Mrs. Kimberly James || FC: K.Michelle || Andrea’s Mom || 35

Bio: Kimberly or Mama James as the students call her or as she goes by her stage name K.Michelle, is Andrea’s mom and one of the college professors too. Mrs.James and Drea have a bond that you would think bestfriends would have. Ever since April, Drea’s twin died and her husband and oldest son left, she promise to herself she would never lose Drea too. But as they both get older, and she gets ready to go on tours, she won’t be able to be ther to protect her little girl anymore.

>>Motherly, Outgoing, Chill

Secret: “Admin J is Andrea’s dad.”

about the character ❣

Lucy Quinn Fabray is twenty three years old and _______. She is a bridesmaid.

personality traits ❣

Positive: captivating, intelligent, ambitious

Negative: manipulative, insecure, mercurial

what did they do after high school? ❣

up to player.

connections ❣

Brittany Pierce: Brittany and Quinn were very good friends in high school and sure, she regrets not keeping touch when she could. She expected to never see Brittany again, though, so she isn’t sure why she was invited back. She is happy to see the blonde, though.

Rachel Berry: Quinn bullied Rachel before she was introduced to the rest of the group and although the two girls warmed up to each other and Quinn has grown a lot since then. She hasn’t apologized about the situation, though, and doesn’t plan to considering it was in high school and both of them are mature adults.

Santana Lopez: Quinn and Santana were frenemies and both of the girls were ruthless to not only others, but each other. She blames Santana for Puck completely dropping her after high school, though, so she’s extremely resentful and jealous towards her. She won’t tolerate her attitude and hope Santana’s matured for her own sake.

Finn Hudson: Quinn never had any idea that Finn had feelings for her in high school because she always considered him to be like a brother. She does regret not getting with him instead of Puck though, she thinks Finn and her could’ve actually been something good and she hopes they can consider that now after all these years.

Noah Puckerman: Quinn and Puck grew feelings for each other after he took her virginity and they dated briefly towards the end of senior year. She considers him her first love so when he completely abandoned her after graduation, she was torn to pieces. She was convinced she was in love with her and now that she’ll be seeing him after so many years, she isn’t sure whether to be angry or ecstatic. She feels heavy sexual tension around him but isn’t sure if it’s just her.

Sam Evans: Upon meeting Sam, she was instantly attracted to him. Instantly. She would never go there and do that to Brittany, but she’s not sure what might happen. She’s aware that Sam and her have to keep their distance for the wedding, but she’s hoping they can at least put it aside and be friends.


Raychiel “Ray” King||19||College Freshman||FC:Tyra B (instagram @itstyrab)

Bio: Raychiel better known as Ray is a lady killer. She can talk any female out her panties. She lets it be known if she wants to smash or be in a relationship with you. Michelle and Milan or as she calls them thing 1 and thing 2 were the two chicks she tooted and booted. Now when she’s not talking to the ladies you can find her in the studio. Sing and dancing is her passion. She will not stop until she makes it and all her dreams come true.

>>>Chill,Smooth talker,Ambitions 

Secret: “I had sex with Marcus when I was 15 worst sex ever,that’s why I’m a lesbian now.”

Aria Montgomery | 17 | Student at Rosewood High | Lucy Hale | Open. 

“All the love’s still there, I just don’t know what to do with it now.”


  • Love interest: Ezra Fitz.
  • Best friends: Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin.
  • Enimies: Jenna Marshall, Mona Vanderwaal, Noel Kahn, Meredith Sorenson, Dianne Fitzgerald .


  • She doesn’t know how she feels about Ezra’s brother, Wes. 
  • She knows more than she likes to admit about the murder of Melissa Hastings. 
  • ‘The Jenna thing’.

about the character ❣

Katherine “Kitty” Evans is twenty years old and _______. She is the sister of the groom, and the ring bearer.

personality traits ❣

Positive: loyal, talented, intelligent
Negative: insecure, standoffish, manipulative

what did they do after high school? ❣

up to player.

connections ❣

Spencer & Sam Evans: There is no one on the planet that Kitty loves more than her two brothers. Despite Spencer being younger and Sam being older, she loves them both equally and is willing to go to great lengths to defend either of them. She adores Sam and although she might argue with Spencer due to the fact that neither of them has a filter, they’re both very special to her.

