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Dec 28

This is the day i always dread.. This is the day we lost an angel 7 years ago.. And no matter how much time it passes.. It still haunts me and it hurts me like day one.. . “how can i live without the ones i love… ” Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. How i wish i could have seen you… But i know you’re in your own peace of heaven.. Rest in peace..

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“Don’t worry, I love you! I love both you and Knights more than anybody else in this universe~☆”

“O-once again, you’re evading everything with fuzzy words like “love”!”

Being so wise at a young age can be a blessing and a curse —

A blessing in the sense of being on a higher level mentally than most of your peers, being very open-minded, and understanding things sooner than most.

A curse in the sense of constantly feeling alone because you can’t find anybody on your level mentally, constantly fighting the ignorance of the world, not having many friends because you don’t want to dumb yourself down to be accepting to a crowd of people, and always feeling crazy because of your creative genius ways.
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