1989 Tour Periscope Links

Hey guys so I decided to put up links to different user’s periscope on here since it worked well this past time in Staples Center. I will try to find them before the shows start so you guys can see the opening acts. If links fail or the person who is broadcasting’s phone dies I will immediately post other links if I can find them. This is a great way to find out information live, watch the concert at home, and just have fun. I feel like a lot of people will enjoy it. 

To those who want to broadcast that are going to the concerts:

If you want to broadcast during the concert please send me your username on Periscope and I will tag your blog in the posts for the people going to the concert. This way people can follow you and also be able to get on the broadcast as soon as possible. 

If the upcoming concert works out well I will try to arrange a way for people to only film a few songs each so that we have a layout of who is doing what song. This is not guaranteed because I am not able to control which person’s phone dies when, but I will still be uploading other links live during the concert. 

Please remember: If you are going to the concert, your phone battery will die quickly so bring a portable charger with you.  

If you guys don’t mind spreading the awareness or telling other’s about this idea, I would really appreciate it so that as many people as possible could watch the broadcasts. Thank you!!! :)

Imagine... you’re the boys’ opening act on tour

I was in the meeting with Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and management and we were all waiting on Harry. The meeting had started about twenty minutes ago. While everyone was talking, Harry stumbled in and sat next to Liam, who turned to him and shook his head.

“Where were you?” Liam whisper-scolded him.

“Um…” Harry replied, “With… Kendall.”

Liam chuckled to himself and shook his head again, “You are such an asshole,” he said nearly inaudibly, “You’ve got to stop doing this. You’ll give her the wrong idea. You’re leading her on and you’re making… you know who… jealous.”

“She’s not jealous,” he groaned, “she couldn’t care less about me. Trust me…”
It was no mystery that Kendall liked Harry… a lot. It was also hard to tell, though, if he liked her as much as she liked him. They both looked back up and glanced around the room and I felt my stomach drop and my heart begin to pound. I’d never heard Liam swear at someone before, let alone Harry.

Ever since I’d started touring with the boys and opening their every show, I’d fallen in love with Harry, like every other teenage girl living in our era. I was at an advantage being so close to him all the time, staying in the same hotels… but I was at a disadvantage being a couple years younger and definitely not as pretty as any of the other girls he’d dated. Watching him sit there, knowing that he had just been with someone else, absolutely killed me.

The meeting ended about half an hour later and I was the first to walk outside. Kendall was sat on a bench and she stood up, pushing past me and making her way to Harry. She always rubbed me the wrong way.

“Hi, he smiled, giving her a hug. She greeted him back while I stared without thinking of my actions. Kendall glanced back at me and raised her eyebrows.

“She’s staring at you,” she whispered and I blinked twice before looking away.
Harry looked over at me, his eyes lingering before he nodded and shifted his attention back to her. He rubbed her arm affectionately and spoke, “You know she means nothing to me,” softly.

I felt my head begin to throb at that moment, my entire world crashing down. That’s what my life had become. It had become my pathetic love for him. I meant nothing? Absolutely nothing?

“Fuck him,” I whispered, trying to comfort myself, but I knew I was disconsolate. I looked up after taking a deep breath and I saw Liam glaring at Harry. He then saw me and gave me a smile because I clearly seemed unhappy.


“Hey, open up!” Harry knocked on my hotel door loudly and my eyes shot open, the television still blaring from when I fell asleep on the couch.

I groaned and padded to the door, swinging it open to see Harry in his boxers. I rolled my eyes. Why was he here? He should be sleeping.

“You should be asleep,” I commented flatly, “And you forgot to put clothes on.”
He raised his eyebrows cockily, smirking, “No need to attack me. I just wanted to check and see if you have my tee shirt.” His eyes flicked over my body and stopped at my torso, which was covered in his long-sleeved black tee shirt.

“Yeah,” I said dully. “I’ll go change.”

“No,” he stopped me by gripping my arm, “It’s fine. You can wear it. It looks better on you, anyway.”

I ripped my arm from his grasp. “Okay, I said, placing my hand on the door, ready to close it again.

