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What Fstop and ISO setting and such do you think worst best when shooting at night a fire pit? Or just at night in general with a portrait?

That answer is going to vary wildly depending on how bright the fire is, how close you are to the fire, and how close the subject is to the fire, etc, etc. Just play around with the settings around the fire to find a proper exposure, although you’ll be better off with a lens that can shoot wide open at f/1.8. The same can be said in regards to portraits at night. 

Mitchie Harper || 19 || FC: Tay Jardine || Lead Vocals || RESERVED

Mitchie is the lead singer for the Pop Punk/Alternative band the Dirty Flesh. Since finding a woman in the business of rock music is hard, a lot of people think that Mitchie is a bitch. But if you had the time to talk to her, she is actually really sweet. Although she has a hard edge and is known for her excessive use of sarcasm, Mitchie really isn’t all sour. She grew up with her single father, who was a musician, and has always been around music. Anything other than music as a career, wasn’t really an option for Mitchie. Now that she has one of the most successful bands in the country, she and her father couldn’t be prouder. When she first started in the Dirty Flesh, she and Nate had a bit of a fling. Now, its sort of awkward between them, but they’ve mostly gotten over it.

Secret: Up to RPer

Amara Santos FC

OC Name:Yoli Gomez

Grade: Senior/ 17

Yolanda ‘Yoli’ Gomez has been a CCD girl from the time of her birth. Her mother was one and so was her grandmother and great-grand mama. She is the daughter of Cassandra July remember her a Former broadway star and NYADA dance instructor?. She maintains a relativity stable head though being so privileged  Being that she comes from such a rich background. Yoli is the kind of girl that goes after what she wants. She is one of the head girls at CCD, best friends with Jenifer Moore. She runs her own dance studio outside of CCD open to all.

Yvette Rosier || Slytherin || 5th Year || Pureblood || FC: Emma Roberts || OPEN

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Madeline Thompson / 18 / Senior / Sexuality Up To Player / FC: Emma Stone

Funny, comedic and sexy, Madeline Thompson is close to Julie Stanford and Joanna Varela, the three of them naming themselves the ‘Three Musketerettes’ when they were younger. During a house party a few years back, Madeline was passed out drunk in a bedroom with her ex-boyfriend when he tried to take advantage of her, but Julie interrupted them in time. Madeline believes she owes Julie everything and now has walls built up around her, afraid to let anyone in except for her best friends.

Through ups and downs, the three continued to stay friends, but now that one of them is gone, will Madeline’s relationship with Joanna change at all?

Sybill Trelawney || Hufflepuff || 7th Year || Half-Blood || FC: Amanda Seyfried || OPEN

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FC: Marie Avgeropoulos
Age: 18
Year: Freshman
Traits: Naive, Agressive, Responsible

Laura never really had a normal life. Though many people at the school can say this – Laura’s is a whole ‘nother level. Being born from a tube is something not many people can say. Laura’s “mother” who worked with Weapon X made Laura with the idea of being a clone of Wolverine. After 23 tries, Laura was born. Laura grew up under the surveillance of the Weapon X program, hoping to make her into a weapon and one day kill Wolverine. After years of conditioning Laura become one of the most sought after assassins at the mere age of 11. A few years passed and Laura’s was being used by Zander Rice for his own dirty deeds, Laura’s mother found that Zander had been making more clones similar to Laura and told Laura to destroy the clones. Then Zander laced Laura’s mother with the ‘Trigger Scent’ and caused Laura to kill her own mother. S..H.I.E.L.D was informed of the facility being destroyed and immediately took action, taking Laura into custody. At first they had to keep her in a room to get her to calm down and accept where she was. Now out of the dreadful room, Laura is being introduced to other young people by making her a student at S..H.I.E.L.D University. Will Laura learn how to be more than a weapon? Or will she be haunted by what happened at the facility forever?


Eva reopened!

Evangeline “Eva” Mathers / 18 / Senior / Sexuality Up To Player / FC: Amber Heard

Everyone who went to Brightsgrove knew that you could either be friends with Eva or Julie. Never both. Eva was the opposite of Julie Stanford—she was someone who didn’t care if she hurt anybody’s feelings, as long as it made her feel better about herself, she had no problem saying whatever she wanted to come out of her mouth. Girlfriend of the equally popular Vincent Hudson, she has been cheating on him with one of the guys in the school’s basketball team, as she never had any romantic feelings for Vincent.

After Julie Stanford’s death she became friendly to everyone. Eva had always been jealous of Julie and how kind and friendly to everyone she was. She wanted to be liked for who she was, not because she knew humiliating gossip or because they wanted to hook up with her.

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April Young | 17 | Human

After the death of her father, April’s life was a bit of a mess. She has just been trying to make it through and has just recently graduated. She has since received had official notice that, once she turns eighteen, she will be eligible to join the founder’s council, taking up her father’s space. In the meantime, she’s working on her college applications, wondering whether or not she should go further in a field or just stick with the idea of Whitmore.


Katerina Greengrass || Slytherin || 6th Year || Pureblood || FC: Minka Kelly || OPEN

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FC: Sara Hyland

OC: July Moore

Soph. 15

July Moore is known for being the daughter of the headmistress, or the sister of the famous Jenifer queen bee, or sister of asshole player Joseph; but she hates that. She wants to make herself known for something else. Something scandalous herself. Care to find out how she will get known? Create it yourself.