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  • Open Your Eyes (feat. Austin Hargrave & Yungtown)
  • Garrett Williamson (feat. Glacier Nester)
  • Open Your Eyes (feat. Austin Hargrave & Yungtown)

Okay, last one, I promise. I did some more fiddling about in Audacity, and came up with this. Most of the middle of the track (read: vocals) were removed, so we’ve got a rough karaoke/cover backing version. It kinda sounds like PBG is at the bottom of a well, ahah. Surprised what I did worked. Note: as soon as PBG/Yungtown/Garrett ask me to take this down, I will. Email for the youtube is, as always, open.

EXO Reaction: Waking Up After a Wild Night Out.

I’m sorry it’s taking me SO long to get to ya’lls requests! Work is hardcore kicking my ass so I’m trying to knock these out this week! I hope you like, Anon <3

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Xiumin / Minseok: 

Originally posted by overnightprincess

At first he would be in a state of shock, mostly out of love and respect for you he would HOPE that you two didn’t do anything that you would regret. So when he peaks under the covers to see you both still fully dressed he would let out a sigh of relief. After all, you’re his best friend and if anything more were going to happen he would want it to be something he had planned.
Feeling relieved, he’d reach over to boop you on nose and as you slowly open your sleepy eyes you’d see him grinning over at you.

Xiumin:”Good morning there, Princess.”

Suho / Junmyeon:

Originally posted by daenso

This boy has a very maternal nature so, like Xiumin, he would really hope that the two of you weren’t dumb enough to do anything that you could later regret. At the same time he would be incredibly grateful for the opportunity to stare at your sleeping face, noting how peaceful and sweet you look.
He’d reach over to pull the covers farther up over you both and just lie there watching you until he fell back asleep next to you.

Lay / Yixing:

Originally posted by lobbu-lobbu

In all honesty it’s more than likely that you woke up before he did. Unable to really remember much of the night previous you’d reach your hand out to shake him awake and stop midway, noticing that you weren’t wearing the same clothes you remembered having on. Rather, you’re now wearing shorts and t-shirt that you’re pretty sure belong to Yixing. Grinning to yourself you’d sit up in bed and lean down to lay a kiss on his sleeping forehead which would then wake him up.

You: “Uhh Xing? Any reason I’m wearing your clothes?”

Yixing: “I just wanted you to be comfy while you slept…” 

*all the blushes*


Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

Something more than likely happened between the two of you. Maybe you didn’t go THAT far, but his shirt on the floor and your hair in tangles suggests that something definitely happened last night. He’d wake up to see your sleeping face very close to his and he’d grin to himself, probably having been waiting for this moment as now was as good a time as ever to confess that he sees you as something more than a friend. He’d more than likely let you sleep but at the same time he’s NOT the type of person to sit for long periods of time so you’d be woken up by his (GLORIOUS) hands trying to pull the knots apart in your hair.

You: “OW! Baek….what are you doing? Stop yanking my…ow!


*somehow removes his hand before you can start swinging*

Chen / Jongdae:

Originally posted by rxxbinc

I feel like, being best friends with Jongdae, sleeping in a bed together would just be a routine part of your friendship. The two of you would trust each other enough to feel completely at ease with this sort of closeness.
Him sleeping next to you shirtless would be so normal that he wouldn’t think twice about what may or may not have happened the night previous. So the second he woke from sleep, before his eyes were even open, he would simply reach out to drape an arm over you and leave a kiss on the back of your head before falling back asleep.

You: *mumbling and shifting in your sleep* 

Chen: “Hmm…go back to sleep, love.”
*nuzzles his face into your hair and pulls you tighter against him*

You: “Dae…I can’t….breathe..”

Chen: “Shhh just sleep through it.”


Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol

This boy would wake up and be slapped in the face with complete and utter confusion. At first he was wondering where the hell he was and then he, upon looking around, would realize there was someone laying in bed next to him. After he realizes that it’s just you he would probably be even more shocked and unsure of what to do. Should he wake you up? Should he let you sleep? Did something happen last night? What if you didn’t want it to happen? What if you woke up mad at him?
I think he’d be a mess of emotions and wouldn’t be able to not wake you up.