“Hey, wait,” He said, furrowing his eyebrows. “What’s wrong?” A look of sheer worry crossed his face and I raised my eyebrows and gave him a wide fake smile.

“Nothing’s wrong,” I cheered sarcastically, “Everything is perfect!” I began to close the door again when he stopped it. “Really. I know you’re upset about something. Do you want to talk?”

“No, not really,” I said, trying to close the door once more but he stopped it again. “Harry,” I begged, getting sick of his games.

“Was it something I did?” He asked.

“Harry, just fuck off,” I whispered and he bit his lip.

“No,” he said, catching me by surprise.

“No?” I asked angrily.

“No. You are going to tell me what’s wrong. I want to help you.”

Wow. Really? I puffed out a laugh, shaking my head. “You want to help me?” I asked in disbelief, “since when do you care about me?”

“Y/N,” he cocked his head to the side with hurt in his eyes, “What are you talking about? Of course I care about you!”

“Don’t,” I warned, “Just…”

He cut me off, “No. Tell me why you think I don’t care. What did I do?”

I looked at him blankly, “Have I ever told you that out of all my five senses, my hearing is phenomenal? That’s what my doctor told me, at least. I can hear people whispering from a mile away…”

It was then that he began to realize what I was hinting at. His entire posture changed, his shoulders dropped and he shook his head, “No…” he said quietly, “You—don’t understand.”

“I don’t?” I asked, “Okay. Explain to me what you meant when you said ‘you know she means nothing to me’.”

He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. I waited for an answer and finally, he spoke. “Well… what was I supposed to say?”

I raised my eyebrows, “You’re kidding me! Don’t try and blame this on me.”

“Blame what?” He asked, “This isn’t a fight.”

I crossed my arms, dumbfound and shook my head at him, “You have no fucking idea.”

“Can I please come in?” he asked.

“No. Goodnight.”

“Please?” He begged.

“What do you want me to say? Be my guest?”

He pushed his way past me, entering my hotel room and sitting on the couch, motioning for me to come join him. I stayed exactly where I was, though, not giving into his bullshit. I would let myself become too vulnerable to him and I wasn’t going to let this go any farther.

“Would you get out?” I raised my voice.

“I’ll stay over if I have to. I’m not leaving until we solve this.” When he insisted, I knew that I couldn’t win. He was staying for sure but I wasn’t going to give in without a fight. I wanted to show him that I was equally as strong as he was.

I gave him a grumpy expression, “How would Kendall feel about that? What would you tell her? That I mean nothing to you? Again?”

Harry scoffed, “Are you jealous?” He stood up, approaching me.

I yelled, “What? No!”

“Then why are you being such a freak about this?” His shoulders automatically tensed and I swear I could see his heart beating in his chest. He knew he just fucked up.

I bit my lip hard, trying not to cry. “A freak,” I echoed and nodded, trying to process his words, knowing that I was about to lose my shit. “Alright. Forget it,” I shook my head, “Forget that I ever considered you a friend. Forget our late night chats that you deemed to be so special. Forget that I ever confided in you and that I ever trusted you! Forget the fact that I’m absolutely and completely in love with you!” I nearly choked after yelling it, “And you know what? Forget that you even came over! Forget that this ever happened and just get out before I make any more of a fool out of myself.”

He took a deep breath, staring at me. “You’re in love with me?” He spoke quietly.

I shook my head, pursing my lips and trying my best not to cry. I paused to take a deep breath, “Don’t do this,” I whispered, “Please.”

I looked up at him and we made painful eye contact for three long seconds before he pulled me forcefully into him embrace, making me nuzzle my face into his neck. I began to cry softly, breathing in choppy breaths and trying to keep from making any noise.

“I’m sorry,” I choked out, “You don’t have to pretend that I mean anything to you anymore. I know you love Kendall.” I hiccuped, embarrassing myself.

I felt him shake his head. “I don’t love Kendall,” He said, “And you’re probably going to absolutely hate me after I say this, but just hear me out, okay?”
Nerves instantly kicked in while I waited for him to speak again. “I’ve been trying to find a way… to tell you… Liam knows… I’ve been—trying to find a way to tell you… but I didn’t want to tell you this way,” His choppy words crushed my heart and I furrowed my eyebrows and writhed my way out of his hug.

