Questions and Non-Existent Answers (CEO Luke Hemmings)



When. When the hell was the last time you could breathe properly? When the hell was the last time you could sleep peacefully? 

To be one-hundred percent, completely honest, not in a few months…? Probably since the last night he was there, holding you as you slept, peaceful, only for the morning to completely destroy it all. Then you found yourself alone.

Get up… Get up!” he screamed in your ear.

“Baby, it 6:15am… I’m going back to sleep…” You pulled the blanket over your head, which was suddenly pulled off and you were dragged out of the bed. “Okay, what the fucking hell, you asshole?”

“Get your shit, and get out,” he seethed.

“Babe, what’s going on?” You tried to sound calm, but it only made him angrier.

“I’m done, I’m done! It’s over, I’m free of you… Be gone!” 

You don’t know why, but no tears came to your eyes. Maybe you were tired, maybe you were too confused, maybe this was all just a dream and you were just reacting to him falling in the shower… again. You walked over to your shard closet slowly, watching him, and packed the stuff that was yours, not the fancy gowns that he had bought you, and walked to the door of your apartment.

“Wh–” You were cut off by the door slamming in your face. And that’s how your friend found you, sobbing on the curb at 6:30am.

Y/N, you gotta get up, it’s been two months, and the few times you’ve ever been out of the house are to see your family, and if I drag you to the grocery store.

A wail came from the other side of the room. Y/F/N groaned and walked over the the little girl who emitted the noise. Yeah, your best friend married strait out of college and got pregnant not much after.

“Hi, Carolina,” she said to the tiny baby in her arms. 

The door opened, and Y/F/N’s husband walked in. “Hi, love! Y/N, there’s a letter for you.” He handed you a rather large envelope. You opened it and pulled out a folder. You pulled out the first of many documents:

Dear Miss Y/N,

Please sign below regarding that you have been romantically associated with CEO, Luke Hemmings, of Hemming Corporations, for the past four years. Do not discard this document, this is a legal document regarding a romantic associated between two persons under law. Please sign below.

What the hell was this? You quickly signed the document, put it in the designated return envelope, and put it in your mailbox. You looked at your phone, then opened your text messages.

To: Luke Hemmings

What the fuck did I just get in the mail?

You texted him. Your phone buzzed after a few seconds.

From: Luke Hemmings

Just sign the damn document and fucking send it to me asap

You rolled your eyes and put your phone away, not planning on replying to your ex.


From: Luke Hemmings

I know you read that

From: Luke Hemmings

Y/N call me when you’re not being a bitch

From: Luke Hemmings

Ok, I apologize, just call me as soon as you can

You quickly went to his contact and pressed his phone number, calling the bastard himself.

“Ba– Y/N,” he stated professionally.

“Luke, what do you want to tell me?”

“Come down to my office. Now.”

“Look, I don’t have time for your shit right now, I shouldn’t even be talking to you, nonetheless receiving legal documents about our shitty relationship. Just answer my fucking question, Hemmings. What the fuck is the document?” you demanded.

“Come to the–”


“Y/N, please. You don’t ever have to talk to me again afterwards, just… please, come to my office.”

“Fine.” You groaned, almost inaudible, and hung up, grabbing your car keys and driving to the tall and shiny office building in the center of Y/T/N. You walked through the lobby, avoiding everyone’s eye contact that stopped and stared at you. You walked to the front desk, so that you could get access to Luke’s floor.

“Alice… May you please let me up?” you asked the girl sitting there.

“Y– Y/N! Yes! Of course!” She rushed from behind the desk, and walked to the elevator with you, scanning the card, and pressing the button for floor number 63. You strutted out of the elevator and to the largest room on the floor, positioned right through the lobby doors, to the left, another left, and straight ahead until you reached the door with a plaque on it that said:



You didn’t even knock. You walked right in to see your ex staring at his computer screen. You doubt he even knew you were in there. The office looked the same as you remembered. And that was the bad thing.

The way you remembered was when he had pictures of the trips you took together. And the shared favorite amongst the two of you was when he decided that for your third anniversary that he would throw you a surprise, and when you found out, you launched yourself onto him and kissed him. There were fireworks, literal fireworks, and the photographer captured it all. It sat right on his desk in the frame his niece made for him. It was a wooden frame with a silver line painted around the edge and a golden-dotted lining. It sat on the right side of his desk. Right where it was now. You hoped he hadn’t replaced it.

