the 5 stages of Civil War trailer drop grief

1. denial 

is this real oh my god this is real this isn’t a fanvid SOUND THE ALARM THIS IS REAL

2. anger 

my precious babies. my precious gay babies. MY GAYBIES. stop fighting just stop fucking fighting

 3. bargaining

@ god pls put me in a coma so i can wake up and it will be May 6, 2016

4. depression


5. acceptance

i’m gonna read *clenches fist* so much fanfic

x x x x

30 Day OTP Challenge - 07) Cosplaying

Guess who ships Stucky hard too tho now that I think about it YuuMika cosplay doens’t sound that bad either

Gosh dammit the suits were difficult af to draw and why the heck did I choose to play with colors? Anyways, aesthetically it was the best choice, but if you know Sabo’s past then it would make more sense for him to be the Winter Soldier, with the amnesia and all that lol

BONUS feat WS!Sabo ‘cause I’ve always wanted to draw him with goggles on:

Any time a RWBY character demonstrates impressive and useful abilities in crucial situations: They’re OP!

Me: I cannot even begin to tell you how easily impressed and fucking incorrect you are