[Image: An African Grey Parrot standing on the bottom of a beige cage. Their body and head feathers are fluffed up as far as they go, she has a wide stance and her wings are held apart from her body. Her legs and the tops of her wings have been plucked of feathers and she is staring angrily at the camera.]

@hearthawk I’m sure this pose isn’t going to confuse you too much!

This is a bird who wants to murder you!

I glanced down and thought this poor dear was the baby grey I had been socializing at the shop and opened the cage. When I was greeted by this reaction and saw the plucked areas, I knew I was wrong. But I had my camera out and decided to take the second to take a picture so I could show you what murder-bird looks like.

This is a very scared, very aggressive african grey. You can tell because she is puffed up as large as she can make herself and is holding her wings out to increase the overall illusion of size. 

This is a very clear threat display that shows that she is not playing around. She’s not going to bop you away, or even just give you a small nip, when this parrot bites she is about to go for blood and be ready to fight hard.

Her legs are braced against the cage bars below her. She has one foot facing forward and one planted sideways that she will use to stabilize herself when she lunges.

Her head is kept low but it’s not in a vulnerable position. It’s not like being fluffed up asking for scratches and you can tell with the rest of the posture but also how she is keeping her eyes solidly on the threat (me + camera). 

This poor dear is a re-home who was just taken off of her fresh laid egg and taken to the shop that morning, so she was pretty upset with everything. I was able to sit with her a little while, with the cage between us, and she calmed down enough to preen and not snap at me, but any forward movement and she was back to being super agitated.

Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you. And the part of you that knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure.
—   Stephen King
if you're wearing a binder right now
  • sit up straight
  • shoulders back 
  • chest forwards
  • raise your arms, fingertips towards the sky
  • stretch gently
  • feel free to slowly twist to the left, then to the right
  • then breathe in deep and down to your belly
  • feel your rib cage open up, your tummy expand
  • relax your shoulders, biceps at your ears
  • and breathe out slowly in a continuous soft stream
  • breathe in again
  • let the air sink into your lungs, all the way down
  • and breathe out
  • breathe in
  • breathe out
  • and then lower your arms

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Thank you so much to everyone who came out in San Diego last night. The event was AMAZING. Maximum Tolerated Dose was screened to a full house of wonderful supporters and we can’t wait to screen it for the rest of the West Coast!   

Finding new toys //Evan and Flake// just-a-simple-servant

Once again, he had been dragged to the slave auction by his friend, and as usual he had lost him about ten minutes in. He was sure he had run off to some corner of the large room, looking at the slaves they displayed in the cages there. Flake himself was walking along those very same cages himself, peeking into some of them, but they were usually very dark, and not all of the slaves actually came up front to let their potential new owners look at them, some just hid away in the back of theirs, out of fear or defiance, or whatever reason. Not that he really cared anyway. The only thing he was actually looking forward to was the presentation, where they would pick some of the slaves and parade them over the stage, showing them off to the audience and hoping to sell them at an even higher price. Not that he really intended to buy a new slave, or rather his first slave at all. He only got dragged here every time and he had to admit that it was exciting to look at all the cages and their inhabitants. Maybe he would find one one day. But for now, he probably should start looking where his friend had gone. He looked up and went on his tiptoes, turning and twisting to try and find him. Where had that guy gone again?


jurassic world au [½] | “oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. and then later there’s running, and…and screaming.” 

former palaeontologist doctor abigail griffin has been running the world’s most thrilling theme park for over five years. when her daughter, clarke, and clarke’s girlfriend, lexa, decide to visit, they all plan on a weekend filled with sun, rides, and dinosaurs. but a breakout of the park’s newest and first hybrid–the indominus rex–cuts the fun short, and abby must turn to the park’s resident raptor expert, marcus kane, to help get the dinosaur under control, or all of their lives could fall into grave danger.

External image

Greetings from LA!!
We are so happy to report that we have landed safely in LA and met up with two more tour-mates who will be with us for the duration of the dates! The van is filling up!

