opend up


“What do people mean when they say ‘suck my dick’?”
“That means ‘Thank you’ in human language“
“Ah. okay. Mark”
“Suck my dick”
“Why do you have to be that person Jack?”

Its always the same. Jack does not understand when Mark tries to embarrass him, no matter how hard Mark tries.

“Hey Jack!” Mark shouted while looking over to Jack “Could you at least try to be uh I don’t know…”
“That is not quite what I was thinking but I guess you can say that aswell”
“What do you mean by ‘Trying’ Mark?”
“Come on Jack you have been on earth for quite a while now, you should understand simple jokes or embarrassing moments”
“Well I never really understood how you humans try to be funny”
“Ugh you really are hard to crack. Isn’t there anything that makes you feel even a bit embarrassed?” He said while dumping him self on the bed
“I don’t think so. I have to go now” And he was gone
Mark stood up and opended the fridge to take out a beer bottle “Angels are weird” He said while drinking his beer

In the following few days Jack always seemed in a bit rush that is why he often didn’t bother “Hiding” his wings.
“Hey Jack” Mark said, after Jack just showed up again, as usual
“Hello Ma-” He cut him self after Mark passed him by, touching his wings lightly
“Uh are you ok?” Mark asked and raised his eyebrow
“Uh-Huh? Yeah of course”
“Well ok then, what do you need?” He sat down on the sofa
“I-I just.. you know what I think I need to go now” having a light blush on his face
“But you just got here?” Mark said
“Yeah I forgot something, Good bye” And he was gone again
“Weird as always” Mark said to himself

Jack came back after 2 days. He wanted to show Mark a case in a suburb near the motel Mark was staying in.
“Mark?” Jack was asking after he didn’t saw mark in the room
He looked up seeing Mark with just a towel around his waist “Whats up?”
As usual Jack didn’t bother seeing Mark half naked in front of him
“There is a case in the suburb 9 miles from here”
“Ok, thanks” Mark went back in the bathroom to get dressed. After he was dresse he turned to Jack and asked “Ok, you want to come with me?”
“No not real-” There it was again Mark Passed by, touching his wings again
Mark turned around “What was that?”
“What was what?” He had the light blush on his face again
“Wait are you ticklish?” Mark moved closer. He started to tickle Jacks sides
“What are you trying to do *straight face*  Mark?”
“Ok not there maybe here…?” He touched his wings by accident while he reached out for Jacks neck
“ah~…” Jack made a high pitched sound and covered his mouth
“Oh you do have a weak spot…” Mark smirked. Standing behind Jack. He reached out for the wings for real this time, sliding his hands over each wing
Jack blushed hard. One hand covering his mouth. The flustered expression on his face made it obvious for Mark that he finally found a way to embarrass Jack
“M-Mark…pleas s-stop…”
“Oh no I finally can make you feel embarrassed, this is fun”
“please stop alrea- AH!”
Mark had his hand on Jacks shoulder baldes. That spot must be the most sensitive one. It was also that in that moment Jack disappeared.
“Oh well, must be too much for 1 day” Mark said and dumped on his bed, with a small smile of vicory on his face.

Just a small fic for @totoro49 I hope you like it (Also inpired by him)

self harm is....





picking delibratly


forcing yourself to be sick

repeatedly poking the skin with sharp objects

over eating

self hate 

putting yourself down (vocallay and mentally)

hating yourself 

suicidal actions


deliberatly hurting yourself 

letting yourself get bullied and beaten down by people

letting people abuse you 

im sorry guys this is very random, but a frend of mine not on here has opend up to me tonight and i didnt know it was this bad and i feel bad because i was talking to them early today via the xbox and we were playing they were playing really sad music and i heard it but didnt comment and they ave been really down and ive not picked up on it til now and its been going on for ages. 

im a bad freind i suck ass honestly idk why you talk to me ppl 


“Indeed the path that reaches to Allah is one. And it is whatever He sent His Messengers with, and revealed His Books with. No one can reach Him except by this way. And if the people came from every other way and opend up every single door, the paths would [turn out to] be closed upon them, and the doors would be locked, except this way, for it is connected to Allaah, and [makes on] reach Allah.

— ● Ibn al-Qayyim  | (at-Tafseer ul-Qayyim, p.14-15).