He’s reach over and softly grab your shoulder to try and shake you awake, but you being so groggy would just turn over and lay your head on his chest.

Chanyeol: “So…I guess you’re not mad at me then…?” *a bit TOO loudly*

You: “Ungh…Chan shut up and go to sleep.”

Chanyeol: “Wait….does that mean…you ARE mad at me then?”

You: *lays your hand over his mouth*

D.O / Kyungsoo:

Originally posted by kyvngsoo

I don’t see Kyungsoo as the type to ever get too intoxicated, so he would more than likely remember the night before or at least parts of it. As soon as his eyes opened he would look over at you, sleeping peacefully, and although happy, he would be filled with regret. Regardless of what happened between the two of you the night before, I don’t think he would see it as appropriate to sleep with you outside of a relationship.
He would feel that this was in some way disrespectful to you and, depending upon his feelings for you, that he owed you more than a drunken night together.

As much as he would want to be sweet with you in this moment I think he would shut himself down emotionally and lock all of that up. Instead, he would quietly slip out of the bed, collecting any of his or your clothes that are on the floor. He would then lie them neatly in a pile at the foot of the bed, and make his way to the kitchen to make you breakfast. If nothing else, he at least wanted to ensure you had a good meal, and doing so would help to ease his guilt a bit.

D.O: *sighs deeply while cracking eggs and plopping them into the pan* 
”You really do deserve better from me…”

You: “I’m sure if you apologize, the eggs wont be too upset…”

D.O: *jumps but can’t bring himself to turn around and look at you…also can’t help but grin a bit*

Kai / Jongin:

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

This boy is a pretty heavy sleeper…but I also feel like he’s the type to sleep in either boxers or completely nude….regardless of who’s in his bed with him. Since the two of you are so close he wouldn’t really see this as a big deal unless he saw that it made you uncomfortable.
However, you may not have known this about him. So that when you woke up and your groggy eyes drifted over to him sprawled out on top of the covers, you yelped. Kai would jump and flail, nearly falling out of bed before seeing your shocked face and after a second he’d realize the blush on your face and your wide eyes. 
Before you know it this boy is letting out the single most attractive giggle-snort this world has ever seen, and whilst still cackling he’d pull you close and rest his head against your shoulder until you started to relax and laugh with him.

You: “But….you’re almost naked…like almost completely naked!”

Kai: “I promise it’s just how I sleep, if you want I can find clothes to put on.”

You: *of course, after much heavy contemplation* “….well I didn’t say that…”


Originally posted by sehurn

I can’t help but feel like Sehun is one of those people that can’t stand the feeling of having clothes on when he drinks, so he strips everything off and if that’s the case then you were more than likely the one who dragged him into his bedroom and tried to get him to sleep it off. However, you being pretty smashed too, would have ended up passing out next to him.

After a while, you would wake up after feeling way too cold in your sleep, just to look over and see Sehun wrapped in a cocoon of blankets. ALL of the blankets, in fact. You would also be pretty shocked to realize that all of your clothes are missing as well. Your mind would be buzzing with thoughts of what could have happened between the two of you, but you would tug on the blankets, trying to get at least ONE off of him so that you could cover yourself.

You: *pulling hard on the corner of a blanket but trying to not wake him at the same time*

Sehun: *breaks out into a huge grin the second his eyes open* 

“Well helllooo there.”


Sehun: “Nuh huh. Last night you said you didn’t see why it was so fun to be drunk and naked…..I’m having a blast.”

.important update

[ I need to clean this blog up. Rosa is my first and forever favorite muse yet I don’t like being here anymore because I mostly feel stressed, so because of that I deleted a bunch of / most of my asks and will also be dropping most casual threads, I also won’t be drawing ask replies anymore.

I’m really sorry but it’s the only way I can actually be on here. Otherwise I’d just probably avoid Rosa and I don’t think anyone would prefer that solution. So if anyone has a thread in specific they want me to keep, please let me know. I won’t be dropping everything but I just feel a need to give a head’s up to get this weight of my chest.


Requested by mira-mage-mira and bad-new-girl

You let out a scream as a sudden chill painfully shot through your body.