“Luke?” He looked up at you, surprised.

“I– I didn’t know you were coming…”

“I told you I was.”

“I must’ve not heard, or I would’ve cleaned up a bit.” He blushed.

“What the hell is going on?”


Fix It

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Jeff Atkins x Reader
Request: No.
Word Count: 1,538
A/N: So I had the idea to do this earlier and…now I’m sad. I didn’t go into too much detail with this one, but bear with me for the beginning. Please leave requests and yeah…That’s really all I have to say. If you want to ‘enhance’ the experience, a song you can listen to while reading this is Surrender - IAMX and then also Easier - Mansionair. Enjoy!
Warnings: Mentions of Suicide attempt
Italics = You, Bold = Jeff, Bold Italics = Friend’s mom
(Y/F/N) = Your Friend’s Name, (Y/F/LN) = Your Friend’s Last Name

 Your heart raced as you picked up your bag and dashed out of the classroom. Voices from behind called out your name, but the sound became faded as you neared to main doors. You were upset, beyond upset. (Y/F/N) had been emitted to the hospital earlier that day, and it broke you heart. They’ve been with you through everything, they were always there for you and you couldn’t stand to know that they were hurting. The newly brought pain pricked at you as you sprinted to the hospital, you decided it would take too long to drive, you needed to be with your friend now. The run was shorter than you had expected, but still you were out of breath. You burst through the glass doors of the building and leaned over to try and catch your breath. The people there turned to look at you, and a few even asked if you needed help, but you waved them off. Slowly you walked up to the front desk and asked for your friend. The lady, who was wearing a knee length white dress, eyed you before speaking. “Excuse me Ma'am, only family members are allowed to see Mrs. (Y/F/LN) at this time.” Your hands balled into fists and you shook your head, “Excuse me but-” “It’s okay, she’s with me.” (Y/F/N)’s mother put a hand on your shoulder while looking at the lady behind the desk. She politely smiled before motioning for me to follow her. You took this time to examine her, and it was obviously that she’d been crying. The stains from her tears left that part of her face a different color, she was still dressed in her work clothes but they looked wrinkled and sloppy. You both arrived at the elevator and stepped in. Mrs. (Y/F/LN) pushed the button that would take you guys to the appropriate floor and leaned back. It was quiet because you were the only two, and you didn’t know if you should ask about the situation or not. You’d spaced out looking at the floor, but was brought back into reality when the elevator ‘dinged.’ The doors opened, and Mrs. (Y/F/LN) exited first with you following close behind. She stopped at a room with the number 537 printed next to the door. It was odd, she didn’t move to go inside, but rather just stood there. It seemed that she’d drifted into thought, and you’d really felt bad for her. You could see that she was learning how to cope with it all, and you knew it wasn’t easy. The sound of the doorknob twisting was brought to your attention, and the doctor stepped out. He kindly smiled, moving around to get to where he needed to be. Your throat became dry as you stepped into the bright, white room. (Y/F/N) was lying in the bed, with a mask over their face. Their eyes were closed and it looked to be that they were sleeping. But everything was so real, you could see the hint of pain written all over them. You sat down in the seat next to the bed and grabbed your friend’s hand. The mother walked back in and quietly sat next to you. “I guess I never told you why (he/she) is here.” She looked drained, and you thought it was weird what grief could do to you in a short amount of time. “It was a suicide attempt, overdose to be exact, (Y/F/N)’s in a coma and the doctors don’t know if (he/she) will make it.” You wondered if she could hear you heart break, because to you it was loud. You were blaming yourself for everything, and you thought that maybe (Y/F/N) had accused you of not caring before attempting to take their life. The tears rolled down your smooth cheek, but it was silent. It was the type of agony that was hushed, the type of agony that didn’t show exactly what you were feeling. Because in reality you wanted to bawl, and not in silence. You wanted to scream, and show everyone that you were hurting. The ringer on your phone went off, and you stepped outside to take the