openly gay senator

please read if you give a shit about lgbtq+ rights

same-sex marriage (key wording) isn’t legal in australia and we generally have pretty terrible laws surrounding a lot of people in the community. currently, the liberal party and the nationals form a coalition government and hold a majority. they’re pretty conservative folks, well known for doing absolutely nothing of value.

marriage equality has been a contentious topic since the good old days of tony abbot, also known as reptilian fuckstick the second. this guy in particular hates basically everyone and as i’m sure you’re all aware is a living meme because of how inept he is.

so, instead of holding a parliamentary vote in the house of representatives or a referendum, the government has decided to hold a postal plebiscite. it’s a non-compulsory, non-binding vote, being held by australia post and the australian bureau of statistics. australia post is one of the most unreliable organisations i have ever seen, and the abs is famous for screwing up the national census to the point that most of the country couldn’t even participate. because it’s non-compulsory, fewer people will vote, so people who are fine with marriage equality but don’t really care won’t vote yes, but people who are against it will still vote no.

so guess what!! the vote is skewed in favour of no!! because it’s non-binding, even if there is overwhelming support for yes, the government doesn’t have to do anything about it. so, in essence, they’re spending $122 million to ask people what they think, then throw it all away and go back to bickering and shitting on other people’s lives.

oh, another thing, because it’s not being run by the electoral commission, it’s not protected by anti-malicious speech laws. so anyone can publish whatever propaganda they like and none of it will be censored. can you imagine the storm of hate and abuse that’s going to come out of that?



Openly gay senator and mother Penny Wong emotionally rejecting the plebiscite today. I’m always amazed by her restraint and while I’m disgusted that she has to defend her family like this, I’m so grateful that we have her fighting for us. 

[Side note: to the non-Australians who don’t get the relevance of the “stolen generation” reference, this term refers to a decades-long practice where the Aus government would forcefully remove Aboriginal children from their families to raise in institutions where they were forced to abandon their names, languages and culture to be trained to work for white families within which they were often abused. So yeah, that’s what our opponents are comparing same-sex parenting to. A genocide tactic.]

In all honesty, Brad never thought that he would end up winning the senate seat of California. He was the first openly gay man to run, and of course that made him the first openly gay senator. News reporters had a field day with this. Brad didn’t think he saw this much cameras when Asher was playing soccer again. Asher wasn’t too keen on the idea, but he was supportive of his husband. Brad’s been a senator for six years now. He’s thirty five now, and he and Asher have been married for almost a decade. It’s almost unbelievable. Brad isn’t finished though. He wants to run for president. Yep, President of the United States. It’s an even longer shot than the Senate. He doesn’t have high hopes for it, but he isn’t afraid to try. He’s not letting his sexuality stop him from doing what other American people are entitled to simply because they happen to be attracted to the opposite sex.  What he is afraid of though, is what Asher will think if the idea. He’d all but upturned their lives and brought him to California. After dragging (since Asher wasn’t so keen on moving to California in the first place) his husband to America from his homeland, England, then pushing him into a world of politics and more hate than usual (after all, most of America was very open about hating homosexuals), he was pretty sure the man would not be too keen on being the First Gentleman of the United States. He’s decided to soften the man up. He takes him out to his favorite restaurant (Asher’s favorite that is) and he’s already gotten him to laugh a couple of times. It’s a secluded place that not a lot of people know about, so he and Asher have their privacy. “I wanted to talk to you about something, baby,.” Brad bit at his lip, taking a small sip of his wine before he continued, he’s a little nervous, and he’s sure Asher’s reaction won’t be a positive one. “I’ve been thinking and .. I want to run for president, before you say anything, I know that it’s not something we discussed when I moved here and became a Senator not too long after. I know that this whole politics thing isn’t you, but – I really want to do this.”