After almost 3 mos. of using Arch + Openbox, I finally got around and used Feh to provide the wallpaper service. I don’t know who owns the wallpaper (just did a Google image search for 1366x768 linux wallpapers) so I can’t attribute it properly. And yes, those 2 puny lines of text lines at the bottom-right corner are from Conky (I got rid of Tint2).

How my Arch install used to look like: Openbox + Tint2.

Transparent background in emacs with a color theme when using transparent terminal

Yep yep it working. You must clear the background color of your emacs color theme after color theme initialized put this code to end your .emacs file (after color theme initialization):

(set-face-attribute 'default nil :background "unspecified-bg")

Happy Ending!

ArchBang...What a Bang!!

After reading a post on the Everything Linux blog regarding the well structured, attractive, and “amazingly conceived” Archbang, I had to try it…It was mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, and mouth-watering. It was like nothing i had/have tried before. I am still amazed by openbox(window manager) and how flexible it is, and my amazement flourished when noticing how “super” fast Archbang runs, how it is memory friendly, and efficient it is overall ; Ubuntu and Fedora are rich, blind, well-resourced men meandering through the abyss that is lack-of-efficiency, compared to Archbang. The community is helpful and growing, giving any inexperienced user a helpful resource….Yes, Archbang needs a certain level of “GNU/Linux” do-it-yourself knowledge…but trust me, it is worth it.

Give it a try…


2011.11 32-bit (2011-11-01)

Size : 423MB


2011.11 64-bit (2011-11-01)

Size : 426MB


OK so following my previous post i believe i have no choice but to test out OpenBox which seems to be super fast and quite complete