Name: Kyle Brooks

FC (Face Claim): Matt Bomer


Affiliation: Hauptman Pack

Family: Estranged


Warren Smith: On and off boyfriend…he’d prefer permanent.

Adam Hauptman: Kyle met Adam through Warren. Kyle liked the Alpha he decided to take the Hauptman Pack as clients and represents them whenever a lawyer is required.

Known for: Being as tough as nails attorney and excellent at werewolf politics

Personality Type (Include Archetype):
Kyle is extroverted and always confident. Since finding out about werewolves the male seems to be a little more open to things he once thought was impossible. His archetype is The Sage.

Admirable personality traits (name three strengths):
Intelligent, Intuitive, Trusting

Negative personality traits (name three weaknesses):
Abrasive, Impatient, Snippy

Things that make angry: Being lied to. People that take advantage of those weaker than them.
Method of handling anger: He gets mad, and then gets even.

Things that embarrass: Kyle doesn’t embarrass easy.
Method of handling embarrassment: Throws his head back and laughs.

Fears: Being kept in th dark
Method of handling fear: He doesn’t deal with it, his short temper does

Sense of Humor: Dry and sarcastic 

Philosophy of Life: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Most painful experiences in character’s past (to prove why they act the way they do): When Kyle came out to his family they disowned him.

Character’s goals (What they want)(Their biggest dream): To live life a bit less independently, find someone to share his life with..

Character’s motivation (Why they want the above goal): He feels lonely due to his parents disowning him, his motivation is to extinguish this feeling of isolation.

Character’s conflict (What is keeping them from their goal): The laws of the supernatural creatures .

Summarize character’s Fatal Flaw (the main problem to work through): His desire to know everything.

Maverick Mallinbaum x Human x FC: Tyler Joseph x OPEN

Meet Maverick Mallinbaum:

Maverick is a naturally born people pleaser. He can’t help it, he just loves making people smile. Whether that means making fun of himself or slipping anonymous notes into lockers, he’ll do just about anything. As a result, he’s always surrounded by people. At every school event, invited to every party, active in five different clubs, member of NHS. It’s a pretty good life, and he can’t deny it. Even if half the time he isn’t even sure how the person talking to him knows him. He’s got a name and a reputation as a genuinely sweet and happy guy. Sure, he may be absurdly eclectic and considered an oddball, but that separates him from the crowd and there’s something endearing about how his energy never seems to die down.

↳ The low-down on Maverick:

  • 16 years old.
  • Almost always seen with at least two other people.
  • Easily pleased and difficult to anger.
  • Is a bit of a momma’s boy.
  • Enjoys being in the spotlight.
  • Described as, “The kid who came to school in a tutu for a week on a dare.”
  • Gets decent enough grades that his parents don’t worry.
  • Bright, energetic, silly.