Name: Aquata Triton
Age: 19
Year: Sophomore
Major: Fine Arts - Music
Character: Aquata
FC: Hailee Steinfeld


Having six sisters is NOT a walk in the park. Losing your mother at a young age makes it even more difficult. Being the second youngest of her siblings, her time as the baby was cut short and she soon became both insecure and selfish. She didn’t like having to share with her younger sister and was a bit agressive when retrieving her things from Ariel’s grasp. Being in school with her gorgeous and popular older sisters didn’t help her insecurities. Somehow, she made it through though. While she loved to dance, and even tried studying it for a time, she was never any good at it.

While she didn’t like blending in with the rest of her sisters, she had to admit that attending college with them in a castle was an amazing opportunity. Unfortunately, she’s rooming with her sister Arista who has always enjoyed borrowing her things without asking. Her name reflects her father’s love of the ocean. Dreams of her father as a merman and king have begun to fill her nights. Will Aquata see the truth? Will she completely remember her life as a beautiful mermaid? Or will she allow her insecurities to keep her from discovering her true identity?


Good-Hearted, Driven, Forgiving
Insecure, Selfish, Slightly Agressive

  • Dr. Rex Triton
  • Adella Triton
  • Ariel Triton
  • Alana Triton
  • Andrina Triton
  • Attina Triton
  • Arista Triton

      I suppose it’s a comfort, perhaps a sense of self-control, doing worse damage to yourself than the world would ever dare to inflict.


// I N T R O //
  • When news began to spread that one of the Burke girls had been found dead in a ditch, the second shock came with hearing Emily’s name at the end of the sentence, and not Leah’s. No one would admit to it, of course, but that didn’t make it any less true. Emily Burke had been a kind, sweet, ordinary girl- and Leah was none of these things. Compared to her older sister, she was only more likely to end up dead by her eighteenth birthday.
  • It’s unclear when Leah made the decision to start self-destructing. As early as middle school, she was becoming the poster child for teen delinquency in every way she could think of: cutting class, cursing out teachers, smoking under the bleachers. By high school, the boys started to add up to a reputation. The drinks started to add up to dependency. She could still play all of it off as just having some fun, but Leah had never quite had that kind of control over herself. There was some deeply-embedded kernel of hurt in her ticking away like a time bomb; some unconcious inkling of memory that no little girl should have, one that her mind wanted to protect her from, but her body wanted to ruin her for it. She never asked Emily if she had it, too. It didn’t seem so.
  • While Emily was always an insider, Leah existed somewhere on the fringes of high school society, always rough and rude in a way that only alienated people further. But if people wanted nothing to do with her before Emily’s death, it’s nothing compared to what it is now. Tragedy makes a leper out of you. It’s as if grief is the scent of a sick animal, and no one wants to get too close- so they stare from a distance. Leah’s no stranger to stares; it’s just the pity she can’t stomach.
  • On the day that Emily Burke died, Leah woke up hungover and twenty minutes late for work. At the diner, she dropped a full plate of waffles and burned herself on the coffee pot- all Grace did was smirk, so Leah clocked out eight minutes early just to piss her off, because she knew their manager wouldn’t care. She still had half a bag of Oxy’s, which she’d bought off Kovak last night after a quickie in his car; between picking out an outfit for the party, she washed them down with the third of vodka under her bed. Em wasn’t home because she’d probably left for the party already. It wasn’t like them to show up to these things together.
// C O N N E C T I O N S // 
  • Kovak- their sordid saga started way back in freshman year, when she lost her virginity in the backseat of the Firebird and everyone somehow knew about it the next day. They’ve been off and on since, never quite dating but still managing to become exes, and then exes still having sex. She’s long since gone blind to his charms, but tolerating him is worth the drugs and the sex; plus, town pariahs should always stick together.
  • Adrian- her sister wasn’t at the party, but her sister’s ex was. This wasn’t even his crowd or his friends, so the only reason Adrian would’ve been there would be to look for Em. He found Leah instead- and what shouldn’t have happened did happen. It was only in the aftermath that she realized how much she’d outdone herself this time: her sister had been murdered, and Leah had chosen that night to sleep with her ex-boyfriend. Now, like whatever corrosive grief and guilt she’s harboring, she’d prefer it if he’d just disappear.
  • Heather- the weird-ass new girl is the only one who’s broken the vow of silence when it comes to talking about Emily in Leah’s vicinty. Everyone else goes quiet as soon as she enters a room, and ventures only as far as to offer condolences. But Heather sat down besides her once and tried to start a real conversation about it, which Leah shut down real fast. 
  • JD- her behavior after the murder has been even more reckless, if that’s possible. After blacking out at a party last week, the only thing Leah remembers is that she’d almost gotten in a car with some sketchy out-of-town guys before J.D. intercepted. He’d helped her home after that, staggering and barely concious; she hasn’t thanked him and doesn’t plan to, but knows that she should.
// R E S O U R C E S //

Get to know DANIELLE DEAR, a NINETEEN year old SOPHOMORE from NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT. She’s lived with her parents LADY & THE TRAMP for most of her life and looks in the mirror to find she looks similar to ZOEY DEUTCH.