Maximiliano Chavez: Maxim and Kitty met when Maxim was brought over for a Thanksgiving dinner and almost immediately hit it off. He’s like a third older brother to her and she thoroughly enjoys having someone to talk trash about other people with.

Original Female Character #1: Kitty liked XXX when she met her, despite knowing she was sleeping with her brother. But when Kitty found out that Sam had proposed to Brittany and XXX didn’t even tell Brittany about her and Sam’s history, she lost all respect for her. Kitty’s a total feminist and XXX not having Brittany’s back and telling her just made Kitty dislike her completely, even if she’s not totally close with Brittany. She’s just waiting for XXX to tell Brittany before she’s forced to herself.

Original Female Character #3: Kitty adores XXX and considers her her best friend. She knows XXX and Sam had history but she doesn’t care. She knows XXX isn’t too close to Brittany and truth be told, she likes the idea of XXX and Sam far better. XXX and Kitty went through a rough patch when XXX cheated on Sam, but Kitty eventually forgave XXX when she knew XXX truly loved Sam.

Original Male Character #2: Kitty had a major crush on XXX all through high school. She thought he was the most attractive guy she’d ever met but sadly, she knew not to even think about getting with one of her brother’s friends. She still feels attracted to him but tries to keep her distant so she doesn’t get her hopes up and think she has a chance now that they’ve both graduated.

Original Male Character #3: Kitty loves how much XXX wants to get with her. She knows it’s just about sex to him and even though she knows it’s wrong, she likes having someone constantly after her so she leads him on for fun. It’s just a game to her, and she doesn’t think she could take him seriously. Yet when she lays in bed at night and truly thinks about it, would it be so bad?


Mrs. Stephanie Jackson || FC: Sanaa Lathan || Aaliyah’s Mom || 36

Bio: Mrs. Stephanie or Mrs. Jackson is Aaliyah’s mom. And Kimberly’s best friend since high school. Mrs. Stephanie is an older version of Aaliyah. Sneakerhead but much more chilled than Aaliyah. She also teaches drama to the high school kids. And helps Mrs. Jeffries out sometimes too. Most of the time you’ll see her with Kim hanging-out or buying shoes with Aaliyah.

>> Protective, Sweet, Caring, Chill

Secret: “I don’t have one. Why keep secrets?.”

Emily Fields | 17 | Student at Rosewood High, part time job at The Brew | Shay Mitchell | Open. 

“Do you know what it’s like to have someone steal your heart away?”


  • Love interest: Paige McCullers, maybe still Maya St. Germain.
  • Best friends: Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery.
  • Enimies: Jenna Marshall, Mona Vanderwaal .


  • She was in love with Alison.
  • She kissed Alison.
  • ‘The Jenna thing’. 

about the character ❣

Rachel Barbra Berry is twenty two years old and _______. She is a bridesmaid.

personality traits ❣

Positive: enthusiastic, ambitious, talented

Negative: overbearing, self-involved, egotistical

what did they do after high school? ❣

up to player.

connections ❣

Brittany Pierce: Brittany was one of the first people to be kind to Rachel and Rachel is very appreciative of that. Rachel thinks Brittany’s engagement to Sam is questionable, though, seeing as she always thought Brittany and Santana would end up together. She knows not to butt into the issue, though, and is just grateful that she was invited to be a bridesmaid.

Quinn Fabray: Quinn bullied Rachel before she was introduced to the rest of the group and although the two girls warmed up to each other and Rachel learned to forgive her, she is still very well-aware of the fact that she never once received an apology from Quinn.

Santana Lopez: Rachel and Santana never really got off on the right foot and she knows Santana only tolerated her for the sake of their friends. She just hopes Santana’s a little nicer to her this time around.

Finn Hudson: Rachel always thought Finn was cute in high school and even though he was a good friend of hers, she knew her crush wouldn’t amount to anything. She learned to move on after they lost touch but upon seeing him again now that they’re both adults and mature, she’s considered making a move on him.

Noah Puckerman: Although Puck’s crude and promiscuous behavior disgusts and insults her at times, she’s known Puck for many years and thinks of him as an annoying older brother. She never approved of his mistreatment towards Quinn but refuses to comment on the matter. She just hopes Puck has grown up since high school.

