opening recap

What about Stiles as a late night talk show host and Derek as an actor/activist.

The show always opens with a recap of the days news with a comedic spin on it, and Stiles has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t support the Republican nominee, Gerard Argent, because of his regressive stances on global warming and many social issues.

Derek has been an outspoken supporter of Melissa McCall, the doctor turned politician after she saw what the healthcare system was like on the inside. She is a 4 term Senator and the former Governor of California. She has made huge strides in environmental reform, universal healthcare, and lowering the cost of higher education. 

Derek is set to appear on Late Night with Stiles Stilinski to promote his newest film, a blockbuster superhero movie.  He’s been using the press tour to talk about real issues and the elections.

So Derek comes on the show and Stiles, who has spent the last 3 years of his life interviewing incredibly famous and talented people and before that he was on SNL, he’s seen his fare share of attractive actors and singers, but when Derek walks out his jaw nearly drops.

He had seen Derek before sure, but not this close, and pictures didn’t do him justice.  Honestly are his eyes magic? Does he pay someone to perfectly shape his stubble? Are the arms of his shirt going to rip because of his muscles?  But he’s a professional so he get’s himself together and starts the interview like he does most of them, with a handshake and a smile. 

He’s his usually goofy self, he flirts in most interviews because that’s just who he is but maybe he flirts a little more with Derek. And Derek seems to be flirting back.  This happened sometimes, but he wasn’t expecting it from Derek freaking Hale.  He’s one of the biggest movie stars of the decade and could probably have anyone he wanted. 

And Derek’s having a blast, usually these interviews feel forced but this ones just flowing and he won’t admit it, but he loves Stiles’ show. He’s watched since the start almost three years before and the show has just gotten better and better. He can’t tell if Stiles is just being extra friendly with him or if he’s flirting, but he’s hoping it’s flirting because he’s watching Stiles’ mouth and he wants to kiss it. 

They go to commercial  and Derek breaks down and admits he’s a fan of the show and that he really loves how Stiles talks about the issues and Stiles is bright red but he’s still his charming self when he tells Derek he really does love his movies and he’s a huge fan of his advocacy work.

The show ends and as soon as the cameras shut off Derek asks Stiles out because he’s just as amazing in person as he is on TV. Stiles has to make sure he’s not being punked before he says yes.

They end up having a great time and dating for years, Stiles even presents Derek with his first Academy Award three years later, and Derek proposes to Stiles on the after show that Stiles is hosting. 

It’s a great proposal, President McCall called them after to congratulate them and thank them for the campaigning they had already started for her reelection. She even went to the wedding.  

