May Smith is 26 years old and suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, PTSD, and Self Harm. She’s been told she looks a lot like Dianna Agron. She’s currently OPEN

Ever since she saw her mother’s gruesome death at the age of twelve, May had never been the same. Well, she was never normal to begin with. At the mere age of seven, her mother discovered that May was different people. Not staying the same throughout the day. This is where her multiple personality disorder comes from. May can be a normal girl - having a nice conversation, giving advice - but in a blink of an eye, she turns around and says something mean and rude. It happens very quickly and after, May doesn’t even know what happened. It’s just a blank spot in her memory. She’s beginning to catch on, though. People are starting to stare. After she saw her mother get killed, May has been on edge. Every time somebody yells, she tenses up. When there are large amounts of people, May thinks that her mother’s killer is in there, looking for her. She begins to frantically look around, and tries to run away. Lastly, if May sees any weapon at all - knife, gun, baseball bat, etc - she begins to hyperventilate, like she did that dreadful night. She has the same reoccurring nightmare all the time; when her mother died. she wakes up, sweating and scared for her life. There’s also another secret about May; one that even the therapists don’t know. It’s a vicious cycle that she can’t seem to stop. May thinks that there’s no help for her, but she’s willing to try.


Name: Zira Lyonne
Age: 24
Year: Senior
Major: Government and Economics - Political Science
Character: Zira
FC: Zoe Saldana


The oldest of four, Zira has always been very…rough around the edges. She didn’t really like sharing her parents’ attention with her younger siblings and as such would act out. No one is sure just how she came to be so vicious, but Zira is very much that. Some might even call her insane. But she is stubborn and when she wants something she can be quite the charmer.

Going off to college was a dream come true. Then suddenly, it turned out that her three younger siblings would be attending as well. It wasn’t the surprise that Zira was hoping for. At least she doesn’t have to interact with them regularly. One can only feel pity for those rooming with her. Zira has managed to push away the flashes of memories that have threatened to return. Will her stubborn nature be enough to prevent her past life from haunting her? Or will her time as an exiled lion be revealed to her?


Determined, Intelligent, Charismatic
Ruthless, Smug, Belligerent, Uncomprimising

  • Vitani Lyonne
  • Nuka Lyonne
  • Kovu Lyonne

      I suppose it’s a comfort, perhaps a sense of self-control, doing worse damage to yourself than the world would ever dare to inflict.


// I N T R O //
  • When news began to spread that one of the Burke girls had been found dead in a ditch, the second shock came with hearing Emily’s name at the end of the sentence, and not Leah’s. No one would admit to it, of course, but that didn’t make it any less true. Emily Burke had been a kind, sweet, ordinary girl- and Leah was none of these things. Compared to her older sister, she was only more likely to end up dead by her eighteenth birthday.
  • It’s unclear when Leah made the decision to start self-destructing. As early as middle school, she was becoming the poster child for teen delinquency in every way she could think of: cutting class, cursing out teachers, smoking under the bleachers. By high school, the boys started to add up to a reputation. The drinks started to add up to dependency. She could still play all of it off as just having some fun, but Leah had never quite had that kind of control over herself. There was some deeply-embedded kernel of hurt in her ticking away like a time bomb; some unconcious inkling of memory that no little girl should have, one that her mind wanted to protect her from, but her body wanted to ruin her for it. She never asked Emily if she had it, too. It didn’t seem so.
  • While Emily was always an insider, Leah existed somewhere on the fringes of high school society, always rough and rude in a way that only alienated people further. But if people wanted nothing to do with her before Emily’s death, it’s nothing compared to what it is now. Tragedy makes a leper out of you. It’s as if grief is the scent of a sick animal, and no one wants to get too close- so they stare from a distance. Leah’s no stranger to stares; it’s just the pity she can’t stomach.
  • On the day that Emily Burke died, Leah woke up hungover and twenty minutes late for work. At the diner, she dropped a full plate of waffles and burned herself on the coffee pot- all Grace did was smirk, so Leah clocked out eight minutes early just to piss her off, because she knew their manager wouldn’t care. She still had half a bag of Oxy’s, which she’d bought off Kovak last night after a quickie in his car; between picking out an outfit for the party, she washed them down with the third of vodka under her bed. Em wasn’t home because she’d probably left for the party already. It wasn’t like them to show up to these things together.
// C O N N E C T I O N S // 
  • Kovak- their sordid saga started way back in freshman year, when she lost her virginity in the backseat of the Firebird and everyone somehow knew about it the next day. They’ve been off and on since, never quite dating but still managing to become exes, and then exes still having sex. She’s long since gone blind to his charms, but tolerating him is worth the drugs and the sex; plus, town pariahs should always stick together.
  • Adrian- her sister wasn’t at the party, but her sister’s ex was. This wasn’t even his crowd or his friends, so the only reason Adrian would’ve been there would be to look for Em. He found Leah instead- and what shouldn’t have happened did happen. It was only in the aftermath that she realized how much she’d outdone herself this time: her sister had been murdered, and Leah had chosen that night to sleep with her ex-boyfriend. Now, like whatever corrosive grief and guilt she’s harboring, she’d prefer it if he’d just disappear.
  • Heather- the weird-ass new girl is the only one who’s broken the vow of silence when it comes to talking about Emily in Leah’s vicinty. Everyone else goes quiet as soon as she enters a room, and ventures only as far as to offer condolences. But Heather sat down besides her once and tried to start a real conversation about it, which Leah shut down real fast. 
  • JD- her behavior after the murder has been even more reckless, if that’s possible. After blacking out at a party last week, the only thing Leah remembers is that she’d almost gotten in a car with some sketchy out-of-town guys before J.D. intercepted. He’d helped her home after that, staggering and barely concious; she hasn’t thanked him and doesn’t plan to, but knows that she should.
// R E S O U R C E S //