Dear Taylor,
My name is Marion and I’m 15 years old. I’m a Swiftie from Austria!
I love you soooooo much!!! My Swiftie-story began when I was 12 years old! I found Love Story on Youtube bc I searched for love songs (a little bit embarassing)! I listened to it and after that song I was another person! So I looked through your Vevo account and listened to every song! I enjoyed it very much! I looked up your name on google and found out that your newest album is Red. I said my godmother that I want this cd for christmas and asked my mom, who works in the city library, if there are the albums Taylor Swift, Speak now and Fearless! There was only Fearless but she brought it and I listened to it all day long! I searched the songs from Taylor Swift and Speak now on Youtube and learned all lyrics. On christmas I got the Red album and listened to it the whole christmas holidays! Since the day I found you I’m a Swiftie and there’s no day where I don’t listen to your music!!! If I’m happy or sad or angry or whatever, I listen to it!!! I also wanted to go to the Red Tour but it was sold out! When Shake it off came out (in Austria it was on the 10th of october) I shoke it off very hard! At the end of october the album 1989 came out and I wanted to buy it but my mum said I’m not allowed to buy it bc at this time I have given out all my pocket money. So I wanted it as a christmas present from my godmother but she forgot it and on the christmas days all shops had closed. So when they opend up again I literally ran to the next shop to buy the Deluxe Edition. I came home, ran up the staircase, put the cd into the cd player and listened to it nonstop. After one day I knew all refrains and after three days I knew all lyrics by heart! And then I knew I had to go to the 1989 world tour! I tryed to convince my mum but she said no bc we have to drive 6 hours in the train to my godmother who lives an hour away from cologne! Then I told my friend Lisa and we convinced mum! But after that she said no again and I cried a whole afternoon in my room!!! My mum couldn’t bear it and said yes! So we bought tickets and I was the happiest person on the world! 20th of june in cologne!!! Until that date your singles Style and Bad Blood came out and I freaked out like I freaked out when Shake it off and Blank Space came out! And suddenly it was the 19th of june and we (my mum, my friend Lisa, my mum’s friend and I) were sitting in the train driving to germany. The next day I was so nervous and the train to cologne was late and I freaked out bc I thought we’re gonna be late! In the end we weren’t late and I bought the 1989 world tour book, a poster and a t-shirt at the merchandise shop! I couldn’t even eat bc I was so nervous and every minute I asked: “When does the concert starts?”. Then we went into the hall and went to our seats. We sat in the second last row bc the most tickets were sold out. James Bay was very good! But when you came to stage it was so magical. All the wristbands started to light (we were suprised bc we didn’t know what they were for) and it gave me goose bumps!!! I danced and sang the whole concert and I enjoyed it so much! I can’t describe this feeling! At the end when you sang Shake it off I danced like crazy!!! After the concert I was hyperactive and couldn’t sit in the train back. I will never forget it. This concert was also my first big concert!!! Thank you for such an amazing evening!!! I’ll always be a Swiftie!!! Just stay yourself!!! I love you so much!!!
With lots of love from Austria

So my friend and i wanted to be in first row no matter what it costs. So we woke up at 4:45 had to go from munich to nürnberg. anyway we arrived there at like 8:30 and we were the first at the entrance. but we had to wait till 11:30 until they opend it up. and it was already starting to get hot and the sun was shining and we had to run super long after they let us in but we managed somehow and we got into first row right in the middle of the stage!!!! best place ever! and then the waiting began. most of the bands were super aweful (cause they were german and not even rock???) AND THEN OMG AT LIKE 8:30 while the last band before lp was playing i started to get like a super bad ache in my stomach and it all started to turn black and i was about to faint and i was like noNONOOO not now this cant be happening to me! ive been standing here for 12h and IM NOT GONNA LEAVE UNLESS I DIE! but i already like saw myself not watching lp from the first row cause i rly thought they’re gonna have to carry me out. but the security saw that i was feeling bad and he gave me some water. and the people behind me were super nice omg they gave me like an apple and some dextrose and i started to feel better. but well no surpsise we standed all day long in the sun and we arent allowed to carry food in it only snacks and we didnt have that much water so yea my body couldnt take it. but i made it. omg and then when the moment finally came when we were all shouting ‘LINKIN PARK LINKIN PARK’ and then they started getting on stage and it was just the best feeling ever!!!!! seeing them so close omgggg!!! mike looked sooooooo cute and chester was super hot and omg they were just soooooo happy trough the whole concert and were smiling at us and chester was so thankful and i was shouting and singing to all the songs. AND GUYS THE NEW SONGS SOUND SO AMAZING LIVE!!! ESPECIALLY UNTIL ITS GONE… ohhhhhhhhhh its sooooooo beautiful! and im so happy that i got to hear LOATR/SOTD/IRI cause those songs are so amazing and especially when chester sings them live ahhhhhhhhhhh it was a super emotional moment. and MIKE WAS SO CUTE CAUSE AT ONE POINT WHILE HE WAS SINGING HE WAS LOOKING AT ME AND MY FRIEND AND LIKE SMILED AND OHMYGOD WE FREAKED OUT SO MUCH!!!! the whole concert was just mindblowing!!! the people were pushing and my whole body hurts and i have bruises everywhere but id do it all over again! i tried to ignore them and just let myself go to the music. AND THEN AT THE END IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER! OHGOD WHEN THEY CAME BACK ON STAGE TO LIKE SAY GOODBYE AND MIKE AND CHESTER WERE LIKE HOLDING EACH OTHER AND THEN CHESTER WAS LIKE SHOWING AT MIKE SO THAT WE APPLAUD HIM AND MIKE WAS LIKE NONO AND SHOWED ON CHESTER AND THEY DID THAT LIKE 3 TIMES AND THEN IN THE END CHESTER KISSED MIKE ON HIS CHEEK AND KASDHAJKSHD TOO CUTE TO HANDLE!!!!!! 