Her life motto happens to be…

“In a perfect storybook, the world is brave and good
A hero takes your hand, a sweet love will follow
But life’s a different game, the sorrow and the pain
Only you can change your world tomorrow"

Don’t judge her based on her personality…

+ comedic, intelligent, dedicated

- bossy, obsessive, hot-headed

Take a peek at her story…

The eldest of the triplets, Danielle certainly feels like she is the one in charge. She feels like she’s looked on as the role model for the group and, honestly, she is. Danielle is the one who makes sure that Annette and Collette don’t get too wild. She’s their protector and she’s more than happy to take on such a title. Keeping people in line has always been a favored task of hers and she isn’t afraid to use her power when needed. Though this gets on her siblings nerves, Danielle knows that they appreciate her. She and her sisters have always been very different in not only personality but interests as well, though this has never stopped them from being the best of friends. The girl has always admired how brave her sister Annette is. Danielle finds that with her - and with Collette as well - she doesn’t often have to do the protecting or defending because they will do so themselves. One thing the triplets really have in common is their self-assuredness. The girls don’t let anyone pick on them and certainly not on each other. Danielle also appreciates how polite and kind Collette can be even if, sometimes, its not truly genuine. The girl has always had a way of getting people to do things she wanted just by giving a smile and Danielle, of course, was quite jealous of that talent. Growing up, the girl knew that she wasn’t as pretty as her sisters. Though they were triplets and looked relatively similar, it was clear from the start who the “ugly one” was going to be. Not only was she the less attractive one but Danielle also had to go and fall in love with all things sports. She just loved the discipline and the order of it all and, sure, it wasn’t shopping but at least it was something. Still, this caused for a big gap between her mother and her. Danielle always knew she wasn’t the favored child but even after years of acceptance over it, it can still sting quite a bit. Thankfully, though, her sisters didn’t care one bit. They came to all of her important games and it’s always been clear to see that no matter how different they are they will always be best friends.

Moving to Disney was not anything that Danielle could have seen coming. Everything was great for her at home; she was the captain of the soccer team and a coach for the younger players and all of that was ruined the day she came home and, out of nowhere, her parents had packed up all her belongings and told her that she and her siblings were going off to boarding school. A small part of her resents her family for sending her away, for how easy it was to send the girls away, but another part of her is grateful. Now, at her new school, Danielle is thriving in the community. She was immediately bumped to co-captain of the soccer team upon arrival thanks to a few strings that were pulled and is working on joining a couple other teams as well when the soccer season ends. The only problem is, is that because the Disney teams are so prestigious their practices take up most of her time. It seems everyday she has three or even four hours on the field and then another hour for conditioning afterwards. What’s left of the time that she’s not at practice, or in school, is then taken up by homework and the Danielle feels as if it’s been ages since she and her sisters have actually gotten to hang out together like they did back home.  She remains optimistic that they haven’t replaced her, though, and is trying to figure out a way to make more time for them. If only there were more than twenty four hours in a day, huh?

Danielle has sided with TBD, and is, fortunately for you, open.

✓   Bubbly, artistic, dedicated
       ✗    Ditsy, jealous, misguided

Jenna has turned over a new leaf since coming to Degrassi, staying out of the spotlight and the drama. That’s not to say she doesn’t have her insecurities, but she’s come a long way from her days as Miss Flirty Flirt.

                                          Jenna is OPEN

Luli Tāng ✖ 27 ✖ Portrays Mulan At Disneyland ✖ Sexuality Up To Writer


Despite being a third generation immigrant family in a small town in Riverside, California, the Tāngs are a traditional Chinese family. Name every stereotype you might know of the American Chinese community and you will get them. However, having said that, the Tāngs are a loving family – slightly flexible when it comes to difficult life choices. Luli was the third child of the family, the only girl. Living with four other brothers, Luli was accustomed to climbing trees, attending martial arts classes, playing with plastic toy swords and toy cars. Her tom-boyish behavior continued till high school where she discovered her love for acting and literature.

To her dismay, her school did not have the specific programs to her interests and Luli decided to study classic plays and texts all by herself, pouring herself into the words and the language. Luli went through high school absorbed in her own world, although she had a few close friends who understood her passion. She still fulfilled her parents’ wishes every semester – getting perfect grades. It wasn’t until she was in twelfth grade where things went wrong. Luli was going about her day when she witnessed a boy being bullied by a gang of football players. She rushed to his aid, got into a massive fist-fight in the middle of the school hallway. The fight ended with Luli injuring the several of the bullies badly.

Following the fight, Luli was expelled due to her behavior even though it was injustice to her. Her intentions were pure – to help an innocent victim to stand up against bullies. Perhaps her actions were too drastic or violent. But it didn’t negate her intentions. Luli became more withdrawn as a result, hating not only herself but also the people around her, especially her family. They blamed the incident on her, calling her a disgrace to the family name. Wanting to get away from her mother’s constant nagging and her father’s I am so disappointed with you look, Luli decided to save whatever money she has and moved to Los Angeles.

Here in the city of lost angels, Luli found freedom and independence for the first time. Albeit the loneliness, she managed to find a job easily and a place to live under a week. It was two months later, Luli was enjoying her time in Disneyland with several colleagues that someone approached her to consider the role of Mulan in the amusement park. The money was slightly better and even though Luli didn’t like the fact that they were playing on the color of her skin and her biological make up for an “acting” role, she still took it on – as a challenge to herself and to also have fun.


  • Disneyland Connections Can Be Found  HERE


FC: Brenda Song
Availability: OPEN
Negotiable: Yes
Gifs: 480+

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Davina Claire is sixteen, she is a witch, she is portrayed by Danielle Campbell, and she is open.

☽ T H I S M I G H T H U R T ☾

If there was anyone in the world that wanted to just be a normal sixteen year old girl it was Davina Claire but unfortunately for her, she wasn’t exactly born ‘normal’. She didn’t exactly have a normal family either. Davina grew up never really knowing her father and her mother was an overbearing mother who generally followed how the other witches thought and what the other witches believed in. At one point, Davina probably had about as much faith as her mother did but that all changed the night of the Harvest. Being chosen for the Harvest was supposed to be a big deal. It was an honor to be chosen and maybe Davina saw it all in the same light until she realized that the elders had lied to all of them. They weren’t going to go into some deep sleep only to be awakened during the reaping. They were being slaughtered and Davina had to witness one of her close friends died. If it wasn’t for Marcel and his vampires intervening, Davina probably would have died as well. It was because of him that Davina managed to survive and it was because of him that she managed to stay under the other witches’ radar.

