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Okay but I can’t wait for Harry to get roasted on his tv interviews about his Another Man shoot and his movie and his overdramatic ass like??

Int, opening the another man issue: “MMMhh, sooooo what’s with the collar Harry?”

Harry: *crickets*

int: “You never wore pants that loose, Harry, how are the boys? And by boys I mean your testicles.”

Harry: laughs nervously.

int, showing the Dunkirk promo where Harry drowns “Are you regretting saying ‘it’s just a boat’ yet Harry?”

Harry: scrunches his nose.

dr-whooves-906  asked:

I work at a casual dining area and we have one register for taking orders and another for pickup orders. Sometimes we'll use the pickup register for taking orders but not all the time. I absolutely hate it when people say we should open another register like 1.We only use one so people making the food don't feel overwhelmed with the orders 2.Atm we are short staffed and can't let another person be on register when they can be running food or cleaning lobby. Honestly people you can't wait 5 mins?


Tom is your Tom problem.

concept: simon moves back into the hotel, he and raphael talk shit out like adults without insults and hissing, there are apologies and physical contact that isn’t full of pain and anger, the clan cautiously welcomes him back because he is family after all, simon feels loved and accepted, he willingly chooses raphael. 

Here's the beautiful thing about theatre:

It’s always changing. Shows come and go and, as much as that hurts sometimes (Tuck I’m looking at you), it’s also a good thing. Because when one show closes, another opens. You have your staples that will be (or seem to be) there forever, like Phantom and Wicked, and you have those shows that maybe their run isn’t as long as others, but they can impact people in major ways like Newsies and Next to Normal. You have the shows whose legacies live on like Les Mis and you have the shows whose legacy is only beginning, such as Dear Evan Hansen. Theatre is ever expanding and different and growing and I don’t know I’m just having a lot of theatre feels today.