hey there, idk if i’ll have any time tomorrow for sure or not but i think i’ll take some traditional/digital requests? i want to right now, but i should sleep. so, if you want, send me some asks! might do ‘em, might not.

i’d draw anything, so if you want your ocs of any kind that’s fine, or if you want to see some landscapes or food or objects or fanart, hmu!! whatever ur feelin


I’m open for Commissions!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for my first 100 followers! I appreciate all of you so much!

I’m opening up commissions cause I’m in a bit of a tight spot. I’m in the middle of a Crohns flare up and I can’t get another job to cover my rent and pay for gas and food. One thing I can do is draw so I figured I’d keep doing that. I would I would really appreciate the help in any way if you can. Even if you can’t afford to commission me, please reblog!

Check out my art tag for more samples, and I also have a kofi page that’s under construction if you would like to help me out but cannot afford to commission.

If you want to commission me you can drop a message here on tumblr with

  • your name/what you would like to be called
  • social media/how I can contact you
  • commission details (ex. Sketch+Half+flat color; Line art+Full+shading)
  • characters (ex. number of characters, specify fandom or ocs)
  • background details and references for ocs

or email me at, I also have a twitter where you can message me, and we can work out the details of your commission.

Willing to Draw:

  • Characters/People
  • OCs
  • Action Scenes/Dynamic Poses
  • NSFW +5 (this one is tricky, ask me and we’ll see, I may charge extra and I reserve the right to refuse anything that makes me uncomfortable)

Not Willing to Draw:

  • Mechs/Vehicles
  • Violence/Gore
  • Furries
  • Controversial/Negative themes


  • Prices subject to change with difficulty 
  • Payment is required before I start working on the commission
  • USD, through Paypal Invoices once we decide on a price
  • Slots are limited because I’m drowning in zines and events, so it’s first come first serve
  • I think that’s everything, but if I missed anything I’ll be adding things to this post as they come up

If you have any questions feel free to message me! Don’t forget to like and reblog this post! Thank you so much!

**I’m open for commission**
Please note that while I am Australian I am using $USD to display my prices!

You can contact me through Tumblr by messages or email me at

Sketch $5 / Lineart $10

+character $5 +shading and simple colour $5 +simple background $5

These can be anything from a bust to a full body drawing and anything in between, costs will vary on complexity.

Flat (1-2 colours) $15 / Bust $18 / Full Body $22

+character $5-10 +shading and added effects $5 +simple background $5

Flats will come cheaper with simple colour schemes ($15) or a full colour bust and full body for extra ($18-22). While the images provided don’t have a bust these will include head-shots to waist-up drawings, or if its something simple (like Taako to the far right) it will be same costs. Prices will vary depending on detail and complexity of characters.

Full colour and detail: Bust $25 Full Body $30

+character $10-15 +simple background $5 +detailed background $10-15

These prices are negotiable and are seasoned to change depending on complexity and detail, something as simple as the far left (Elsen OFF) can be $30 or far right (Rick on a bike) $50+

Things I WILL draw: characters I may or may not know, OCs and DnD characters (with good references), humanoids, animals, I’ll only draw up to 4 characters, Gravity Falls / Rick and Morty style, creepy gruesome shit like 10 eyes and 3 mouths with disfigured arms - I love me some odd monsters, fantasy/scifi, general fluff and cute shit I guess, etc.

Things I WON’T draw: solely backgrounds (I have no confidence in this field but I’m also highly unpracticed), mechs/vehicles (maybe simple ones at an extra cost), comics further than 3-4 panels, propaganda/offensive material, NSFW (fetishes, incest, pedophilia etc), Anthro/Furries, MLP (nothing again’st it just horses are hard), hardcore violence/gore (general blood stains and shit is fine), tattoo designs, brands/logos.

**I reserve the right to decline any request before and after commissions have been started. I will ask for a 50% deposit of the total price before I start and the remainder after sketch confirmations. I will allow up to 3 revisions until I charge extra. You may not redistribute my work or use it commercially, you may however post your commission to other websites so long that my page is linked and credited. As it is my work I reserve the right to post them on my public pages if I so feel. Payment methods will be through PayPal invoices only.


♡ Bell Commissions are OPEN!

Basic Rules!  

✿ Offer a COMPLETE reference of mayor(s)!

✿ Have my FC added before contacting me!

✿ Payment will be done before your commission!

♡ I will have all rules posted here and more art examples here (examples are on my main blog but I will be posting commissioned pieces here!)

♡ To talk about commissions, you can send me an ask or an IM! Please do NOT contact my main account, as I will just link you to my blog or not respond (❁°͈▵°͈)

Hi all! i’m opening request! i need to work more with my tablet, so i’m looking for prompts! it can be about TF2 or Red vs Blue!

i don’t have big NOTP, i will try to draw everything (blood, gore, just platonic stuff, bro stuf…whathever thing you want your favorite characthers to do!)  it  just need to be related to the two fandom! :D

so well.. if u want to see something made by me you just have to ask nicely! :3 <3 thank you all for your attention, have a nice day <3  

(don’t mind that silly thing made just now lmao)