However, Marcel knew that he couldn’t hide Davina forever and because of the bond that was created between the two of them, he decided that he needed to get Davina not only out of the French Quarter but out of New Orleans altogether. Marcel knew it was a risky move but Davina also knew that he wouldn’t take that risk unless it was to keep her safe so she obliged. Marcel sent Davina to Beacon Hills to stay with a fellow witch that happened to owe him a favor. Davina may not like the fact that she’s a new girl who practically knows no one in town but, being in Beacon Hills does allow Davina to get what she wants. Being the new girl means that no one knows her and it means that maybe for a little while, she can pretend that she’s just an average girl.

☽ W A T C H Y O U R P A C K ☾

Staying with Phoenix Daniels has practically been a walk in the park for Davina. While he may have a deal with Marcel to keep her safe, he isn’t as overbearing as other people have been in Davina’s life and he actually gives her room to breathe which Davina considers a good thing. While she was quick to find out that Beacon Hills wasn’t just the average town, Davina has been trying her best to keep out of the supernatural drama although she isn’t sure how long that will actually last.


Name: Adella Triton
Age: 21
Year: Junior
Major: Fine Arts - Fashion Design
Character: Adella
FC: Megan Fox


Adella was the chunkiest of her sisters growing up. During high school she joined cheerleading, dieted and managed to slim down to the weight she wanted. She managed to go from just one more Triton girl to head cheerleader and one of the most beautiful girls in school. Losing her mother was ver hard on her, she never had her to teach her how to do makeup or her hair or what to do when you like a boy. Somehow, Adella made do. Her previously thicker figure made her adore her new slimmed down body and led to the vanity she occasionally has. The fact that she can now have nearly any boy she wants makes her giggle with glee.

The only part of college that really had appealed to Adella was the boys she could date. A whole new array of men to enjoy. Being under her father’s watchful eye isn’t the greatest of things to deal with, but at least she’s got her own room in a dorm to go wild in. Flashes of her time as a mermaid have begun to dance through her mind. Adella likes the thought of being a mermaid but has brushed it off as a wild daydream. Will she ever see the truth behind those flashes of memories of her former life? Or will she close her mind to the magic that fills the halls of Castlewood University?


Loyal, Driven, Friendly
Boy-Crazy, Shallow, Semi-Vain

  • Dr. Rex Triton
  • Aquata Triton
  • Ariel Triton
  • Alana Triton
  • Andrina Triton
  • Attina Triton
  • Arista Triton

Alice “Ophelia” Pyke / 28 / Looking Glass / Dichen Lachman / Open


Ophelia has seen what politics and power do to a family and wants nothing to do with either. Growing up in the Red Queen’s palace was not what one would call a fun or healthy childhood, though she was treated well by everyone around her mostly because they were afraid of her mother. Being an Alice, her mother put a lot of pressure on her about how to act and tried to teach her how to successfully wield power. Ophelia found it constricting and oppressive and watched it tear her family apart. Because of this, she finally decided to slip out of her mother’s seemingly iron grip and take refuge in The English Garden.


Ophelia lived in the spotlight for most of her life and never felt comfortable there. She has come to resent her status as an Alice and fervently hopes one of the other two turns out to be the true Alice so she won’t have to deal with that pressure. Ophelia’s much more comfortable where she is now, enjoying the performances at the English Garden and not being center stage. Ophelia finds The Garden freeing; she can discover who she is and who she wants to be without someone trying to tell her what that is. The role of accountant suits her since numbers always came easily to her and having a job is a thrill. Her life has always been very privileged until recently and adjusting to the outside world, so to speak, is something she is still dealing with but she’s catching on quickly.


  • Ophelia met Ella Vandermeer when she came to the English Garden and the two bonded over being newcomers. It can be a loud and overwhelming place and while Ella loves being on stage and Ophelia can’t stay far enough away from it, their unfamiliarity with the place made them fast friends. Having a close friend who actually likes her for who she is and not her position is a new experience for Ophelia but it’s refreshing and enjoyable.
  • It took a little time for Ophelia to warm to Reid Walker, mostly because she’d never met anyone like him before. He is so unabashed and frank and while that was initially a little off putting, she’s grown to appreciate it. His teasing is a little annoying but she’s getting used to it.
  • Meeting Colette Prentice happened under unusual circumstances; Ophelia happened to be walking by one night just as Colette was slipping out of a window. Ophelia wasn’t sure if she was a thief or escaping something. They made eye contact for a moment before Colette winked at her and disappeared into the darkness. Ophelia thinks she’d recognize her if she saw her again and is intrigued by the mysterious possible burglar.
  • Rowan Crane needs to leave her alone. He comes by the Garden frequently, under her mother’s orders, trying to convince her to come back to the castle. Ophelia refuses or tries to avoid him but he’s very persistent. She’s half afraid he’ll try to physically drag her back to her mother some day and just hopes he’ll break a rule and get himself banned from the establishment. 

Get to know ANNETTE DEAR, a NINETEEN year old SOPHOMORE from NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT. She’s lived with her parents LADY & THE TRAMP for most of her life and looks in the mirror to find she looks similar to BARBARA PALVIN.

Her life motto happens to be…

“That’s me, I’m confident. Don’t want yo compliments. Use common sense”

Don’t judge her based on her personality…

+ brave, charming, confident

- defensive, quick witted, entitled

Take a peek at her story…

Right in the middle of the triplets Annette cannot identify with being the eldest nor with being the youngest. She has had absolutely no leverage and finds being the middle child absolutely awful, even if it is only by a few minutes. Annette has always identified, though, with being in the middle. Whether it be her intelligence - she was never super smart nor super dimwitted - to her sexuality, it seems she just can’t escape the curse of the middle. Funny thing was, she never once blamed her sisters for this. Though they were always wildly different in interest and personality, she considered them to be her best friends. In fact, its never been uncommon for them to pass on hanging out with other people outside of the family because they already have plans together. Danielle, Annette, and Collette are, and always have been, inseparable and highly protective of each other. To some it seems really strange. After all, they really aren’t that much alike. Danielle is the sweet one with a bit of a kick. She’s the one who has always won people over with a smile and a bat of the eyelashes and, on occasion, Annette is highly jealous of how excellently she plays the game. And Danielle? Well, she is the sporty one of the group. Where the other two love to dress up in frilly clothing, Danielle much prefers a pair of soccer shorts and an adidas t-shirt as well as running shoes as her choice ensemble. And Annette? Well, Annette is the brave soul of the group. To others that’s a big deal. Being brave and having the strength to stand up for yourself is a gift but what most people fail to realize is that it also means being considered the “bitch” and the girl is really tired of being associated with such a word. It’s not that she’s unkind, rather the opposite in fact, it’s just that she has no problem sticking up for what she believes in or herself for that matter. Annette has found that most of the population say they wish girls could stand up for themselves but then bully them even more when they do. It’s not a bad thing to Annette and she’s trying to make others see such a thing. No matter how different they are, though, the girls truly believe that it is because of these differences that the three of them get along so well.  

