Naomi Patil  |  Slytherin  |  17  |  7th  |  Part Siren  |  Alia Bhatt  |  OPEN

By tomorrow we’ll be swimming with the fishes, leave our troubles in the sand and when the sun comes out we’ll be nothing but dust- just the outlines of our hands.” -  Daughter

Past ▼

When Naomi was born, her mother (a siren) already had a beautiful baby girl, Elia. They were provided for by her sister’s father, and Naomi had very little contact with her own. Her mother simply didn’t think he was necessary in the picture. After all, one man was definitely more than enough for permanent male fixtures in their lives, and a meager poet couldn’t provide much for the family. Naomi’s father never even knew she was born.

That never really mattered much to Naomi. As a half-siren, she could become a mermaid for a short amount of time, and the ocean was where she felt she truly belonged. Though she was gifted with her father’s passion, she was also cursed with her mother’s fierce independence and disregard for men. Naomi would much rather be in the water than dealing with human life, and when she goes a long time without becoming a mermaid she gets downright cruel. Aside from her sister, there were few humans that she could tolerate for extended periods of time. Perhaps being around her mother so much brought out the worst in her, as iron always sharpens iron. Elia was the rational one, the one who could empathize with others, and Naomi was incredibly selfish. One of her favorite childhood pastimes was singing to humans and getting them into trouble. She wasn’t nearly as powerful as her mom, but when Naomi wanted to be, she was absolutely alluring.

Being so selfish meant she’d do absolutely anything for her sister. The two women in her life were the only people who mattered. So, when Elia decided she wanted to go to Hogwarts, Naomi reluctantly agreed. She threw a fit when she found out they’d be living with Elia’s wizard father, far away from any warm oceans, but apparently it was the only option. Naomi hated being forced to do something so much that she left all the packing and preparation to her sister. Regardless, soon they were on their way to England, and her mother was going out to sea.

What shocked Naomi most about the move was the fact that her sister would be attending Hogwarts for a full year while she had to wait at ‘home’ with a man she didn’t care for at all. Jon Patil doted on both girls, and treated Naomi like his own, but she would have nothing of it. Weekly tantrums became clockwork, and Naomi would break things and scream until her voice ran out. The extended periods of being human, and unable to turn into a mermaid, brought out her uncontrollable magic. Eventually, she conceded to Jon, and began to take some sort of comfort in his presence when something unexpected happened.

When Naomi finally joined her sister at school, she was sorted into Slytherin. She yearned for the water, but the longer she stayed human, the calmer her moods became. Naomi adored the high and lows of being a siren, and occasionally she’d go to the Black Lake to turn and mingle with the mermaids there, but she had to agree with her sister that life was much more manageable when she stuck to one form.

Naomi is a regular in school choir for obvious reasons. She still had drastic mood swings, but with the help of her sister she made a few new friends and became for more tolerant of humans. In a way, she considers herself separate from them- more powerful, more impressive- but she’s learning to appreciate them as they are. And even though tricks, pranks, and cruel jokes are still a regular part of her repertoire, she’s slowly learning self-control.

Connections ▼

Michael Wolff↱ Michael is the definition of a muggle, and Naomi definitely feels superior to him. However, she enjoys the audience when she sings, and she finds him amusing.

Roxanne Weasley↱ Naomi likes that Roxanne can be as fiery as she is. She may not care much about the past wizarding war, but she can definitely respect that Roxanne is nothing less than a fighter. The pair have slowly become friends over the years.

Clifford Mori↱ Clifford is the first person Naomi has ever met that isn’t affected by her song in some way. She suspects her has  some sort of magical amulet that makes him immune, but still, as frustrating as it is, she also finds it insanely curious.

Elia Patil↱ Elia is Naomi’s older sister, best friend, confidant, and surrogate mother figure. She can calm Naomi down when she winds herself up just by playing with her hair, and is a natural mood stabilizer for the younger girl. Naomi will do anything for her sister, and might even love her more than she does her mother.

Name: Stefan Larosa
Age: 2410 years old
Species: Siren
Occupation: Clerk at The MGM Grand

Stefan Larosa’s life centered around sports. Though, it was never soccer, football or hockey that he played. A slave all his life, Stefan was raised to be a monster; he was deadly in the arena and nothing changed outside of it. His first match was at the young age of fourteen. No one thought he would survive against the lion, but he proved everyone wrong. For years his violence consumed him. There was no quenching his thirst for blood and victory. His life was the arena and nothing else mattered. Until, that is, Ginevra came into his life. She was the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on. He fell in love quickly and he would do anything for her.

