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Hello, everyone! I won’t beat around the bush here. Yep, that’s the first six pages of my very first LawLu doujin! There are only three more days left before pre-orders open for its English version. I’m very excited! And nervous, too!

For those who are interested, here’s a link to my FaQ and a link to a quick reference for pre-order date and time. I included a timezone converter reference for your convenience.

Reblogs are always welcome and your support is very much appreciated. I’m also open to feedback so don’t be shy to send me a message anytime. I don’t bite. :3


[MM] 1.6.8 Update

Hello, this is cheritz.

1.6.8 Update Content
- Improved the chatroom notifications.
- Updates to the in app purchase system.
- Improved Valentines Day DLC.
- Minor bug fixes.
- Added a missing English translation.

[v1.6.8 Update Release]
Android: We are planning to release a new version today
iOS: Takes an extra 2~4 business days after the Android update due to the Apple review process.

Recently inquiries related to Youtube video upload have increased.
Cheritz encourages the free creation of new content by artists who use our content; but for the sake of users who pay for in game features, YouTube videos that contain the following are prohibited and may be requested to be taken down.

1) Revealing hidden content that could affect sales, such as spoilers (Ending/After Ending/Call History)
2) Opening/Ending/Full version of the OST
3) Any tips on abusing the game.

Thank you.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Opening Night Press Interview


As part of my ever expanding “Smol Oswalds and Smol Eds” collection, I ordered bits from a custom minifigs site and made Lego Nygmobblepot.

They have changeable expressions.