i just found my guitar from three years ago
i haven’t played it in years
it’s so adorable and smol
but it’s also got a nice design? there’s a stripe down the back and the opening thingy in the center has a little ring of diamonds around it

ML shitpost

so @breeeliss asked me to make a post of it, and I will honorably deliver:

  • Adrien had an Evanescence phase 
  • When the Gorilla and him were the only ones in the car, he’d put Bring me to life at high volume until they got to the meeting place.
  • Chloe is such a big nerd for Disney movies, not that she’ll ever admit it. She can quote Tangled from start to finish, and sometimes you can hear her singing “When will my life begin” at the hotel. 
  • However, she still doesn’t get why she has to clean and stuff. Rapunzel is the princess, she should have servants pampering her 24/7.
  • Marinette spends hours on the internet checking out puns so when Chat says them they don’t take her by surprise and laugh at them.
  • Marinette has broken three pots practicing her yo-yo skills at home
  • Chloe has broken 37.
  • Alya has been stopped by the police five times when she’s been following Ladybug and Chat Noir around Paris.
  • Nino has a really good Lyric singing voice. However, his neighbours are a bit sick of him singing at the top of his lungs at 2 AM in the morning.
  • Adrien cries every time he watches “The Land Before Time”. In only five seconds from the start, he turns into a pool of tears.
  • When they try to ask him why he gets so emotional, he just wails “LITTLEFOOT!”

… I have more, but I thought that was enough for today :’)


SO I made……… this

its like a… you know- eh.. “overwatch opening” thingy???  i had a lot of fun!!

can you guys tell me any epic/iconic/important/action oriented/visually cinematic carl moments you can think of? think all the way back to S1-S7! i love how i can’t think of any off the top of my head lol, but i need help! i’m editing a video…… 😎🙃

anonymous asked:

Clexa going camping together headcanons? Before the kids. Like, making smores for each other and cuddling at the campfire and sharing a sleeping bag.

- they make each other smores and they’re disgusting and kiss the extra marshmallow off each other
-they look at the stars in an open top tent thingy
- they share a tight ass sleeping bag and they’re smushed and very happy
-skinny dipping in the lake and one of them sees a snake and its chaos
-Lexa carrying Clarke when she gets tired on hikes
-campfire songs ft. Clarke’s amazing voice

Chris returned home nearly four weeks ago from the war, where he had been fighting for almost a year. After being shot in the leg, Chris had spend his fair time in the hospital and rehabilitation before he was allowed a break. He was living at his parent’s house, because a few months into serving in another country, Chris received a letter from his now ex-girlfriend that she had met someone else. It had left Chris heartbroken, but he served his country proudly and got over it quick enough. However, now that he was home, he started thinking about her again. Christmas was approaching and the advertisements were full of happy couples and families, and the christmas songs and movies made it even worse. A few days before christmas Chris was strolling through the city’s streets which were covered in snow. He saw all the happy couples shopping, and once again he started thinking of his ex. He was mostly sad, but somewhat angry too. He had not called her, he had not send her a letter that he was back home. For all she knew, he was still fighting in a far away country. Until that day, because when Chris was strolling through the snowy streets, he spotted her from across the street. As if he was struck by lightning, Chris froze and stared at her for a couple of seconds- before turning away from her hoping she hadn’t seen him. 

What group the sings should get into:
  • Aries: Topp Dogg
  • Taurus: 탑독
  • Gemini: T to the D double O to the G
  • Cancer: Topp Doggy Dogg
  • Leo: The group that brought back classical music
  • Virgo: T O double P D O double G
  • Libra: Titty Boys
  • Scorpio: Ooops, it's 탑독 for ya
  • Sagittarius: That group with a song that contains the lyrics "Come inside of me"
  • Capricorn: The only boygroup that is now under Hunus Entertainment
  • Aquarius: The korean group that released a new music video for their song, "The beat", today
  • Pisces: It's ToppDogg for ya, m8
Requests Open!

Alrighty, I got through all of the requests so far, so I’m opening them up :D
Also, I am slow at making these, so don’t expect them in a week or something xD It may take me a month or two ^///^

I make 4 images of requested couple, sometimes gifs if it works out xD

Also this is my first “request open” thingy, so hopefully it goes well xDD

•Please request through an ask. Do not reblog with your request :) It helps me to keep it organized 
•Request any animated 2D or 3D Non/Disney Character
•1 request per person please <3 
•Requests may have up to 3 characters. Like Esmeralda x Belle ft. Anne Marie


Everything HURTS
         There’s ringing in his ears. 
The stench of smoke chokes him. 
Klaxons screech within the cockpit. 

                   Blue’s pained cries echo within the bond. 

Lance doesn’t know how he does it, but he manages to blindly unbuckle the safety buckles. He finds himself sliding from the pilot’s seat.