It was almost time for the bon fire, which Ainsley fully intended - the issue was she made a deal with herself that she would go on the ferris wheel once before that. Naturally, she waited until the last minute, and the person running the ride called for a distracted Ainsley as she tried to convince herself there was no need to follow through, right? But there was a person behind her who would be seated with her waiting, so she climbed aboard and took a deep breath before apologizing to the other. “I’m really sorry for the hold up?” The nerves could be heard in her voice.

A male and female figure, who look really identical, jump out of a portal. “So this is the time people keep crashing?” the male asked.

“We better be careful bro.” the female says.

[ 🗡 ] “I SHALL NOT!” Gundham bellowed, his voice carrying firm resentment as he stood there, arms crossed and school swimsuit on, though his scarf had yet to be removed. It was time for gym and everyone had filed in to enjoy a day; however, the coach quickly decided to change their plans over to going to the pool, much to the breeder’s dismay.

Standing at the edge of the pool in front of him, he glared down at the mortal who’d demanded his company.

Why was he so vehemently denying them?

It was simple: they were asking him to swim.