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I need halp, I don't know to download the shimejis q-q

Of course! OvO


2) You will arrive on this page, download on the grey button o/

3) Open the archive and put the folder on your desktop, or anywhere you want, just put it off the archive. 

4) Open the folder and start Shimeji-ee.exe.
Check Blublu and Sanzu and then clic on “Use selected”


I hope this can help you! :D

Okay guys, so I know I’ve been talking about this on and off for awhile, but I’m ready to start doing commissions. My glasses are currently being held together by superglue, and I’m also short on money. However, I’m going to start out with just doing single characters until I can get more practice with multiples on one canvas.

Line Art: $10 USD

  • Solid Clean Black Lines

Line Art W/ Flats: $15 USD

  • Solid Lines
  • Basic Colors
  • Optional Solid Colored Background
  • Optional Colored Lines
  • Backgrounds Start Here****

Fully Colored: $20 USD

  • Lines W/ Flats PLUS:
  • Additional Color Details
  • Lighting and Shading
  • Check Information on Backgrounds****

Information on Backgrounds****:

  • I will only do backgrounds beginning at the Flats stage
  • Anything beyond the optional solid color will be added to the initial price of the piece.
  • Prices will vary depending on complexity of the background
  • Starting price is at $1.50 and can go up to $10 USD
  • Since I am still practicing backgrounds, I am more than willing to work with you on what you want.

Rules and Conditions:

I have the right to refuse a commission for ANY reason.

What I won’t do:

  • Excessive Gore (Disembowelment, Decapitation, etc.)
  • Pedophilia of any kind
  • Mecha
  • Scat fetish
  • NSFW

What I will do:

  • Some violence is okay. Blood, scrapes, cuts. Just nothing excessive.
  • Pretty much anything that isn’t listed above.
  • Feel free to ask and talk to me if you have concerns

-NO REFUNDS. If you can’t afford it, then please don’t commission me. Thank you <3

-Payment will be done through paypal. I will email you an invoice, and please do not include your address on it. It is not needed.

-Payment is due after the sketch approval. I will sketch it, make any changes and try to satisfy your request. I will not do any major edits past the initial approval. So make sure you really approve before making the payment.

-Do not be afraid of providing clear, extensive details. References to poses, OCs, etc. are also very much appreciated. The more you help me before the commission begins, the easier it will be.

-Please do not rush me. I will keep in contact with you throughout the entire commission process and will provide updates.

Contact information:

-Message me through the messenger here on my artblog or on Faithfulwhispers.





  • Bust Only
  • Solid Lines
  • Fully Colored
  • Simple background with minor details

Since this is my first time actually doing comissions, I will only have 2 slots at a time. First come, first serve.

For more examples of my art, feel free to browse my archive:


a fresh start is what you just need sometimes ~

i’ve decided to remake my blog because i find this one becoming a mess and it’s just nice y’know, to start anew ~

you can find me @themadpiano ! ^^

i’m in the midst of following back blogs so it’s a work in progress, but i hope to see you there!!

@thelegendofpeach will be running on a queue from now on, but after that runs out, i will be using my new blog from now on! I’ll keep this blog open as an archive~ ^^*
Open Tab - Mooifyourecows - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 44/?
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi, Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru, Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu, Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Characters: Sawamura Daichi, Sugawara Koushi, Azumane Asahi, Nishinoya Yuu, Oikawa Tooru, Bokuto Koutarou, Kuroo Tetsurou, Iwaizumi Hajime, Shimizu Kiyoko, Ukai Keishin, Tanaka Ryuunosuke, Tanaka Saeko, Michimiya Yui, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Tendou Satori, Semi Eita, Kageyama Tobio, Hinata Shouyou, Tsukishima Kei, Yamaguchi Tadashi, Tsukishima Akiteru, Shimada Makoto, Takinoue Yuusuke, Takeda Ittetsu, Akaashi Keiji, Miya Atsumu, Kozume Kenma, Yaku Morisuke, Haiba Lev, Ennoshita Chikara, Terushima Yuuji, Yachi Hitoka, Misaki Hana
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Mutual Pining, Fluff and Humor, Aged-Up Character(s), College, Workplace, Alternate Universe - Bar/Pub

To: Shimi
hey, quick question, do you think I might be gay?
From: Shimi
Sawamura’s thighs?
To: Shimi
oh wtf
From: Shimi
Am I wrong?

