Bts Putting On Sunglasses
  • Jin:*pokes his eye* "sHIT"
  • Jimin:*places glasses on while licking his lips and runs hand thru his hair*
  • J-Hope:*flips hair but accidentally throws glasses somewhere in the process*
  • V:*puts on 3D glasses instead*
  • Suga:*smirks* "swag is always ready for sunglasses" *opens up jacket to display rows of sunglasses* *pulls down pants to show boxers with sunglasses on them*
  • Rapmon:*Overlays glasses over glasses*
  • Jungkook:*puts on Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer sunglasses*
  • Suga:"you look stupid."
  • Jungkook:*blankly stares at Suga* *looks at his palm* *Map, where's the closest jealous asshole near me?" *hand gestures middle finger to Suga*
  • Suga:"soN OF A BITCH"
  • Jungkook:"But i'm not your son, Hyung."
  • Suga:jSUT.
Yayo Daddy - 50s Greaser!Ashton AU - PART THREE

finally amiright

the AU is set in 1950s Hollywood and mostly inspired by this video

PART ONE - PART TWOmasterlist


It’s been a year since I made my move and took her on our first date. Admittedly I almost got us arrested, but she loved the rush I gave her, I could see it in her eyes. She calls herself addicted to me, but I tell her the only addiction she has is to tobacco.

Everything’s changed, of course it has, but I still loved her the same.

I was leaning on the back of my motorcycle, waiting for the tank to fill up at a petrol station. My girl was off across the road, giggling with some old pals about something or other. I took a cigarette out of the pack open in my leather jacket pocket and lit it, letting the smoke cloud my thoughts for a few seconds. I tipped my head back and exhaled, and took another drag before paying the fuel meter and mounting my bike.

I whistled loudly across the street, grinning as she turned instinctively and slipped sunglasses on my face before revving the deafening engine, signalling I was ready to go.

I watched her cross the street, wearing my bandana so well. Her skirt was clinging to her hips and riding up past her knees, fuck. I wanted to have her in ways no one else has had or ever will have her. I would never make her do anything she was uncomfortable with, of course, but damn she must know the affect she has on me. She made her way towards me and came to a halt by the side of the bike.

“What?” I asked her, my cigarette clinging to dear life between my lips.

“You’re smoking in a fucking petrol station.” She said, shaking her head and pulling the cig out my mouth, sticking it in hers and inhaling deeply before getting on the motorcycle and wrapping one hand loosely around my waist.

“You fucking suck.” I joked, revving the bike once more before shooting out the gas station.

I heard her squeal joyfully as my speed accelerated way over the legal limit.

“Adrenaline junkie!” I shout back to her, as I take the shortcut she loves, a street dotted with huge crystal white mansions.

“You know it!” She screams back, before pressing a kiss to my cheek, “Where are we headed anyway?”

I’d made a point of not telling her that I had saved up for a fancy hotel. Our one year anniversary had to be special. We had talked about it a while ago, but she’d never think I’d actually take her anywhere.

The truth is I’d take her to the damn moon if she wanted to go.

“You’ll find out soon enough!” I deliberately teased.

It took us about half an hour to drive to our destination. I chose a huge posh hotel on the outskirts of town; not a world away, but just so that no-one knew our names.

“We’re here!” I kicked down the stand on my bike and hopped off, holding out a hand to help her down.

She took it but her eyes were trained on the vast building towering above her.

“Are we in the right place?” She said in awe.

“Happy anniversary!” I exclaimed with a cheesy grin.

The look on her face was priceless, but I only saw it for a few seconds before she snuggled into my side and whispered into my neck, “You remembered.”

“Of course I did!” I was becoming such a softie, I couldn’t erase the smile from my face, “Wanna go in?”

She withdrew herself from me, and I immediately missed her warmth. But she linked her fingers with mine and tugged me excitedly towards the large mahogany entrance.

Our jaws dropped in unison as we entered the building. The double height ceiling was elaborately decorated in a unique painting of cherubs and flowers, and a wide staircase faced us as we walked through the gleaming white foyer. I steered us in the direction of the front desk.

My girlfriend let her hands wander over the surface of the marble counter, I bit back a smile at one of her little habits; she loved to feel everything around her, she said it made her feel safe.

“Hi, we have a reservation under Irwin.” I gave my award-winning smile to the tight lipped woman behind the desk.

“Of course Sir.” She looked us up and down and began flicking through her reservation book purposefully.

We probably didn’t look like we belonged here, my huge biker boots and leather jacket, Y/N’s tight skirt and bomber jacket - we weren’t exactly model citizens, but we’d learned how to brush off comments and odd looks and now we found them quite funny.

“Your booking requires upfront payment, Sir.” The tone of the receptionist indicated that she thought her statement would throw me off.

I just shook my head and reached into the backpack Y/N had slung over her shoulders.