call. It was your boyfriend Jeff Atkins. You were debating on whether or not to tell him what happened but you knew, at the end of the day, that you’d need him. “Hello?” Your breath was shaky as you answered the phone. “Hey, what happened to you?! You just left, is something wrong?!” Jeff was practically yelling and you moved the phone away from your ear until he finished speaking. “I’m at the hospital, can you…I need-please?” You had tried forming a proper sentence but your voice was failing you. “I’m on my way okay?” You didn’t answer but dropped your arm to the side of your body. Turning, you walked to the end of the hall to take the elevator down to the first floor. Upon reaching the ground floor, you walked into the waiting room and sat in one of the cushioned blue chairs. You leaned your head against the wall, waiting for Jeff to arrive. It took him about thirty minutes to get there, and when he walked through the door you saw he was carrying two bags. “What’d you buy?” Taking the seat next to you, he pulled out some small baggies with sandwiches in them. “I thought you’d be hungry.” You took one of the bags as he handed you a bottle of water. Instead of digging in, you put your head on his shoulder. Jeff then pulled out a notepad and a black pen, handing it over to you. “I didn’t think you’d want to talk about it, so I thought maybe you’d write about it.” Setting the food aside, you took the materials and set them in your lap. “My friend tried to overdose,” “(Y/N) you don’t have to-” “And I blame myself, for everything.” As much as you tried to blink away your tears, it didn’t work. They were stronger then last time, you were crying. Jeff pulled you into his lap, and rubbed your back. You buried your face into his neck and continued to cry. When your wails had died down you started again, “I could’ve saved (him/her), but I wasn’t there enough. I didn’t listen enough, I…I didn’t care enough.” “Stop, stop…you can’t blame yourself for something like this.” You could hear that he was crying too, “I hate seeing you like this. It’s a terrible thing, yes, but you can’t do anything about it. Maybe we’ll never know why they did what they did but you shouldn’t blame yourself for it.” “I messed up…” “You’re only human (Y/N).” You stayed silent for a while, in the comfort of your boyfriend’s lap. You’d become tired from the amount of crying earlier and fell asleep.
   You woke up and it felt like you had only been asleep for a few minutes. Your eyes were red, and stung a bit. Jeff was already up and kissed your temple, “Morning beautiful.” You chuckled, knowing you looked like mess but that was Jeff, a complete sweetheart. You got up to stretch and decided that you’d go upstairs to check on your friend again. “You coming?” You asked. He got up and followed you to the elevator. When you reached the floor, multiple doctors and nurses kept running out of the same room. Mrs. (Y/F/LN) came out with her hands covering her face and walked towards you grabbing your hand. “You’ve been a good friend, but I think you should go now honey.” “What’s going on, is (Y/F/N) okay? What’s happen-” “Just please…you should go.” You’d guess that Jeff go the message because he pulled you back to leave. You weren’t slow, you had an idea of what happened but you didn’t want to believe it. “Your mother has been blowing up your phone, I should get you home.” Jeff had carried you to the car and put your seatbelt on for you. You didn’t really move around because you felt dead inside without your best friend. His hand found you thigh, and rubbed it in a comforting motion, “It’s okay babe, you’re gonna be okay.”
   Soon you had arrived home, greeted by your mother yelling out at you. You left Jeff downstairs to explain what had happened, and walked up to your bedroom. Not bothering to change clothes, you laid down on your back looking up at the ceiling. Jeff walked in not too long after and crawled on top of you, laying his head on your chest. Your hands instantly started playing with his hair, and for a minute you forgot just exactly what you were dealing with. “I know you’ve tried your best, and I know you’re hurting but…you shouldn’t beat yourself up. I know your heart is broken but I can fix it.” “Hold me.” You sounded desperate and you were. He rolled over to your side before putting his arms around you. “Get some sleep, it’s been a rough day.” Jeff left a few kisses on your neck and closed his eyes. But what he didn’t know as he drifted to sleep was that you weren’t nearly as broken anymore.