However, Ginevra was his master’s daughter. One night, he caught the two of them together and sentenced them both to death. Of course, it was to be a public show. Stefan couldn’t let the love of his life die a bloody death. She had to grow old and have a family. He heard stories of evil that lurked the night, able to grant any wish. For a price, he could have anything he wanted. For Ginevra, he’d give anything. So, the night before their execution, Stefan sold his soul to save her. She would be able to live a happy life though he knew he would never be able to explain the sacrifice he made. So he ran. Stefan knew he would never be able to love again. Not the same way he did.

Without Ginevra in his life, Stefan was absolutely lost. For a few centuries he went back to his violent ways, but that didn’t fill the permanent hole in his heart. Eventually, he became numb and just went through life feeling totally alone. Two thousand years later and he still couldn‘t move on. With the threat of war, Stefan isn’t worried in the slightest. If he ended up dead, so be it. If not, then he didn’t. He became indifferent about his life without love. Maybe all he needed in his life was to find someone else to fill the hole. However, Stefan thought that to be impossible. 

Stefan is often very reckless in what he does. No one can get in his way when his mind is set on something. He often drowns his sorrows in the various women he sleeps with and the alcohol he drinks. Though, no matter what he does his mind is always on the one woman who stole his heart. Sometimes, he’ll trap himself in his permanent room at the MGM away from the outside world. He wants nothing more than to be reunited with Ginevra, but he knows that’s never going to happen. Her soul would have gone to heaven where as his already belongs to Lucifer.


Andrew Garnet (Best Friend):

Stefan has a sympathy for Andrew. He didn’t choose the life he was given. In addition, he is suffering the same way he is. It only made sense to Stefan to enlighten him on the world that surrounded him. Stefan would do anything for Andrew. It hadn’t felt that way about anyone since Ginevra. But of course, it’s all platonic. Andrew is Stefan’s brother. Over the past few years, they became family. That’s a bond that is hard to break.

Annabeth Delacroix (Close Friend):

Annabeth and Stefan are two peas in a pod. Coming across the poor girl 500 years ago, Stefan knew that. He could see the similarities between them, but after meeting Jonathan Clair he knew that he wasn’t worth her soul. Stefan worries about her, but knows that she is a very stubborn girl. Even when her life is on the line nothing, not even him, could change her mind.

Nikita Romanoff (Friend):

Nikita was a touchy subject when it came to Stefan. He was there for her when she sold her soul, but knew that she wouldn’t be able to handle the life of a siren. He saw the changes that were in her. Though, he shrugged it off. As far as he was concerned, it wasn’t his problem to worry about. But something in him made him believe that was going to change soon.

The role of Stefan Larosa is open.

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There’s no fair song when her mouth opens, not like the sirens of the sea; she is much more of a sweeter terror, a beast of alluring teeth.

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Elia Patil  |  Slytherin  |  18  |  8th  |  Part Siren  |  Naomi Scott  | OPEN

 “Oh, I won’t be your doll, so please don’t you ask me to.” -  Daughter

Past ▼

Talia Patil, Elia’s mother, spent most of her adult life in the warm waters near Greece after being born just offshore of India to her siren mother and Indian father. She was one of the special breeds that could become human for extended periods of time, usually to attend parties and sing men into her bed. Her affairs were always passionate and lovely, but eventually, she wanted a new adventure. So, she spent months in human form, enchanting men to get their money, until eventually she saved up enough to buy a permanent residence right on the water. Her back porch fell right against the sea, and the next period of her life could begin. Though she still spent most of her time in the water, she’d decided that she wanted to be a mother. And not just a mother of a siren- she wanted beautiful human daughters- and once a siren had made up their mind, nothing could change fate.

Talia picked her men well. The father of her first daughter, Elia, was a wealthy, good-looking, and incredibly smart wizard. As with most men, he fell helplessly in love with her, and Talia kept him around long enough to get pregnant. Her song turned him from a man afraid of commitment into a man desperate to be a father. Once she was pregnant, she was ready to set him free, but thinking of her future daughter, she decided to allow him to stay in her life. Or rather, her daughter’s life, both financially and with occasional visits. Elia was born on land, making her as human as she could be.

