opening party

Its like a big worm with a mouth and eyes

Context: Doing my first campaign, pathfinder, made a sorcerer/rogue skill monkey with great bluff and diplo, and I just talked my way out of a fight with a hunting party of the Umbra (spider dragons) we are trying to kill, in the quest we needed to find a chest the umbra are protecting and we needed pieces of a snake charm to open it.
*party beginig to part ways after agreeing to the terms we just set*
Umbra: Oh and you dont happen to have any snake chamrs do you?
Me: uhh whats a snake
*rolls nat 20 bluff*
*Rest of party laughing while DM face palms*

If you’re in LA go check out the @Rapha pop up shop & see some rad LIOTR photos from @jkendi and myself! Bummed I couldn’t make it to the opening party tonight, but I’ll be there next week. #raphaLA #crushthecoast (at Venice Beach, California)

If you befriend...
  • Aries:You receive, unexpected jogging, laughing until your stomach hurts, shared lunches, the very best hugs, passion.
  • Taurus:You receive, homemade brownies, really genuine smiles, listening ears, video game playing, patience.
  • Gemini:You receive, free car rides, small talk, many books, mix CDs, giggle fits, open honesty, party invites.
  • Cancer:You receive, lots of hugs, maybe even kisses, borrowed jackets, kindness, hot chocolate movie nights.
  • Leo:You receive, style advice, life advice, friendship bracelets, free Starbucks, late night phone calls, joy.
  • Virgo:You receive, loyalty, someone whose never late, inside jokes, wonderful listening, wisdom, intelligence.
  • Libra:You receive, morning hikes, style help, charisma, lots of laughter, adventures, solid friendship, goofy faces.
  • Scorpio:You receive, love, reassuring stares, lots of cheering on, generosity, concerts, sleepless nights.
  • Sagittarius:You receive, sporadic trips, random coffee dates, the best sleepovers, start gazing, really great jokes.
  • Capricorn:You receive, bagels and coffee, classy outings, really meaningful conversations, a new taste in music, talent.
  • Aquarius:You receive, random gifts, so many jokes, the best nights out, optimism, honesty, ambition, lots of trust.
  • Pisces:You receive, imagination, cloud gazing, ideas, lots of small conversation about silly things, very sweet gazes, many meaningful hugs.

Anyone with a kink for battered and bruised Tom Hardy is going to see a lot of that when Warrior opens on Sept 9. But then, he gets bloody on screen regularly. Here he is at a shop opening (Malene Birger), March 25, 2010, a few days after returning to London from the Chicago run of The Long Red Road. Ha. Convincing makeup. ;-)


Add (thanks for the comment, memyselfandiattumblr): “Tom looks like that due to an allergic reaction to make-up used for his role in the play The Long Red Road. ;o)

Ranger, “IM GONNA RUN IN, GOTTA FACE THIS SHIT HEAD ON.” *runs into the door and trys to kick it down* *Gets their leg stuck in the door* 

Cleric, “… im just gonna open it.” *opens the door* *entire party goes in the room and leaves the ranger stuck in the door*  

Monk, “im gonna get her outta the door..” *trys to get the ranger out of the door* *gets stuck in the door also* 

Druid, “OHMYFUCKINGGOD” *Fails to get either of them out of the door* 

Ranger,*tries to push self out of the door* *arms go through the door* “IM MORE STUCK, THIS DOORS  KICKING MY AsS.”  

Monk, *pulls the door off the hinges and falls and beaks the door and frees them both.* 

Rapt in Maille will be having an Open Studio this weekend. There will be an opening party from 5pm-9pm tonight. For those who aren’t familiar with Rapt in Maille, this is amazing jewelry created by the incredibly talented Melissa Banks. Stop by to say hello, get some great holiday shopping done, and have a drink if you’re in the neighborhood. Here are the details:

December 16th, 17th and 18th
5215 N. Ravenswood Avenue, Suite 204, Chicago, IL 60640
5:00pm – 9:00pm Friday night event party
12:00am – 5:00pm Saturday
12:00pm – 4:00pm Sunday