At first when the Dear children were informed that they would be moving to some town in New Hampshire, Annette thought that things were going to end badly very quick. Despite being the one to be “feared” at their old school, or so everyone said, the girl really didn’t have a problem because she had her sisters by her side but now? Well, things could change and they certainly have though not as Annette predicted. At this new school there have been many who have classified her as a bitch but she’s also made a number of friends who appreciate her confidence. The girl has become quite popular and she may even go as far as to say she has found her new place. Of course, with gaining a new status Annette has had less time to hang out with her siblings but she doesn’t see this as a problem. She, Danielle, and Collette are still best friends and though they aren’t around each other 24/7 anymore that doesn’t mean their relationship will change… does it? Whatever the case may be, Annette finally feels like the curse of the middle isn’t stopping her any longer and that she’s headed to bigger and brighter things.

Annette has sided with TBD, and is, fortunately for you, open.

     “ Her own feelings hid from her. Sometimes, she could glimpse them from the corner of her eye, like distant headlights reflected in a side mirror.


// I N T R O //
  • From the moment that she was handed a blue ribbon at the second-grade Spelling Bee, Samita discovered that she could add one more thing to the list of things she liked: winning. There was a thrill to standing up there on that stage and knowing she was the best; that there could only be one first place amongst all the runner-ups. But, even with this moment of scintillating clarity in her young life, the addition didn’t do much to balance out the vastly-greater list of things that she didn’t like. She was a picky child, in many respects: her food, her friends, her moods. Her mother used to say that she changed her mind like the weather, and Sam would respond by getting appropriately stormy. Her brother was better at supplying the sunshine; Sam liked reminding people that reality included it’s share of rainy days.
  • She’s always prided herself on being highly rational, relying on facts to make decisions and never letting emotions factor in where they shouldn’t. Or at least, that’s what she believes of herself- anyone close to her would point out that she can actually be quite judgemental. Sam has always been quick to jump to conclusions: sometimes her deducations can be chalked up to sharp observational skills, but sometimes, they’re just plain prejudice. If she doesn’t like someone, she’ll find a reason to jusitfy it. If they make a bad first impression, she’ll cling to it. And at her most stubborn, she’ll refuse to change her mind purely on principle- which seems to undermine the rationality that she values.
  • But Sam’s not a bad person, or even as mean as she wishes she was. At her core, she’s a private soul who finds more comfort in solitude than she does in a crowd; her introversion turned her away from people and towards books at a young age, and the stories between those pages have provided her with the kind of company that a room full of strangers can’t. Somewhere under the bitterness, under her strict refusal to stray from straight and narrow, she’s simply living with the knowledge that she’s not easily-liked, and the world doesn’t reward people for being boring. When you have a twin that’s basically the funnier, nicer, more creative, more charismatic version of you, maybe you have to accept the fact that you were born for second place.
  • On the night that Emily Burke died, Sam had no interest in going to the party. She had no interest when Raj cautiously broached the subject, sticking his head into her room like a timid rabbit peering into a foxhole, but at least he conceded pretty mildly to her instant ‘no’. She had no interest after Chloe’s first pleading text, no more than she did after the fourth- which doubled as an apology, since Chloe chose to ditch their movie night just to go to the dumb thing. After that, Sam was happy to marinate in her annoyance alone; if anyone else had asked her about the stupid party, they’d only have themselves and a hard copy of Madame Bovary to thank for their concussion.
// C O N N E C T I O N S // 
  • Raj- they are two halves of a whole like the fabled left-brain/right-brain dichotomy; he’s the artist, she’s the pragmatist. He earns a lot of eye-rolls from her, but if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s how unapologetically themselves they both are: Raj knows Sam has a strict comfort zone she doesn’t like to venture out of, just as she recognizes that his need for openness between them can’t be helped.
  • Chloe- Sam’s view on friendship may echo Jane Eyre, but she’s not entirely “solitary and friendless”: she has Chloe, which is enough for her. Their relationship started out on the basis of mutual needs, but the lunchroom companionship gradually blossomed into something lasting- Sam chides Chloe on her idealism, but she can also be very protective of her little optimistic friend.
  • Grace- Grace and Raj had been circling each other since freshman year, but once they were finally “together”, Sam didn’t feel the need to befriend her brother’s girlfriend- unfortunately for her, Grace felt differently. A battle of wills has commenced, and even with Sam’s iron resolution not to humor Grace’s wayward ideas of “fun”, she’s somehow been dragged into a number of objectionable situations already- a shoplifting incident not least among them.
  • Heather- Sam has quite a decent income from tutoring during the school year and SAT Prep during the summer- this is how she first met Heather, who seems to have had a very rocky junior year considering how much catch-up they’ve had to do over the summer to make sure she’s ready for next semester. She does wonder about the girl’s past, but she also knows better than to ask- they get along well without probing to get to know each other better.
// R E S O U R C E S //


"Quote/lyrics relatable to you.”

[ A B O U T M A D E L Y N ] —-

  • [6 facts about your character]

[ S O C I A L M E D I A ] —-

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[ C E L L P H O N E  ] —-

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[ C O N N E C T I O N S  ] —-

  • Yelawolfe; Husband.

[ S E C R E T  ] —-

  • Put your secret here.

