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Fave trio tbh.

PSA: Etsy

Heyy guys, i’m going to open my own Etsy shop! 

I will only sell originals, because i don’t really have to means to make high quality prints of my work but i will still make several exemplars of each work by hand. So as soon as the shop is fully up you will have to chance to purchase original art work.

The only thing i’m struggling with is the pricing? How much would you be willig to pay, pls hit me up with a limit or something, i’m literally clueless! 

P.S.: You can also send in things you’d like to see! Especially if you plan on purchasing them 😏

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RFA members draw MC a picture of the two of them together!! Probably badly drawn but MC loves it and they love them

When I read this…I knew that I wanted to draw them. I just sort of did them the way I imagined the characters would.

~Admin MP

For Jaehee’s I imagine it’s just a little doodle she does while she’s thinking of how much she loves MC and wants to open the coffee shop with them. <3 MC finds it and Jaehee is so embarrassed.

Jumin has no fucking idea how to draw. He does scribbles and hopes for the best. the only thing he can draw decently is his princess Elizabeth 3rd.

This is their wedding invitation tbh. He could’ve made it better but he made it for MC whenever they were sad.

Yoosung actually tried a little bit… He was embarrassed to show MC but he wanted to be cute. MC loved it and cried. “I’ve been staring at this for five hours” they said.

Zen draws this when he takes a selfie of himself and draws MC on it with snapchat. He’s like “I wish that was actually you rn<3″ and MC’s like “that’s cute but I don’t look like that” 


Just a few photos of embroideries for pendants that I just finished! Maybe it’s a bit weird to finish them the day before Ldoll, but I really wanted to make the first one into a pendant to wear for Ldoll, since it’s a French landscape :D They are about 4.5 by 3.5 cm, so pretty tiny, and handembroidered with super fine silk threads. After Ldoll, I’m going on an artist residency again, to Norway this time for three weeks where I’m going to work on making more of these and then when I’m back I’ll have them photographed professionally and finally, finally open a second shop to sell them. I’m super excited about it, I can’t even explain how much! All of them are made after pictures from travels, to try and capture the essence of the place and share its beauty <3

Please help me get a new komputer

my laptop is old and beaten up as is, the touhpad often goes on the fritz (like if my hands are kold it won’t work at all, and it often just makes my kursor zoom around), my M button works infrequently, and now my button between the x and v stopped working all together (whih explains the errors in this post).

I’ve tried hooking up an external keyboard but it doesn’t work, and I’ve redownloaded my hardware, still nothing. 

I’ve got kollege papers to write, business things to take kare of (I’m opening a shop next month) and fik kommissions that I take for extra money. All of these things were already diffikult with my shitty laptop, but now it’s near impossible. 

I need to get a new laptop as soon as humanly possible. I really hate to ask this, but if anyone is able to help out in any way, I’d really appreiate it. My paypal is bikelizard@hotmail.(k)om , if you kan help any little bit by donating or reblogging it would be so appreiated. I’ll keep everyone updated on the situation ;-; 

I’m going to delete this in the morning but I need to vent at a place that my uni friends can’t see. I’m in bed, my head hurts and I have a9am lecture with two of my flat mates. Said flat mates have decides to join my other flat mates and are going out now. They didn’t tell me about it, it might be because I had a panic attack the last time I drank and so I haven’t drunk since then. But I just feel so alone. I’ve been feeling this recently where I’m in a room full of people who are chatting to me, engaging with me and I just feel absolutely alone. I don’t know what to do anymore, I just want to cry.

I wish there were coffee shops open at 11 at night. Cause rn I just want to run away.


Well, that would explain the leaky faucet in the bathtub, even after replacing the conical washer. Normally this piece would be replaced if it exhibits this kind of damage, but at 1:00 o’clock in the morning, there aren’t a lot of plumbing shops open to buy a replacement. Also, why throw away perfectly good money for something that can be repaired for free?! Put the seal in the mini lathe, faced it off until the surface craters were gone, and put a nice chamfer on the ID for the washer to seat against. Reinstalled with a 5/16″ allen wrench, reassembled the valve, and it holds water. Success.
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So I just opened my Etsy shop!! I still have to learn a lot about how to use it properly and upload more stuff to sell. But I’m getting started!! I’m excited! If you like photography, landscapes and nature this is your shop. You can get cheap prints for your walls!! :D