Age: 16
Grade/Occupation: Sophomore
Involvement: Cheer, Drama

” I’ll show you what shoes to wear, how to fix your hair, everything that really counts, to be popular! ”


Everyone has a talent, everybody has something they do better than anybody, or at least better than anybody they know, and they just have to find it and hone it and then they can do amazing things with it like win awards and make people happier. They have to, because otherwise Emily is going to end up the loser baby of the family, with a sister on the way to Broadway and a brother working in the white house and her just chugging along in Jameson, hoping to make it big doing… whatever it is she figures out she’s actually good at.

Nobody can say Em doesn’t try, she’s auditioned for the lead in every school show, tried every class and sport that parks and rec has to offer, even made it onto the cheer squad, but she’s not quite sure if that was out of pity or a joke or because she actually earned it. It’s not that she tries to be flaky, but everyone seems to be so good at the things they do, it’s easy to forget there’s work involved too and she doesn’t want to waste time on something if it’s not her special talent her dad always promised her she had. So she’s a bit of a tryhard, yeah, but at least she tries, and keeps trying, and so what if she’s never placed in the annual talent show or landed a lead role or done much more than clap and shout at games, she just hasn’t found her calling yet.


Daisy Peabody || classmate
“You’re signing up for the talent show this year, right? I was thinking we could do a duet!”

Bianca Trujillo || cousin
“We should get dinner Saturday, my parents are gonna be busy and your mom said you’ve been super hermit-y”


Age: 17
Species: Human
Occupation/Factions: Junior in High School, Beacon Cheerleader
Face Claim: Nina Dobrev
Availability: Open


Kindhearted, warm, and caring, Elena Gilbert is one of two twins born by biological parents, Isobel Flemming and John Gilbert.  Separated at birth, Elena never knew her sister, Katherine and isn’t even certain she exists. However, growing up, Elena developed a nagging sense that something was missing. She never discovered what though and managed to carry on in spite of it. She’s sociable and popular among her peers, and often classified as the ‘girl next door.’ While generally compassionate, intelligent, empathetic and beautiful, Elena can also be pushy, judgmental and selfish. She’s been known to pry into other people’s business out of curiosity or simply because she detests secrets. Her favorite hobby is writing and she one day aspires to become a writer, as suggested and encouraged by her mother Miranda Gilbert who she does not currently know or recognize as her adoptive guardian. The same applies for her father Grayson; Beacon Harbor’s notorious family Doctor.

Remarkably athletic, Elena is devoted to her position on the cheerleading squad. She’s been best friends with Bonnie Bennett since she was a toddler. And grown incredibly close to Allison Argent ever since the girl arrived to town. Unbeknownst to Allison, The Gilberts and the Argents go way back as both families have been known to hunt supernatural creatures. Elena, is in the beginning stages of her training as a hunter. For now, she’s improving on her kickboxing and is unsure of whether or not she wants to commit to a future as a hunter. On the one hand, it offers her this exciting rush to be a part of it, but on the other, she has dreams and aspirations of her own. Time will only tell what the future holds for her. 