Name: Hilda Lange
Age: 28
Position: Associate Professor
Subject: German
Character: Evil Queen Grimhilde
FC: Margot Robbie


Hilda’s mother had always been one to emphasize the importance of looks. It was something that was engrained into Hilda’s every day beliefs and routine. Her mother pushed her to always be the fairest of those around her, believing that life would open doors for her if she were beautiful. By the time Hilda was an adult, she believed the same thing and was envious of any who could compete with her looks.

Her true reasons for coming to Castlewood University are unknown. Perhaps it was the loss of her husband. Maybe it was to escape her beautiful step-daughter. If the latter is what was her motivation for accepting Castlewood’s offer, she is in for a rude awakening. Is it just her step-daughter’s looks that are beginning to rival her own that make her hate her so? Or is that rage and jealousy from her past life that led her to try and knock Snow White from the mortal coil seeping through?


Intelligent, Calculating, Regal
Vain, Envious, Ruthless

  • Whitney Lange

The Duchess / Charlotte Fielding / 31 / Wonderland / Hayley Atwell / Open


Charlotte’s childhood was happy and by all accounts fairly normal. Her parents ran a bakery in Wonderland and customers often remarked on how bright and precocious little Charlotte was. Though her mother had told her fanciful stories when she was a child, as she grew Charlotte became much more interested in what was really going on in the world. She was fascinated by the machinations of the courts in both Wonderland and Looking Glass and always wanted to know more about everything. She came to realise that much of the way the governments are run is cloaked in shadow which seemed wrong to her. The desire to expose the truth only grew stronger when she got a job at The Mirror, the city’s newspaper, and she’s been tenaciously pursuing stories ever since.


There is nothing Charlotte values more than the truth. She understands that people have secrets but when those people are in very powerful and dangerous positions she thinks those secrets should be exposed. Her work ethic is impeccable, some might say almost too good, as it often slips Charlotte’s mind to stop working and just relax for a bit. The way she pokes around and asks questions often results in her being at odds with authority figures but she fearlessly pursues what she knows to be right anyway. There are too many dark and terrible secrets in this city and Charlotte believes the people have the right to know what those are.


  • Charlotte’s found Nolan Shaw to not only be a good source of information over the years but also a good friend. Though their work sometimes puts them at odds they’ve always managed to overcome that and have a healthy respect for each other. If there’s one person she can always count on to tell her the truth, it’s Nolan.  
  • Seven days ago, Anastasia Opel suddenly became a fixture in the Mad Hatter’s shop. Ever observant, Charlotte noticed her and soon learned she was from Elsewhere. She took an instant liking to the woman after their first conversation and hopes that if they get to know each other better Anastasia might share more of her story with her.  
  • It pays to look professional as a journalist and the best place to get expertly tailored suits is at The Right Cut, Luc Pollard’s parents shop. As a regular customer, Charlotte’s noticed the polite young man and has had a few casual conversations with him and would like to get to know him better if only she could find the time.
  • The Alices are a source of professional interest to her but Charlotte’s attempts to talk to Seraphina Lennox have been frustrated, partly because of Dorian Schade. He has an infuriating way of appearing any time Charlotte might have a chance of getting Seraphina alone and her irritation with him has grown into full-fledged dislike.

FC Alternates: Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt, Caroline Dhavernas, Claire Danes

Get to know COLLETTE DEAR, a NINETEEN year old SOPHOMORE from NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT. She’s lived with her parents LADY & THE TRAMP for most of her life and looks in the mirror to find she looks similar to DANIELLE CAMPBELL.

Her life motto happens to be…

“And I like sometimes to wave it high, up where everyone can see, I’m a lady…”

Don’t judge her based on her personality…

+ sweet, polite, charming

- self assured, condescending, dependent

Take a peek at her story…

The youngest in a set of triplets, Collette refuses to admit that she’s the baby of the group, no matter how accurate such a description is of her. She isn’t at all the youngest in their family but sometimes she can act like it. Now, this information isn’t to be confused with her acting “childish” as she’s a rather poised individual, but rather, it’s to not that she can act a bit spoiled. Collette is used to getting most things that she wants because she knows just how to play the game. The girl knows just what sort of pout will get her father to buy her a new piece of jewelry or what sort of compliment she has to give her mother in order to have permission to go out on a school night. Her siblings, especially Annette and Danielle, often get very frustrated with her because of the act she plays so well. Despite this small annoyance, however, all of the Dear siblings get along pretty well; especially the triplets. Each, though wildly different in interest and personality, considers themselves to be the best of friends. In fact, its not uncommon for them to pass on hanging out with other people outside of the family because they already have plans together. Danielle, Annette, and Collette are inseparable and highly protective of each other. To some it seems really strange. After all, they really aren’t that much alike. Annette is the brave one. She’s the one who has no problem defending herself and is often classified as being a bitch because she doesn’t allow anyone to look down on her. And Danielle? Well, she is the sporty one of the group. Where Collette - and often times Annette - loves to dress up in frilly clothing, Danielle much prefers a pair of soccer shorts and an adidas t-shirt as well as running shoes as her choice ensemble. And Collette? Yes, Collette is sweet and polite which is a wild contrast to both her sisters. Often times she can be a little too sweet and many can see that there’s something hidden under that too perfect smile of hers and that twinkle in her eyes. Collette was taught to respect others and be polite, however, so it isn’t uncommon for her to do such a thing even when she itches to act like Annette and call someone out on their BS. The girls truly believe, though, that it is because of these differences the three of them get along so well.  

