Zenryoku Batankyu [Osomatsu-san OP2 theme song]
  • Zenryoku Batankyu [Osomatsu-san OP2 theme song]
  • AOP [A応P]

for sweety anon<3333333 [I got no idea how but it has released a day before the official date 0_0 SO WEIRD]

Zenryoku Batankyu

by: AOP [A応P]

Anime: Osomatsu-san [OP2 theme song]

Download Links: MEGA, Regular

“osomatsuuu-saaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn….!!!” XDDD Enjoy!!!

“Harmony Korine: Fazors” opens tonight, February 8th, at Gagosian Davies Street, London from 6–8pm GMT. Inspired by sun motifs from the 1960s and 70s, the series conjures the Color-field paintings of Helen Frankenthaler, as well as the color spectrums of Robert Delaunay’s Rhythm painting series.
Image: Watermellon Circle, 2015, oil on canvas, 64 × 70 inches (162.6 × 177.8 cm). Photo by Rob McKeever

anonymous asked:

Why is the first opening so important no matter how good the others are!

Whenever you’ll listen to it, it will always remind you of how epic or rubbish the anime was. You can’t appreciate an anime without watching the OP first but I have to say I never made it past the OP with anime like bleach, code geass, gintama and a few others because I didn’t like it. I had to give it a few tries before I finally watched the series!


Yu-Gi-Oh! Japanese Opening Theme Season 4, Version 1 - WARRIORS by Yuichi Ikusawa  

I fucking love this opening.


I can’t draw so this is my contribution to the fandom.

Blonde Marinette?

EDIT: Now you can check the music sheets!

4oh gOD FINALLY I’ve found the full song of the game of Prince of Stride :) some anon has asked me if there are more songs to Galaxy Standard except those I already uploaded - so, the answer is that for now not yet, but there is this song by mamo [suwa reiji] so i decided to find the full song and upload. You got up here the op video, and download links for the full version :)


by: Suwa Reiji [cv: Miyano Mamoru]

Game: Prince of Stride

Download Links: MEGA, Regular

Enjoy!!!! ^_____^