“Oh no, I really didn’t mean to do that!” you heard a youthful voice comment. You opened your eyes as a white-haired boy floated in front of you.

“Who are you?” you asked, your breath visible on the chill.

The boy seemed surprised. “Wait, you can see me?” he leaned in so his face was close to yours.

“Yes, I can see you,” you replied, taking a step back. “People usually don’t? And you can fly?”

You had been sure the pain and the chill would go away after a night’s rest. The pain did eventually subside, but you couldn’t warm up no matter what you tried. The flying boy made sure to visit each day, to see if you were getting better. You learned that he was Jack Frost, as in the spirit of winter. And he seemed to feel really guilty about hitting you with the ice.

A few days later, the cold still was persistent. You tried to combat it by drinking hot tea, but your tea suddenly turned into an ice cube right as Jack flew in to greet you.

“Very funny,” you commented to Jack.

Jack, however, seemed genuinely confused. “What do you mean?” You turned over your tea mug, the block of ice that was once your tea falling out in a chunk. “That… wasn’t me. And it’s not cold enough for water to freeze, let alone hot tea.”

You were puzzled at first, but then looked at Jack with a look of realization. He returned the same look.

“I think I know why I can’t get warm,” you stated. “Do you always feel cold, too?”

“I am just always cold, I don’t feel it,” Jack explained, taking the blanket off of you. “Try letting out the cold instead of trying to warm it up. Close your eyes, take a breath, and release the energy.”

You did as Jack asked. A chill went up your spine, and it felt like pieces of ice flew off your skin in all directions, but you did feel a little warmer. You opened your eyes, shocked to find the entire room covered with ice. Even Jack seemed to have a bit of extra frost on him, not that he seemed to mind.

“Yep, you for sure have ice powers,” Jack unhelpfully commented. “Now you just need to learn how to control them!” He took your hand in his and pulled you out of your house. He seemed rather excited to have someone to share his powers with for once. You, however, were focusing mainly on how cold his touch was, and how it felt surprisingly nice.

“Where are we going?” you asked.

“To the woods. Best place to practice ice powers. That’s where I learned mine,” Jack replied.

By the time Jack let go of your hand, you were breathing heavily. Jack was hard to keep up with.

“So, I’ve never taught anyone how to use ice powers before,” Jack admitted. “And I just kinda did it. So, just touch things and try to get a feel for letting the cold out.”

“Uh, okay,” you said, before touching the trunk of a tree. You tried to focus the cold you felt out your hand, and an ice block formed on the trunk.

“Not bad. More focused than at the house,” Jack commented. “But let’s see if we can get a little more precision in it.” He floated over to you, planting himself behind you. He stood very close, you could feel his jacket on your back. He took your hand in his and pointed both at the tree. You blushed at the contact. “I want you to try to just get a thin layer of frost on there.” he said. “A light touch like this,” he gently touched your fingers to the tree before pulling them back, “usually does the trick. You can’t focus too much on any one area.”

Jack stepped back from you, and you tried what he asked. However, instead of the frost staying on the tree, an icicle formed from the tree to your finger.

“Well, we’ll have to practice some more,” Jack commented. “I’ll be learning how to teach this stuff as much as you’ll be learning how to do it. I’m sorry there’s not a better teacher.”

You gave Jack a quick hug, which seemed to surprise him briefly, before he returned the hug. “You’ll be a great teacher,” you told him. “And, hey, I don’t mind a few extra lessons if it means seeing you more.”

i did want mr scott acknowledged but not like that jesus fucking christ he was trying to save his family and his people from slavery he was helping them survive he died doing it and he gets disrespected like that, eleanor please open your eyes once and for all and shoot your husband

Worry Part Three (George Washington x Reader)

AN: sorry it took longer than expected! I hope it was worth it!

Warnings: rape mention 

Requests: @severusminerva @hmltntrsh51 

Word Count: 1,186

“My love,” George’s voice was distant as he took your hand in his. Maybe if you stayed still long enough he would leave. You had a headache and didn’t want to talk to anyone, let alone him. But after a long while of faking sleep, he was still there. You turned your head in the direction you thought his voice had come from and opened your eyes slowly.