Now, in the town of Disney, the triplets are trying to adjust as best they can. None of them wanted to move away from their parents or their quaint little house in Connecticut but because of their adoptive sister, Angel, who insisted on going to some fancy school for kids just like them, the girls really had no choice in the matter. As their mother always told them: family sticks together and thats just what they would do. Or so they thought… Collette isn’t sure what to make of her new surroundings and it doesn’t help that the girls are sort of growing apart. While Danielle has fit in right away, joining nearly every sports team she can, and Annette has managed to find a new clique to rule the school with, Collette is wondering what is there for her? Sure she could join a few clubs and find something to do on the side but that option really doesn’t appeal to her. She can’t imagine herself spending hours wasting time talking about books or planting flowers in a garden. Collette has found herself, more often than not, trying to hang out with her sisters but it seems that now they’re too busy with their new friends to have any time for the girl so she’s settled for just wandering the campus. It isn’t uncommon to find her stumbling around and looking at all the buildings, trying to find a secret tunnel or something exciting. She remains kind and polite but her frustrations are starting to get the better of her and many believe its only a matter of time until she snaps. Above it all, though, Collette just hopes that things will change soon and her sisters will come back to her… but so far the odds are not looking to be in her favor.

Collette has sided with TBD, and is, fortunately for you, open.


Katie Chun | 22 | Emerson Saints | Uninitiated Member of ES-K | Open

Borough: Anderson Island.
Affiliation: Emerson Saints, Krick.
Spouse/Partner: None.
Family: Marissa Chun (sister) Sarah Park (mother, deceased) Michael Chun (father, deceased)

“—we know that emergency services have been called to The Palace Hotel, which is, tonight, playing host to the city’s Annual Breast Cancer Fundraising Gala. We are also receiving several unconfirmed reports that the injured are now being escorted from the scene—“

Their eyes were glued to the television; horrified, but unable to look away. Everything was so sickeningly silent, that the sirens accompanying the flashing lights on their screens could be heard wailing in the distance. Security had promptly let them know they were not to leave the Chuns’ apartment until more information regarding the matter had been made available.  

“My mom and dad are there,” Katie said, stunned.

“Mine too…” Another replied, ready for Honor Hathaway to echo it.

“My father is there,” Aurélie St. Clair concluded quietly. The group of friends huddled together, trying to offer the comfort of an embrace where they could. This was huge.

The cameras had caught glimpses of body bags being wheeled out on gurneys. They all dreaded one of them hiding someone they knew…but Katie was the only one to get the call. ‘Come to the hospital,’ her mother had cried. ‘You need to be quick.’

It was that night, three years ago, that changed her life forever.

Before losing her father, Katie and her big sister, Marissa, had lived in their ignorant little bubbles, much like the rest of those who hailed from South Anderson. The money and influence of her parents cocooned her from the harsh realities of the city. Yes, they might have read about the evil in The Press or caught the headlines on their televisions…but from the safety of their millionaire penthouses, it was easy to become detached. It was easy to pretend that it wasn’t happening right on their front doorsteps…

Katie had always been close with her sister. It seemed strange to some, given how contrasting their personalities and outlooks on life seemed to be. Katie was very much reserved, polite, and ready to do whatever it was that her parents expected of her. Marissa, on the other hand..? She was loud, independent, and to the frustration of her family, rebellious as all hell. Katie still looked up to her, though. Admired the way—even if she didn’t necessarily agree it was the right thing to do—that she didn’t just conform. That she questioned things. That she was, and would always be, her own person.

When their father had been murdered, Marissa had snapped under the stress of it all; her wild personality taking a scary turn for the uncontrollable. Their mother was too consumed with grief to try to do anything to help, and eventually, though it made no sense to Katie, her sister disappeared to North Anderson with her gangster boyfriend, and cut her family out of her life all together. As if pretending they didn’t matter would mean the fact they weren’t whole anymore would hurt a little bit less…

Upon losing her husband and her daughter, Katie’s mother, Sarah, became as close to a recluse as was possible whilst still maintaining the hotel empire they had built together as a couple. All Katie had wanted to do was help, but whilst trying to aid her mother in dealing with the grief, she struggled to cope with her own; always putting her own needs last. Though she kept social, those closest to her could see that she was suffering behind the smile she feigned. A small part of her—though she tried hard to suppress it—also started to resent her sister for leaving them in their time of need.

Why were the Saints more important than her own damn family?

It took almost two years, but eventually, Katie and her mother repaired themselves. So, they both decided it was time to take the plunge. To head back out into the social scene, and show the world that those who had wielded the guns hadn’t won. ‘We’ll make a big thing of it,’ her mother had said excitedly. They’d gotten their hair done together, their nails done together… It seemed that only having each other now had brought them closer than they’d ever been. Maybe the circumstances surrounding it weren’t ideal, but Katie was glad for the new, revived relationship with her mother, nonetheless.

“I just have to take a conference call, darling, but I will be there as soon as I can! Meet up with Honor, and I will see you at Apex a little later on.”

As long as she was there before the New Year celebrations got underway, Katie didn’t mind too much. This was their night, and it was going to be special.

Except her mother never showed…

When the club went into lockdown, and the screens came to life with the ‘human auction,’ she felt the most horrific sense of déjà vu. There was her mother—one of the lots to be sold to the highest bidder like a damned animal. Katie was watching, and just like with her father at The Palace Hotel shootout, there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop it. Katie’s uncle had bid furiously with the company’s funds. Tears streamed down her face as she waited for news. Everybody else in the room was suffering, too, but none of it mattered. All she wanted was her mom. When they were outbid in the final seconds of the auction, the chance of that ever happening again was gone…

Sarah was never seen again. They didn’t even have a body to bury.

This time she couldn’t pretend like it was okay, just to appease those around her.

Marissa came back to visit, but only once, to check she hadn’t done anything stupid. Probably a good idea, considering it would have been a lie to say the idea hadn’t crossed her mind. How could she be so cold?

The only person that really seemed to care was Seo-jun, her oldest friend. It was a strange sort of relationship; strained, just as was the case with her sister, because of his connections with the Emerson Saints. The man was the same age as Marissa, but he and Katie had always been closer. They just clicked. He looked out for her like the big brother she’d never had. But, since he’d been disinherited by his Supreme Court Justice mother, it had been a struggle to see him…he wasn’t welcome in the South anymore, no matter how much she could tell he wasn’t as bad a person as they all made him out to be.

He’d risked a lot to visit her in her time of need, and it meant the world to her.