Family: Jeremy Gilbert, Miranda Gilbert, Grayson Gilbert, Isobel Flemming, Katherine Pierce
Close Friends: Bonnie Bennett, Allison Argent
Other Friends: Stiles Stilinski, Caroline Forbes, Jackson Whittemore, Tyler Lockwood, Danny Mahealani, Lee Labeque, Melissa Glaser
Founding Family Members
Argent Family Hunters


Name: Callie Mousiki
Age: 24
Year: Senior
Major: Fine Arts - Music
Character: Calliope
FC: Jennifer Hudson


The oldest of five girls, Callie had plenty of responsibility and chances for leadership. She and her sisters would bond by putting on shows for their parents. Music was their passion and none seemed to feel it nearly as keenly as Callie. Callie helped cultivate her sisters’ talents, wanting them to pursue their passions the way she was planning to. She has always been protective of her sisters and the thought of being in school with them was wonderful.

Getting close to Callie is not the easiest thing to do. Her walls are very hard to breach and her focus is usually on either her sisters or her future career. Callie is very talented and since arriving at Castlewood, the music has begun to invade her dreams. Will that music come out in her performances, or will she seek out the origin of these strange songs?


Good Leader, Romantic, Optimistic
Protective, Works Too Hard, Guarded

  • Cleo Mousiki
  • Thalia Mousiki
  • Therese Mousiki
  • Mel Mousiki
✓   Bubbly, artistic, dedicated
       ✗    Ditsy, jealous, misguided

Jenna has turned over a new leaf since coming to Degrassi, staying out of the spotlight and the drama. That’s not to say she doesn’t have her insecurities, but she’s come a long way from her days as Miss Flirty Flirt.

                                          Jenna is OPEN


Age: 15
Grade/Occupation: Sophomore
Involvement: Basketball team, Science Club

You dream of colors that have never been made, you imagine songs that have never been played. They will try to buy you and your mind, only the curious have something to find.


There was a movie once, probably something on the Disney Channel that got played way too much and then pulled once the ratings dropped. It’s not like it inspired Lauren, but it gave her an idea. She’d always been much better at school than she had been at sports. Gym was a nightmare, but she’d found herself acing Physical Science in the eighth grade without much of a struggle at all. When she started high school and her mom insisted that she get involved in something, anything, Lauren remembered that movie she’d seen years ago about the science nerd who found the mathematical equation to perfect some fancy ice skating move. It wasn’t easy, but Lauren spent her entire summer in the driveway with her little brother, Max.

It was a lot simpler when Max was doing the shooting and she was simply drawing out the arcs, taking notes on how much height and distance various shots needed. But after three months of sitting on the sidelines, Lauren picked up the ball and gave it a shot. Literally, and she made it. She made every single shot after that, too, and her dad still doesn’t believe that it happened overnight. He was really proud of her for making the basketball team, though, so Lauren let him think she spent all summer training.


Zachary Travis || Science Club
“I still don’t even understand how that whole thing happened. But sure, I’ll set an alarm on my phone and everything just for you.”

Charlie Waters || classmate
“I don’t think I have yet, no. You’re not going to make me do all the work, are you?”


Alice “Ophelia” Pyke / 28 / Looking Glass / Dichen Lachman / Open


Ophelia has seen what politics and power do to a family and wants nothing to do with either. Growing up in the Red Queen’s palace was not what one would call a fun or healthy childhood, though she was treated well by everyone around her mostly because they were afraid of her mother. Being an Alice, her mother put a lot of pressure on her about how to act and tried to teach her how to successfully wield power. Ophelia found it constricting and oppressive and watched it tear her family apart. Because of this, she finally decided to slip out of her mother’s seemingly iron grip and take refuge in The English Garden.


Ophelia lived in the spotlight for most of her life and never felt comfortable there. She has come to resent her status as an Alice and fervently hopes one of the other two turns out to be the true Alice so she won’t have to deal with that pressure. Ophelia’s much more comfortable where she is now, enjoying the performances at the English Garden and not being center stage. Ophelia finds The Garden freeing; she can discover who she is and who she wants to be without someone trying to tell her what that is. The role of accountant suits her since numbers always came easily to her and having a job is a thrill. Her life has always been very privileged until recently and adjusting to the outside world, so to speak, is something she is still dealing with but she’s catching on quickly.


