Let me be your yellow umbrella.
You already are, and always will be.

andddd I finally found time to finish this Sheith piece before this semester completely eats up my free time.  ; v ;  I started this on Tuesday… lmao

My sis gave me the idea, again, and it’s sort of referencing the yellow umbrella in HIMYM.  Basically, to me, and maybe to other people, it symbolizes true love, or the one that you’re fated for?  I’ve seen the yellow umbrella appear in many Asian dramas I’ve watched, so that’s probably another reason why I think of it that way haha.

now to die from classes… I’ll miss drawing my babies Q___Q

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anonymous asked:

I understand you wanna reblog pictures of black people bc you are black I respect that but you come off ignorant too when you solely reblog black people, why don't you reblog all races. Instead of fixing a problem you're adding to it. Open your mind to see all sides , not just yours. All love

So me posting pictures of people who look like me is ignorant?

Why does it offend you when black people love and embrace themselves??..

You lot are sick! Stop messaging me and fuck off.

Oh.  Oh, that’s huge.

There’s nothing more sacred to Garnet than fusion and what it means between two individuals.  Nothing.  Not even Rose Quartz herself is more important to her than this ideal.

And, at this point?  Peridot is not somebody she trusts, not somebody she wants to be intimate with.  I doubt she’d be comfortable fusing with Peridot, but…

Peridot is trying to understand.

She’s rude, and coarse, and somewhat dismissive, but Garnet knows how fusion is seen on Homeworld, how Peridot would have been taught, and the fact that Peridot is asking her what she’s about instead of continuing to judge her for existing means that she’s beginning to have an open mind.

There’s very little you won’t understand about fusion once you’ve experienced it.  I imagine Ruby and Sapphire thought about this long and hard, even before Peridot came to them with questions, and came to the conclusion that the best way for Peridot to understand was for Peridot to see.

And so they’re offering to open up the most intimate part of themselves, of herself.  She’s giving Peridot a chance, and that’s huge.

mercury signs

aries mercury: makes decisions quickly, honest, direct, hates wasting time, likes to get straight to the point, motivated, enjoy a challenge. 

taurus mercury: practical, grounded, witty, steady, sensual, great memory, don’t enjoy being rushed to make decisions, opinionated. 

gemini mercury: good listener, open minded, talkative, like to learn about lots of different subjects, curious, naturally flirtatious.

cancer mercury: empathetic, nostalgic, defensive, don’t enjoy being distracted on a task, natural speaker or writer, like routine, sentimental.

leo mercury: artistic, expressive, wise, persuasive, boastful, make friends easily, can over exaggerate, enthusiastic.

virgo mercury: interest in detail, helpful, analytical, feel as though they need everything that is happening, good common sense, critical.

libra mercury: tactful, diplomatic, searches for equality, idealistic, need mental connections to others, appear shallow, argumentative, try to make others happy.

scorpio mercury: honest, see through the fake, attracted to the unknown, good at keeping secrets, skeptical, critical, want to help others.

sagittarius mercury: big ideas, enthusiastic, philosophical, positive, confident, fearless, vision over detail, have a thirst for knowledge, sarcastic.

capricorn mercury: steady, methodical, like to see tasks through to the end, concentrate well, organised, don’t like wasting time.

aquarius mercury: detached, entertaining, see the world differently, love debates, alert, enjoy slight chaos, see the big picture.

pisces mercury: prefer to listen than speak, unpredictable, vulnerable, artistically inclined, disorganised, spiritual, lack confidence.


