pidge: why a shark?

lance: are you kidding me? think about it. i’m in the cryopod. i’ve been napping for 10,000 years. if i’m cracked open before i’m finished cooking, some alien might get the jump on me! but if a shark is there? any jerk would think twice before trying to mess with me.

keith: aren’t sharks dangerous?

lance: first of all NO, and second of all FUCK JAWS. okay, everyone sit down and lemme get my powerpoint on sharks, i have a lot to teach you guys and it’s already kind of late.

aesthetics for the signs

aries: red lipstick; bonfires; laughter; crop tops
taurus: cozy living rooms; all-you-can-eat buffets; sneakers; long nails
gemini: messy buns; sunsets; long drives with the windows open; flowy tops
cancer: cooking shows; cozy sweatpants; waking up early to watch the sunrise; fireplaces
leo: long hair; amusement parks; matte lipstick; glitter
virgo: storms on the beach; knee high socks; libraries; round glasses
libra: cotton candy; statues of angels; pastel pink; big hoodies
scorpio: night drives; vantablack; pointed acrylics; halloween parties
sagittarius: flower fields; summer dresses; brightly lit cafes; beanbag pillows
capricorn: peaceful nights in; deciduous forests; quiet get-togethers; wine
aquarius: skinny jeans; pixie cuts; ice cream palaces; many friends crammed in a small car
pisces: pastels; bath bombs; quiet rainy days; sushi




FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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Tricks, Trust, and Treaties

Loki x Reader

Summary: Loki is allowed to freely roam the compound but he can’t be unsupervised, so you’re assigned to stay behind and babysit him while everyone else goes on a mission. He decides to do something nice for you as a peace treaty, but it blows up in his face - literally.

Warnings: language, fluff, food fights

Word Count: 4973

A/N: I’ve been wanting to write Loki for a long time, but he’s such a deeply complex character that I didn’t know what ‘part’ of him I wanted to go with first, or if I could ever do him the justice he deserves. I’m a sucker for secretly soft, gentle, loving, innocent, caring, wants-to-make-you-proud Loki, so I ended up going with that, but I may try to write other sides of him in the future. I really hope you all enjoy it! <3

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If you are having a very difficult time overcoming sins (whatever it maybe), no matter how much you tried to refrain from it and you gave in each time despite trying your hardest to leave it for Allah but you failed every time. I will advise you with two things & you will find the most strongest and closest connection with Allah.

Firstly, when you commit the sin, seek Allah’s forgiveness as soon as possible. As soon as you realise you have sinned, seek His forgiveness there and then. Don’t give second thoughts about your intentions (stop thinking you will fall into it again) or doubt Allah’s mercy towards you. Just block out everything, breathe in and out until you are relaxed and spend 5 minutes speaking to Allah. Acknowledge your mistake, promise not to do it again, avoid that which brings you to the sin and ask for forgiveness.

After you have done this, don’t think about whether Allah has forgiven you or not. Allah wants to forgive you that’s why He guided you to seek His forgiveness in the first place.

Secondly & this point is very important if you cannot let go of the sin. If you keep falling into this sin, INCREASE YOUR GOOD DEEDS. You done one sin? Do 3 good deeds. You done it again? Increase another 3 good deeds. Don’t focus on the sin here, focus on doing good deeds, why? Because good deeds please Allah, it will bring you closer to Him & they erase bad deeds.

You feel low and filthy because you sinned? Increase your good deeds, let that guilt motivate you to rush you to good so Allah’s mercy and forgiveness reaches you. Allah’s forgiveness is far greater than your sins so let your book of good deeds be greater than your sins too.

Open the Quran & read, cook for your siblings, give them water. Smile at your parents, spend time with them. Help your friend with something, teach someone a Hadith. Give Salam to a stranger. Give charity to the needy.

So if you keep falling in sins, forget the sin. Focus on your good deeds. Sometimes it is in the depths of our sins we find Allah and know Him more than ever.

Shaytaan will do his best to stop you from doing good but do not listen to him, he’s your enemy. He does not want you to have hope in Allah. When you find him whispering to you, remind yourself that perhaps through my sins Allah will bring me close to Him. Perhaps because of my sins, I’m increasing on good deeds which I couldn’t have done otherwise.