  • Ophelia met Ella Vandermeer when she came to the English Garden and the two bonded over being newcomers. It can be a loud and overwhelming place and while Ella loves being on stage and Ophelia can’t stay far enough away from it, their unfamiliarity with the place made them fast friends. Having a close friend who actually likes her for who she is and not her position is a new experience for Ophelia but it’s refreshing and enjoyable.
  • It took a little time for Ophelia to warm to Reid Walker, mostly because she’d never met anyone like him before. He is so unabashed and frank and while that was initially a little off putting, she’s grown to appreciate it. His teasing is a little annoying but she’s getting used to it.
  • Meeting Colette Prentice happened under unusual circumstances; Ophelia happened to be walking by one night just as Colette was slipping out of a window. Ophelia wasn’t sure if she was a thief or escaping something. They made eye contact for a moment before Colette winked at her and disappeared into the darkness. Ophelia thinks she’d recognize her if she saw her again and is intrigued by the mysterious possible burglar.
  • Rowan Crane needs to leave her alone. He comes by the Garden frequently, under her mother’s orders, trying to convince her to come back to the castle. Ophelia refuses or tries to avoid him but he’s very persistent. She’s half afraid he’ll try to physically drag her back to her mother some day and just hopes he’ll break a rule and get himself banned from the establishment. 

Ramona Samuels is 26 years old and suffers from Alcohol Dependency and Sociopathy. She’s been told she looks a lot like Holland Roden. She’s currently OPEN

By appearance Ramona Samuels seems to be a sweet and timid girl, yet behind her innocent looking eyes is a rather dark and perhaps sorrowful soul. Ramona grew up in the sunny state of California, living in a rich beach house in the one and only Santa Monica. She grew up under her mothers overwhelming TLC, and like most troubled souls she had the usual ‘daddy issues’.  In her teen years, she was known for her spontaneous and random decisions and behaviors, always being rather mysterious. But as a kid growing up in Cali, her behaviors were seen as natural and so her mother let her be.  Her mothers sudden neglect turned into a rather large problem though, as Ramona was always mingling with the wrong crowds. They constantly provoked her negative behavior which was at first mild things, like stealing from a grocery store or taking her mothers lighters. As most doctors say most sociopaths are born with it, it seemed obvious that Ramona fed on her friends bad influences and it brought out her sociopathic behaviors to an extent. What really brought out her sociopathic ways was when she drank. Her father being a mellow alcoholic always had random bottles of alcohol around the house. And of course him being so drunk never really recalled where he had placed them. So she was basically allowed to drink freely especially since it was a common activity among her friends. Though one day, drinking took a turn for the worse as her and her friend had a mild disagreement that turned sour. Ramona’s way to silence her friend was to suffocate her until she stopped breathing. Ramona’s attempts to hide the body failed and she was sent to prison until she was 19 years old when she was diagnosed with Sociopathy and sent to an asylum in an attempt to treat herself.


Name: Aquata Triton
Age: 19
Year: Sophomore
Major: Fine Arts - Music
Character: Aquata
FC: Hailee Steinfeld


Having six sisters is NOT a walk in the park. Losing your mother at a young age makes it even more difficult. Being the second youngest of her siblings, her time as the baby was cut short and she soon became both insecure and selfish. She didn’t like having to share with her younger sister and was a bit agressive when retrieving her things from Ariel’s grasp. Being in school with her gorgeous and popular older sisters didn’t help her insecurities. Somehow, she made it through though. While she loved to dance, and even tried studying it for a time, she was never any good at it.

While she didn’t like blending in with the rest of her sisters, she had to admit that attending college with them in a castle was an amazing opportunity. Unfortunately, she’s rooming with her sister Arista who has always enjoyed borrowing her things without asking. Her name reflects her father’s love of the ocean. Dreams of her father as a merman and king have begun to fill her nights. Will Aquata see the truth? Will she completely remember her life as a beautiful mermaid? Or will she allow her insecurities to keep her from discovering her true identity?


Good-Hearted, Driven, Forgiving
Insecure, Selfish, Slightly Agressive

  • Dr. Rex Triton
  • Adella Triton
  • Ariel Triton
  • Alana Triton
  • Andrina Triton
  • Attina Triton
  • Arista Triton


Age: 18
Grade/Occupation: Senior
Involvement: Drama/Production Club

”You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve, and I have always buried them deep beneath the ground.”