All Sugawara wants is a little inspiration.
All Daichi wants is for his regulars to finally pay off their tab.
All everyone else wants is to drink good liquor and watch as their best friends struggle.

New Chapter! Enjoy!

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mimisapje: is it easy to extract skyrim hair? Otherwise i could do that for you and send you the files

It is quite easy yes! It would be super appreciated if you could! :D Here’s a little tutorial to show you how to do it. :3

1. Download FO3 Archive Utility and NifSkope.

2. Open FO3 Archive Utility and navigate to your skyrim folder.

Those bsa files called Skyrim -Meshes/Textures are the ones I need. It would probably be called Dawnguard though.

3. Select the mesh and textures and export them.

4. Next we open up the nif file in NifSkope to extract the obj file that can be converted to ts2/¾! :D

5. Select the 0NilNode and go to file and then extract obj. :)

6. Now we need the texture; if you have a snoop in this file we still have open^ you can fine the dds.

7. Now open the Dawnguard textures bsa in FO3A and find the texture named in the nif file and extract it. :3

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Hi for some reason I can't open fics in the archive of our own although the website is not down... wat do u think? i'm missing some fics to read

Not sure if you just mean my fics aren’t opening or all of A03. I haven’t had any issues with it, but I’ll throw this out there in case anyone else is experiencing the same and can offer help.

And if you just want mine, here’s the master list for you. I’ll update it tonight and repost when I’m home.

While Cornwell [author of Hitler’s Pope] was granted access only to the Vatican’s open archives, he claimed that his book was based on “previously unseen material.” He also said he spent “months on end” in a “windowless dungeon beneath the Borgia Tower,” while a “silent factotum brought him Pacelli’s files, which had been hidden from view for decades.”
In fact, the files were simply in an underground storage vault; moreover, they were not secret, and they covered the years 1912-1922, before Hitler was running Germany and while Pacelli was nuncio to the Kingdom of Bavaria. Vatican records show that Cornwell visited those archives only from May 12 to June 2, 1997, that he did not come every day, and that he often stayed for very brief periods of time…He later admitted that he was there only three weeks and that the files were not secret - but by then the damage was done. […]
The most revealing insight into Cornwell’s research methods lies in the fact that, citing a secondary source, he wrote that the papal nuncio in Vienna had warned Pacelli about the risks posed by the concordat. Remarkable, Cornwell made no mention of the original document from the Vienna nuncio, which Cornwell is shown to have signed out while doing research in the Vatican archives, and which directly contradicts the statement in his book.

Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa and Professor Ronald Rychlak, Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism (2013)

“To support his conclusion that Pius was “Hitler’s Pope,” [John] Cornwell selectively edited quotes from Western publications, a technique widely used by the “science” of disinformation. By this method, a clever writer can turn a quotation into the exact opposite of what was originally intended. To see how this works, let us take a look at a remarkable statement quoted in the introductory materials to Hitler’s Pope. Cornwell offers a supposed quotation from Thomas Merton, a well-known contemplative monk whose writings have inspired many people. In Cornwell’s hands, the quotation reads:

Pius XII and the Jews…Those whole thing is too sad and too serious for bitterness…a silence which is deeply and completely in complicity with all the forces which carry out oppression, injustice, aggression, exploitation, war.

“This seems to be a shocking condemnation of the pope from an esteemed Catholic thinker. If Merton had written this, it would indeed give one pause. But Cornwell manipulated a text by Merton to create this quotation…Since Cornwell gives no citation for this Merton quote (although he did give references for the other two less controversial quotations used on the same page), it was not easy to document his trick.

“Below is the complete statement, which was written by Merton in his personal journal, and which is a complaint that he himself had been ordered not to publish his essay on nuclear war. The “silence” about which he complained was the “silence” that had been imposed upon him. It was unrelated to Pius XII. Here is Merton’s complete text, with the parts extracted by Cornwell highlighted in italics:

A grim insight into the stupor of the Church, in spite of all that has been attempted, all efforts to wake her up! It all falls into place. Pope Pius XII and the the Jews, the Church in South America, the treatment of Negroes in the U.S., the Catholics on the French right in the Algerian affair, the German Catholics under Hitler. “All this fits into one big picture and our contemplative recollection is not very impressive when it is seen only as another little piece fitted into the puzzle. The whole thing is too sad and too serious for bitterness. I have the impression that my education is beginning - only just beginning and that I have a lot more terrible things to learn before I can know the real meaning of hope.