Yuri on Ice episode 5 recap
  • OK opening beautiful as usual. CAN YOU FEEL MY HEARTBEAT—-
  • Lol he’s first up
  • Ohhhhh that Minami kid is so cute
  • Wow Yuri how can you forget the guy  who beat you 
  • Seems Victor and Yuri has a bit of communication problem. Dude lost all his competitions since the last Grand Prix, do you not do research on your one student
  • I think some one has a bit of crush on Yuri 
  • Awww my baby is having flash backs of his competitions from last time. Shit didn’t think he lost that badly 
  • Victorrrr why are you late again, nope he looks amazing in a suit. Also he’s getting more attention than Yuri
  • I think someone’s having a hard time adjusting not being in the spotlight anymore. Victor I love you but tone it down, you are the bridesmaid and Yuri’s the bride now
  • Minako said that Yuri’s nervous, Victor can’t you see that??? 
  • Never mind. That hug man, Victor knows how to calm him down
  • Oh he’s doing Eros again
  • Dat lecture 
  • Victor stop being adorable for a sec, and did you just bark
  • Minami is such fanboy. I know you are 17 but can I adopt you
  • First female coach, we have our first female coach
  • Yuri you made Minami cryyyyyy
  • Minami’s supporting you Yuri, stop being such a stick in the mud 
  • Oh now you remember who he is 
  • Don’t be a dick to Minami Yuri, look you even made Victor mad at you 
  • Awwww Yuri’s cheering for Minami and that made Victor happy
  • I love Minami’s skating program, downloading that song 
  • Uhhhhhhhh since when did you get that sexy Yuri??? Shit  
  • Why did you hit Minami??? 
  • Doting Victor my new fave. Oh and he’s putting lipbalm on Yuri. They are hugging people and the hug is mutual now. Minami’s reaction is all our reactions. 
  • Damn boy you look serious
  • So have we already heard his song before or is it the same one from last week? Ok it’s the same one. Clear up some confusion over here. 
  • Whoa I think this is the first time we are hearing Victor’s thoughts. That’s amazing XD
  • Oh he’s surprising even Victor, he has know idea what’s Yuri’s up to
  • Fuck that fall looks painful
  • Ohhhh what are you thinking Victor? 
  • If Yuri on Ice can not make me cry every week, that will be great
  • Yuri doesn’t listen to his coach just like a certain someone. Guess we learnt something about Victor 
  • He did it for Victor… I can’t even 
  • Ohhhhhh boy you made Victor jealous 
  • Face palm Victor is the best
  • He’s asking him to hug him and Yuri’s crying 
  • Victor you vain son of a bitch 
  • Yes my boy won 
  • Yuri is Minami’s idol. That’s beautiful. 
  • Yes do what you love and have fun Yuri
  • Victor’s proud 
  • Ohhhhhh Yurio’s jealous and Mila is steadily becoming one of my faves 
  • His theme is love right and yes it is 
  • He thought about his friends, family and Victor when he came up with the theme
  • Did you just confess your undying love to Victor on live TV? the reporters seem to think so 
  • Phichit’s back next week people, this is not a drill. Our beautiful boy is back

Final thoughts:

  • Finally getting into the competition side
  • This episode went really fast for me but not in a bad way
  • The animation quality seems to be not in par with the 1st episode but having said that I know about the production woes it’s going through and hopefully it will be all fixed when the Blueray comes out 
  • Love how Minami is fanboying about Yuri 
  • Also nice to see Victor and Yuri becoming more comfortable with each other 

anonymous asked:

Ok.. so do you think Charlie's ''Did you break up with someone too?'' to Dean refers to Castiel or Benny? Personally I like to think it refers to Cas since I ship Destiel, but Benny also seems plausible in the context...

Oh, my friend… I love this one so much :P You’re pressing my meta buttons here.

On the surface text, the episode opens with a recap that as far as I recall was pretty much just comparing Sam breaking up with Amelia to Dean giving Benny the adios. Charlie’s line is also seemingly touching on the same thing but in a surface text way you can shrug it off as the fact that it’s just a comparison - even go fairly deep on it being a commentary on the way that the brothers give stuff up for each other whether it’s a lover or vampire BFF who totally deserved better… And you can get quite deep in talking about all that without really needing to think too deep about the comparison that brought you there

Of course because it’s paralleling a break up to something else that looked a hell of a lot like a break up, it’s queer subtext around Dean and Benny. I personally think there’s no real implication Dean and Benny were a Thing, or that Dean in particular was romantically interested in Benny especially as the overlap with Cas drama is just too huge. However, in the got-back-to-earth side of the story, Benny is played off instead of a Dean/Cas love triangle, a Sam and Dean one and Benny is used to start off the jealousy and insecurity about being brothers that fuels Sam’s meltdown (Cas is involved in this too - honestly that 1 second blink and you miss it shove to get shotgun in 8x08 is the entire basis of this in a way :P Benny soaks up a lot of this which makes it easier in a sense that Cas doesn’t take too much fire for getting between Sam and Dean). 

Obviously if you like that sort of thing the relationship subtext between Dean and Benny makes the other point of the love triangle coded that way, though I see it as jealousy about Dean having someone else who calls him brother (as Benny does, repeatedly.) The actual subtext here (Dean sneaking around with a secret relationship, followed by Sam’s issues with the discovery of it, Sam clearly comparing it to Ruby’s seduction of him though I don’t think he says so in as many words, and the break up) is more on Dean and his relationship to Benny, in the way that it looks and the way people react. Charlie’s comparison is part of that: though Dean doesn’t inherently do anything relationship-y with Benny, everyone around him reads it that way and it creates a sort of… bubble around it.

