Hello, we are nerds.
  • me: ok, guy next to me at hunter, running what clearly looks like openbox, on a thinkpad, and using "iceweasel" as a browser. lets beat him up dude!
  • David: hahaha yeah FUCK THAT GUY
  • me: yeah i bet he uses emacs. lets egg his house.
  • David: you probably should have said: "let's egg his /home" AMIRITE
  • me: Hiyooooo!
Transparent background in emacs with a color theme when using transparent terminal

Yep yep it working. You must clear the background color of your emacs color theme after color theme initialized put this code to end your .emacs file (after color theme initialization):

(set-face-attribute 'default nil :background "unspecified-bg")

Happy Ending!

After almost 3 mos. of using Arch + Openbox, I finally got around and used Feh to provide the wallpaper service. I don’t know who owns the wallpaper (just did a Google image search for 1366x768 linux wallpapers) so I can’t attribute it properly. And yes, those 2 puny lines of text lines at the bottom-right corner are from Conky (I got rid of Tint2).

How my Arch install used to look like: Openbox + Tint2.


OK so following my previous post i believe i have no choice but to test out OpenBox which seems to be super fast and quite complete


Anybody have any idea how to get a wacom configured in Linux? The things have always been plug ‘n play under Gnome, but I’m having no such luck with Debian and Openbox at the moment. (and I don’t feel like cluttering this computer with Gnome and its millions of megs of dependencies). Closest thing I’m finding is the linux wacom project, but iirc I tried this before, and all it did was install a bunch of third party stuff on my computer that did nothing.


So i have been trying to use openbox since some time now. I saw some videos and read some articles about openbox and so was eager to try it. Its like this with me, i read about something new and then i have this constant itch to try it. Sometimes back i was so into Xmonad. Ya i tried Xmonad much with Slackware. The only thing i hated about Xmonad was the config which was in haskell. Though i still tried and i think i was pretty successful with it i could never get a desktop like people show on the internet. Anyway most of my problems must be because of my old laptop. Its much dated now, i could never get cool graphics on it and it has this heating problem too, though it works fine with a cooler now. I can do all my work here and i having been using xfce for sometime here now.

So i was eager to pick up openbox. So i installed openbox, obmenu and obconf with pacman and started working on configuring it. Though it was working fine, i had to quit it now because of this problem. Whenever i switch to openbox, somehow pacman and wget stops working. When i do “pacman -Syu” i get this error “Address record not found”. Same problem with wget. 

So i tried looking up on google. I couldn’t find the exact solution but i read somewhere that the problem must be with dns and it should be so cause internet was working fine and wget could be used with ip addresses but not with a url i.e  wget <some ip address> worked but when i did a wget it showed the same error.

So i downloaded this package called dnsmasq and a pacman -U <package> cleared the problem. Though this problem repeats whenever i use openbox. So here i am still using xfce. I guess in a few days i will try openbox again.