OK don’t even get me started about what I freaking adored about “Open Book”

This show does an amazing job with Steven as a character, because he is by no means your “typical” main male character in a kids show. He has genuine insecurities, faults, and most of all he is sensitive. Steven is a boy, but he loves romance, cheesy romance at that. Because Connie was very “Open” about her negative opinion on the ending (which its fine to dislike something), Steven was afraid of being shut out. He was afraid Connie would literally dislike Steven. Hell he thought he was a BAD PERSON. Connie didn’t mean to, but her passion and “sureness” that the ending was all wrong and Steven would agree shut Steven out and made him feel wrong. Made him a closed book. But just like Connie says to him, “Its just a book” 

Its objective opinion. Everyone, no matter what gender, has a different perspective. Your opinion on something can’t DEFINE you. Its what you say or do about it that matters, and Connie was a little too forceful and Steven too shy. They were unconsciously not respecting each other’s opinions. Steven and Connie’s opinions are vastly different. But by the end they BOTH have good points, and they listen and respect each others points of views! Steven saw something one way, Connie another. 

Getting back to the title, its called open book. Maybe the point is that you open your mind up to others while being open about yourself. To make impressions, to speak your voice but to be open to other’s voices. To have ideas and opinions that can make you and others better.

Not only THAT, but this show is SO important for young boys to watch, because its about a boy who likes romance and friendship, he’s peaceful. WE as a society teach boys that being tough and strong is to literally fight and punch hard physically. This episode REVERSED the gender roles. Connie used brute force to deal with the problem, when Steven just asked the fake Connie to stop. And you know what? His sensitivity saved him. His confession was all he needed to do, all the fake asked for. Steven was emotionally strong by confessing his hurt feelings rather then being violent about it. That’s a scary thing to do, confess feelings, but Steven is STRONG like that.

My point is Steven Universe is incredibly important for children to watch, and adults to. It teaches that its OK to have different opinions, that its OK for boys to like romance and be sensitive (and for girls to like powerful non-romantic endings too!!) 

All that matters in the end is RESPECT for one another. To be honest, to be an Open Book. Thats a lesson for any age or any gender that we should all learn :)