“Tell me what?” I prompted.

He sighs, “I love you, Y/N.” My eyes softened and my heart skipped a beat.

“And what about Kendall?” I asked, “What… about… what you said to her? What is she to you?”

“She is… the reason the media actually gives a shit about me. We’ve never had sex…”

“Then why you have to say those things?” I asked.

He shook his head and mouthed the words, “I don’t know,” multiple times before his eyes started to water. “She’s so threatened by you…”

“What?” I frown and nearly laugh, “Why?”

“Because she sees the way I look at you.“

Out of the blue, he pulled me against him again but this time to kiss me. It was soft and passionate and exactly what I’d imagined a million times in my head. Our mouths worked together in sync, his lips soft and sweet.

He broke this kiss to whisper in a hot breath against my skin, “Things are complicated right now but I promise that I’ll sort them out. I love you. Everything is going to be okay.”

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There were a ton of bands I wanted to meet this year but didn’t have the time to meet most because of the set times for bands playing. But I remember seeing Man Overboard in 2014 at Toads Place in Ct. They were opening up for All Time Low and they were honestly amazing. I’m usually iffy about opening acts cause I usually have never heard about the band before but they definitely put an impression on me. Hearing that they were going to warped tour made me so happy and the fact that I got the chance to meet them and even get their autographs made me happier. They’re a great bunch of people that should be noticed more


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I think in order to understand how people feel about Thatcher, you only need to look at the Billy Elliot musical which opens Act 2 with a rousing number that goes: 'Merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher, we all celebrate today 'cause it's one day closer to your death' which is met with cheers by the audience. When she died they had the audience vote on whether they still wanted to hear that song the very same night and ALL BUT THREE people were in favour. :)

I got this ask and realised that my whole life has been preparing to make a masterpost of celebrations of Thatcher’s death and how they relate to One Direction.  Sorry it took a while anon.

This is the song the anon was talking about:

As they said, the day she died the audience voted almost unanimously to include the song.  Billy Elliot is a wildly successful West End musical - and the music was written by Elton John (who broke the cultural boycott of South Africa and played Sun City - which in 1980s Britain was a pretty big deal and put you on the side of Thatcher rather than her opponents).  That’s how widely accepted Thatcher-hatred as a cultural phenomena is.


There were many ways that people celebrated Thatcher’s death - and one was the charts. “Ding-Dong The Witch is Dead” got to #2 on the British charts entirely through people buying it on itunes.

That’s higher than One Thing (even though Louis wears braces in that video), Live While We’re Young, Kiss You, Midnight Memories, You & I, Steal My Girl and Night Changes.  And the same placing as Best Song Ever and Story of My Life.  The only One Direction songs that have done better are What Makes You Beautiful, Little Things, One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) and Drag Me Down - and they all had radioplay.

In Britain, Thatcher hatred is bigger than 1D fandom.


One Direction performed in Newcastle that night.  Which is pretty - not where you want to be known as a Thatcher supporter.  Newcastle is coal country (hence the no longer accurate phrase ‘bringing coals to Newcastle’) and the focus of the Thatcher hate is the Miners’ Strike.

Here’s a leaflet that was distributed in Newcastle after her death:

(The second photo and the illustrations on the leaflet are all photos from the Miners’ Strike).

Somone asked me if Harry’s tweet might have been done by their team - as publicity.  And one of the reasons I think it wasn’t - is that they genuinely risked a backlash in Newcastle - either inside or outside the arena.


But the biggest link between celebrating Thatcher’s death and One Direction is Doncaster South Yorkshire, where Louis is from.  South Yorkshire was a militant mining area that was devastated economically and socially by the closing of the pits.  It’s also an area with a very long memory. The day it was announced that Thatcher was going to have a state funeral, protesters set up a stall in Doncaster with a petition opposing paying for her funeral.  As one of them said:  “She decimated all of Doncaster’s industry and destroyed the community spirit we used to have here when the pits were still open. Why should we pay for her to have a funeral, when there’s still so many in poverty because of what she left us with?”