                                “Deep in earth my love is lying
                                                                and I must weep alone” -E.A.P.
                                       Amity Reve; 18+ Crime/Horror/Gothic OC

                                                Modern and Victorian II Rules

:: a prayer for the ones who robbed me ::

may the raw cacao powder open your heart & bring love to your spirit, may the spirulina cleanse your body & mind and may you rise & awaken to the power of plants, may the clothes make you feel warm, comfortable & beautiful, may the tent offer you shelter in the darkest & coldest nights with a ceiling of infinite star beams, may the sleeping bag warm your body & bring you comfort, may the sleeping mat soften your back & give you magical comfortable nights like sleeping on clouds, may the crystals lift you up, open your heart & mind, soothe & guide you when you most need it, may the palo santo cleanse your spirit & help you release all that you need to release, may you eat the most delicious meals & drink the most blissful drinks from the wooden bowl & cup, may the tibetan wool blanket warm your heart & being in the coldest moments, may the backpack be a friend in carrying all your home & belongings with you, may she serve you as beautifully as she did to me. may the beautiful leather hip bag help you carry your most precious things, may the money provide you with what you seek & need. hopefully nourishing food & warm shelter. may the money you receive from the mobile phone provide you with the security & abundance you seek deep within. may the turmeric give you infinite energy & cleanse you from within. may the spices bring joy to your meals. and may all else serve you… in its highest potentials. even knowing that most of it will be sold or dumped in a dumpster somewhere (*heart cringes*), my highest wish is for you to be happy & in abundance. to reach beyond the darkness you see yourself enveloped in now. to see the light. to awaken from your deep pains & traumas & fears. to awaken to your highest potential and beauty as a human being. this is my wish. this is my prayer. and for me to be strong enough to have compassion & still carry love in my heart and let go of all these material things. as hard as it is, i thank you for the lesson on detachment. a hard one. but still, i accept & let go & surrender. i love you, even in your darkness & confusion here in this earth… may no anger enter my heart, may no resentment be held on to, may no fear stay with me. may it all grow wings and fly on… om. ❤️

Today I:

* made a friend in a Volbeat hoodie
* saw don’t breathe
* cleaned. Just one toilet. Still counts.
* didn’t compare myself to people who aren’t on my journey
* made my kids laugh
* took a nap after taking a bite of a butterfinger bar and woke up with my mouth tasting like a peanut butter filled cat box
* pulled out my sweaters and boots for fall 😍
* shaved my legs and clogged the drain
* came to several conclusions that I have a lot to offer if you take physical attributes off the table. and replace them with pizza.
* became more aware of the fact you can always learn more and become a better person but the second you refuse to open your mind you close off all possibility of growth
* dumped some vodka into the toilet because for once in my life it’s not making any difference. just making me a drunk
* watched the last of the fast & the furious movies and realized what a babe Paul walker was.

But more importantly.

Today I lived.

anonymous asked:

I don't know what to say. They keep saying coloring made it better and that I should keep coloring, but I honestly hate coloring. This gon sound like some shit out a poem but as a person that doesn't like attracting attention or just stays in the shadows, colors really contrast me. I dunno. I just don like. I used to post my art but I took it all down. Too late now. But you can go sleep now, I've been speaking for long enough. Thanks for listening. Maybe we can do this again if you want someday.

Again, adding color or not should ultimately be your choice. And if you want to experiment with color, I would encourage it, but you don’t have to.  I hope maybe one day you’ll feel comfortable with posting art again. I’m sure there are people out there who would like to see it. Thank you again for your messages, and your time. I hope talking about it at least helped you get this off your chest, if nothing else.

Also having dpd an being on a site with such overwhelming opinions is hard bc i am very easily influenced by those opinions so sometimes i have to kind of. Separate myself and look at other viewpoints even if theyre different (or bad) just to make sure i have an open mind but its hard and im also extremely empathetic to others which makes it hard to not be influenced but you just??
You have to always challenge your viewpoints and see why other ppl think the way they do even if you don’t understand or want to think about it bc ppl are raised differently and have been through different experiences and think the way they do for a reason, even if you dont agree with it

We’ve done you such a disservice. Reducing your worth to only your physical assets while ignoring the true beauty of your soul. I’m ashamed to think that my kind did this to you. We looked past the wonder in your eyes. We blatantly disregarded the gifts of your mind all because our lack of understanding and appreciation couldn’t look past your behind. We didn’t focus on it’s love lines but instead it’s size. I only hope that in the future we do better. I hope that in the coming days we begin to open up our minds to see with our third eye what all you have inside..

Muse: Jenae
Photo Cred: @expressions-untold