Even though she was named after a beautiful swan, Odette couldn’t help but always feel like an ugly duckling. Of course everyone always has those ‘awkward teenage years’ but Odette couldn’t help but feel like hers was way worse than anyone else she knew. For starters, her mother was beautiful. Opal Blair is a retired beauty queen that just like fine wine got even better with age. Odette couldn’t help but feel pride in calling her her mother but it was even harder to look at herself in the mirror. As a young child it was as if her features just didn’t fit well on her face. Her nose was way too big, her forehead was huge, and she never put her hair up in fear that someone would call her out on the size of her ears. During her teenage years, Odette finally grew into the features of her face but it was a whole new battlefield at that point. It was like acne erupted all over and she refused to smile due to the braces that lined her teeth. All and all, you were lucky if you managed to get Odette into a picture growing up.

The one thing she loved to do was watch her mom do her hair and makeup. Mrs. Blair did it with such grace and elegance that Odette would spend hours trying to replicate. Not feeling confident enough to do it on her own face, Odette would use a model face and instead of spending hours watching tv or playing games, she would practice. Doing hair and applying makeup was therapeutic for her, and being able to at least see that she was able to make another person beautiful made Odette feel better. It wasn’t until the middle of her high school years where things started looking up. Finally the medication was working and her face was clearing up miraculously. Getting the braces removed and purchasing her first pair of contacts and it was like little Odette was slowly turning into the woman she always wanted to be. Dot just needed to prove herself to everyone around her first.


Lena Bennington || Drama/Production Club
“Let’s face it, Lena, we’re dooooooomed. Besides, with you on board? Props will be crying long before Christmas.” 

Katrina Copeland || cousin
“Fruit salad is probably the only thing that’ll get eaten, but yeah, chips and fruit are safe. And maybe extra hot dogs made of real meat. We’re gonna be short on those.”


The Duchess / Charlotte Fielding / 31 / Wonderland / Hayley Atwell / Open


Charlotte’s childhood was happy and by all accounts fairly normal. Her parents ran a bakery in Wonderland and customers often remarked on how bright and precocious little Charlotte was. Though her mother had told her fanciful stories when she was a child, as she grew Charlotte became much more interested in what was really going on in the world. She was fascinated by the machinations of the courts in both Wonderland and Looking Glass and always wanted to know more about everything. She came to realise that much of the way the governments are run is cloaked in shadow which seemed wrong to her. The desire to expose the truth only grew stronger when she got a job at The Mirror, the city’s newspaper, and she’s been tenaciously pursuing stories ever since.


There is nothing Charlotte values more than the truth. She understands that people have secrets but when those people are in very powerful and dangerous positions she thinks those secrets should be exposed. Her work ethic is impeccable, some might say almost too good, as it often slips Charlotte’s mind to stop working and just relax for a bit. The way she pokes around and asks questions often results in her being at odds with authority figures but she fearlessly pursues what she knows to be right anyway. There are too many dark and terrible secrets in this city and Charlotte believes the people have the right to know what those are.


  • Charlotte’s found Nolan Shaw to not only be a good source of information over the years but also a good friend. Though their work sometimes puts them at odds they’ve always managed to overcome that and have a healthy respect for each other. If there’s one person she can always count on to tell her the truth, it’s Nolan.  
  • Seven days ago, Anastasia Opel suddenly became a fixture in the Mad Hatter’s shop. Ever observant, Charlotte noticed her and soon learned she was from Elsewhere. She took an instant liking to the woman after their first conversation and hopes that if they get to know each other better Anastasia might share more of her story with her.  
  • It pays to look professional as a journalist and the best place to get expertly tailored suits is at The Right Cut, Luc Pollard’s parents shop. As a regular customer, Charlotte’s noticed the polite young man and has had a few casual conversations with him and would like to get to know him better if only she could find the time.
  • The Alices are a source of professional interest to her but Charlotte’s attempts to talk to Seraphina Lennox have been frustrated, partly because of Dorian Schade. He has an infuriating way of appearing any time Charlotte might have a chance of getting Seraphina alone and her irritation with him has grown into full-fledged dislike.