I think it does count as Dean is bi subtext in the sense that it’s part of a wider pattern of Dean always having this stuff, there WAS romantic coding between them (because of the heavy paralleling to Sam and Amelia through the entire first half of the season equating Dean and Benny to that relationship) but maybe more in a potential or missed opportunity way (and I feel like Benny could be read as in love with Dean very easily). It’s kind of just… stuff happening in his orbit all the time that ends up coding him this way because of the relentless way it attaches to him :P Since I mentioned 10x19 already today re: Sam and Rowena, I’m just going to throw in a reminder that Benny is an established powerful part of Dean’s subconscious. There was no direct reason he’d be called up unlike how Rowena had a very immediate relevance to Sam. Benny just affected Dean that much that a spectre of him was such a powerful choice in that case)

Though the parallels were all between Amelia and Benny, in the recap of 8x11 and the end of 8x10 clearly being about this in DIRECT parallels, Dean ALSO is starting to have real issues with Cas because of his weird behaviour. Cas fucks off at the end of the episode in 8x10 and doesn’t return until 8x17, while Dean gets increasingly worried about his absence, and this is the first episode of that in between time as the main plot drama with Cas festers in the background. Dean DOESN’T have an emotional arc about Benny in this time in the same way that we never get any comment about Benny being on his mind between seeing him, and in 8x10 Dean is actually pretty neglectful of him because of all the drama going on (involving Cas, who comes to him to start them off on this one, but also some Sam drama on the side)… 

If we compare it to the similar emotional structure of season 11, it’s like 11x11 where Dean has no idea Cas is possessed by Lucifer but that and the surrounding episodes really start to lay on the irony that he hasn’t noticed yet. Since 8x11 is the start of a period of worrying about Cas. 

For example our first ever episode that starts with the now standard pattern of Winchesters in the Bunker, one comes into the room and asks what’s up, find a case that way, etc, part of that conversation is the “have you heard from Cas” thing we get oh so used to hearing in this much-repeated conversation :P This all builds until 8x16 which ends with Dean asking where Cas is all tearful after that prayer…

So, this comment about a break up going forwards, can have a double meaning of the rocky times indicated by how weird Cas is (and 8x10 ends with Sam and Dean warding the cabin so they can talk about how weird Cas is and how he flapped off so strangely and Dean of course is very hurt by it). The fact that he left has an open-ended feeling of hurt and worry for Dean about what’s up with him, and is the emotional arc we’ll get if we have to make it a competition between Cas and Benny about what’s affecting Dean going forwards. Benny sort of gets filed with Lisa in things we never talk about again, but if Dean is hurting and weird about it… Cas is the one who we see drama about ongoing :P 

I also think there’s double meaning in what Dean says to prompt that:

Yeah, well, now he’s more committed than ever, so there’s that. But, trust me, this life – you can’t afford attachments. You just got to… let go.

Season 8 has a lot of Cas fucking off when Dean wants him around - it’s basically the point of their emotional drama. In 8x22 Dean says “sounds like him” when Sam can’t find Cas in the Bunker, and in 8x23 Cas comes to Dean telling him he’s going to go lock himself up in Heaven forever for the sake of fixing it. In 8x11, Dean’s so far lost Cas in Purgatory only to discover Cas willingly stayed behind, gone through the process of adopting Cas as a hunter in 8x08 only to have Cas choose to stay behind and not come with them, then Cas pops up in 8x10 wanting Dean’s help, and flaps off immediately and weirdly enough he and Sam need a crisis meeting about it.