OH AND YEA LOOK WHAT WE CATCHED!!!!!!!!!!! my friend got the drumstick and i got the plectrum but we decided to switch cause it was my dream since like forever to get a drumstick and NOW I HAVE AN LP DRUMSTICK IM SO HAPPY!!!!!! 

AND WE ARE ALSO ON LPS INSTAGRAM!?!??!! OHMYGOD (the two girls in the lp hard rock cafe tshirt)

this concert meant so much to me cause i havent seen them for 3 years and it felt so good to just let go. thank you linkinpark. im really looking forward to see you guys again soon on THP tour.

Exo's reaction when you open up to them

Anonym hat gesagt:

Hiii! I love your blog like I spent my whole night yetserday looking trough your blog 1. Hope that doesn’t sound creppy xD hahaha I’d like to request a GIF reaction of EXO members when you finally open up to them (You’re a very closed person and act very though) and tell them that you are very insecure of your body because you used to be bullied… Thanks in advance!! <3


hey there (:

Kris: you don’t have to be insecure baby. you’re perfect just the way you are

Xiumin: thank you for trusting me jagi

Luhan: this people who bullied you are nothing compared to you my dear

Chen: i’m so glad you opend up jagi

Lay: thank you

Tao: you can always come to me my dear baby girl

Suho: no one has the right to bully you sweetheart

D.O/Kyungsoo: *holds your hands and listens to you*

Baekhyun: come here baby*hugs you*

Chanyeol: i don’t let anybody hurt you jagi

Kai: *kises your cheek* it’s over baby

Sehun: that’s why you play strong

hope you like it (:

anonymous asked:

HELLO HELLO HELLOOO!!! I'm so excited that you re-opend!!. I've been saving up money all year to get the Free! Pirates keychain (all of them) but sadly when you re-opens they were out of stock. And oven been waging for about a year( ; ; ). Is there by any chance you can remake them or is that too much to ask for??

Uwahhh ;0;; I’m so sorry about that anon– yeah I’ve run out of the pirate boys orz I still have a few left but most of them are sold out already Dx I’m not sure if I will be reprinting them (since I’ve already reprinted them before) but I will definitely look into it and consider reprinting them, I may decide to newer draw versions instead and print new ones? But ahhh I will keep you guys updated if I decide to reprint or remake the pirate charms. Thank you so much ;///; <3

I think his love for Erza increased! And his admiration!

Do you remember the scene where he said he was disappointed in her letting the people in the village down? She helped them in the end because she is not the person who would do that due to her past, but she was too afraid to lose her friends so following the orders had priority for her, but she changed, or to be more precisly she opend up, showing her true nature, the nature GRAY was already aware of!!!

Breakfast resturant catastrophe (( open RP to all! ]]

Sam had set up a pleasent little road side caffe where he made food for all the people, his latest adventures where getting a little out of hand so he desides to be a cook for a little while, the small resturant was, well , small there were only two tables in side but around six out side with pleasent candy cane stripe umbrellas shading eatch. In his cook uniform sam opend up the round little door on the brick building and put up the hand made sign* lets get the day started! * he dashed back into the kitchen with glee! turning on all the machines while washing his hands and prepping the ingreadiance, unfornatly he forgot to tune the egg server correctly! a stray fried egg flew out of the cafe’s open window * oh no!