FC Alternates: Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt, Caroline Dhavernas, Claire Danes


Sorcha Kane is 21 years old and suffers from Bulimia and Substance Abuse. She’s been told she looks a lot like Cher Lloyd. She’s currently OPEN

Sorcha was always withdrawn until high school when she fell in with an older crowd. At first, it was all glitz and glamour - glitter on her eye lids and fire in her veins. She would dance on tables, laugh and down whatever poison was pressed against her youthful lips. Then it went downhill. She realized what her life had become and how badly she had lost control. That was when she started to love Mia - the finger down her throat, the trembling. She fit the stereotype of a second generation Irish gal - alcohol ran through her veins, not blood. She did not want that to be her though. She needed to get her control back, but did not know how. Bulimia was her way of gaining her thoughts and of course, if she drank enough to make herself throw up whatever she had binged on, it just killed two birds with one stone. It was actually her teacher who had noticed the change from freshman year to now. How thin Sorcha was, and how the bags under her eyes never truly went away. He tried to help her, and she lashed out at him. He had no choice but to contact her parents, and so they sent her here.

     “ Her own feelings hid from her. Sometimes, she could glimpse them from the corner of her eye, like distant headlights reflected in a side mirror.


// I N T R O //
  • From the moment that she was handed a blue ribbon at the second-grade Spelling Bee, Samita discovered that she could add one more thing to the list of things she liked: winning. There was a thrill to standing up there on that stage and knowing she was the best; that there could only be one first place amongst all the runner-ups. But, even with this moment of scintillating clarity in her young life, the addition didn’t do much to balance out the vastly-greater list of things that she didn’t like. She was a picky child, in many respects: her food, her friends, her moods. Her mother used to say that she changed her mind like the weather, and Sam would respond by getting appropriately stormy. Her brother was better at supplying the sunshine; Sam liked reminding people that reality included it’s share of rainy days.
  • She’s always prided herself on being highly rational, relying on facts to make decisions and never letting emotions factor in where they shouldn’t. Or at least, that’s what she believes of herself- anyone close to her would point out that she can actually be quite judgemental. Sam has always been quick to jump to conclusions: sometimes her deducations can be chalked up to sharp observational skills, but sometimes, they’re just plain prejudice. If she doesn’t like someone, she’ll find a reason to jusitfy it. If they make a bad first impression, she’ll cling to it. And at her most stubborn, she’ll refuse to change her mind purely on principle- which seems to undermine the rationality that she values.
  • But Sam’s not a bad person, or even as mean as she wishes she was. At her core, she’s a private soul who finds more comfort in solitude than she does in a crowd; her introversion turned her away from people and towards books at a young age, and the stories between those pages have provided her with the kind of company that a room full of strangers can’t. Somewhere under the bitterness, under her strict refusal to stray from straight and narrow, she’s simply living with the knowledge that she’s not easily-liked, and the world doesn’t reward people for being boring. When you have a twin that’s basically the funnier, nicer, more creative, more charismatic version of you, maybe you have to accept the fact that you were born for second place.
  • On the night that Emily Burke died, Sam had no interest in going to the party. She had no interest when Raj cautiously broached the subject, sticking his head into her room like a timid rabbit peering into a foxhole, but at least he conceded pretty mildly to her instant ‘no’. She had no interest after Chloe’s first pleading text, no more than she did after the fourth- which doubled as an apology, since Chloe chose to ditch their movie night just to go to the dumb thing. After that, Sam was happy to marinate in her annoyance alone; if anyone else had asked her about the stupid party, they’d only have themselves and a hard copy of Madame Bovary to thank for their concussion.
// C O N N E C T I O N S // 
  • Raj- they are two halves of a whole like the fabled left-brain/right-brain dichotomy; he’s the artist, she’s the pragmatist. He earns a lot of eye-rolls from her, but if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s how unapologetically themselves they both are: Raj knows Sam has a strict comfort zone she doesn’t like to venture out of, just as she recognizes that his need for openness between them can’t be helped.
  • Chloe- Sam’s view on friendship may echo Jane Eyre, but she’s not entirely “solitary and friendless”: she has Chloe, which is enough for her. Their relationship started out on the basis of mutual needs, but the lunchroom companionship gradually blossomed into something lasting- Sam chides Chloe on her idealism, but she can also be very protective of her little optimistic friend.
  • Grace- Grace and Raj had been circling each other since freshman year, but once they were finally “together”, Sam didn’t feel the need to befriend her brother’s girlfriend- unfortunately for her, Grace felt differently. A battle of wills has commenced, and even with Sam’s iron resolution not to humor Grace’s wayward ideas of “fun”, she’s somehow been dragged into a number of objectionable situations already- a shoplifting incident not least among them.
  • Heather- Sam has quite a decent income from tutoring during the school year and SAT Prep during the summer- this is how she first met Heather, who seems to have had a very rocky junior year considering how much catch-up they’ve had to do over the summer to make sure she’s ready for next semester. She does wonder about the girl’s past, but she also knows better than to ask- they get along well without probing to get to know each other better.
// R E S O U R C E S //


"Quote/lyrics relatable to you.”