“My love! I was worried-” he relaxed for a second before the seriousness was back. “I thought you said you weren’t ill.”

“I’m-,” you coughed to clear your throat. “I’m not. I’m fine, George. You can go. I’m sure you have plenty to be doing.”

“That can wait until you’re well again. Until my wife is well again,” he squeezed your hand harder than necessary.

“I was never unwell. You have things to do that are far more important than me,” you rolled your eyes, which George was not fond of at all. He sat forward in his chair and spoke warningly.

“I married you- I eloped with y-”

“George, please do not speak to me as though I am one of your officers. You just called me your wife- treat me as such,” you sat up slowly, pulling your hand away from George. “I refuse to be talked down to and ignored any longer. Do you understand?”

He raised a brow and sat back in the chair. “Do you think that is any way to speak to your husband?”

“I- in this situation, yes,” you raised a brow right back.

“As soon as you’re well again-” George growled.

“I already said that I’m plenty well. What were you planning to do?”

“You are not! Fainting after one dance is not well!” he jumped up, knocking the chair back.

You flinched and looked down. “I- I just haven’t eaten- please, George-”

“Please what?” he only raised his voice. “Not be frustrated that you have not been taking care of yourself? I have enough to be worried about, I do not need to be worried about losing my wife as well.”

“You aren’t going to lose me, George. There is nothing for you to worry about,” you swung your legs over the side of the bed and stood up, losing your balance and lurching forward. George grabbed your arms quickly.

“You have yet to convince me of that,” he squeezed your arms hard. You looked down so that you didn’t have to see his disapproving look. That look never failed to make you cry. It was too much and you had no idea how everyone else could handle it. Maybe it was a different look for you. Whatever it was, you would be more than happy to never see it again.

“Why have you been doing this to yourself?” George jarred you from your thoughts. “Not eating eating and shutting yourself in, I mean. There cannot be a good explanation, but I implore you to try for one.”

“Let go of me, please,” you mumbled, keeping your eyes carefully on the ground.

“Not until you tell me what the meaning of this is,” he held your arms tighter and you knew that he meant it. You stayed quiet for a moment, trying to figure out what to tell him. You could say you had lied and that you were ill, but that would mean multiple doctors knowing your husband as well as Emma or some other maid around you constantly when George couldn’t delay his return to the battlefield any longer. Or you could tell him the truth. You could tell the truth and be called a foolish woman who was far too concerned about the opinions of others. Neither one seemed very appealing to you, but more than anything, you just wanted to be alone.

“I cannot- the people-” you took a shuddering breath and George squeezed your arms again, prompting you to start over. “When we eloped, I lost my family. I lost my friends. Everyone that I loved, except for you. And that was enough. You were enough. But everywhere I go, I hear people talking. Everyone talking. People have stopped me in the street. In the store. There’s been more than one gentleman w-who- has- had me in bed.”

“My love,” George wrapped you in his arms just tight enough to be comforting, not to put you in your place the way it had been since he returned home. Your George. The George who was worth every name, every threat. You leaned into him heavily, so he went back to bed, lifting you up with him and letting you curl up in his lap before once again wrapping his arms around you.

“I only told Emma enough so that I could stay here. I haven’t been able to tell her that I had been- the things they did. While I was supposed to be enjoying myself with Elizabeth. I can’t eat. Or sleep. Not after having been unfaithful to you,” you started to shake, barely keeping yourself together. George stroked your hair with one hand and rubbed the small of your back with the other.

“No, my love. That wasn’t something you chose. You weren’t unfaithful if you didn’t consent to what they did,” he hushed you as you began to cry. “You should have told me.”

You shook your head. “I’m- I’m not sorry. You have more than enough to worry about. I’ve managed.”

“This isn’t even managing, my love. I would have sent someone until I could have come back myself,” he kissed your temple. “And I wouldn’t have forced you to do what I did the other night.”

You shook your head again, unable to get any words out. He didn’t push you and just let you cry. Let you soak his shirt. Let you do what you had needed to do for so long. My George, you thought over and over. My understanding, gentle George. My everything.

“Do you think that you could give me names, my love?” he murmured once you had calmed down some.