Taylor Imagine (request)

‘’(Y/N) COME ON WE ARE GONNA BE LATE’’ your brother Lohanthony called you from downstars,

’’COMING’’ you said while packing you last suitcase. You where going with your brother to Playlist where a lot of youtubers will come including the Magcon boys that mean also Taylor aka your boyfriend that nobody knows. Because let just say that Lohanthony and Taylor didn’t really had the best bond. You walked downstrairs with your suitcase in one hand and your phone in the other. ‘’ So ready to go (Y/N)’’

‘’Yes I can’t wait!’’ you said with a smile

After that you guys left it was just a boring trip noting much happened. You guys walked into your hotel you already sal a lot of youtubers but you where looking for Taylor. When you sal him you wanted to go to him and hug him but ofcourse you can’t because of your brother. When he sal you a really big smile grow on his face. ‘’(Y/N) come on here is your room key we don’t have same rooms you are sharing yours with Mahogany . ‘’Ye sure cool’’ you said a little derivative because of Taylor. You walked toward to your room when you opend the door you sal Mahogany and Taylor talking about something Mahogany was the only one who knowed about you and Taylor. ‘’ MAHOGANY TAYLOR!!’’ you screamd while hugging them (and kissing Taylor)

 ‘’(Y/N) WE HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH’’ Mahogany said while hugging you again and not letting go this time. ‘’Same I can’t believe it took so long to see you guys again’’

‘’Well Mahogany I could love to hold MY girlfriend for a while now I can.’’

‘’ Well ofcourse but I still don’t really understand why you don’t tell your brother I am you guys really love either he can’t break you forever’’ Mahogany said she had a good point you really loved Taylor. ‘’We will but we have to wait for the time t be perfect’’ Taylor said while putting his arm on your schoulder. After cuddeling with Taylor for a while and talking you guys went downstair to see the others he  left 10 minuten early then you and Mahogany left. ‘’(Y/N) I have missed you so much!’’ Mahogany said she was like a sister for you that why she only knows about you and Taylor. ‘’Same Mahogany I need my best friend sometimes’’ You said while holding her hand you 2 where really close. Everybody decided to walked around the town for a wile. You where just talking to Mahogany when you sal a photobooth Mahogany looked at Taylor and he nods you didn’t know what it was about but then Mahogany push you into the photobooth a second later Taylor came in. ‘’What is going on?’’ you asked lauging . ‘’Well we still need picture’s’’. After the pictures you left first to take the pics but they where already gone. ‘’ Don’t worry I have them Mahogany said. ‘’Thankyou ‘’ 2 Hours later you guys where going back to the hotel because the playlist was tomorrow .



You woke up in the moring to get ready for today you really wanted to meet your fans. Someone knocked on the door ‘’Who is there!? Mahogany scream ‘’It’s me Taylor open up!’’. You opend the door and kissed him ‘’So are you exacted for today?’’ he said while jumping on your bed while you where getting ready. ‘’Ofcourse I am’’ when you where done you laid down next to Taylor he had one arm on our waist. Then the door opend and it was your brother Lohanthony standing there in shock. ‘’ (Y/N) WHAT THE HELL?!’’ You didn’t know what to say you jump up from your bed. Then Taylor said something ‘’Dude lissen I know we didn’t had a good start but your sister really means a lot to me. ‘’I DON’T CARE GET OUT NOW’’ Taylor walked out of the room and Lohanthony looked really pissed he didn’t say another world and just left the room. ‘’(Y/N) are you okay?’’ Mahogany asked. ‘’No I am not but I can’t show it alteast not now we have to leave.’’ You said with the best fake smile you could Mahogany hugged you and then you left. There where a lot of people who wanted to take a picture and talk for a little there where are really nice but you where still thinking about what happened early today. After it all ended you walk back to your hotel room you heart a knock Mahogany opend the door. ‘’ (Y/N) eehh two people wanna talk to you.’’ When you looked up you see Lohanthony and Taylor you where surprised. ‘’Well I have been thinking a lot and talk a lot with this dude and I tough if you really love either you should be togther.’’ Lohanthony said with a small smile. ‘’OMG REALLY THANKYOU SO MUCH’’ you hugged him and then Taylor he looked really happy he kissed your forhead and said ‘’ I love you (Y/N)’’  you smiled shy.

It was the second day of Playlist so today you didn’t had to hide with Taylor. When you where done taking picture with a fan someone grappend your arm and kisses you you know it was Taylor. When he pulled away everyhad shocking faces exept for Mahogany and your brther ofcoure. ‘’ So you guys are dating and Lohanthony is okay with it?’’ Cam asked surprised. ‘’ Yes we are and he is ‘’ Taylor said proud. ‘’Well then I am really happy for you guys.’’ Cam said while hugging ous everyone els said the same thing. Than you where going back to the fans and almost everybody wanted a picture with you and Taylor and they all said how cute we are togther. You where really lucky uou tough by yourself a amazing boyfriend and fans. Every 5 minuten Taylor will come over when he was gone and kiss you on the cheek.♥