[ A B O U T K I M B E R L Y ] —-

  • [6 facts about your character]

[ S O C I A L M E D I A ] —-

  • twitter name:
  • instagram name:  
  • fan base:

[ C E L L P H O N E  ] —-

  • [Phone notification goes here]
  • [Phone notification goes here]
  • [Phone notification goes here]

[ C O N N E C T I O N S  ] —-

  • Ashley Everet; Best Friend.
  • Beyonce; Boss

[ S E C R E T  ] —-

  • Put your secret here.

Name: Anna Vetur
Age: 18
Year: Freshman
Major: Undeclared
Character: Anna
FC: Bella Thorne


Anna and her sister didn’t always have the best relationship. Losing their parents didn’t help, but somehow the girls made do. Even suffering such a tragedy didn’t deter Anna’s happy and bubbly personality. School was enjoyable enough and her grades were adequate. When it came to school, she just knew that she didn’t want to be far from her sister. Elsa finally opening up to her was the cincher. An offer allowing them to go to school together was perfection.

One can only hope that Anna’s naiveté doesn’t lead her to trouble or any unscrupulous persons. Some find her semi-annoying and grating due to her extra bright and talkative self, others love the way she is always finding the brighter side of life. Scenes of a talking snowman and a reindeer have begun to seep into her daydreams. Troll kisses play through her mind as she sleeps and she’s beginning to wonder just what it could all mean. Will her past as a princess of Arendelle come through completely? Or will she simply enjoy the sweet dreams she has begun having?


Bubbly/Optimistic, Free-Spirited, Spunky, Adventerous
Clumsy, Talkative, Naive/Impressionable

  • Elsa Vetur


Age: 17
Grade/Occupation: Junior/Waitress (Silver Bullet Diner)
Involvement: Science Club

”And although this wave is stringing us along; Just know you’re not alone, ‘cause I’m gonna make this place your home.”


Bridgette lived in an extremely close-knit family, and that probably came with the fact that she was born into a military family. Both of her parents met on an Air Force base in San Diego and it was almost the definition of love at first sight since it was eight months later that they got married and a year after that when they delivered their first child. Two more children later, Bridgette was finally brought into the world. Even as a little girl, Bridgette idolized her parents. Watching them be so in love was incredibly special to her and it was them that made the young girl fall in love with the idea of being in love. She spent her days reading romance novels and watching hours upon hours of chick flicks just because there was something about the innocence of love that felt so special to her.

Being a military brat, Bridgette was use to moving around a lot whether it be in the United States or somewhere else around the world. Meeting all of the different people at the bases was a cultural experience for her, and she really took it all in. Not many people were in the position that she was in, so she deeply understood her luck. It was when her older siblings all went to college that the moving around got a little bit harder. Her siblings were the sense of stability that she had and now that they were away, Bridgette had to readjust. She was happy when they got relocated to Georgia her freshman year because that was when she finally found some stability. Instead of having to stay on base with her parents, Bridgette moved in with her Aunt who resided in Jameson. Her Aunt was a high school teacher at Jameson, and it was her that introduced Bridgette to her first love. The world around her had always been fascinating, but living with a science teacher for a few years was absolutely life-changing. The feeling of knowledge and astronomy made Bridgette feel how she imagined falling in love would feel. Her Aunt and everyone around her could just see the happiness that lit up her eyes and the passion that poured from her that made this town mean so much more to her. Now Bridgette has both the things she’s always wanted in life, love and stability.


Samuel Bhandari || coworker
“Look, I know you’re all about getting the money but you seriously have got to work less shifts or something. You’re making the rest of us look bad.”

❝You get completely and utterly lost in the lies, you can’t tell what’s the truth anymore.


Age → 28
Specialty → Identity Theft, Forgery and Bypassing (of safes/locks)
FC → Crystal Reed


+ Observant, confident and persistent.

- Impulsive, sneaky and can be arrogant.