“Of course, $70 for the night, correct?” I pulled out a wad of cash.

All of my savings from the past 6 months.

I could feel Y/N’s grip tighten on my hand as I handed it over the desk, she never liked me spending money on her and she’s made it very clear to me before, and I’ve ignored her every time. I loved spoiling her.

The receptionist said nothing more to me as I paid for the suite, she only handed us our room key and motioned for the bellboy to take the rucksack from us. He scurried over and helped us, directing us towards an elevator and taking us up to the third floor.

“Oh you’re in room 93, any special occasion?” The blonde boy chatted merrily.

“It’s our one year anniversary.” Y/N proudly spoke, swinging our linked hands back and forth before we stopped outside our designated room.

The bellboy swiftly let us in and left, obviously realizing we wanted to be alone.

“How’d you like it?” I said, a little anxiously as she walked ahead of me into the room.

“Like it? I love it!” She ran at me and jumped, wrapping her legs around my waist, looking at me with a big grin on her face for a second before planting a sweet kiss on my lips, “Thank you so much.” She whispered.

I let her down from my grip and we began to explore the room. A king size bed protruded from the wall, decorated with a crisp white duvet and a dozen pillows. Wide windows allowed sunlight to pour in, bathing the whole room in a 6 o’clock sunset. A muted floral pattern lined the walls, complimented by the pastel peach carpet.

“I’m going to freshen up.” She breezily spoke, standing in the doorway of the en suite bathroom until I acknowledged her.

“Sure, I’ll unpack.” I chuckled at myself; between us we’d only brought a large backpack of a change of clothes.


“You can do this.” You spoke quietly to your reflection in the bathroom mirror, desperately trying to soothe your nerves.

It’s only sex, it’s not as scary as skydiving, or swimming with sharks, but yet here you were, hiding in the bathroom, in your underwear, quivering.

Ashton would never force you to do anything you weren’t comfortable with, and he knew that you would want to wait before giving yourself to him, to make sure this was real. But, by god, if these damn butterflies weren’t real you didn’t know what was.

Ashton probably wasn’t expecting to see you like this just yet, he had probably just thought he would get to ‘Base 3’ with you, even though you weren’t entirely sure what that was. You had planned ahead though, wearing your favourite white lace bra and underwear set, which did absolute wonders for your boobs. And, of course, the dainty silver necklace that Ashton had bought for you the first week of you two dating.

You ran your hands down the curves of your body, in such a way that rid you of your shakiness. Exhaling loudly you took one more look at your makeup also ensuring that your hair was voluminous and loose the way Ash liked it.

You rested your hand on the doorknob.

This was it.

The door creaked as you pushed it open, making your presence known to Ashton. He was holding a wrapped candy that had been placed on the pillow by the hotel.

“Why do hotels do this? I’ve never understood-” He stopped in his tracks as he saw you, the candy fell from his hand, discarded on the floor, “Wow…”

You giggled as you saw his eyes rake over your body, and suddenly felt confident.

“What are you waiting for?” You crooked your finger, reeling him in closer to you.

His legs almost buckled underneath him as he made his way towards you. His eyes were drinking in your appearance, he bit his bottom lip so hard you thought it might bleed.

“Say something. Ash, say something.” You stuttered nervously.

“You,” His voice cracked and he coughed, “You look gorgeous. I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this though. Are you sure-?”

“Don’t worry, don’t overthink, just fuck me.” Lust was taking over your every thought.

“Fuck, Y/N…”

Ashton pressed his mouth to yours, somewhat hesitant, but got rougher as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

Your chest pressed against his and you realised, “You’re wearing too many clothes.” You breathed, as his lips sucked on your neck.

You felt the vibration of his chuckle against you as he registered your comment.

“I guess I am.” His lips found their way to yours once more and his hands cupped your ass gently, prompting you to jump.

Your legs wrapped securely around his waist, his strong arms cradling you carefully as he walked you both over to the bed and set you down gently on the sheets. He kissed you sweetly once more before standing up and sliding his jacket off his arms. His white shirt clung to his toned arms and stomach, you felt a rush of wetness in your underwear and a telltale blush rise in your cheeks. He quickly stripped himself of his jeans, his hands wavering at the hem of his top, teasing you for a moment. As he lifted his shirt over his head you saw a large serpent tattoo trailing down the side of his body and curling at his hip. You stared at it in awe as his muscles flexed.

“I got it a few months ago.” Ashton noticed your eyes on the ink, “I wasn’t sure what you’d say.”

“I love it,” You breathed out, “I love the snake…” Ashton moved closer to you and crawled over your body, you gulped as you felt his breath over your stomach.

“Oh yeah?” He kissed your hip, and let his mouth guide him up your torso, eventually kissing the tops of your breasts that were spilling out of your bra.