We are getting our bearings a little bit and have decided now is a great time to do a recap of our San Diego date! We had an AMAZING time in SD! Our very first screening of Maximum Tolerated Dose was at the Che Cafe (which is an incredible safe space for those of you who have not had an opportunity to spend time there yourselves.) The room filled up fast around 6PM for the workshop which is being run in most cities by one of our tour mainstays who has over 20 years experience in the AR community as well as in the vegan scene in SoCal. People felt really inspired by the conversational nature and began to even share stories that they had themselves about demonstrations they organized themselves, and used the experience in the room as a way to problem solve within their communities and build a much stronger more co-operative movement. We could not have been more impressed with the dedication in the group. Many attendees were seasoned activists, but we also had new vegans, new activists, and some individuals who had recently changed career so that they might better serve animals in the future.

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In addition to the workshop we screened the film to a full house of 20+ individuals. The Q and A afterwards centered mostly around what individuals could do themselves to combat animal testing and vivisection, as well as when and where they could find the film in the future, and questions about how to be supportive to animals presently caught in these systems. We encouraged people who felt energized to attend our demonstration at UCSD the next day….

External image

Which they did!! Nearly every person who was at the screening and the workshop the night before came to the university campus the next day. The demo was massive. Banners. Chants. Megaphones. We took up and entire street corner. After about 45 minutes at the intersection, 20 or so individuals began to march on the Life Science buildings. Followed by police who were hiding in the bushes, lining the parking lots and parked in the entrances, we took the critique to the front steps of the buildings. We held a captive audience on the campus for about 20 minutes before circling back through the parking lots and ending up back at the street corner. After that we broke away and headed for our music date and screening in Riverside! Recap on that date coming tomorrow.

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Thank you again to everyone who has come out to our events so far. We sincerely appreciate the support! To vivisectors and animal abusers: WE’LL BE BACK, AND WE ALWAYS WIN!

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Times Cas Saved the World

1. Essential to stopping Lucifer.

Got Dean out of hell, teleported him to Sam at the cost of his life which saved Sam from Lucifer, brought them back to the past to save their parents from Anna, cut off pestilence’s ring which enabled them to open the cage, threw holy fire at Michael at the cost of his life which enabled Dean to get Sam back in control at which point Sam jumped into the pit, ending the apocalypse.

2. Stopped Raphael from Restarting the Apocalypse all by himself while fighting literally everyone else.

Worked with Crowley to open Purgatory, lied to everyone to keep them from screwing it up, started a rebellion against Raphael, used his army to keep fighting against Raphael until he could open purgatory, killed Balthazar to keep him from messing up his plans, killed Rachel to keep her from messing up his plans, broke Sam’s wall to keep Dean from interfering with his world saving plans, betrayed Crowley to stop him from gaining any power, tricked Crowley and Raphael so they wouldn’t get the magic blood to open purgatory, got the purgatory souls and killed Raphael, ending his plan to restart the apocalypse.

3. Essential to stopping the Leviathans.

Gave his blood for the spell to kill Dick, identified Dick Roman when no one else could, helped Dean in the physical fight against Dick, which saved the world from being turned into happy meals for Leviathans.

4. Stopped Metatron w/ some help.

Came up with a plan to be Gadreel’s fake prisoner to get into heaven while Dean tried to distract Metatron, talked Hannah into letting him out of heaven jail, set up Angel Radio to hear Metatron’s speech turning the angels against him, smashed the angel tablet, saving the world from Metatron being its God and doing God knows what.

5. Stopped himself when he was Godstiel with a lot of help

Adding this last because it’s kind of controversial but once Cas became Godstiel he was not thinking clearly, Dean said it was “scrambling his brain”, and he wasn’t acting like himself, but there was a moment when he regained control of himself and decided to stop, he went to Sam and Dean and Bobby for help, and he released the purgatory souls, essentially saving the world from himself and from the explosion of all the monster souls into the world, of course he did not know the leviathans held on inside him but in my opinion this counts as him saving the world from millions of monsters exploding into the world instead of just leviathans and it was his intent to release all the souls. He also died for this.