Michael Powers || 19 || History || Mutant

Flight: Michael’s ability manifested itself when he was 12.  Growing up in circumstances that did not foster his power as a gift but rather a curse, he has learned to be very cautious about who he shows it to, and when he is nervous he sometimes finds himself involuntarily rising from the ground.  However, his power has grown and he is quite capable of controlling it under normal circumstances.  He loves the feeling of hurtling through the air, and as part of his fun-loving personality, finds the thrill of the wind in his air a better rush than any other sport he’s ever participated in.


Michael doesn’t remember his mom much.  She died when he was only three years old, so it would be nearly impossible for him to actually remember her.  Instead he grew up with his father.  His dad was great.  He loved him dearly and raised him happily, despite the fact it was hard to bring Michael up as both mother and father while he was busy trying to maintain his carpenter business.  But they were happy, in their own way, the small family of Michael, his dad, and their over-sized Labrador Mr. Grumpy (named by a young Michael because of the way he always sighed melancholically when he was sitting by himself).  They lived in a small town in North Dakota, where there were few secrets, and very little drama to amuse the young population with.  Michael grew up charming, friendly, and loved by most of the people in the town, though he had a slight trickster streak in him which reveled in pranking and practical jokes.  He smiled easily and laughed even easier, though he was always very conscious of how difficult it was for his father to raise him on his own.  

He discovered his power when he was 12.  He had been playing a prank on Mr. Grumpy, forcing the poor dog into the attack by tempting him with bacon, just to see what the dog would get up to in the dusty attic.  While up there, Michael found a box of old pictures, one with his mom in it, and was so immersed he didn’t realize he was leaning on a precarious shelf that broke.  He was fine, but it startled Mr. Grumpy, and in a panic to get away from the loud noise the dog jumped out the window.  Michael had no time to react and threw himself out the window to save the dog instinctually.  He would have died had not his power kicked in, causing him to float a few feet above the ground clutching a very confused Mr. Grumpy to his chest.  Michael was ecstatic, but unfortunately he was overseen by a neighbor.  Powers were hated in his town, and mutants especially were considered freaks of nature and devil’s spawn.  

That very night they heard a strange sound outside the house as they were eating dinner, and suddenly smoke started billowing through the house.  There was a fire, and Michael and his dad just had enough time to grab some photo albums and the dog before the house was consumed by the billowing flames.  It was called an accident, but Michael couldn’t help but think the sound he had heard before the flames surrounded them had been laughter.  That laughter haunted him, especially in later months as he watched his dad succumb to depression.  Though his father never blamed him, even expressing pride at the boy’s talents, Michael knew that the house had been something his father had built with his mother, and losing it was like feeling the loss of his mother once more.  They moved towns without a word, picking up and going to a more hospitable place for mutants, but Michael watched in growing concern as his father lost weight and threw himself into work.  He soon decided the best way to help his dad was by finding him a new love, and so he went around, using his flight powers, to pull up bits of roofs on the houses of single, appropriately-aged women, hoping one would attract his dad’s eye.  The attempts were all fails until Jane showed up.  Jane was a widower who also had a dog, and she seemed perfect.  Michael watched gleefully as his dad fell head over heels in love with her, and everything seemed to be going well until they got married, and Jane confronted the boy.  She told him she hated mutants and poisonously whispered that if she ever saw him flying in her house she would make sure his freakiness would be removed immediately.  Michael was shocked, but didn’t want to upset his dad, and so he kept silent despite the pain, bullying, and torture Jane put him through over the next few years.  His dad had taken care of him so long, it was now his job to ensure his dad was happy.  So he remained silent until he was able to graduate high school and go to university, pave a new life for him in a place where hopefully he could be accepted.


Positive:  Michael is a loving, charming person.  He cares deeply for those around him and always wants the best for the people he knows.  He is witty and loves joking around, always up for some practical jokes, but always meant in the best of fun, never hurtful.  While average at school, he enjoys history sincerely and therefore does fairly well because his interest inspires him to work harder.  He never lets things visibly get him down, and he is a fun-loving, positive person who works hard and stays cheerful on the outside no matter what he is going through.

Negative:  Michael has issues trusting people.  While he easily dedicates himself to helping others, he rarely opens himself up to allow others to help him.  He keeps pain and hurt to himself and doesn’t like burdening others with his problems, despite the fact most people want to help him.  He doesn’t really believe it when people say they care about him, and is always suspicious people might betray him underneath his fun-loving personality.  He is much more vulnerable than he likes to admit.


Yoona Song: Michael and Yoona both arrived at the university on the same day and their father’s ended up becoming quick friends, as did they, bonding over their lack of mother figures and general newness to the place. They’ve stayed friends ever since and Yoona often drags Michael along to hunt for fairies with her – personally he doesn’t believe they exist, but he plays along anyway. 

Isaac Niles: Michael has only recently met Isaac since the boy came to work at the local bakery, but the two of them became friends quite quickly. Although the two of them don’t have matching personalities, Michael thinks Isaac can be a fun person when he wants to be and encourages him to not be so serious about everything in life.

Jimmy Sanford: Jimmy and Michael also met through working at the bakery but that was a while back; they’ve been good friends for ages now. Michael tries to instill confidence in him and often is the one forcing Jimmy to be more social and try to make more friends though he knows when to draw the line. 

Michael is portrayed by Josh Hutcherson and he is OPEN!