azlouise  asked:

I'm a black writer of sff and I'm feeling really discouraged because I can't find a community of other black folks writing similar stuff. Do you have any advice or recommendations on this topic? I'd really appreciate it!

Building a Community for Fellow Sci-Fi/Fantasy [Black] Writers of Color 

Build it and they will come. Sometimes when you can’t find the community you’re looking for, you have to create it.

The Small Details

  • If you’re going to do the preparations in starting a community, made sure you’ve got a place to meet, like an unoccupied classroom, a library room, coffee shop, a closed group page, etc.
  • It’s important to figure out what you want from this community. Is it for exchanging writing and providing constructive criticism? Sharing your woes? Helping each other with publishing resources? A little bit of it all? Again, gather ideas of what people want from the club and set your sights small then expand as you can handle.
  • Be prepared for the time and labor that comes with it. It may be a labor of love, certainly, and comes with many benefits, but if time is tight, do assure you can scoop up adequate time to dedicate to such a group before starting. Perhaps frequency of meeting will be monthly or bi-weekly vs. weekly. Also, get help if you need to, like a backup or co-chair. You don’t have to run the whole show.

Starting a writing community

Start an online, or local community for Black Science Fiction/Fantasy writers. It may be easier to start aiming at a specific community and gaining traction there, vs. say gathering folks in the whole state.

Places to start a community:

  • For an online community, there’s website such as Goodreads, Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit, other forum sites…
  • If you’re in school and it’s allowed, starting a group within the school is a start, or just advertising it as a separate from school deal while welcoming your community as fellow students as members.
  • There’s also your neighborhood and neighboring ones, and expanding with need or if you have the capacity.

Getting the word out:

  • Advertise your group in the right places, when appropriate/allowed. Such as Diverse SF/F forums on Goodreads, libraries, free bulletin boards, or buying a small classified space.
  • On that last point, if you’ve got a community newspaper that is “friendly” towards diversity, see if they would want to write a story about your group. You may have to have one established first, but an article would definitely help build traction.
  • Additionally, It might be useful to gather interest before making any big decisions. See if folks would want to join this community and give them a contact email to reach out and express their interest and what they’d want from the community if they’d join. 
  • If it’s an online community you’re building: you may have to be a bit of a spammer and namedrop your community website and details when appropriate and welcome. You could also do this on online pages for local places, but again when allowed and where it’ll be welcome and not annoying.
  • Social Media Recommendations: 
  • FiyahLitMag is speculative fiction for Black writers. If you use Twitter, perhaps you should start following Black writers you meet via these connections. -Jess 
  • There’s also a Twitter account called Blerds (Black nerds) that might be a resource as well. -Shira

Search harder.

  • The group you’re looking for may already be out there and you just haven’t found it yet. It’ll be easier to join than start one. Get creative and persistent in your search terminology and flip through forums and websites with active communities.
  • Have you tried or similar meetup forums and sites? Are you looking at the community boards, local classes being offered? (Note: Meetup might also be a good place to post and organize your club)
  • If you’re not interested in starting your own thing, you may decide to be more open to SF/F communities that are for Writers of Color and add that into your search too. There’s likely to be Black authors within the group if you still wish to connection with mainly them, too.

I know there’s more helpful advice out there on starting a writing community than I can provide, so give some more searching a go. Good luck!

~Mod Colette

००Yo! Steppin’ out in the New York streets is, (Your First and Last name)! Word ‘round here is shortie came straight from (WHERE YOU’RE FROM) and is (AGE)! You ain’t gone believe it but they sayin’ he/she is (YOUR ASSOCIATION TO BLACK OR DOMINICAN FAMILY IF YOU’RE NEUTRAL AND NOT APART OF EITHER FAMILY, JEST CREATE A SHORT TAG LINE).


(Short quote here)

  • 1-3 Paragraphs about character
  • 1-3 Paragraphs about character
  • 1-3 Paragraphs about character

⍅ Personality;

Positive Traits:

Negative Traits:




∞ –Lemme take ya back…like I do so well…




What’s going on?

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Gifs not mine –> credit to the owners.


Can you write a tony stark daughter one? She’s in high school and is dating a guy that no one on the team trusts. Tony gets peter to spy on them at school and he finds out the guy is controlling and aggressive with her. She comes home from a particularly bad date with him in tears cause he got physical when he caught Peter spying.

“Sir, apparently your daughter is trying to make her way out of the tower. Should I keep closed the elevator?” I can’t believe F.R.I.D.A.Y as she tells me this. Why the fuck (Y/N) is trying to sneak off the tower at 1 a.m. 

“Yes. Don’t let that door open F.R.I.D.A.Y or I swear I will override your commands” Quickly I left the machines I was using in the table and run my way out of the lab and encounter my daughter tip toing her way to the elevator. She is using a skirt that is too short for my like. Oh my god I sound like a grandpa now but my little girl is looking like a girl I would use to bang in a party and I don’t want no one to think that way of my princess. “Hey,dude, what’s going on?” She flinches at my voice and slowly turns around looking at me now. 

“Oh dad I thought you were with Pepper now. Isn’t it date day?” Of course she is trying to distract me. After all she is a Stark.

“And I thought you were sleep in your room but look how things can change without realizing it. Now tell me what’s going on?” She evades my look and tries to pull her skirt down. 

