Made a super fast super stupid video about how Tank! sounds good over all the Jojo OP’s because reasons.

In religious discourses—which shall be the focus of this brief survey—one of the most compelling aspects of the wounded body, and the source of its great literary power, was its sheer ambiguity. A body whose boundaries were cut, slashed, punctured, or disfigured—a body, in other words, whose perimeters had been literally breached—was shrouded in multidimensional meanings, with bodily brokenness constituting a symbol and a physical affliction that was as revealing as much as it was unsettling. Though the appearance of wounds could be highly sacralized if they arrived in the form of stigmata or other miracles, they could also manifest themselves in the lacerations of syphilis or the blisters of leprosy, as sin or (relatedly) disease, and provoke horror and disgust among those who bore or witnessed them. In a state of injury the body’s flesh (and by extension, one’s identity) was thus literally marked by inscriptions that could identify the self as blessed, disfigured, saved, or damned.36 As a result, fate itself rested on the membrane of the skin, a luminescent tissue that enclosed the body even if it constituted a fragile and permeable protection, and one as ephemeral, as Isaiah 40:6 put it, as grass.

—sarah covington