“Charles Baker-,” you had tried so hard to forget, but how could you? “Edward Smith, a-and Henry Jones. We used to play when we were children.”

George nodded and pressed a kiss into your hair before turning his head away from you. “Emma?” he called. He pulled a blanket up to cover as much of  you as he could, knowing you hated to have others around when you were upset. A minute later and the was a soft knock on the door before Emma entered.

“Yes, Mister Washington?”

“Send for Hamilton and Lafayette. We have urgent business to attend to,” he ordered.

“Yes, Mister Washington. Right away,” Emma nodded and rushed out.

You hiccuped and glanced up. “George?”

“Yes, my love?” he started rubbing the small of your back again

“Why did you- why those two?”

He rested his chin on your head gently. He stayed quiet for longer than you would have prefered. “There’s work to be done. People to see. People who have no idea what they have coming to them, my love.”

anonymous asked:

Chan + kisses (super soft fluff)

You feel something soft pressing against your lips, which stirs you out of your sleep but it isn’t enough to have you open your eyes. Then it presses against you again, this time your cheek. You grumble and slowly open your eyes, slightly upset that you couldn’t continue sleeping.  

“Babe, wake up,” a cheery but low voice says above you. Your lips form into a smile without even trying as you opened your eyes and see Chan. The sun was so bright you could barely keep your eyes open for two seconds without having to squeeze them shit again. “Why is it so bright?” you cursed, making Chan laugh. “Because the sun is up and you should be too, sleepyhead.”

“But I’m so tired,” you whine, trying to pull the covers over your face but failing since he was holding them back. “But I want to give you kisses,” Chan says back, copying your whiny voice. A smile forms on your face and you finally open your eyes and see him smiling, his face hovering over yours. He looks at you for a while but quickly, he attacks your face with kisses.

“You know what?” You asked, sliding your arms around his back and gently rolling over so that you were now on top of him. You laughed a little and copied what he had done to you previously, cupping his cheeks and showering him with kisses. His skin was so soft and warm beneath your lips, and you could a smile tugging his lips as you kissed him.

Chan’s hands move to your back, sliding them to your waist, holding you tightly. You slowly lower your head, softly pressing your lips to his in a gentle kiss instead of giving him a thousand little pecks like previously. He lifts his head a little to meet your lips, his hands loosening around your waist as he moves them under your shirt, tracing his fingertips on your skin. His touch sends shivers throughout your body, making you kiss him harder.

“You never finished your sentence,” Chan noted as he halted his fingers from getting too far. “I forgot what I had to say,” you admitted, slightly embarrassed but he just laughed, giving you a final deep kiss before requesting that you should finally get up.

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Lights On

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

OTP(s): Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Smut, fluff (“Smuff?”)

Word Count: 2,876

Sypnosis: First times with Jongdae were always memorable. In bed, it proved to be nodifferent.

Author’s Note: So happy to finally be writing for Jongdae! My 3rd fav in Exo, I love him s’much cuz he’s such a cinammon roll! His song with Dynamic Duo is so goood too! Enjoy the one-shot, peeps!