There is no consolation, only futility, in the idea that one is a kind of martyr for a cause. I am not a martyr for anything, I am afraid. I wanted to act like a reasonable, civilized, responsible Christian of my time. I am not allowed to do this, and I am told I have renounced this – fine. In favor of what? In favor of a silence which is deeply and completely in complicity with all the forces that carry out oppression, injustice, exploitation, war. In other words silent complicity is presented as a “greater good” than honest, conscientious protest – it is supposed to be part of my vowed life, it is for the “Glory of God.” Certainly I refuse complicity. My silence itself is a protest and those who know me are aware of this fact. I have at least been able to write enough to make that clear. Also I cannot leave here in order to protest since the meaning of any protest depends on my staying here. [bold emphasis added]

“Cornwell selected the phrases that are italicized above, and linked them with ellipses. This is more than academic fraud. This is disinformation at its best.”

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How do you know it's time to give up? I'm a writer, but even after years of trying, I've never really gotten anywhere with my writing. :/ Do I just keep banging on, in the hope that one day something will happen, or do I concede and save myself the heartbreak?

So I don’t know what kind of writer you are, or where in your personal journey you are after what you term “years of trying.”  This is not me criticizing: this is me explaining where my start point is.  I’ve known people who spent years thinking very hard about a story, but never wrote a word, and would still say that they’d spent years trying, because they had.  They had invested emotional energy and attention to their worlds, and just because they didn’t have them on paper, that didn’t invalidate the time spent.  I’ve also known people who spent years writing without necessarily improving the way they expected to.  It’s a spectrum.  So I am going to do what I can do without having more detail, and I’m going to talk about myself for a second.

If you pick up a copy of Rosemary and Rue and open it to the copyright page, you’ll see that it’s copyright 2009.  Okay.  But when I open my email archives and pull up the earliest piece of mail in the Toby folder, I find both an early version of a scene from that same book…and the date January 6, 1998.  Digging deeper finds the original short story that introduced Toby, and it has a date of June 27, 1997.

There’s a lot of distance between 1997 and 2009.

When I started writing Toby’s adventures, I was a high school student.  I still thought a twenty-foot drop was the sort of thing you did to get to the 7-11.  I still thought a whole 20 oz. soda was a reasonable lunch.  There’s a lot of distance between that girl and me, and yet we have a thread connecting us, a changeling detective with a lot of personal problems.  When I created her, Toby was the sensible adult I wanted to be, and let’s consider that horrifying thought for a second okay, good, moving on.

I spent the years between 1997 and 2009 writing constantly.  I wrote and rewrote the first three Toby books over and over, getting better every time.  I wrote Feed.  I wrote…an amazing amount of fanfic, like, horrifying quantities of fanfic, and I’m not ashamed of that, because every line of words made me better.

The agency rejections got more apologetic.  Until finally, it wasn’t a rejection.  And then, well.  Things happened very fast for me once I had an agent, because I also had four saleable books and a lot of experience at putting words in a line.

I guess what I’m saying is that it takes time for almost everyone.  I’ve met people who were born in 1997 and are published already and doing great, and I sort of stare at them and go “my novel is the same age you are, how the fuck did you…?”  But they did because they had a different path.  We all have different paths.

If you genuinely want to write, write.  If you need people to read your work and tell you that it makes them happy, write fanfic alongside your original fiction, and get your feedback and cookies through an alternate revenue stream until you can get them through a more mainstream one.  It can be a long climb to get to the top of the hill.  But the view up here is amazing.

For one thing, it lets me see the mountain I’m heading for next.

The End (ish) of DailyRiarkle.

Hi everyone!

So the members of dailyriarkle were talking and we’ve decided to not keep this blog regularly active anymore. This means we’ll still keep it open as an archive and may reblog/post stuff once in a while, but with no new girl meets world content it’s really hard to keep the blog open & updated like a regular sideblog. should this change, we’ll let you all know ASAP. Thank you for following us and partaking in this journey of the relationship between riley matthews & farkle minkus. feel free to continue to follow this blog, but if you’re looking for more riarkle/girl meets world content, here are our personal blogs:

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