The day of Thatcher’s funeral, the celebrations were centred in Goldthorpe. Goldthorpe is a small village between Barnsley and Doncaster.  It’s about twenty minutes from Doncaster and Louis would have gone through it to get to drama lessons in Barnsley.

The celebrations were intense.  There was a mock funeral procession, banners were out and a funeral pyre.  About 2,000 people turned up.

Here is everyone watching things burn:


Thatcher’s policies directly contributed to the homophobic environment One Direction was created in (And shaped this story in so many other ways. In my post on class I talked a little bit about X-factor and neo-liberal economics). Thatcher’s government passed Section 28 - a law that stated that local authorities (who ran most state schools in the UK at this time) could not:  “intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality” or “promote the teaching […][ of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship.”

The law was repealed in 2003 - when Louis was 11 and Harry was 9. Their views about sexuality were shaped by an education system warped by this legislation - as were the views of many people who voted for them.


The level of hatred for Thatcher is why Harry’s tweet was a big deal.  But that hatred isn’t evenly spread.  In Doncaster, (and to a leser extent in Bradford and Wolverhampton) if you were going to tweet something like that you’d have to mean it.  It would be an expression of genuine support for Thatcher’s policies, because you would be exposed to opposition to her and the damage her policies did. In Holmes Chapel, it’s different.  Thatcher was divisive - and Holmes Chapel is on the other side of the divide.  Someone who grew up in Holmes Chapel could believe that respect was an appropriate response to Thatcher’s death and not a political statement. 


If you’re interested in finding out more about British politics of the 1980s - I highly recommend the movie Pride, which is about a group of Gay and Lesbian activists that supported the miners during the strike.  I think any Larry fan will love that movie. It’s very funny and sad and beautiful.

I like to imagine Louis and Harry watching it together.  

I don’t have time to recap the whole concert right now but a couple highlights:

After the opening act (Gavin DeGraw) I went out to go to the bathroom and they wouldn’t let anyone back in. There was a lot of unhappiness but they finally did it would be just a few minutes and the band was coming through. Sure enough Billy Joel went by in a golf cart and we all screamed and waved.

After Piano Man he went off for a while and then came back and did Still Rock and Roll to Me. THEN he asked if anyone had seen Trainwreck and started playing Uptown Girl. And then Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence came out and ended up DANCING BAREFOOT ON BILLY JOEL’S PIANO WHILE HE USED IT TO PLAY UPTOWN GIRL.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary of the BMA's !

On this day 1 year ago MTV hosted a special edition of the VMA’s called the BMA’s to celebrate Beyoncé’s iconic Visual Album.

Beyoncé led the pack of nominees with an astounding 8 nominations.

She had 14 acts open for her including Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande, and Sam Smith.

Beyoncé took home 4 Moonmen (the most of any artist that night) and gave a 16 minute long performance medley of BEYONCÉ. Her performance almost doubled the viewership for the show and was one of the most memorable moments in VMA history.

The show closed with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy presenting Beyoncé with the Michael Jackson Video Vangaurd award, which is only given to very few select artists. This night was one of the most iconic moments in Beyoncé’s very iconic career.

Oh and don’t forget this iconic moment…

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i met state champs a month ago& i was talking to derek &he said that when 5sos emailed them asking if they wanted to be the opening act, they sent the email on april 1st so they thought it was an april fools joke &so derek texted ash saying "real funny haha" or whatever &then ash told him they were actually serious &so then derek said they were all excited & i feel like the fact that 5sos sent an important email on april 1st just says a lot about them & i thought it was funny and wanted to share



It’s been a tradition for Nightwish to bring their opening acts onstage with them at the end of a tour, and it was no different in Silver Spring when the members of Sabaton and Delain joined the band for the end of “The Greatest Show on Earth”! Also, take note of Sabaton’s drummer Hannes (who also happens to be Floor Jansen’s boyfriend), who pays the ultimate tribute to his lady by dressing up in her stage costumes! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all! wink emoticon

Thanks to Delain American Street Team for sharing.