Perhaps the effort of striving to please Allah, seek His forgiveness and increase in good deeds will make you a beloved friend of Allah. You are better than your sins, don’t you ever let them get you down. Your Lord is Forgiving, The Most Forgiving, The Pardoner, The Acceptor of repentance, The One who conceals faults. Our Lord is amazing, He loves you so much so love Him back. That’s His right over you, He never gives up on you so please never ever give up on Allah & His mercy.


Wisconsin woman arrested for killing her autistic son by setting him on fire

Amelia DiStasio, 23, was arrested after she fled from her apartment before the Milwaukee Fire Department could respond. A call had come in about smoke coming from Amelia’s apartment, and when the fire department got inside they found Amelia’s 4 year old son’s body inside the bathtub. He had his hands tied behind his back with several belts, and he had a plastic bag placed over his head before he was set on fire. A pet guinea pig was found drowned in it’s cage next to the bathtub.

Amelia was found later the same day walking down a street. Amelia’s father says she suffers from bipolar disorder and needs mental health treatment instead of prison. Amelia was charged with first degree murder and faces life in prison if convicted.

 Shortly before Amelia killed her son her phone was used to make several google searches asking how to kill a cannibal, and how cannibals die. One of the links that was visited was for an online game, and it stated that cannibals should be killed with fire because they like to bathe in oil. An open bottle of cooking oil was found on the counter next to the bathtub where Amelia killed her child. 

Caramel Macchiato

Thank you so much for your love of The Project!

Sorry for the wait! The first draft of this ended up not being the greatest so I rewrote it which took a while. Anywho! I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 3959

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Warnings: Strong language. If this makes you uncomfortable do not read.

Description: Your best friend, Yoongi, tells you one day that he is interested in a girl who started working at BigHit recently. Being the selfless friend you are, you set aside your feelings and help Yoongi out with his newfound feelings. 

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(We do not own this gif. Credit to notjustaphase.)

“Yoongi! Hurry up!” you called from your blanket huddle on the couch. You had been watching a movie together, but Yoongi had left to make more popcorn. You had won rock paper scissors, leaving you with the luxury of staying in your warm pile while you waited for snacks to appear before you.

“Do you expect the popcorn to be done in under a minute? Practice some patience, woman,” Yoongi called back. You groaned, feeling your stomach begin growling. Movie marathons with Yoongi were so long that oftentimes the lazy pair of you would forget to eat.

You zoned out as you stared at the paused TV, your stomach occasionally growling. Suddenly the buttery scent of popcorn filled the room, prompting you to turn your head towards the dark haired boy carrying the popcorn bowl.

“Took you long enough!” you said while shoving your hand greedily into the bowl before your best friend had even sat back down. He gently smacked your hand away, making some yellow, buttery pieces of goodness fall to the floor.

“You are cleaning my floor mister,” you demanded as Yoongi settled down next to you. He groaned, setting the bowl next to him with an amused smirk. You chuckled and reached for the remote to resume the movie you were watching.

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Owned - pt 2

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The door flew open, causing you to jump awake from your sleep.

Namjoon turned on the lights and started to strip out of his suit. His movements were slow and uncoordinated, but it was hard to believe that he was drunk. He never let himself get intoxicated.

“Y/N, how do you unbutton this shirt.” He slurred.

Hearing him speak confirmed your suspicions. He was absolutely wasted.

You got up and helped him with his shirt. He could barely keep his eyelids open.

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Hancock & Sole interactions/relationship

We know that Hancock is a man about the town.  He’s had several relationships in various forms but I don’t think he’s ever had a ‘meaningful’ relationship. 

By this I mean that Sole is probably the first person he’s ever truly loved romantically.

Sure he’s probably had his first crush and infatuations with people but given the type of person Hancock is I imagine these have all ended more or less the same way;

- He’s gotten bored.  

In his youth he says himself that he’d “go on these wild tears.”  Not just chems in my mind but drink, gambling, wild parties, one night stands & sometimes keeping a lover around for a week or two at most. 

I think he’d be too busy exploring life and trying to find any point to living to be able to settle down with any one person in his ‘human’ years. 

As he’s gotten older and especially after he’d risen to power in Goodneighbor he could no longer rely on his good looks but he still had a lot to offer;  A smooth tongue, wealth and influence. 

At this point I can also see a pattern arising in that people would want to be with him selfishly.  They’d be the luxury seeking or power hungry socialites hoping to gain benefits from being with the mayor. 

