❝ —The difference between my people and those pathetic meal tickets on legs in the Circles is that the Chasind CELEBRATE themselves. Every piece, every aspect. We may not be perfect, but we are not CAGED. ❞

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Thank you so much to everyone who came out in San Diego last night. The event was AMAZING. Maximum Tolerated Dose was screened to a full house of wonderful supporters and we can’t wait to screen it for the rest of the West Coast!   

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Greetings from LA!!
We are so happy to report that we have landed safely in LA and met up with two more tour-mates who will be with us for the duration of the dates! The van is filling up!

We are getting our bearings a little bit and have decided now is a great time to do a recap of our San Diego date! We had an AMAZING time in SD! Our very first screening of Maximum Tolerated Dose was at the Che Cafe (which is an incredible safe space for those of you who have not had an opportunity to spend time there yourselves.) The room filled up fast around 6PM for the workshop which is being run in most cities by one of our tour mainstays who has over 20 years experience in the AR community as well as in the vegan scene in SoCal. People felt really inspired by the conversational nature and began to even share stories that they had themselves about demonstrations they organized themselves, and used the experience in the room as a way to problem solve within their communities and build a much stronger more co-operative movement. We could not have been more impressed with the dedication in the group. Many attendees were seasoned activists, but we also had new vegans, new activists, and some individuals who had recently changed career so that they might better serve animals in the future.

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In addition to the workshop we screened the film to a full house of 20+ individuals. The Q and A afterwards centered mostly around what individuals could do themselves to combat animal testing and vivisection, as well as when and where they could find the film in the future, and questions about how to be supportive to animals presently caught in these systems. We encouraged people who felt energized to attend our demonstration at UCSD the next day….

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Which they did!! Nearly every person who was at the screening and the workshop the night before came to the university campus the next day. The demo was massive. Banners. Chants. Megaphones. We took up and entire street corner. After about 45 minutes at the intersection, 20 or so individuals began to march on the Life Science buildings. Followed by police who were hiding in the bushes, lining the parking lots and parked in the entrances, we took the critique to the front steps of the buildings. We held a captive audience on the campus for about 20 minutes before circling back through the parking lots and ending up back at the street corner. After that we broke away and headed for our music date and screening in Riverside! Recap on that date coming tomorrow.

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Thank you again to everyone who has come out to our events so far. We sincerely appreciate the support! To vivisectors and animal abusers: WE’LL BE BACK, AND WE ALWAYS WIN!

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yes, smash the cages. All of them!

this is a cage that would have been used to trap and then kill a badger with. They plan on putting a double barrelled shotgun through the cage and blowing the badgers brains out.

The tour to the volcano today also included a tour to a waterfall called peace falls. Little did I know that as part of this peace falls there was a so called wildlife refuge and we would be seeing caged wildlife such as jaguars, capuchin monkeys, toucans, birds of prey, squirrels etc. I do not have any pictures of these since I could not bring myself to participate in the exploitation of these animals for the sake of tourist entertainment. Had I known this I probably would have picked a different tour since this did not look to me like a refuge but more like a zoo and visitors also got to get their pictures taken with toucans and such. The above picture is one of a “Cebu” not sure how to say it in English so I apologize for that. The Cebu was restrained to another Cebu next to him and both were holstered up to a wooden wagon. The Cebu looked very sad and the large, heavy, piece of wood that bounded him to the other Cebu was strapped to his head and their horns which were adorned with no other than leather from a fallen friend. I went up to them and they gently sniffed me and allowed me to pet them. They seemed very happy to have gentle contact with a human. After I left and took the photo the handler proceeded to make them pull the wagon so they could give a tourist a ride. He accomplished this by beating and poking them with a large stick on their heads. Today was a sad day. My heart breaks every time I encounter things like this. I am traveling with some friends two of which are not vegan and who actually took pictures with the toucans and stood in the wagon to pose for a picture. When one of them saw the handler of the Cebu treat him the way I described and heard me say how horrible that was he proceeded to say how he felt horrible for them. To which I answered that if he really felt horrible for them he number one wouldn’t eat them, number two wouldn’t take pictures with him because the reason that the Cebu was being treated the way it was, was for the sake of his entertainment and the entertainment of millions of other tourist. My friend then looked at me and simply said “you’re right”.



“A hentesek nyilván semmi furcsát nem látnak a videóban…. Mások szerint pedig radikális fanatikusok vagyunk….Nos ez a két emberke röviden leírt mindent…Kifejtem, hogy mások is értsék: Az egyikbe 0 empátia szorult , gyerekkorától fogva azt tanítoták neki, hogy ez normális és egyes élölényyekkel nem kell együtérezni..elmondta az igazságot, mégpedig azt, hogy ez “ normális ” egy vágóhídon. tehát nem egy állatkínzásos videót láttunk, hanem a vágóhidak mindennapjait!  Aki pedig gyermekkora óta húst eszik, de sohasem gondolt bele mi is történik az állattal az asztalra kerülése elött, felháborodik! Persze , mert nehéz belátni, hogy azzal , hogy húst eszik , ezt támogatja…Változtatni nem akar , túl rég óta ezt szokta meg. Inkább minket , akik megpróbálunk ártás nélkül élni és mások szemét felnyitni, nevez fanatikusnak és szélsöségesnek. Mert így egyszerübb!   Sajnos egyenlöre ez a két típus képviseli a többséget…Sajnálatos!”


What I found in the morning when I opened the tiels’ cage door.