“I don’t know what to do,” she’d sobbed into his shoulder. “I need to fix things with Marissa. I don’t have anybody else left.”

“She’ll never leave the Saints, Katie. She’s too far gone, now…”

Deep down, she knew he was right. But did being her sister and being a Saint have to be mutually exclusive?

Though it took some coaxing on her part, she eventually convinced him to let her stay at his apartment in North Anderson. God, she needed to get out of her house. Too many reminders of everything she’d lost…

It really was like a whole other world up there. People didn’t exaggerate.

As the months passed, surprisingly enough, Seo-jun didn’t pressure her to leave. He was far more understanding than she’d expected he would be. Katie didn’t want to see anyone. She just wanted to stay in bed and sleep. She barely ate. She barely talked. She could tell it was worrying him. Eventually, three months into her living in his spare room, he decided that enough was enough. If she wasn’t forced to start living her life again, she was going to be like this forever.

So he took her to Yongseo for a night out on the shitty half of the town. Katie met his friends. The Saints. Of course she was sceptical before the Soju came out, because everybody had heard the accounts of what these people could do. But eventually, as the alcohol started flowing, she began to see that there were very much two sides to this story.

They had all lost so much, just like she had. The only difference was that they picked themselves up, brushed themselves off, and carried the fuck on. They didn’t just take what was handed to them on the chin, because they made sure that nothing went unpunished if it warranted retaliation. The women–especially the Sunshine Girls who congregated in her new home of Krick–were as strong as the men were; confident and cunning. Sung-yoon was overlord. Euna was mother. Youngbae was the charismatic white knight who defended Katie, and the rest of the girls, whenever they needed it. Kang was the comic who put a smile back on her face, even when she thought it would never be possible again…

…and as each day passed, she was beginning to realize that she had judged them far too quickly.

Seo-jun had showed her that whilst she could never have her old family back, there was nothing to say she couldn’t find inclusion and support somewhere else.

Katie knows she can never be initiated—already having heard that killing someone is necessary to earn the title of ‘Saint’—but they have let herself attach herself to them, socially at least, anyway. For that, she knows she can never express enough gratitude.

Now, much to the distaste of her uncle who is left looking after her parents’ company until she’s ready to take the helm, she’s even decided to buy her own apartment in Krick…

But how long will it be until she is reminded, painfully, that in finding new people to care about, she is giving herself more to lose? And how long will it be until she finally crosses paths with the sister who picked this same life over her all those years ago..?

Face Claim: Krystal Jung.
Gifs: Here, here. (or just search Krystal gifs)


Molly Weasley, nee Prewett, is the younger sister of the three Prewett siblings, although that never mean that she was mentally younger. In fact, Molly was always the one that was bossing around her family, leading her brothers around to make sure that they were eating, that they were home when they were supposed to be. Her parents were quiet elderly when they had their final child, and she was only fifteen years old when they died, which just urged her on further in her motherly ways. Her brothers were the only family that she had left, and she was going to make sure that they were always okay. Of course, they thought that they should be the ones looking after her, but she was always the adult of the family.  Always having been a hard worker, Molly never faltered as she worked in her classes, always attaining high grades in school, in almost all subjects. Charms and Transfiguration were her favourites, but there was one that she had never been able to grasp a hold of - Muggle Studdies. Having always lived in the magical world, she had never wanted to know about the muggle world, and being forced to study it almost bored her to sleep. However, it started to bring her overall grades down, and she started to worry. and this was how she met Arthur Weasley. He had always been the quiet red-head in the back of the Gryffindor common room, focusing on his muggle contraptions, and so he was the perfect choice for a tutor in that subject.  It didn’t just end there, though. Once Molly’s grades had gotten better, she had come to realise that she liked Arthur more than she should have done. He was just supposed to be her teacher, someone to help her with her studies, but there was so much more to him that than. She loved his smile, the way that his eyes lit up when he spoke about muggle items, and the way that his voice seemed to lull her into a sense of comfort. It wasn’t long before the two were an item, and she’s been with him ever since that day. Now, at twenty-seven, Molly is a mother to five children.   


STRENGTHS: Motherly, Brave, Old Fashioned, Strong

WEAKNESSES:  Stubborn, Temperamental, Possessive, Impulsive





Name: Ariel Triton
Age: 18
Year: Freshman
Major: Social Sciences and Humanities - Anthropology
Character: Ariel
FC: Isla Fisher


Being the youngest of seven girls is never easy. By the time Ariel was a toddler, her father had developed his legendary temper. Ariel has always had a fascination with people, their origins and the various cultures that exist around the world. It was something that captivated Ariel all through high school and by the time she was offered a place at Castlewood, she had found exactly what field she wanted to get her degree in.

Ariel lost her mother when she was very young but she has never let it hold her back. In fact, she’s quite bubbly and sweet, almost like a princess. Don’t let her sweetness fool you, get on her bad side and she will show that she does have some bite to her. While her fascination with people makes sense in this life, it is just yet one more piece of her past life slipping through. Will she be another haunted by the dreams of her past life? Or will she alone remain safe from her memories?


Selfless, Smart, Perky, Feisty
Headstrong, Rebellious, Impulsive, Child-like

  • Dr. Rex Triton
  • Adella Triton
  • Aquata Triton
  • Alana Triton
  • Andrina Triton
  • Attina Triton
  • Arista Triton

Get to know VANESSA DOOFENSHMIRTZ, an EIGHTEEN year old SENIOR from TRI-STATE AREA, DANVILLE. She’s lived with her parents CHARLENE & DR. HEINZ DOOFENSHMIRTZ for most of her life and looks in the mirror to find she looks similar to KRISTEN STEWART.

