odia13  asked:

Hello! I've a problem with the canvas for the newest version of Krita. When I zoom in or out, the canvas lags and glitch a bit. when I wave with my pen on the regions where the canvas is glitchted it restores itself, but it's really annoying for me. I do zoom in and out with scrolling with the mousewheel. Can this be fixed? Thank you for your help :)

Turn openGL on, without openGL the canvas updates super-slowly, which is why it usually is on by default. (You turn it on in settings->configure Krita->display)

Figure I outta post some holdover material, so here’s opengl render of the van from the previous ADPAB post. Got lazy on texturing, but I figured the flaws wouldn’t be noticeable from the proper angles and lighting. Plus I’d spent far too long on the model and just needed it out the door.

  • Me before seeing the final episode: Pff, people are overreacting. Computers are deterministic machines, and everything can be explained as a series of dissectable equations determining what gets displayed.
  • Me after seeing the final episode: What the What the fuck. What the fucking fuck. Computers aren't real. Nothing is real. What. The fuck.