Next, Talia set her sights on an artistic man. A young wizard writer who was vacationing in Greece as he worked on his next work. He was an incredibly passionate poet, and only a few months after she gave birth to her first daughter, she was pregnant by him with her second. She’d given Elia her father’s surname, and chose the same name for her younger daughter. She cared very little for the new father’s, and all her energy was devoted to her daughters.

The two young girls grew up swimming in clear blue waters. Unlike their mother, they could only become mermaids for short amounts of time, but even as humans they were naturals in the ocean. Elia could sing in an enchanting way, but took after her father in gentleness and and astuteness. She was motherly, warm, and kind. She spent many days calming her sister down from her bursts of anger or sadness. 

When Elia was nearing 11 years old, her father insisted both girls and their mother move to Britain so they could attend proper wizard schooling. Talia would hear none of it, as she had no intention of leaving her home, but she agreed to let the girls move in with him so they could stay together. Talia was ready to be independent again, despite her extreme devotion to her children, and she knew that out of both fathers Jon Patil would most easily provide for their needs.

So, Elia packed up their belongings, and joined her father in England, which Naomi was none too happy about. Elia, on the other hand, loved spending time with her dad, and quickly started to enjoy all the quirks of wizard life. 

When Elia got to Hogwarts, she was sorted into Slytherin. It took awhile for her to get used to the way people reacted to her, and even longer for her to stop singing quietly to herself, but a semi-normal life seemed worth it. She had a knack for Astrology and elemental magic. Mostly, though, she loved socializing. She inherited her mother’s want for attention, and amongst wixen, she got as much as she could ever need. She’s still incredibly close to her younger sister, but Elia loves branching out to new people.

Connections ▼

Naomi Patil↱ Elia’s half-sister is nothing short of a firecracker. Elia is the moon to Naomi’s sun, and there’s no one she’s closer to in the world.

David Fletcher↱ Elia thinks David is nothing short of fascinating. She loves listening to him speak about anything, and is incredibly protective of their friendship.

Declan Moody↱ For Elia, Declan is a walking encyclopedia of things she’d never understood before Hogwarts. She considers him almost like a mentor, someone she can ask anything and trust his response.

Nix sat, looking over his old, by now falling apart, story book. He hummed to himself, bare feet in the sand. His long hair was braided back over his shoulder. The rest, kept back and out of his eyes by a dark bandanna.

He hummed, skimming the pages, smiling faintly at the pictures of heros and their prince and princess.

Softly he sang to himself smiling faintly,

“… We’d stand and stare,

We’d speak of love and feel the stars ascending!

We’d share a kiss,

I’d find my destiny… 

I’d have a hero’s ending…~

A perfect haaaaaappyyy ending…~

That’s how it would be~ A big, bright, beautiful, world….”

Nix’s voice faltered as he looked back at the pages, turning it slowly,

“But not for me…”

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GSP Exit 127

goddess of accidents come and deliver them home
and we’re insects caught in the amber, the blue-and-red
glow the rain’s a sky-hurled curse to the
small shuddering steel-bound and the
sirens split open the dark bearing

this arterial tangle is the offering point;
an altar of asphalt and tar-
and our smoke-winged seraphs burst light
through the clouds, they are horrible
to see but they keep steady our stars,
the airplane sweep of headlights over the sky,
the small godlets that suckle the factories’
milk- our monstrous guardians keep treads to
the highway and eyes stare up from the river
and they never blink-

industry-haunted and torn open and howling,
the firetruck squeals and police siren
laments- our exits are endless,
clotted cruel, lit like neon
and we all want to go home but
they don’t much care for intent-

supplication persists to our invisible pantheon;
the squat fuel containers, the smokestack spires
the airplane warning lights the burning refinery hearts
the airport and its locusts
the rubber-fed fires:

goddess of speed limits keep watch on our children;
mother of oil don’t slicken the lanes;
the lungs of the earth cough
up our brilliant sunsets
and the city lurks
over the river, its leviathan veins spilling
ambrosia and ichor to
our crowded shorelines; guardian of guard rails let our
children come home-
we are blooded and tired we have burned the fuel of our sacrifice

