Name: Kyle Brooks

FC (Face Claim): Matt Bomer


Affiliation: Hauptman Pack

Family: Estranged


Warren Smith: On and off boyfriend…he’d prefer permanent.

Adam Hauptman: Kyle met Adam through Warren. Kyle liked the Alpha he decided to take the Hauptman Pack as clients and represents them whenever a lawyer is required.

Known for: Being as tough as nails attorney and excellent at werewolf politics

Personality Type (Include Archetype):
Kyle is extroverted and always confident. Since finding out about werewolves the male seems to be a little more open to things he once thought was impossible. His archetype is The Sage.

Admirable personality traits (name three strengths):
Intelligent, Intuitive, Trusting

Negative personality traits (name three weaknesses):
Abrasive, Impatient, Snippy

Things that make angry: Being lied to. People that take advantage of those weaker than them.
Method of handling anger: He gets mad, and then gets even.

Things that embarrass: Kyle doesn’t embarrass easy.
Method of handling embarrassment: Throws his head back and laughs.

Fears: Being kept in th dark
Method of handling fear: He doesn’t deal with it, his short temper does

Sense of Humor: Dry and sarcastic 

Philosophy of Life: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Most painful experiences in character’s past (to prove why they act the way they do): When Kyle came out to his family they disowned him.

Character’s goals (What they want)(Their biggest dream): To live life a bit less independently, find someone to share his life with..

Character’s motivation (Why they want the above goal): He feels lonely due to his parents disowning him, his motivation is to extinguish this feeling of isolation.

Character’s conflict (What is keeping them from their goal): The laws of the supernatural creatures .

Summarize character’s Fatal Flaw (the main problem to work through): His desire to know everything.