Her life motto happens to be…


Don’t judge her based on her personality…

+ persuasive, sharp, cares about reputation

- sarcastic, stubborn, easily frustrated

Take a peek at her story…

Vanessa is a down to earth girl who doesn’t share her father’s delusions of ruling the world. She runs with a “punk” crowd and does what she wants when she wants, whether her parents agree with her or not. This is something she can do easily seeing as her parents are divorced and she spent the weekdays with her mom and the weekends with her father. Even though Vanessa lives in two different houses, she only really thinks about having fun, never concerning herself with the consequences of her actions. This makes her more than outgoing and always willing to try new things out. She knows that no matter what trouble she gets herself into, her father is wealthy enough to bail her out of anything and that he is also fairly gullible; able to bail her out without questions. Contrary to her not caring persona, she want her family to take her seriously and has tried to prove herself in the past by occasionally helping her father with his evil schemes even though she does not approve of them. Although she denies it to her family, she admits that she is a little bit evil. And even though Vanessa tries to deny it when she’s around her dad; she is evil to a small, yet significant, extent. There are somethings like picking on people to gain her own popularity that would classify her as “evil” in her dad’s eyes. It’s not like she minds too much. Vanessa loves her dad, even if she hardly tells him so.

Her dad is actually the main reason Vanessa has come to Disney, New Hampshire for her senior year of high school. He has full intentions of expanding his evil thoughts and inventions to outside the Tri-State area of Danville and he wanted Vanessa to go out and take a look at the place. And well, even though Vanessa’s new in town she hasn’t hesitated on making new friends and hey - even running into some old friends from Danville was super nice and interesting to Vanessa. Even though she was only sent to the town to scope it out, Vanessa has actually found quite the enjoyment in living there, even if it’s only been a few days. It’s interesting how small it seems to Danville, but even better that the people here are way more intriguing than the people back home and well - she kind of doesn’t want to leave at the end of her senior year like she’s supposed to. Now she just has to break the news to her dad.

Vanessa has sided with TBD, and is, fortunately for you, open.

   “ If it isn’t perfect, it isn’t worth it.


// I N T R O //
  • She carries the Arctic Circle in a two-foot radius around herself. Everything from her diction to her wardrobe is polished; her parents aren’t particularly wealthy, but she puts painstaking effort into dressing as if they are. To Julia, appearance has always been the most powerful weapon she wields, and she maintains it immaculately: nothing says important like the click of approaching kitten heels, nothing says perfect like the ironed pleats of a creamy tennis skirt. Dress for the girl you want to be- Cosmopolitan magazine taught her that.
  • Princess, Robot, Little Miss Bitch, she’s got plenty of nicknames behind her back. The Julia on display is an ice sculpture; the upwards tilt of her chin and the clipped tone of her voice are what have labelled her stuck-up to most of her peers, and the cruel ways she’s hurt other people’s feelings have labelled her as having none of her own. But the ice only goes skin deep; below the surface, she’s a girl scared of every room she walks in to. She’s stiff because she doesn’t know how to act without planning it first. She’s mean because her insecurities are meaner.
  • The secrets she keeps, no matter how big or small, terrify her. They are landmines in a world where one wrong step could destroy who she’s carefully designed herself to be all these years. So when the nasty rumors about her and Adrian started, Julia feigned the higher moral ground by saying nothing on the subject; truthfully, if people thought she was a slut, they wouldn’t think she was a virgin. If they only talked about what she did with boys, they would have no reason to wonder if her pulse started to race around girls, too.
  • On the day that Emily Burke died, Julia sent her exactly three texts: [4:01 pm] i’m wearing the plaid a+o dress tonight, you can borrow my striped topshop one if you want!, [4:34 pm] also, pre at my house? my mom’s @ the salon, and then, at [5:45 pm] are we not talking for a reason? She stopped sending them after that, but the silence gnawed at her. They weren’t friends anymore; both of them knew that. But ever since their friendship had ended last year, they’d both done a good job of keeping up the superficial appearance of one- this felt like a change of plans that she hadn’t been informed of, and it left her stomach feeling queasy and hollow.
// C O N N E C T I O N S // 
  • Shay- to Shay, the opinions of others are nothing, while to Julia they’re everything. From that fundamental difference, their problems begin. Whatever is between them started as an awkward party hook-up, and then a few more, muddled by alcohol and shyness. Those incidents have stayed in secrecy- firmly under Julia’s lock and key. Shay’s been coaxing her into hanging out, trying to thaw her out a little, but this whole thing is only gonna end with someone’s feelings getting hurt, and Julia’s had a lifetime of practice to make sure they’re not hers.
  • Adrian- she was already crushing on him in grade school, even when a year apart seemed like a vast difference. Even when she sent him anonymous Valentines and never got any in return. Even when Em was dating him, and she did her best not to stare at the way he held her best friend’s waist. She slipped drunkenly that one night; kissed him at a party in what was barely a few-second mistake, but the rumor became so much worse. They both decided it would be best to put the whole thing behind them; or rather, she let him decide, because her stupid heart didn’t get the message.
  • Chloe- Julia doesn’t like to think about grade school. She doesn’t like to think about who she christened Braceface or Breastless. She doesn’t like to remember who’s locker she defaced with insults in permanent marker, or who’s pink, home-sewn dress she snipped with scissors. She definitely doesn’t like to think about Chloe, her most helpless victim, and what she did to her that she’s never had the courage to own up to.
  • Owen- her parents have been friends with the Anders since before either she or Owen were born, so it was fated that the two of them would get stuck in the gravity of awkward family friends. Awkward in the sense that neither really likes the other, nor really knows them- and yet they’re subjected to countless stilted dinner conversations, and a week in the Pocanos together each year.
// R E S O U R C E S //

MARLEY ROSE is 41 YEARS-OLD. She is SEXUAL ORIENTATION, she is known as the TITLE around New York. She works as a CAREER and is currently SINGLE. She can be NEGATIVE TRAITNEGATIVE TRAIT and NEGATIVE TRAIT, but she’s also very POSITIVE TRAIT, POSITIVE TRAIT and POSITIVE TRAIT. She is hiding the fact that they CHARACTER SECERT and they celebrate their birthday on CHARACTER BIRTHDAY. Marley has been told that he looks like MELISSA BENOIST, but doesn’t see it.