“My friends wanted to go to a bar downtown and I really want to join them” Of course, their “friends” was her excuse. 

“Oh that’s weird considering you were with your underage friends doing homework a few hours ago, you know here at the main room my underage daughter was doing homework with their underage friends who can go to bars because they are underage and i don’t know maybe too nerds to go to a bar and break the rules” She hisses at me and I can see how she looks exactly like me.

“You are also a nerd and let me tell you that you go to a lot of bars Dad” I laugh at her statement.

“(Y/N) you are not going to go out like this, it’s not even the weekend for you to go out and I’m sure your friends are not going. You are trying to sneak off with a bar with that boyfriend of yours that I don’t like” She crosses her arms and makes her way to me.

“Okay yes, I’m going out with Mike but you don’t get to tell me what to do or who I can date” Okay now she’s angry but I need to make my point.

“Yes I can (Y/N), you are my 18 year old daughter who lives under my roof and follows my instruction. I can’t  tell you who you date but I can tell you when to go out with him and I’m sure you will not go out with him today. Now go to your room and you will not get out from it until tomorrow in order to go to school” She lets out a few curse words and walks furiously to her room slamming the door showing me how angry she is. But of course I know she will not stay there, she is a Stark for fuck’s sake and she will found her way out without me or F.R.I.D.A.Y realizing it. I take my phone away and quickly call Peter.

“Yes Mr Stark?” He answers me after the third tone with a sleepy voice.

“Hey kid. I need you to do something. (Y/N) is in danger and I need you to watch her” I know that by saying this he will instantly wake up. I have known for a while that Peter is head over heels for my daughter.

“(Y/N)? Is she okay? What can I do?” I laugh in my mind and I keep on talking.

“I need you to follow her. I’m sure she will leave the tower in like five minutes and she will encounter her awful and jerk boyfriend. She told me he was taking her to a bar downtown but I don’t know exactly where they will be. Just follow them from a distance and let them don’t see you. If she’s in danger take part in the scene. If not just take care of her and don’t let that jerk do anything to my baby girl. Can I trust you Parker?”

“Yes yes of course. I will follow them Mr. Stark. Do not worry about it” I hang up and as I go to my room for a good sleep I can hear F.R.I.D.A.Y telling me that (Y/N) override her commands and make her way out the tower. After all she is a Stark, what can I say?


“Sir. Mr. Parker is at (Y/N)’s room with her. I can sense a heart beat rhythm faster than the other” I quickly stand up from my bed and run to my daughter’s room and as I enter I encounter Peter holding (Y/N) in his arms and she is sobbing hard but hugging him.

“Hey,dude, what’s going on?” They quickly react to my voice and Peter let her run to my arms and I quickly surround her with my arms.

“Oh daddy please forgive me. You were right, the team was right. Mike is a jerk. Please forgive me for sneaking off” She is sobbing while she makes her confession and I watch Peter stand up from the bed, I put my hand in (Y/N)’s cheek but she quickly flinchs. I react with the same speed and I request F.R.I.D.A.Y to turn on the lights to watch the big bruise in my baby girl cheek.

“Don’t you worry. Mike saw me spying on them and he quickly hit (Y/N) but I react and I can assure he will never be near (Y/N) again in his life, if he can even remember her after the hit he took” I quickly thank him as (Y/N) speaks again.

“Daddy I’m alright I swear. I will never be with him again. But, can you leave me alone with Peter please? I just want to sleep and I’m sure Peter too. Do you mind if he can stay the night here with me?” 

“No of course no. I trust him” I smile at both of them as I leave I can see that Peter is hugging her and kissing her forehead. I hope that she takes the right decision now…

Mornings After Shots [Jason Todd x Reader]

Prompt: “For the Jason Todd x Reader, what if you were platonic roommates but one night y'all went shot for shot and now you’re waking up in Jason’s bed with an arm around you? 👀😏 doesn’t have to be nsfw, maybe just implied?

A/N: Okay guys! Here’s the collab I did with @redhoodshood! Part 1 is over on her blog so go check it out loves! I loved writing this and I hop you all enjoy it!

Warning: Sexual themes implied

Friends Night Out - Part 1


The next morning you felt strange. Not just from the major hangover you had, but there was something else. You’re having trouble remembering anything from last night, just ordering shots with Jason. Everything after was just cloudy. What happened?