“Open your eyes, love.”
The voice swiftly carried across the bedroom to you–the woman reclining casually against the duvet, your legs crossed and your left leg bowed slightly over your right. The hem of your silky, jet black dress was hiked a little above your knees and a pair of thin, scarlet panties were barely visible between the crevice of your thighs.
You peeled open your eyes, and found Jongdae’s intense, brown-eyed gaze, his dark eyebrows slightly narrowed, his pink lips swollen. He was leaning over you, his hands pressing into the sheets, the neck of his shirt slightly agape. You let her eyes leave his face for a moment just to regard the skin of his collarbone. It was of a glorious color, the bones angled in such a way they seemed to only insinuate the beauty beheld if one only panned upward and sought Jongdae’s face.
Sharp, angled jawline.
Oval eyes budded with sparkly brown pearls.
Smooth, curvy lips, sweet and rosy with innocence.
Supple rounded chin, one that was smooth and warm to the touch.
You reached out to touch him, paying homage to the angel kneeling above you. He closed his eyes, eyelids donned by a set of long, dark, beautiful eyelashes, and calmly breathed against you, his cheek relaxing against your fingers. When you lightly drew upwards to kiss him sweetly, he made no move to shrink or recoil. He leaned forwards, lips melting into yours as passion poured freely through your skin, warming your blood and sweltering your bones. Jongdae moved a hand to grasp softly at your waist, his fingers wrapping around your hip. You parted your lips, allowing him to lap your mouth with his tongue. He tasted as he always did–of sweet chocolate and salty caramel with the small, tantalizing hint of tea. He lapped softly at the roof of your mouth with his tongue, slipping a hand to smooth the curve of your jaw. You both groaned in timeful unison as your tongues met, first as fateful friends, slow and quiescent, and then as passionate lovers, fast and slightly rough, stroking and kneading. Your fingers loosened and splayed across the skin of his jawline, tugging his head forward. You fisted a knot in the back of his shirt and pulled him against you, his lean, yet muscled body nestled softly against yours. He tugged on your lower lip with his mouth, keeping his tongue in place as not to forbid the connection, as both of his hands curled around your waist and hauled you upwards, pulling you into his lap. You coiled both legs around his hips, the heels of your feet digging deeply into his clothed back. He kept his lips remained heartily on yours, the kiss becoming less sweet and careful and more passionate and erotic.
He broke from you, lips parted, eyes dancing with a heavy myraid of emotions, hands ghosting over the concealed region of your hips.
“Are you sure you’d like to do this?”
When you’d first met Jongdae nearly four years ago, that had been the only question on your mind. Did you want to get involved and tangle yourself in a precarious, binding knot of love that could send you reeling to the depths of hell, tears shrouding your eyes, despair screaming through pain? His rust-colored eyes had sent you into a hazy frenzy of thoughts, blinding you with their overbearing compassion and kindness. His hands, gentle and carved by the holy hands of the Lord himself, soon proved to have only been made to please and satisfy, to touch and caress. His face, budded with the most precious red lips, had only supplied you with expressions of concern and affection, never making you feel less than beautiful.
You trusted Jongdae.
With your life.
You knew at this moment, there was nothing else to lose.
“Please,” you leaned forward, drawing his lips into your own. He sighed softly, running his fingers along your back. You glided your hands carefully over his shoulders, smoothing out the sturdy swell of his arms and the soft band of his wrists where the skin panned to delicate, skillful hands. “Make me yours, Jongdae.” You nipped playfully at his lower lip and he bared a snigger. “Take me.”
He leaned forward, closing his mouth sweetly over yours as he began to recline against the bed, taking you with him. You gently reached to cup his head as his back hit the bed and peppered kisses along his neck and ears. His smile burned against your neck as you lightly drew the skin of his earlobe into your mouth. His lips nipped at the gentle slope of your throat, nudging tresses of your hair out the way.
“God, you’re beautiful,” his voice had lost its usual exhilirated, playful tone, instead adopting a soft, tranquil whisper. His hands reached to cup the bottom of your thighs, fingers moving to smooth the backs of your knees.
“Not as beautiful as you,” You traced your lips across his neck, a groan in your throat shriveling to naught as his fingers curved over the cheeks of your ass. Your fingers danced along his shirt, parting it beneath your touch, scribing heiroglyphics along his ribs. He left pettles of kisses along your neck, sinful whispers marking the shadows beneath your jawline. His magnificently sculpted body was warm beneath your hands, the rockiness of his abs quivering against your fingertips.
He ran a milky-toned hand up to your chest, palm pressing into your heart.
“You’re nervous.”
You sank your teeth into your lower lip. “I’m not.”
