Sapphire could make Ruby feel pride like she’d never felt it before. She gave a whole new feel to the word, almost until it could be called something like confidence. The way Sapphire spoke her name on a soft breath of laughter, a laugh whisked away by the same pleasant breeze that curled in her hair and drew its curtain away from her face, was nothing short of enchanting. It was like a spark, and the smile that split her pretty lips afterwards a full-on shock of electricity that left Ruby’s limbs pleasantly numb and buzzing with sturdy assurance that yes, she was the one who caused this, she was the one, possibly the only one in this entire galaxy, that could bring such a put-together, dainty girl to snorting laughter. She clapped a hand to Ruby’s shoulder and her other to her knee, doubled over in breathless giggles; Ruby would gladly take the blame for it all.

From the latest chapter of Such is Fate by impermanent which I loVE