Just Like Old Times

It had been nearly seven years since Judy and Nick broke up. Almost seven years since they’d last seen each other. Meeting up for drinks, they try to catch up, smooth things over, and hopefully get some closure. However, love and all its other emotions have a funny way of keeping things very much open.

CH. 1
Archive of Our Own, Fan Fiction

CH. 2
Archive of Our Own, Fan Fiction

(Also, to everyone on both websites offering feedback and support, THANK YOU!! It means the world to me and encourages me to write more. I feel so welcomed hehe. Anyway, hope you enjoy y’all. I’m still fairly new, but I’ll try to utilize my tumblr a lot to communicate!)

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Cultural anthropologist John MacAloon discusses Olympic opening ceremonies in this 1984 All Things Considered interview. He says, “To march in that opening ceremony’s parade as a nation is part of the definition of being a nation in the modern world.” Click the play button to listen!

32 years later, Fernando Mireilles, creative director of the 2016 Rio opening ceremony, tells NPR’s The Torch: “Brazilians can look at it and say we are a cool people, we are different ethnic groups, we live together, we never went to war, we are peaceful, we know how to enjoy life and we tend to be happy.”

Call for submissions: International Open Call & Zürich Archive at VOLUMES 2016

This year VOLUMES 2016, the independent publishing fair takes place on the 25th and 26th of November at Gessnerallee Zürich. Would you fancy taking part in one of the two exhibitions showcased this year at the fair?

Here is what you can choose from:
- The International Open Call
This Exhibition acts as a snapshot of the current international production. It is especially designed for all the publishers who cannot come to VOLUMES 2016 in Zürich but still want to showcase their production to the very keen audience we have here.
- The Zürich Archive
A collection of zines and artist books connected to Zürich! The publications can be directly or indirectly related to the city. We want to showcase different layers of experiences that share this same location. We are interested in documentary depictions of the place and snapshots of experiences with the city as a background. It can be photography, short stories, illustrations, collages…

If you are interested in contributing to the International Open Call or/and the Zürich Archive, send one copy of an original independent publication to: VOLUMES c/o Franchette & Veser, Gessnerallee Zürich, Gessnerallee 8, Ch-8001 Zürich, Switzerland before the 1st of November 2016. Important: state your name, the title, the year of completion, the printing technique and “Open Call” or “Zürich Archive” at the back of the envelope (all in capital letters please). ALL publications sent to us will be exhibited at the fair. They will then join our archive, which will be showcased in a Zürich art space as well as being available online.

nopenopenopenopenowaydude  asked:

The account will be closed???? Why???

[[ GJ: Not closed… just VERY VERY VERY inactive… I just dont have a lot of motivation to keep up a hs blog anymore. I had a lot of fun, but its just not as fun anymore and i just dont get a lot of interesting asks anymore. I still like to draw and i default to doodling jade on my notes, but im just kind of not sure about this blog anymore. I appreciate all of my followers and all of the support i have gotten in the past!!! Dont get me wrong!! I just cant see this blog really going anywhere with the conclusion of HS. 

tldr: this blog will be open archive but i wont update here unless i really want to and i want to thank all my great followers who have supported me!!]]


This blog is now no longer in use and I will not be returning to it at any point. It’s been a good run but I feel like it’s time to just pull the plug.

This blog will be remaining open for archive purposes and in case I ever feel nostalgic and want to look through my old stuff again. 

Thanks to all those people who i’ve RP’d with, if you want to find me then i’ll be at my personal @animationatus

This is the mun, signing off one last time.

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Facebook is Still Your Number One Social Media Platform for Direct Sales 

You’re Listening to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show 268. Some people will tell you that Facebook is dead for Direct Sales and Network Marketing. That everyone has moved on to Snapchat and Instagram. Is this true? It’s neither true or false, and here is why Facebook is Still Your Number One Social Media Platform for Direct Sales. 

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Facebook is Still Your Number One Social Media Platform for Direct Sales 

I’m deviating a little from the topic I have been so focused on lately which is mindset, and there is a reason. 

When I started this series, I mentioned BE, DO and HAVE as the key components to success in your Network Marketing business. We have covered much of the BE - who do you want to BE in network marketing? Who do you want to BE in life? Where is your business ultimately going to take you, beyond the STUFF and process of building? 

As we begin to move into HOW, things should be showing up for you. Go back and listen to the show archives, shows, 264-267 and I’ll have links in the shown notes. 

Get your mindset straight on who you want to BE and what we are becoming. As you do this, your mind is going to begin to give you downloads on what you will DO to create this. 

Pay attention to this. 

Facebook and Social Media will be a big part of this, most likely. And Facebook really expands your ability to attract and allow the right people into your business who are aligned with you, your mission and your goals. 

It’s universal law and principal and it must happen. 

I’ve shared my story of taking my business online before. The internet fell into place for me because I had become very aligned with my vision for my life and who I wanted to become. But, I was struggling with making it happen. 

I stayed committed though and things began showing up. 

I started learning the internet. Why? Because I was being guided to do this. 

Today, I am being guided to build my business through my Facebook business page, and Facebook Live, Youtube, my Blog and even some offline networking and in home events. 

And, I am paying attention.  

So, let’s focus on Facebook. 

It’s dominated by women, FYI, which of course is perfect for me and my business. Over 1 billion daily active users. Does that sound dead to you? 

EVERY single day, someone in your exact target audience, who may have been saying no yesterday is saying YES today. Why? Something changed in their life. Downsized, death in the family, illness, birth, relocation, frustration, whatever. It’s happened.  

When you stay consistent on Facebook, sharing your message and your vision, you will attract those right people to you! 

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Here are some ways to use Facebook to attract your right prospects. 

First, create a Facebook business page. This is your “store” on Facebook and the first and easiest place to take people to learn more about you and what you do. Brand yourself and your company and create engaging content and videos. Create custom photo albums that you can easily guide a prospect to, online or offline, to learn more and share your products. And, the business. 

Create a Facebook group for customers and would be customers. Teach, entertain and educate. Notice I didn’t say sell. This is the best way to sell. People will buy when they are given a solid reason. Build trust through education and entertainment. 

Never EVER add someone to a group without their permission. Ask them first and if they say yes, add them. Or give them the link directly after you ask and they say yes. 

Videos are an awesome way to do this and the internet, and facebook love video. Especially live video. Tweet me or message me if you want to see how I am using this in my own business. 

Through your business page and groups you can host events, and events are a great way to expand your message even further. 

Did you know that events you host on a Facebook business page get picked up by Google? Think about powerful keywords when you do this and make it count! 

What about your personal profile or Timeline? Should you be sharing there? 

YES, but in a careful and well played way! 

Post selfies and photos of your family and friends using your products. Make the text that accompanies these fun and light hearted, and not a sales pitch. 

Give a call to action in the text area that takes them to a VIP group or your Facebook Business Page. 

Use the 80/20 rule, with only 20% of your content at the MOST about your business. 

Engage and reach out to those who comment and like, but do it privately. You can comment back or like when they comment, but don’t pitch them publicly.  

I cover how to do this in depth in my Facebook for Direct Sales guide. 

So, you may be asking, do you need all three? A personal profile, a business page and a group? 

YES, and they all serve their own purpose and give you ultimately many ways for multiple exposure. 

Learn more on all of this and how to be more effective - 

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