‘If you love me you’ll do this for me,’ types were probably a sad reality for him.

I say this because he has the line “You want me to take the emotion out of a relationship? I’ve never been the one not doing the askin’ before..” Leaving us in no doubt that he’s broken up with people who’ve gotten too attached to him before now.

Looking at Sole this is someone with pre-war values and who is completely unprepared for life in the Commonwealth.

Survival mode gives us a bit of insight to what life would be like in a ‘real world’ in that we can get ill, poisoned, negative effects from not sleeping or eating properly etc. 

Ignoring the given backgrounds for Nate and Nora even if our oc/sole survivor was based on Bear Grylls they are still utterly and completely unprepared for this new post-apocalyptic world. 

Radiation pollutes everything. Deathclaws, Super Mutants and Feral Ghouls litter the dead landscape and the only recognizable crops are corn and carrots.

My first thought upon leaving the vault in my very first play through was ‘what is this bloodleaf I just found and is it poisonous?’  

An average person that had a Mr Handy robot to cook & clean for them has little chance out there.

“Are you kidding me?  You looked like you’d fallen out of the Vault that day.  I thought I’d see you picking your teeth out of the gutter by sun up.”  

Hancock wasn’t kidding either.  This lost and bewildered little lamb walked into Goodneighbor and he immediately steps in to try and give us a break and a head-start in his town because at first glance he knows sole doesn’t have a foggy clue how politics work, gangs work and later on he expresses genuine surprise that sole can even hold their own in a battle. 

- “Never thought you’d be such a scrapper.”

But through all of this, sole has a genuinely good heart and wants to help people.  I think he is increasingly drawn to this aspect and all the while his respect grows for them as they overcome the brutal chaos the Commonwealth throws at them.

Travelling together I think these two would lapse into an easy relationship.  Hancock tells us in his affinity talks what he gains from their relationship (friendship or romanced) but there is a lot he has to offer sole that he probably doesn’t see since he’ll take it for granted. 

Things like basic survival skills that every child learns as common knowledge those days; 

‘Don’t eat that.’

‘Keep warm at night by doing this.’

‘This will make good shelter - that looks like it would be good for shelter but don’t go there because it’s layout means it’s likely to be full of ferals/molerats.’

‘This is how you start a fire.’

‘This is how you read your surroundings because x, y & z are the most common habits of the dangerous folk out here.’

‘That’s how you get yourself killed.’ 

These are things that literally everyone who has ever left the settlement they were born in has had to learn in order to survive.  But Sole has never needed to survive like this before.  All of this knowledge is new to them. 

Hancock would earn a place of friend, confident and teacher without even knowing how crucial his passing comments and thoughtless lessons are to Sole.

He would become that firm pillar of safety and security that sole needed in their life at that point and because giving these little lessons or doing these common place chores is so effortless and normal to him it would feel like Sole asks for nothing from him.

This would be an unexpected and pleasant change to a life where everyone has only ever wanted him for caps or to be able to run to him to ‘take care’ of someone that’s causing them trouble. 

- “Nice to not be the only muscle for a change.”

 And I think for Hancock a step back from the party and social life to settle into a more domestic pattern would indeed bring him that peace and purpose he’d be hoping and looking for.    

Suddenly he doesn’t have 100 voices from every angle complaining, bickering and asking/demanding that he sort out their petty differences.  

Instead he sits at an open fire cooking a stew he learned to make at his mother’s knee for this absolute novice because they can’t even tell what herbs will kill them.     

Suddenly he isn’t drinking with a group that called him over because he has to keep up appearances or get in with the right crowd.

Instead he’s inhaling some jet on his own terms listening to his companion tell him what the star constellations back in their time where in comparison to the ones he has learned from his father to use as navigation on a cold night.

All the while they are still helping people and making their mark on the world.  

“Suddenly things just feel.. ‘right’.”  

I think this one of the most interesting relationships in the game but Hancock, unfortunately, seems to be one of the more overlooked characters (in-game) in my opinion. 

I say this because his affinity talks are on the same level as most of the others for backstory and character exploration but he is one of the few characters who doesn’t have a personal quest.

I think there are lot of skeletons in his closet (will explore this in another post) but for the most part I think he is a perfect companion for Sole at this time of their life.