If you don’t try to stop whatever is going on in your mind, but merely observe it, eventually you’ll begin to feel a tremendous sense of relaxation, a vast sense of openness within your mind - which is in fact your natural mind, the naturally unperturbed background against which various thoughts come and go.
—  Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

This is just one of the several traffic lights in Trafalgar Square with #LGBT symbols. It’s so nice to see how actually people are open minded here, first of all the mayor of London who let this happen. In Italy we are so far from even accepting ‘diversity’ and that makes me feel really uncomfortable. There’s nothing wrong with being who you really are and with loving who you really want. We basically live in a world that is scared of what’s considered different but that shouldn’t give us the right to feel superior and to treat people unfairly. Everyone should have the right to live free with no discrimination of race, gender, skin colour or sexual orientation. All we should ever preach is freedom and peace. (at Trafalgar Square)

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I Spent 5 Months Hiking The Appalachian Trail Alone And I Learned 2 Things About Trees

Impulsive. Irresponsible. Insane. When I announced my plan to leave my corporate job in Boston in pursuit of a solitary trek through the unknown wilderness, I heard it all. While those people were only looking out for me, I am so happy I ended up taking the plunge because after spending five months hiking the Appalachian Trail alone, I learned two things about trees.

I can barely recognize the version of me who started the 2,190-mile journey. He had no idea what the six demanding months of trail life had in store for him, nor did he know these two facts about trees. By hiking into the wilderness with an open heart and an open mind, I was able to truly take note of the world around me, including a laminated placard I encountered on day 18 which informed me that pinecones are only found on coniferous trees. That is when the magic of the trail really started to set in. I was really doing it.

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$30.00 USD SFW Greyscale Single-Character Commissions This Week and Next!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know I am really enjoying working in my current style and I am opening up commissions for this week and next. These will be ¾ - full body with nice lines and minimal greyscale!

Will take: animals, anthro, OCs, people, robots, fanart, and everything SFW in-between!

If interested please send an inquiry to: cantonbags04[at]! I will stream the commissions on Picarto on Thursday and Friday (idk what time yet, in the afternoon probably).

7 SLOTS OPEN! Get them while they’re still available!

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Ghostbusters was gr8! I usually really dislike comedy films bc they all seem like theyre the same thing over and over, dumb sex jokes, etc Ghostbusters didnt feel like that at all and a lot of the jokes hit home. Good refs to the originals too

AH HECK ok!! Im gonna try keep an open mind about it fffff i wanna see ittttt

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someone i know knows some ppl at sony and i just found out we might not be wrong about march. they were supposed to be done with all the pr and stuff but there was some issue with an image clause? i'm trying to find out if this is legit and some of you seem to know things about the business.

If that’s accurate (which… I’m open minded), image clauses may be what was used as an excuse, but I doubt that was truly what the problem was.

Contracts are only as strong as the people that desire to enforce them. If both (or all) parties of a contract want out, they can both walk away scot-free. But if one of the parties has reasons for not wanting out, they can make the other party toe the line to the nth degree.

The latter is what I think happened. Syco switched up the game at the last minute asking for more hoops to be jumped through. 

I’d still be curious as to what your friend hears though!  Please let me know ;)
'The Blacklist' Season 4 Spoilers, News & Update: Liz And Red Will Partner Again In The New Season; Duo Against Alexander Kirk?
According to reports, Liz and Red will be partners again in "The Originals" Season 4 and they will be up against Alexander Kirk.

I found this to be one of the better written articles.  They focused on Lizzie’s and Red’s relationship, which is as it should be. I liked that they asked this question at the end which shows how much more open-minded people are:

Meanwhile, what do you think about Liz and Red’s relationship? Are they father and daughter or do you prefer them to be unrelated to each other and see them fall in love with each other in “The Blacklist” Season 4?

And I think y’all know my answer to this question!

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writing in bernie is a terrible idea, vote hillary. not voting for her is basically giving a vote to trump

(Note: I will not answer any further anons questioning my views or the vote I will be casting, so take this as your answer.)

I acknowledge this statement, and stand by my personal choice to vote for whomever I would like, at any time. Thank you. :)

I will always keep an open mind and it’s very possible that Hilary may pursue me to vote for her, as I do not hate her, she is just not the candidate that parallels my views. I personally do not agree w/ the two party system, and do not necessarily feel the “democratic urge” to vote towards her.

