✧ Print Shop Open! ✧

finally got around to setting up a storenvy for prints! what’s currently here is leftover convention stock, but i’ll be swapping in new pieces over time.

to anyone in toronto: feel free to message me here or on twitter if you’d like to order something and skip shipping – i’m happy to do local in-person pickups! 

I volunteer at a charity shop in the UK. Love the work, and my managers are great fun. One of the other volunteers does my head in, though. He doesn’t do anything. Just sits behind the counter, or wanders round, chatting to people. He won’t sort through the donations that come in, won’t do the washing up (there’s a small coffee shop attached) and doesn’t offer to help if he sees us struggling with anything.

He’s a nice enough guy, but I’ve been asked to open the shop next month (both managers are away for a few days) and I’m just worried about how I’m going to cope with him.


That time 19th Century Britain’s version of Starbucks changed the world.

So way back in 1884 a professional artist by the name of Joseph Nathaniel Lyons set up a tobacco company with his two brothers in law. Ten years later that company opened a tea shop in Piccadilly, London. Within a few decades they had a chain of these tea shops known as Lyons’ Corner Houses. Wildly popular the company expanded opening expensive restaurants, hotels and a major food production line, making bread, cakes, pies, tea, coffee and ice cream. 

By the 1950s Lyons was a titan of the London high street, while familiar all over the country for their biscuits and cakes. Their Corner Houses were enormous four or five-storey buildings - see 2nd picture. On the ground floor they were an art deco Starbucks on steroids/convenience store cross, with restaurants above; each floor had a different theme and each its own live music. Management of this empire became a seriously complex affair, requiring thousands of clerks.

On a trip to the USA in 1947, two senior managers met a chap working on the first general purpose electronic computer and learnt that a few more blokes at the University of Cambridge back home were doing the same thing. Seeing the potential of such machines for administrative work, the two wrote to their bosses who agreed and Lyons threw its monetary weight behind the venture.

On 29 November 1951 LEO - Lyons Electronic Office - took over Bakery Valuations calculations and just like that the world had changed. For the first time the free market had its paws on computing power. One chain of British tea shops had propelled itself and the world into the future. 

Quickly a paying queue formed with the likes of Kodak, Ford and the British government buying time on LEO. Seeing profit Lyons established LEO Computers Ltd. setting itself up to become the world’s first IT giant, but the companies money makers, it’s high street shops, were in decline. Businesses were also cautious of adopting computers and Lyons began to struggle. The British government, who used the damn computers so clearly knew their value, could have stepped up and helped Lyons finance their IT venture but this was Cold War Britain - when British governments were useless - so unsurprisingly they didn’t. 

In the end the infant venture was starved of investment. LEO Computers chugged along making slow progress while other firms caught up and IBM, backed by the far wiser American government, ultimately took over the world market in business computers. So open a good coffee shop, you might start an empire and change the world.

Finally back home and immediately run down with some kind of cold. Not letting it overcome me I’ve opened my Etsy shop, I have new illustrations coming up and a creative musical bug is hitting me. 

May the spirits of fire fuel productivity and creative flow. Happy to be back lurking the internet world once more.

Wish you all the best. 

I have qqed about this to numerous people already but I’m salty and mad as fuck, both at myself and at gameforge for being FUCKING DICKS THIS TIME AROUND.

I saw this skin in NotAion before 5.0 hit EU. I fell in love with it and wanted it so badly I would sell my soul for it, for real. And the first skin update we got after 5.0 launched included this skin because we’re blessed as fuck.

