day with my BFF, Peter Dinklage, as our cats purr and slumber.))

Katara’s fire nation outfit is … legit fire🔥. She’s so pretty either way but after 10 years, I can’t get over her help


Hey, everyone, it’s me again. So, I’ll cut right to the chase: I am in a dire need of money and I can draw.

I’m not very good at selling my case, but it would ease a huge burden on me if I could manage to come up with at least $75 before the end of the month, or more specifically before August 3rd. I’ve had commissions open all this time but I am simply terrible at self promotion, but right now I really really really really need to make some money off them right now.

This is my commissions page, where you can see the prices.

This is my art tag so you can see samples. And my art blog.

If you simply wanna help by donating, that’s absolutely fine too. If you can’t donate or commission me, reblogging the post is seriously going to help me a lot. 

My paypal is

Thank you so much.

Alright but consider this,

David from camp camp has ADHD. This may explain how energetic his is and his pure devotion to the camp. It also gives a valid reason for him to be portrayed as a ‘problem child’ in his younger years as many kids with ADHD struggle with behavioral issues during childhood. As for his devotion to camp, The way he can talk about the camp for hours on end and can at times show an unhealthy attachment to it makes it quite likely to be his hyper fixation.(although not all hyper fixations fit this criteria) And we already know how energetic and animated he can get when talking about camp cambell and life in general.

hey fam, i don’t pretend to be a saint (i know i’ve made mistakes in the past and i’m doing everything i can not to repeat them) nor do i consider myself above anyone, but i have to comment on a couple issues in this fandom and make a few requests about what comes into my inbox.

first off, please don’t erase canon lgbt sexualities by sending me hc’s that charlotte is bi or marvin is pan, etc. please think about what you send in and how it could offend people - i’m not trying to kill the fun here but i have to delete some asks that are pretty dehumanizing and insensitive. also, please don’t erase the fact that these characters are jewish!! (ex. don’t send hc’s about whizzer making the tkf celebrate christmas cause he’s only half jewish). also, please don’t make aids jokes. whizzer is not your dead gay son. lastly - this one doesn’t have much to do with what comes into my inbox, just my opinions on recent discourse - offending oppressed minorities by id’ing as a jewish/hiv+ character when you are not jewish/hiv+ is not an appropriate way to deal with your personal issues. i love reading your hc’s but i don’t like having to delete some of them because some people in this fandom aren’t handling this material with the respect and sensitivity it deserves. that said, bring on the hc’s about the tkf’s quirks, jokes, and silly/heartbreaking/loving/you-name-it moments!

when i was younger i was afraid of opening cans like if they had a pop tab and i absolutely Needed to open them id use a fork and would avoid touching them at all costs because of Arthur season 2 episode 14B “Arthur’s Knee” where arthur cuts his knee on a lima bean can and it gets infected. that episode haunted me until like the 6th grade and even now whenever i want to eat soup all i can think about is arthur being a dumbass

EBG: Now Open for August Prompts!

Now that July is finishing soon, we are now accepting birthday gift prompts for August. So if you have a birthday coming up and want a special birthday fanwork gift, please read the rules and send them our way! And remember, while we are requesting for August birthday prompts, we will accept any prompts for any month this year.