If you would like to have an off anonymous, friendly and mature discussion, my ask box is open!

Muse of the Month, Caroline // The Messy Heads

I know you have taught me so much about intersectionality & environmentalism behind veganism from our conversations. What would you say to someone who sees veganism as just an animal rights issue or a health issue, as so many of us do?

When you start to research veganism you realize it’s more than animal rights. Yes, we are trying to save the cows but we are also trying to abolish sexism and environmental racism and a plethora of other HUMAN rights issues that come from animal agriculture. Like native americans being displaced once again because there is not enough space for factory farms, or the fact that in slaughterhouse communities domestic abuse is at an all time high, or the fact that undocumented workers are abused by the corporate system to work in slaughterhouses which is the most dangerous job. Once you learn about those things you realize veganism is the lifestyle that promotes peace for everyone. Veganism allows you to transform not only your body but your mind and opens you up to being the most conscious consumer you can be. I think not a lot of people acknowledge the human right’s side of veganism. Often times people who aren’t vegan feel targeted by vegans and that’s because some vegans make it seem like an issue of people vs. people when in fact it’s an issue of people trying to help other people. When society makes that connection that going vegan is a human rights issue and benefits everyone, people will connect more deeply to the cause and help the movement grow.

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Muse of the Month, Caroline // The Messy Heads

reasons to love star trek
  • the cast has been more diverse since 1966 than some shows today
  • seemlessly integrated a gay character without making it a big deal and treating it as something huge
  • shows that lgbtq+ characters are a normalcy and didn’t stereotype them at all
  • this quote from one of the writers when asked why they made a certain character gay: “I mean it could have been anybody: Kirk is a pansexual fun seeker; who knows why Bones got divorced? Nobody said Spock and Uhura were exclusive; Chekov is just permanently horny and let’s face it, there’s more to Scotty and Keenser than meets the eye.” - simon pegg
  • the movies dont have a romantic relationship subplot where the guy finally gets the girl or anything
  • the movies focus on the platonic love between the crew as a family and everyone gets ample backstory + screen time
  • cool space stuff ???
  • badass women who take no shit
  • star trek has always been about pushing social boundaries and striving towards a more ideal and open minded future
  • pavel chekov !!!! what an angel
  • although the movies were made generations apart, they are still closely bonded in story and by the cast itself
  • i love star trek so much !!?!?!

Redesigned my gemsona Spinel! (They/Them). They form “false gems” around their body during battle to hide the true gem at the base of their spine. The false gems can also serve as a form of protection, building around Spinel and shooting outwards, almost like a porcupine. The false gems are only gonna come out during battle which requires a lot of focus and energy, making them usually v chill and not that active any other time to conserve energy. Their weapon is a dual kusarigama (handheld scythes that are swung around from long chains). They’re color scheme is the same as last time, light pink, cherry red, and dark purple. They’re laid back, sarcastic, loyal, naïve, and open minded. Being highly intuitive and conscious of others feelings, they are driven by the people close to them. They dedicate themselves to making others happy, often neglecting their own needs or health- something they are attempting to grow from as well as low self esteem covered by their typically neutral or sarcastic sense of humor. They travel among the stars, planet hopping until they can find a planet to call home, and find fascination in Saturn and it’s rings, making it a self proclaimed symbol. They enjoy botany, astronomy, and creative arts.

As a Pasifika centered blog, heavily focused on media, we know that this is an exciting time for Pasifika folk since there are many mainstream/Hollywood projects featuring Pacific Islanders that are going on right now and in the near future (Moana, Justice League/Aquaman) and that’s really cool.

We also know that there are serious conversations to be had about representation and whether or not these things are helpful or harmful. The only thing that we would advise is to be mindful of each other. That means being open minded and understanding that other Pasifika folk will disagree and have differing opinions. You don’t have to explain yourselves to non-PIs, your viewpoint is valid. However, we firmly believe that having discussions and fully realized conversations amongst ourselves is necessary, and not just as a unit! No, but so that you yourself can analyze your own personal thoughts, and recognize why you feel the way you feel vs. someone else.

Not everyone will be happy about everything, and not everyone will be upset about things that you might think they should be upset about, and that’s fine. In the end, this new light being cast on Pasifika people in media will only push us to create and support more content specifically made by other Pasifika people. We have a wealth of stories, we should be telling them ourselves. Let’s not let other people dictate how we should feel about our own histories.