I know I planned my reread of The Raven Boys for March but I loved the audiobook narration so much, I’m so tempted all the time to bring that reread forward… then I remember the massive pile of books I’m already reading at the moment, and think the better of it. At nine books on my currently reading pile, I better focus on those books first, then fully immerse myself in The Raven Boys when I’m not juggling so many books anymore.

patchwork-rabbit  asked:

There actually is a slight error in your Rose's Room reading. Connie wasn't able to create anything in there, they even point it out. Steven just wishes for a costume shop, which is filled with basically every clothing article he encountered in the book, including a tunic he thought was red, but according to Connie should be red.

Hi! Thanks for this clarification. I did miss that! 

Connie: Amazing! Okay, my turn. Room, I want to be Lisa. (Nothing happens.) Do I need to be more specific? You were pretty general with the falcon thing.

Steven: Oh, sorry. I guess the room just makes things when I want it. Maybe this won’t work after all…

Connie: Why don’t you just have it make a costume shop?

Steven: Oh yeah, good idea. I want a costume shop!

Source: SU Wiki 

(Also for the benefit of those reading this post, I think the ask has a typographical error as Connie thought the tunic should be black :D )

Anyway, thanks for this! I’ve made the necessary corrections in the original post. To me, though, it doesn’t change the way I interpret the themes and imagery, as well as the function of the room. It was a supporting detail that doesn’t take away from the other details that cause the case to be made.

(Directed to everyone in general) At the same time, I’d like to bring up how this further emphasises the role of the individual and not the room. Once Steven made the costumes and props appear, they were free to be used and manipulated by anyone else in the room, like Connie. They didn’t dissipate or push back against her interacting with them.

And when these objects are being used by others, they aren’t the same anymore. There are completely new imprints and “experiences” made with them and on them by other people. It moves the focus of the fabrications from being solely Steven’s to being a shared thing between him and Connie. This reinforces the function of the room which served to help Rose connect with other individuals.