Dean very clearly wants Cas to stay, so in this respect, Dean’s abandonment issues are deeply at play in this season, as he keeps on trying to keep Cas, and to make him stay, and losing that. I can understand why he’d be (doubly) bitter about attachments after having to let go of Benny in the same day he was dealing with his 3rd or 4th feeling of Cas leaving THAT SEASON already, and that it might be on his mind when he says that, because he had to both push Benny away, and just can’t make Cas stay, so what’s the point of getting attached to him? Making Dean both the dump-er and dump-ee by the end of 8x10. 

I also went through my blog and found a ton of links to other discussion of this… Some of it Dean x Benny, some of it Destiel, some of it kind of… less shippy:

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Prerelease Recap

opened a very subpar pool with just enough “playable” cards to make a WG deck. i had no late game plays and was just hoping to curve out well while removing stuff with my 6 artifact destruction spells. somehow finished 2-2 & opened a heart of kiran

“The Other One” or “The Three Holmes” for the title of Sherlock S04E03?

Do we really know what happened to The Other One? 

No, not really. Not yet. 

Even causal viewers of Season 3 may remember that from His Last Vow (S03E03). Perhaps TPTB may even include this little clip in the S4 opening recap, as Lady Smallwood is featured in the Season 4 first trailer. 

So revealing the third title now may be “too obvious”, even for the “causal fan of the show”. 

Look at the progression of keyword vs title:

E1: Thatcher = The Six Thatchers

E2: Smith (Culverton Smith) = The Lying Detective

E3: Sherrinford ——-> The third sibling? Vernet? (More here x)

I leave you to your deductions. 

Pietro Maximoff Imagine- Request #2- Part 2

Anon: Can we have a part 2 to imagine 2? With more protective Maximoffs (esp Pietro wink wink) and the reader slowly getting used to living with the Maximoffs (but not the Avengers) and maybe her team comes back for her after a couple months?


A/N: Yess I’m glad you enjoyed it! The time is set after Y/n has stayed in the Avengers tower for a couple of months. You have gotten close with the Maximoff twins  but you would definitely need more time if you were to befriend any other avengers.


You opened your eyes slowly and tried to move. You were tied down to a chair in which you tried to break free in.

“Don’t bother.” You heard someone say from in front of you. You looked up and saw Pietro sat in a chair across from you. He had dark circles under his eyes and an ice pack on his crotch. You felt slightly sorry that you hit him but you had to follow orders.

“What’s your name?” You heard someone call out to you. You turn your head and saw Captain America looking pretty angry. When you didn’t respond he raised his arm to hit you and you close your eyes, waiting for the contact. You opened one eye to see what was taking him so long to hit you and saw Pietro standing over you, holding Captain’s arm.

“You said you wouldn’t hit her.” Pietro growled at him. You felt your cheeks heat up slightly at the thought of him protecting you.

“Well she’s not answering any questions.” The Captain replied.

“I don’t care. Do not hit her.” Pietro said, his accent becoming thicker. The Captain rolled his eyes and sat down on Pietro’s bed.

“Listen,” Pietro started, making you look up at him, “I have been with HYDRA. My sister and I were one of their experiments. Whatever they have told you about SHIELD and the Avengers is a lie. I know because at a time, I believed that too. I believed that they just killed for fun and created chaos in the city’s where people could get hurt.” He paused, looking at you for any signs of emotion. You looked at him curiously, wondering if he was telling the truth. He crouched down to your eye level and set his hands down on your knees.

“Why don’t we start off with names? I’m Pietro.” He said with a gentle smile.

It has been a few months since the mission to take out the avengers has failed. And your team has not come back for you. Not one sign of them. It was hard a first because you were basically raised with them and you never left each other’s sides and they were like sibling to you. That’s what you thought at least. Not even your trainer has shown any sign of caring to go get you. Naturally, you were hurt. Hurt that the people who raised you abandoned you so quickly. Not even attempting at getting you back. Pietro and Wanda had been there for you. Every night you cried and usually Pietro would come and comfort you. Wanda would come occasionally but once she saw that Pietro was calming you down, she would leave. He not only -without your acknowledgement- has developed more of a crush on you, but he also had become really protective over you.