“Wanna show me how much you love it?” Ashton’s cheeky grin returned, his powerful arms flipping you on top of him.

You let out a startled squeal and giggled as you looked down at Ashton, his large hands running up and down your thighs as you deliberated your next move. You nipped at Ashton’s earlobe, earning a moan from the boy. A surge of dominance took over you, and you rolled your hips against Ashton’s crotch, another moan from him encouraged you.

You smoothly unclasped your bra, letting the straps fall off your shoulders and eventually abandoning it on the floor. Ashton’s gaze was piercing, his breathing getting heavier as you exposed yourself to him. You took his hand in yours and guided it up your side, finally allowing him to touch your breasts. Your head fell back as his lust controlled his actions, his thumbs brushing over your nipples as his palms squeezed you roughly.

“So beautiful.” He whispered, his hazel eyes looking into yours.

“Ash…” You bashfully looked down, letting your hair fall over your face.

He brushed a strand behind your ear, leaning up on his elbows and then kissing you hard. You could feel him harden underneath you, the material of his boxers straining. You traced the outline of his cock through the material of his underwear, you saw his abdominal muscles tense at your actions.

“Tease.” He breathed, his grip on your thighs tightening.

“You love it.” Your breath hitched as you reached underneath his boxers, feeling Ashton for the first time.

You pushed his boxers down his thighs, taking him in your hand and pumping him slowly through your fist. The sinful noises falling from Ashton’s lips spurred you on and helped you gain confidence, but his hand on your wrist halted you.

“Stop, stop, I’m gonna cum otherwise.” He panted.

His brash words made your cheeks flush pink, and a little gasp escape you.

“Babygirl am I making you blush?” A smirk played on his lips.

“Shut up.” You began kissing him passionately, rubbing your clothed heat over his cock, the friction making you both moan out loud.

“Fuck this, I need you now.” Ashton groaned, his words making you wetter than you already were.

He sat up fully and wrapped his arms around you, kissing you hard. You melted under his touch, your brain clouding. Ashton slowly pushed you on your back, your legs instinctively wrapped around his lower torso. His teeth nipped at the skin on your neck, sure to leave marks that you’d have to cover up tomorrow.

He glanced down between your bodies, seeing that the only thing separating you two was the thin material of your underwear. He gave you a look.

“You rip them you’re buying me new ones.” You sternly said.

“Deal.” He kneeled over your body and tore the lace from you in one smooth action.

“Ass.” You grinned, hardly denying that that made you even more attracted to him, if that was possible.

“You love it.” He repeated your words from earlier cockily as two of his fingers roamed down your body, feeling if you were ready for him.

“Mmm Ashton please.” You squirmed impatiently.

He only kissed you in response, slowly reaching between the two of you and pushing himself into you, letting out a satisfied groan.

“You okay, babe?” He kissed your exposed neck as you tilted your head far back.

“Yes! Move, move!” You demanded, needing the feeling of him inside you to intensify, or you felt you might burst.

Ashton obeyed, and began thrusting rhythmically. His mouth was open, his hot breath fanning on your skin. His hands were placed by your head, his tan, muscular arms tensing with every thrust. You arched up into his chest, needing to be closer to him, your fingers wove into his honey hair, pulling perhaps a little too hard. You eased up as you heard him moan.

“No, carry on, I like it.” He admitted slowly.

You smiled a little, “You like it rough, Daddy?”

Something you said must have turned a switch inside him as he began thrusting harder, hitting deep inside you and making your stomach twist in pleasure.

“Ash!” You moaned out loudly, your fingernails dragging down his back.

“Fuck.” He dropped his head into the crook of your neck, his hips bucking strongly, waves of pleasure racking your body.

Ashton’s lips sucked at your collarbone, your skin tingling as he did so.

“Ash, please!” You begged for release, the euphoria taking over your whole body.

With one final thrust, you hit your high, squeezing your eyes tight shut, crying out and tightening around Ashton, who came mere seconds after you. His body fell on top of yours, your heaving chests pressed together as you calmed down. He levered himself off you, only barely, and looked into your eyes.

“Good first time?” He seemed almost worried that he had let you down.

You pretended to think about it before cracking a smile and reassuring him, “Yes, it was better than anything I could have imagined.”

He relaxed and lazily ran his fingers over your skin and basking in contentment before making the decision to actually get up.

“We have dinner reservations.” He spoke, offering you a hand when you tried to stand up next to him.

“How about a shower first?” You proposed seeing as both of you were covered in sweat and… other raunchy substances.

“Always a forward thinker,” He chuckled, “This is why I’m dating you.”

“Are you sure it’s not my killer ass?” You wiggled it as you walked to the bathroom, jumping as Ashton slapped it playfully.

Oh that too, of course.”

hey kid, wanna see something? [shadily opens jacket, revealing hundreds of pictures of my dog]