opening doors

I feel like this whole waking up at 5 am for the show thing might actually work in my favor for my exam, imma be so hyped up maybe I’ll have this rush of adrenaline during the test that makes up for me hardcore neglecting studying IT COULD HAPPEN ALSO WHAT AM I EVEN SAYING IM AN UNSTABLE MESS

Open the Doors, Step Into My Embrace

by Browneyedbeauty

A cutesy drabble of a Larry Daycare Au where Louis and Harry are in daycare together

Words: 844, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’
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door closed, door opens, and door shuts again. basement to 3d effect, use headphones, enjoY


                                 Study Elvish and Tengwar

There are many resources out there, but these are my favourites. The video tutorial is the best and I added a few more I found helpful.

  • Video tutorials
  • Master List
  • Fonts (not accurate but fun for graphics)
  • Translate english to Tengwar (most accurate one I could find, but double check before you get a tattoo!)
  • Any questions? ask this guy, Matt Coombes. Matt is a linguistic research graduate studying the Neuroaesthetics of Language, specifically Elvish and other fictional languages.

Mrs. S + whatever tickles my fancy (requested by sanguinaria)

iheartiowa-deactivated20141221 asked:

Hey! I just wanted to say I love your tumblr and it's changed the way I think about historical "accuracy" when it comes to depictions (or lack thereof) of people of color. Thanks so much for running this blog.

Thanks so much!!! I like to think that opening more doors into the European Middle Ages and Renaissance, rather than closing them off, leaves much more room for creativity, imagination, and exploration in the works that human beings create. Looking at art from the past through fresh eyes can really inspire people to create new and ever better works of art and literature than ever before.

I think that learning and interacting with History in a new way also changes the way we live and act towards each other. Knowing your history and feeling that connection with the past can only inspire respect and empathy towards the self, and towards other people, which is why it’s guarded so jealously by some people who feel like they “own” it. No one person is inherently more deserving of that than another.


Remember that time when the lyricist of Newsies rewrote “Opening Doors” for a bunch of Newsies cast members?