after we ford the Driscoll then the worst of it’s

—  L. Maruska

Thomas Feiner & Anywhen - The Siren Songs

So this is actually a reissue of the 2000 album The Opiates by Anywhen, under a different name and with an extra song. But it’s nothing short of a lost classic that deserves a second chance at exposure. Vocalist Thomas Feiner has a beautiful, archetypally baritone voice, and the music is in the vein of the orchestrated Songs of Leonard Cohen album via a modern Jeff Buckley perspective. Opening track The Siren Songs has a sublime, haunting string part, and its big, reverb-filled production makes an already strong song stunning. This is authentic chamber pop from before the likes of Arcade Fire even existed; yet the mood often invokes a 1930s film noir-type soundtrack of black-and-white, mysterious figures in lonely jazz bars.

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Lancaster and Prompt 18.

18. Runaway Au

Ruby and Jaune race down the side of the tracks. Right besides them a train chugs down the wood and metal. The train’s speed grows faster and faster. The two need to hop on as soon as they can. If only they can find an open door. And that open door better come soon. The faint sirens have grown louder.

Finally a large opening appear. Without a second though Ruby grabs the railing of the door and swings herself in. After a small tumble Ruby scrambles back to the mouth of the door. Jaune is struggling and clearly running out of breath. The smaller girl sticks out her hand for Jaune to grab. The blond takes it and is pulled up. Panting both teenagers take a look out the opening. The lights and sirens slowly disappear.

“Man. We really need to stay clear of places with a lot of cops.” Ruby sighs. She throws her legs off the side of the train and starts at the sunset. Jaune nods and throws his own legs out the train. Ruby rests her head on Jaune’s shoulder.

“Hopefully we can rest for a while. Where do you think this train will take us?” Jaune asks.

“How knows? Isn’t that the fun of being on the run? Not knowing where we are going.”

“True. Sleep now okay?”  

Ruby only nods and closes her eyes.



Pop punk up-and-comers Neck Deep are heading to Echostage in November to open the show for genre overlords All Time Low and Sleeping With Sirens on the much-anticipated Back to the Future Hearts Tour. Coming off this year’s Warped Tour circuit, the Welsh rockers are due to put out their second full-length record this week! Their star has been on a steady rise in the past year since winning the Kerrang! Award for Best British Newcomer. Since then, they’ve been on the road touring with fellow up-and-coming pop punk bands like We Are The In Crowd and Knuckle Puck. They are slated to play the main stage at this year’s Reading and Leeds festivals before heading back to the states for the Back to the Future Hearts Tour! Don’t miss it!

-Stephen Smith

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please imagine harry & louis hiding away in the neon scrape of a dingy motel with water stains & dark red carpet and they both carry so much but needed to get away so they get a room with two beds & open a bottle and sirens blare in the background & the tv just plays reels of blue static and before they know it the ties are loose & the guns on the table and there’s just them in this small room already half in love with each other & just realizing it for the first time

Birds of a feather flock together, as the saying goes. While the siren population of Ashkent Creek is small and varied, this rare breed has flocked to a place it can thrive. Sirens can have varying philosophies that either condone or condemn their influence over others, but none of them can deny who they are, and how good it makes them feel. Beauty balanced only by danger, willpower and control must become their mantra…lest they risk being on the wrong side of a hunter’s bronze blade.

But still, some surrender to the siren song….



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The river flows black in the night.
People jostle me to stand by the railing.
I first see the colors.
Hot glows of red, orange, yellow.
Then I hear the explosion.
Loud and deafening.
My ears begin to ring.
The bridge is in flames.
The beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.
Pieces of metal land in the water.
Cries fill the cold air.
How did I get here?
The crowd pushes away from the bleak scene.
I’m lost in the midst of the throng.
It moves like one.
With one mind and purpose.
To seek shelter from the raining pieces.
Once we reach the buildings,
The crowd spreads out like ants.
Someone takes my hand and pulls me.
We check out the first building.
The metal door is locked and bolted.
So is each door we check.
Finally, we find an open door.
Sounds of sirens follow us inside.
The door shuts behind us.
We seem to be in a parking lot.
Who am I with?
I look up and can’t see his face.
He grunts and pulls me down the ramp.
I dig in my feet.
I refuse to follow him.
I must see his face.
He turns to me…
I wake up.
It was a terrible dream.
But I still wonder
What his face looked like.