Dean Briggs || Nineteen || FC: Thomas Dekker || OPEN

(Note: Dean is based on a character from the Skins: Summer Holiday book.)

Dean takes his parent’s last name, but it’s the only thing he ever wants from them. From the moment he was born, they made it obvious that he wasn’t wanted. They’d smack him if he cried, his father telling his mother that it was the only way he’d learn, and when he was five and started questioning what was right and wrong, he’d get beaten instead. And when social services came to take him into care, they didn’t for a second try and fight him - instead said that it was good riddance to them, and with his mother pregnant, it was obvious they were already making the preparations to replace him. And while they got on with their happy new family, Dean didn’t have so much luck.

With the temper given to him by his parents, Dean was never able to find a stable home for long. He’s scream, kick, and bite every time he was told to do something he didn’t want to, and it was a monthly occurance of him being moved from family to family, and when families stopped wanting to foster him because of his aggressive behaviour, he was thrown into one children’s home after the other instead. By the time he hit his teens, it was hard for him to remember just how many faces he’d stayed with. Some of the homes he was moved on from because the funding was cut and they were closed down, others he ran away from. And once he got to one in Oxford, he was planning on running away again, this time to a life on the streets because it was better than this hellhole, when he was introduced to the new girl in the room next to him - a twelve year old, being bullied by the older kids, already obviously beaten down by being pulled about the foster system, and he decided that he needed to stay and look out for her, instantly threatening the kids who were picking on her. And after that, him and Franky stayed friends.

But by some kind of a miracle, just before his sixteenth birthday, someone offered to foster him. The couple were both police, and set the ground rules for him early on, making it clear that they were his last chance before he aged out of the system, and they expected to be shown respect. And to a point, Dean did as he was told, kept himself to himself, and stayed out of trouble. And in return, he was allowed free reign. He could smoke, he drunk so long as they didn’t find out, and he fucked around some girls. He was still in contact with Franky, who’d been adopted not long after she’d come to the children’s home, still promising to protect her, and being as socially awkward as she was, they were eachothers only real friend - the only person the other could really count on to be there in the whole fucked up world. So when bullies made her life hell, he took matters into his own hands. He ambushed Riga, threatening to burn her alive if she didn’t stay away from Franky, and things turned bad for him. The threat was reported to the police, he was sent to a young offenders institute for a year, and Franky moved away from Oxford for good.

After getting out, and being told by his foster parents not to come back, he spent a year trying to track Franky down. The children’s home and social workers wouldn’t tell him anything, but soon he tracked down her dads to a home in Bristol, so he’s on his way there. Dean still has the same anger in him that he’s always had, it’s something that time in the institute only made worse, not better. He has no filter on what is right and wrong, and his anger can turn on and off in a flash. If he wants to hurt you, he’ll do it in the most painful way possible to make sure you learn. He holds very few things in his life precious, so if you try and hurt anyone or anything that’s important to him, he will not be able to control his anger, not even for a second. You get no warnings where Dean is concerned.