It was hard to explain the pain that came with growing up the system. The pain that came with knowing that nobody wanted you. It was even more so harder to explain the anger that built up inside ones soul as it settled in your bones and made its self at home. Adella had watched that happen too many of the kids at the multiple group homes she was in. She had felt that pain. That anger and unlike many of the others who lashed out at one another Adella found a way to express herself without physically hurting anyone.

The first time she had picked a wallet it had been that of house master. They had a strict curfew and no one was ever allowed out alone. So picking his wallet and subsequently his keys Adella had snuck away for the weekend only to get caught by the police. It hadn’t stopped her though from doing it again.

Soon enough picking wallets and jewelry off people hadn’t given her enough of a fix. So Adella needed to step up her game. She started picking locks and by the time she was sixteen she had mastered how to make false ID’s. The ID’s weren’t only for Adella though she made them for the others in the group home as well. Charging them a small fee for each ID she made, slowly but surely Adella’s talents grew.

Talents that would benefit her once she turned eighteen and was forced onto the streets by the state. With no place to go and only herself to rely on Adella disappeared onto the streets. One night – just like any other- Adella had been to the streets doing her thing. Little did she know that she had caught the key of someone who ran with a crew she had only heard rumors of. Levi had purposely allowed Adella to take his wallet and watch. She was good. One hand had pressed to his left shoulder as her right hand took his wallet from his pants. She had mumbled an apology before slipping away into the crowd. Levi had been right behind her. Watched as she repeated the action before stepping forward and snaking his arm around her waist. He brought her into their world. Convinced Logan to allow her on the team. Something that Adella feels she’ll never be able to repay which is why she works so hard to gain Logan’s respect.

Adella has been on the team over a year now but still she know Logan doubts her. So she pushes herself faster, harder, constantly trying to cut time off getting locks open. Constantly learning new tricks and trades of forging and keeping updated on all the new safes. Sometimes she spends her nights in the dark breaking into safes to keep herself on her toes. With Logan the only part of the team that Adella feels doubts her she wants to make him proud and is willing to do whatever it takes.

All of the crew members know Adella was a ward of the state and about her short criminal record. Logan had thoroughly researched her before allowing her to be a part of the team. They also know that speaking about Adella’s past is off limits. She doesn’t talk about her time in the group homes or the multiple families she was placed with because sometimes things happened there she doesn’t want to relive.


→ Both of her parent died when Adella was young and as a result she was forced to become a ward of the state.

→ The first identity that Del stole was that of a girl that was in the group home with her. The state had kicked her out at 18 and the girl had left a few years ago. Del had just wanted a fresh start.

→ Levi is the reason Del is a part of Weston’s team. She had stolen his wallet on the train and he’d chased after her. Surprised and amused Levi told her if she could find him again, they’d talk.

→ Adella had a small problem with drugs but no one in the crew knows about it.

  • Jack Scorpio: From the moment that Adella had met Jack she had respected her not only for her intelligence and skills but for the fact that she didn’t take Levi or Logan’s shit. She stays close to Jack when they’re all hanging out and goes to her when ever she needs help with anything.
  • Levi Beaumont: Taking Levi up on his offer had gotten the young twenty something year old off the street and brought her into a whole new world. Del was used to stealing things, wallets, and identities even breaking into houses and picking locks but pulling off heist that brought in what she made in a month. Yeah that was something new and she owed all of that to Levi. So every time Logan doubts her, she feels as if she’s letting Levi down.
  • Logan Weston: Logan has never made Adella feel as if she’s a part of his crew. If anything he has gone out of his way to exclude her, even if that means looking over her for jobs that she is more than qualified to pull off. This angered her enough that during jobs she started pushing herself harder, faster, shaving off seconds for any task she could do with her eyes closed. Adella just wants to prove herself to Logan and is willing to do whatever it takes in order to do so.

Alexa Myres is 20 years old and suffers from Depression and Bulimia. She’s been told she looks a lot like Chloe Rose. She’s currently OPEN

This is Alexa Myres, she’s quiet most of the time and keeps herself to herself but when she talks about the twisted and disturbed, things take an unexpected turn and she can rant on for hours. However if you talk to her about her illnesses she can snap quite horribly and do rather ghastly things to make her so called ‘oppressors’ pay, using techniques taken from her macabre tales which all rotate around her ‘father’ (a character who does not in fact exist as he left her family long ago). Also when she gets to know and love someone very much she can be possessive and provocative - insisting all the time she must be perfect for the person who holds her affections Therefore, her bulimia and depression will worsen and she will become tired and fight with the nurses to stay in bed etc.