Blaine Anderson: Blaine was Rachel’s only friend until they met the rest of the group and she considers him her soulmate. The two bonded over all things involving Broadway and theatre and she insisted on him accepting the invitation to be a groomsmen. As much as she loves Brittany, she wouldn’t have said yes if he hadn’t agreed to be in the wedding, too.


Scarlett (Scar) James || FC:ayeredd || College Freshman || 19

Bio: This is Scarlett.. Andrea’s cousin and Kim’s niece who she raised as her daughter. She’s the one person Andrea has a love/hate relationship with. They argue and fight like sisters then 5 seconds later they’re back around each other. Scarlett was around to help Drea when she was in her relationship with Jordan. Simply Scarlett was there with Drea for everything. Scarlett has a big secret which is the main reason she came her.. She can’t hold back anymore. She has to tell Drea whether she likes it or not.


Secret: “Drea doesn’t know this… But Jordan raped me while he was still with her.. I can’t keep this from her any longer.. Even if she hates me afterward.”

Hanna Marin | 17 | Student at Rosewood High | Ashley Benson | Open. 

“Don’t fall in love, there’s just too much to lose.”


  • Love interest: Caleb Rivers, possibly Wren Kingston.
  • Best friends: Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, Aria Montgomery, Mona Vanderwaal.
  • Enimies: Jenna Marshall.


  • She’s insecure about her weight.  
  • She used to shoplift. 
  • Her family has trouble with money.
  • ‘The Jenna thing’. 

about the character ❣

Santana Maria Lopez is twenty two years old and _______. She is a bridesmaid.

personality traits ❣

Positive: caring, perceptive, witty

Negative: manipulate, tempered, insecure

what did they do after high school? ❣

up to player.

connections ❣

Brittany Pierce: Brittany and Santana were best friends in high school, simple as that. Santana was head over heels in love with Brittany, and Brittany was the first girl she ever fell for. After graduation, she decided it was too much for her to bear, and she tried her best to cut ties with her. As painful as it was, she couldn’t help it. Now that she’s back for the wedding, although she’s glad to see Brittany, she’s not sure if she should let herself get close to her again.

Quinn Fabray: Santana and Quinn were frenemies in high school, both of them fighting for the top but somehow staying close. Santana’s well aware of the fact that Quinn thinks she’s the reason for Puck leaving her, but Santana couldn’t care less. She enjoys working Quinn up and getting her angry.

Rachel Berry: Santana lead people to believe she despised Rachel for a good while when they were in high school and only dealt with her for the sake of the group but deep down, she’s glad to see her again. Not that she’ll admit it.

Finn Hudson: Santana took Finn’s virginity in high school and before realizing she was gay, she might have even had feelings for him. She cares for him deeply and has much love for him.

Noah Puckerman: Santana and Puck remained friends with benefits through all of high school and even lost their virginities to each other in high school. After realizing her feelings for Brittany, he was the first and only person she came out to in high school. After graduation, they actually didn’t lose touch and even became roommates for a good year or two while she was in college before Puck moved out and got his own bachelor pad. They continued to be close and she loves him almost as much as she loves herself.

Sam Evans: She hates him. Santana claims she just doesn’t like him but when she received that phone call inviting her to be a bridesmaid at the wedding, her blood boiled. Whether it was jealousy because of the feelings she may or may not still have for Brittany or whether it was because she just couldn’t fathom the idea of her best friend from high school marrying someone she didn’t even know, she wasn’t sure. Santana can’t help but try to keep Brittany away from him.

Original Female Character #1: Santana feels disgusted at the fact that this random was chosen over her and she tries to go out of her way to make the girl feel as unwelcomed as possible. She’s extremely resentful towards her and hates how she feels as if XXX is her replacement.

Vanessa Young: Vanessa might be one of Sam’s female friends that Santana approves of. She’s extremely attracted to her but that aside, she thinks Vanessa’s a cool girl. She knows Vanessa and Brittany had issues, though, and she’s willing to cut her if she ever badmouths Brittany.

Original Female Character #3: Santana doesn’t trust XXX at all around Sam and if Brittany’s too naive or trusting to keep an eye out, Santana will do it for her. She knows there’s something there between Sam and XXX and she doesn’t like it one bit.