Cracking one eye open you looked around the floor, seeing your discarded clothes. Then noticing you were wearing someone else’s shirt and nothing else, feeling the weight of an arm around your waist. ‘Shit, did I have a one night stand or something?’ you thought. You weren’t one to normally do this but sometimes your drunk self can be a little wild.

You felt the bed shift before hearing someone exhale behind you. Feeling the arm around your waist pull you into a hard, bare chest. Then a nose nuzzle into the back of your neck before feeling the mystery person relax, having fallen back to sleep.

When curiosity got the best of you, you decided to peer over your shoulder to see who your drunk self had chosen. Your eyes trailed up the blanketed figure’s body before you reached his face. Your jaw dropped and cheeks flushed upon seeing who’s arm was around you. “Oh my god” whispering to yourself, not loud enough for him to stir.

The person currently spooning you, is your roommate. Your fully PLATONIC roommate! How could you sleep with Jason?!

Panicking you carefully slipped from his grasp before scooping up your clothes and undergarments and rushing into your own room. “Oh my god! I slept with..! How could I sleep with..?” hiding your face in your hands. Memories slowly coming back in chunks from the prior night.

You remembered the shots, the longing glances you both made, calling a cab to take you both home, then out of nowhere Jason attacks your lips in the back of the cab. The last thing you remember is how it got heated and the cabby yelled at the both of you to save it for when you’re out of his cab. Though some chunks were still coming back.

Scratching at your arm nervously, ‘What if he remembers? What if I’ve ruined our friendship? What if –?’ Your thoughts were cut off by a knock on your door.

“Uh, just a minute!” you called before scrambling to your dresser to pull on a pair of panties and sweatpants. “Alright, it’s open” calling once more.

Watching as the knob turned and door cracked open, “[F/n]?” hearing Jason’s voice before seeing him. Coming in your room he couldn’t meet your eyes, a light pink tinging his cheeks. You didn’t often see Jason blushing or flustered so this told you, he remembers something from last night.

“Yes Jason?” timidly playing with your hands.

“I, uh, do you remember last night?” Your cheeks flushed again, nodding you answered “vaguely.” Recalling the memories you had, and the ones still returning. “So you remember…” His voice trailing off quietly. You nodded again, “Some.”

He rubbed his face before coming to sit next to you on the bed. You watched his movements, it’s not that you’re uncomfortable, just embarrassed. Really embarrassed. It would be a lie if you said you had no attraction or feelings whatsoever toward Jason. In fact you actually cared a lot for him, but never told him due to fear of rejection. Jason attracts the most beautiful women, them often becoming apart of his night fully.

You never thought you could compare to them. But remembering the way he kissed you in the cab, it felt like more than just a one night stand type of kiss. You felt a neediness and passion behind it. Even though you both were drunk off your asses.

Jason shifted next to you, “[F/n] I…” he began, “Last night, was it a mistake?” His tone was unsure and seemed to sound like he was hoping that it wasn’t. You looked at him a bit shocked, “I-I don’t know, do you think it was a mistake?”

He sighed before shaking his head, “[F/n] I-I, I’ve had feelings for you for a long time. I never told you because I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship or put you in harm’s way with the dangers that come with me being Red Hood. Now, I understand if you don’t return them, o-or want me to leave. Just after what happened, I figured now’s a better time than any and I don’t know if I can bottle them up any longer.”

Your eyes widened when processing his words. “B-but, if you felt or feel that way, why do you bring home women all of the time? I-I never thought that…” keeping your eyes from his. Knowing how good he is at reading people, he’d see right through you.

“I just needed something to help me with my needs~” he smiled. You chuckled at the statement, “I, um. I feel the same.” smiling at him. His eyes widened when looking at you, “About the ‘needs’ or?” unsure of your meaning.

“About our feelings toward each other. I feel the same.” Confirming your answer for him. He beamed before pouncing on you. Eagerly connecting his lips to yours, feeling his relief, the kiss getting heated rather quickly.

He pinned you underneath him while you continued, even more memories of the night before being jogged. He pulled away smirking, “I’ve been waiting to do that consciously for a long time.” Smiling back up at him you teased, “I know the feeling.” After saying that he connected his lips to yours again, feeling the same passion from the other night, along with the neediness. But this time you felt something else… Love.

So I am queen, and I will hold the throne in faith for my son. And I will stay queen until he is fit to rule.

