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1. Do you speak spanish?
I can say like hello and thank you and that weird thing from charlie the unicorn but aside from that, no not really.

2. First time you cried at something fandom related, what was it you cried at?
Doctor Who in general, back in 2005.

3. Favorite character’s fav phrase?
Don’t understand the question… Moving on (I have 3 exams tomorrow so I need to do my procrastinating quickly so I can do my last minute study)

4. Play any instruments?
Violin, clarinet and piano, but I stopped having lessons for violin and clarinet so I I don’t know if they count anymore.

5. Did you have a good/bad day?
Well I had an exam today so it could be better, but I have three tomorrow so it’s probably as good as it could be considering the circumstances.

6. Do you swear a whole lotta?
Na I don’t really swear.

7. Least favorite human on the planet?
Like Hitler? Or do they have to be alive? Can I say Moffat without everyone thinking I’m comparing him to Hitler? I should really just say Mitt Romney and be done with it… Ugh, I don’t like picking my least favourite people.

8. Have you ever made a post that got over 10 notes?
Yes but only ones that my sister reblogs, except for one that simply by chance got like 70 notes and it was the best day ever.

9. Song you cant contain your crazy-ass dancing moves with?
I don’t know, and since it’s taken me more than a minute to think about, I’m going to move on.

10. If you could smell 1 smell for the rest of ur life, what smell would it be?
Fresh basil, because it’s delicious, but it won’t make me hate that I can’t eat it because it doesn’t really smell like any food in particular.

11. The phrase you use the most?
I don’t really know, but probably something like “that’s absurd” because its easy to use in any situation and it usually works. So I don’t really have to listen. Cos it’s good and bad and in between and yeah.

Okay other questions yeah

1. What is your first memory?

2. How did you come to be on tumblr?

3. What is your favourite sound?

4. What’s your favourite form of transport?

5. What’s your favourite joke?

6. Let’s say you have an idea of what you want to do with your life (all good if you don’t), if that falls through, what’s your strangest plan b?

7. What’s your favourite little animal? (Like, no bigger than a kitten)

8. What influenced your blog to become the way it is? (Theme, posts, etc)

9. If you had to give up a fandom, which would you give up and why?

10. What’s your favourite plant?

11. If you could create a place out of nothing and make it real, what would it be like, how big would it be, and who would live there?