However, I didn’t have any money to buy aion coins for the skin and people ingame were selling it for ridiculous prices so I said to myself “eh I’ll just wait and buy it at the end of the month when I have money np”. SO I THOUGHT.
I opened the shop today and couldn’t find the skin anywhere, so I go back to the post update only to discover that they only added this in the shop for a week.


two days left of vacation. monday is both my birthday and the first day of classes, which, first of all, hallelujah, because i Need to have structure in my life or else i will fall apart (e.g. i’ve gotten into the habit of staying up all night and sleeping from 10am to 4pm and i’m just…not about that graveyard shift life).

i want to do one last fun thing this weekend though. tonight or tomorrow i’ll make a cake, probably lemon, and tomorrow i want to see if there’s a bus or train i can take from here to rockport, since my mum and cheyanne already went without me earlier in the summer while i was living on campus.

i want to go for an early morning walk around 8 or 9 out onto the jetty like i used to, before all the shops open. i’ll pick up some of the chocolate covered espresso beans my mum likes and go to that one little new age-y store, the philostar or something. just have a little adventure by myself. one last thing before classes start.

anonymous asked:

Hey, a while back ago you answered an ask about someone opening an etsy shop and they wondered what kind of lolita items would be best to sell. Can you help me find that post? I wasn't sure what tags to search through... thank you!!

This one?

Guess who’s a vendor at Vermont Comic Con! If you happen to be in the area, visit me at table E13, in the Emerald Ballroom. 

I’m gonna be doing a giveaway after the con to celebrate opening an etsy shop, so stay tuned for free things and discounts.


Exquisite Laptop Cases Inspired by Photography

Ukrainian artist Elen Rocks is a professional photographer who possesses a passion for beauty. Rocks loves to immortalize the beauty from the outside world in her art. When a friend taught her how to use her work to creates phone cases, she eagerly decided to open her Etsy shop called Real Design Rocks.

With the use of high-quality materials and unique pattern designs, she creates handmade cases with the use of real photographs. You can find her work in her Etsy shop.

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When Making Piñatas Becomes a Full-Time Job

To see more of Christine’s creations, follow @lulafloradesigns on Instagram.

Four years ago, Christine Lucas (@lulafloradesigns) used cereal boxes to make 20 tiny piñatas for her wedding in Mexico. Today, she, her husband and her sister send out about 120 piñatas a week from Montreal. “I really didn’t expect it to be what it’s becoming,” she says. “People are crazy for piñatas, it turns out.” Soon after her nuptials, Christine’s wedding planner got in touch with an order from another bride. In 2014, Christine quit her job, opened her online shop and a business was born. “It means the world to me when a girl gets back in touch and says something like, ‘Oh my god, I’m dying! Can we be best friends?’ That’s how I want them to feel when they get their order,” Christine says. “These are for parties. For your wedding or for your kids’ first birthday. These are exciting moments.”

Dr. Marguerite S. Cockett competing at the National Archery Tournament, Jersey City, New Jersey, August 22-25, 1916.

According to the YMCA Biographical Files at the University of MinnesotaMarguerite Cockett was born in 1879 and graduated from Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1905.  She practiced medicine in Boston and Philadelphia before serving as an ambulance driver in France during World War I.  During the war, she also established a hospital in Serbia and a YMCA canteen for American forces.  According to The San Antonio Express, Marguerite recruited Texas women for YMCA war jobs before moving to the New York office of the YMCA in 1918.  Later in life, Marguerite returned to her hometown of Cooperstown, NY where she opened an antiques shop. Marguerite died in 1959.

Ikebukuro Digimon Tri Shop Part 2 opens in September

Due to popularity, they are going to open the special Digimon shop in Ikebukuro P'Parco again, calls it Digimon Tri Shop Part 2.

It’ll be open between September 23rd - October 12th.

Just like last time, if you spend over 3000 yen at this shop, they will give you the postcard (The visual above).

Get back,” Seth growled to the concerned onlooker who he’d gained the attention of as he backed up against the wall now. One minute he was fine, and then the next he felt like the energy he was storing was ready to burst out of him like a bomb. It was overwhelming and he felt like he was going to be sick, but he refused to release any energy here. Although, he wasn’t sure if he could help it. His eyes flickered between red and their usual blue, and red energy sparked like lightning over his hands. “You need to get away from me now,” he ordered, a little louder than before.