Terri Simmons|18|College Freshman|FC:Angela Simmons 

Bio: You might have heard some stories about Terri from Tyrese but she’s nothing like he says she’s actually sweet,loving,and caring unless she hears your dating Tyrese. She feels like Tyrese is still hears cause they have a daughter together. She lets it be known that she hit it first and she will let you know she will always be in his life,and pockets for the rest of his life.

>>>> Sweet,Some what bitchy,Drama Queen

Secret: Tyrese and I still live together.

Spencer Hastings | 17 | Student at Rosewood High | Troian Bellisario | Open. 

“This world I’ve held so close to my heart is all against me now, and it wears, and it breaks, and it brings me down so low.”


  • Love interest: Toby Cavanaugh.
  • Best friends: Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, Jason DiLaurentis.
  • Enimies: Jenna Marshall, Mona Vanderwaal.


  • She’s a little thankful her sister died.
  • She’s had flings with almost all of her sisters boyfriends. 
  • ‘The Jenna thing’.

about the character ❣

Brittany Susan Pierce is twenty two years old and _______. She is the bride.

personality traits ❣

Positive: kind, intelligent, caring

Negative: naive, ditzy, sensitive

what did they do after high school? ❣

up to player.

connections ❣

Santana Lopez: Brittany and Santana were best friends in high school, simple as that. Brittany was completely clueless to the fact that Santana was in love with her and was actually very sad that they never reconnected after graduation. Now that Santana’s back for the wedding, Brittany doesn’t understand why Santana’s acting weird and distant around her.

Quinn Fabray: Brittany and Quinn were close friends in high school so it was definitely upsetting when Quinn made no effort to speak to Brittany after college. However, Brittany’s glad to have Quinn by her side again.

Rachel Berry: When Brittany met Rachel, she hadn’t even noticed her before that. Seeing as Rachel wasn’t exactly welcomed into their group of friends, she took it upon herself to be extra nice to Rachel, no matter how much she annoyed her sometimes. Even though they also didn’t keep touch, she followed Rachel’s career and sometimes gave her a call to see how she was doing.

Finn Hudson: Brittany and Finn were great friends in high school and although she’s still pretty mad at him for not returning most of her calls and being too busy to rekindle the friendship, she’s included him in the wedding.

Noah Puckerman: Brittany and Puck hooked up at one point during high school but instead of it ruining their friendship, it brought them closer together. She now thinks of him as an older brother and is ecstatic that he’s in the wedding.

Blaine Anderson: Brittany and Blaine were good friends and although he refused to let her call him her “best gay unicorn” in high school, she’s very happy to have him back and finally reconnect.

Sam Evans: Sam and Brittany met in college and instantly hit it off. Since then, she’s been convinced she’s in love with him and when he proposed their senior year, she couldn’t have been happier. She’s noticed her feelings slowly fading away ever since then, though. She continues to tell herself it’s all just normal cold feet before the wedding, but she’s starting to secretly have doubts.

Original Female Character #1: Brittany and XXX were roommates through all of college and she’s the only one who knows about Brittany’s doubts for Sam. They remained strong through out all of college and although Brittany hates the idea of replacing Santana, she has no other choice but to make XXX her maid of honor after Santana and her didn’t keep in touch. Brittany’s convinced XXX is like the sister she never had.

Vanessa Young: Brittany and Vanessa got off on the wrong foot when they first met, Vanessa being fiercely over-protective of Sam and Brittany thinking Vanessa had feelings for him. After the two girls talked it out and learned to trust each other, they decided to remain civil and friendly for Sam’s sake. Brittany still doesn’t completely trust Vanessa but she’s willing to put that aside for Sam.

Original Female Character #3: Brittany has no idea XXX and Sam dated in high school, and although she has suspicions, she’s convinced XXX is just one of Sam’s childhood friends. She’s glad the girl is a bridesmaid of hers and doesn’t mind her too much.


Mrs. Henson || FC: Taraji P. Henson || College Professor || 28

Bio: All the kids love Ms. Henson. Mostly it’s because she doesn’t teach like most college professors. But just because she is a fun and hilarious teacher, doesn’t mean she takes bullshit. She doesn’t hesitate to put in you in your place. So watch what you say around her.

>> Chill, Fun, Hilarious

Sercet: “These kids need Jesus.”