Full Name
:  Medusalith Amaquelin
Codename:  Medusa
Age: 25-29
Clearance Level: Graduate / TA
Classification:  Inhuman
Personality:  [ determined by player ]


     -  Medusa is the eldest of two children born to Inhuman nutritionists: Ambur and Quelin, and a member of the Attilan’s Royal Family.
    -   Exposed at infancy to the Terrigen Mist, Medusa was endowed with hair that she could manipulate like appendages
    -   During her childhood, Medusa and Black Bolt kindled a friendship and soon blossomed into love upon his release at 18.
    -  Stranded on a Meditreanan island after her sky craft crashed leading to amnesia, Medusa was discovered by the Wizard. Readily agreeing to join his cause she fought against her own people. it was Gorgon who brought her back safely.
    -  Her life with the Royal family was anything but sound, as banishment to poisoning, Medusa became the public face of the Inhuman
    -   She agreed to join SHIELD’s staff alongside Black Bolt in hopes of studying the human culture and society, but like most has her own agenda.




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Title: Crescendo 

Fandom: Star Trek

Relationship: Bones x Reader

Prompt: (from @kaitymccoy123) ‘Okie you get the colour orange* and the prompt “I never believed in soulmates until I met you.”’

*Orange - enthusiasm, fascination, deceit, creativity, a cold popsicle on a hot day (I interpreted this one as ‘not standing a chance’), success, jumping-up-and-down-in-your-chair-excitement, shifty eyes

Warnings: vulgarities, mentions of sex, Bones made a very stupid decision, a poor hotel room got wrecked, it got a little angsty

A/N: This is for @kaitymccoy123 ‘s The Spring Has Sprung Challenge (if for some crazy reason you still aren’t following her, go follow her! you won’t regret it!)! I already knew that I wanted to write for Bones, but when got my color and prompt I whooped because how can I have that assignment and not write a Soulmate fic??????? Soulmate fic’s are my weakness!!

In this Soulmate!AU, you receive a small, black, capsule-like Pill on your eighteenth birthday. Once it’s ingested, your Mark will appear within 24 hours and it will be your primary way of finding your Soulmate. Although, it’s not the only way you can find them. Skin-on-skin contact with your SM will result in a Bond snapping into place. The Bond will allow not only a sharing of emotions, but also a sharing of thoughts. It’s next to impossible to ignore the Bond once it’s been started.

Hope you enjoy!! :D

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Cupid's bow

Originally posted by almost-anything-imagine

Clint x reader

Warnings: none

Clint, suited up for yet another mission, picked up his bow and started stocking the quiver at his back. from time to time the action would make the tattoo on his wrist visible and every time he saw it—the bow inked on his skin, he couldn’t help himself. He would smile, even if that translated to just the tiniest quirking up of his lip.

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John Laurens x Reader- The Winters Ball

Summary- you meet John at the winters and basically turn into Eliza during helpless

Warning- none

You stared at yourself in the mirror, wanting to rip this stupid dress off and burn it, put on a nightgown and slip into bed with a book. You were being forced to go to this year’s Winters Ball. Even though you were born into upper class society and raised to be like the people you were surrounded by daily, you hated hanging out with them and them in general. They were all so snobby and full of themselves, well, except the Schuyler’s.

For the past few months, ever since your brother went to war, you’ve been staying with them. You were close to all the sisters, grew up with them. They were basically your only friends growing up and only friends now. About a week ago, your brother sent you a letter asking you to attend the ball. According to him, even if you hated them, you were still a Washington.

The only reason you agreed is so that you could see George again, you missed him.

“I don’t want to go!” you yelled at Eliza as you turned to face her, who was finishing up herself.

“You have to.” she shot back.

“Everybody ready?” you heard Angelica yell. You let out a loud groan as you put on your shoes and headed downstairs.

“Come on, it will be fun.” Peggy smiled, running up behind you and pushing you down the stairs. She loved these things.

“Sure it will.” you said sarcastically.

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I am a girl and during my first playthrough of DAO, I played a female Surana. I immediately fell in love with Morrigan’s personality (and appearance, let’s be honest). I was convinced that a rebel and unconventional sorceress like her would be open to f/f relationships. What a disappointment when I eventually realized we wouldn’t be more than friends ! Then I turned to Alistair and really, deeply, enjoyed that romance. But he was my second choice, the romance was heartbreaking and I still feel that the game should have opened f/f relationships with Morrigan. Leliana is just boring.