It had been another one of those nights. You were curled up in your bed alone. You were hungry and Pietro came by earlier to see if you wanted to come eat with him but you denied his request. He had stopped eating with the others and instead ate afterwards with you so you could avoid the avengers. You still didn’t trust them and Pietro knew that. So he did everything that he could so you wouldn’t associate with them until you were ready.

You refused to let anymore tears go. You wanted to stop crying. You wanted to stop thinking about what your ‘family’ did to you. It was hard because ever since you were a little girl they taught you never to leave anyone behind even if it costs you your life. You grew up hearing that every day and for it all just to be a lie. Maybe the twins were right. The avengers may not be the bad people in your situation. But it was definitely going to be hard to just start trusting someone that you have been trained for years to hate. A soft knock was heard, bringing you out of your own thoughts.

“Y/N?” You heard Pietro whisper lightly outside your door. You wiped any remaining tears off your face and made sure that it didn’t look like you were crying before you opened the door. You smiled once you saw him. He had a tray with your favorite food and your favorite drink. He had a big smile plastered on his face, but only for it to falter once he saw you.

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So the ‘holiday card extravaganza’ thing has begun.  Here’s a quick recap:

I opened up the forms yesterday and they remained open for less than two hours, and in those two hours, I got more than two hundred people signing up.  This is WAY WAY faster than it was last year.  WAY faster.

Expecting it to be a bit like last year, I assumed the postage that I have stockpiled from last year would sustain me, and it clearly will not.  It won’t cover what I have now, let alone reopening it.  Which is fine, I do have a budget for this, but it’s not huge.  I’m one person and, well, this is a silly thing I do.

People have been asking how they can help.  There’s a couple of ways.

-If you are an American, and you are sending me a card, many people last year sent me a stamp in their card to offset the card sent to them.  Others sent me the remains of a book of stamps, or whatever they had handy.  This is super awesome!

-Stamps ARE available off of Amazon.  They’re also available through, try as I could, I couldn’t get the system to accept my PO Box as a shipping address (It demands a first and last name, and a phone number, and won’t take my screen name because of the numbers).  

-The only thing I can think of for international peeps that want to help, and this is something I’m a bit wary about, is that Amazon will send a gift ‘code’ to whatever email address you want.  People have done it for me before, they’ve simply bought a small gift card for Amazon and had it sent to sciwritesfic at gmail dot com.  I could then use these to buy postage, but there’s really no way, other than my word, that I’m buying postage with it.  I’ve never attempted to profit from my writing here.  I’ve never taken a donation.  I’ve TOTALLY taken an IKEA shark from a reader, because I’m SHAMELESS AND SHARRRRRRRRKS, but I don’t have a paypal and I don’t have a donate button, because I don’t need it.  I have never needed help in that way, so I do not ask for it.  So all I can do is promise I would spend anything sent to me in this way on postage.  

Here’s the deal: I’m going to send out cards to as many people as I possibly can this season.  That’s reality.  I know that getting a piece of mail does a lot of people good, especially at this time of year.  A lot of people have left me messages, explaining that they are alone, or lonely, or have lost their family either because of distance or by telling them the truth of who they are.

I do this because I hope that maybe people won’t feel so alone.  For a moment or two, maybe, they won’t feel so alone.

So I hand write every one of these cards.  It’s just a line, nothing special, but every single one of them is hand written and includes the only gift I can manage for everyone.  I’m going to keep going, for as long as I can.

Please be patient with me. 8)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — Act One Scenes 1-9

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled snark with a special edition of “The Snark Theater rails against J.K. Rowling”! This time with an actual book, too! Well…you know, it’s a theater play. I’ve never snarked a theater play before. But I’m sure I can figure it out?

And who knows, maybe all the spoilers were wrong and I will love this! …I’m sure there’s a non-zero probability of this, at least.

Oh, and since this is the first time I manage to publish a snark on release day, spoiler warning and all that.

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