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Busted pt 3 *Not Edited*

Shawn Mendes 
Words: 1,120 
Note: Because when do I edit anything XD Anyway, thanks to all the peeps that have been asking for this! I finally did it after what like five months! Also, I managed to sneak the ‘trust me’ prompt in here, so I’m counting that! I was thinking of writing out the boyfriend tag, sort of like describing how the video would be, but idk if people would actually like that? If you want to see it then tell me I guess :)
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“Aaliyah, please open up.” I spoke through the flimsy fabric covered the bunk for what felt like the tenth time, trying to get her to show her face. It wasn’t much of a door, but it was the only real privacy someone could have on a tour bus and I wasn’t about to intrude on that, “I stoke a muffin from Shawn’s snack table.”

The curtain finally opened, just enough for her to peak a glance at the baked good in my hand, “What kind of muffin?”

I laughed because of course she would open up for a muffin. Gesturing to the bed, she finally opened the curtain all the way, allowing me to climb onto the tiny bed. I squeezed my way to the back, leaning by back against the ‘wall’ so I was facing her. Handing her the muffin, I watched her face light up when she saw the chocolate chips.

Even in the dim light I could see the red splotches adoring her face, Just the fact she was crying over this whole thing broke my heart.  

“I’m really sorry.” She finally broke the silence, picking small pieces off the muffin and popping them into her mouth, “I sent her the photos as a joke. I didn’t know she would post them everywhere.”

“You don’t need to be sorry. It’s been two years, it was going to happen at some point. Anyway, I’m sure everyone has known for a while now.”

“Yeah, you’re not really good at hiding the holding hands, or hugs, or kisses, or anything really.” I kicked her leg playfully, sending us both into a fit of giggles.

“Seriously though.” I started once the laugher died down, “You don’t need to worry, we’ll sort this out. And prepare for more kissing because we have no reason to hide now.”

“Yay!” Rolling her eyes, she cheered sarcastically, but I saw the small smile hanging on the corner of his lips.


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Can we all take the time to appreciate the absolute beauty of Ignis Stupeo Scientia? Ft. Gladio


I want us to be ravenous for victory until the very end.” - Miyuki Kazuya


[]: The stars is in the building
They hands is to the ceiling
I know I’m ‘bout to kill it
How you know, I got that feeling