“It’s okay to be,” he slid his hands to your cheeks, drawing you down to kiss your mouth. “I’m nervous too.”
“Hurting you,” he lightly squeezed your thigh.
Jongdae quickly sat up, seeing the look of panic that crossed your face. “It shouldn’t hurt. It should only be uncomfortable, and if there is pain, it will be very, very minimal.”
He kissed you again, and you lightly sagged into him. Your fingers danced over the bulge in his pants and he shuddered out of his shirt, letting it hit the ground. He linked his fingers with the scarlet strap of your dress and gently smoothed it down to your elbow, placing kisses along your bare shoulder. He divested your shoulder of the other strap as well and coaxed you to raise your arms. Jongdae slid the dress over your head, letting it hit the ground. Rust-colored affection lit the path of his gaze towards your bra-clad chest. You instinctively grabbled at your legs, never having been this bare before Jongdae. Sensing your nervousness, he gently held your hands, but didn’t force them away. He smothered your neck with his mouth, gently lapping at the skin. He availed to soothe you, painting your leg with careful fingers.
“If you only want to make out, we can do that.”
You shook your head. “I’m not backing out. I want to do this.”
A light groan burned your neck as you mapped Jongdae’s back with your hands. “I’m serious. I don’t want you to do this just to make me happy.”
He drew back to kiss your lips. “I’m already happy having you here with me like this. Knowing you trust me.”
Silently, you lulled Jongdae’s wrists to your back, and he nodded, understanding you. His fingers twitched along the clasp of your bra and suddenly the temperate air of the room was whipping around your breasts. Jongdae peppered kisses along your throat, before wordlessly gesturing toward your chest. You nodded and a harsh gasp plunged from your mouth as his lips slowly enveloped your nipple. His fingers gently gripped the curve of your ass, pulling you flush against him, his tongue still paying homage to your oh-so-sensitive skin.
Your fingers found the zipper of his pants and from above, you saw the need in Jongdae’s eyes pulse. He nodded and you drew it down, tugging his pants to his knees. Jongdae kicked off his pants, pulling you tighter against him. You tensed a little, feeling his erection rock between your legs, but you softened as Jongdae’s ministrations made your pleasure mount.
Gently lowering you to the pillows, Jongdae scattered kisses along your torso and hips, brushing your navel with his tongue as he slid down your body. Realizing what he was about to do, you immediately parted your legs. Jongdae smiled, a feather of kisses landing on the inside of both of your thighs.
Ecstasy shot up your body in a swift, heated torrent as Jongdae’s tongue touched you, his thumbs smoothing your thighs. He drew your clit into his mouth, wet muscle thrashing along your wetness. You weaved your fingers through his hair as he frivulously lapped, pleasure rising with each sweep of his tongue. A finger came to test you as the workings of his tongue prolonged. You shuddered against his mouth as two fingers stretched you with confidence; the moment his fingers curled against your spot, your fingers clutched the bedsheets, bucking against his tongue.
“Jongdae, I’m not ready to cum yet,” you gasped, his thumb stroking your clit in small, slow circles.
“It’s okay,” Jongdae sucked harder and your back bowed gracefully over the duvet. “My objective is to make you come more than once.”
Your breathing became laboured as his fingers sped, his tongue tracing heiroglyphics along your most sensitive lick of skin. With a soft cry, you quaked against his tongue, spilling freely into his mouth. Jongdae swept up every drop of release, smoothing your thighs. You expected to be tired, but desire pulsed through your blood like water.
“Jongdae, I’m ready,” you lightly tugged his hair. Jongdae’s mouth slid to your thigh, warming the skin with kisses.
“Do you want me to be on top?”
The heat of the moment furling tightly around you, you froze.You felt worry scattering along your bones. What if Jongdae didn’t recieve any pleasure? It was your first time; he obviously didn’t expect you to be a pro, but what if it wasn’t good at all? What if he eventually lost any interest and hope in your sex life and scampered off to others?
Jongdae, taking your silence and the anxiety swept across your face as a bad sign, gently pulled himself up off his stomach and rolled beside you. Distributing his weight to his elbow, he softly ran his fingers along your jawline.
“I’ll be gentle. We can stop now, if you want.”
Your eyes landed on the bulge in his boxers. “I don’t think you’d be too happy about that.”
“I wouldn’t mind,” Jongdae whispered, honestly. “This is to make you happy. Not having sex with you wouldn’t upset me.” He cupped your hands. “Do you want to do this?”
You nodded and silently gripped the hem of his boxers. He flattened himself as you drew the cloth down, watching you with loving eyes. Staring a little dazedly at his erection, you let his boxers fall to the floor. He was patient, waiting for you to make a move and when you finally did, he hissed with anticipation. You took him into your hand and began testing his pleasure with slow strokes. His head fell back against the pillow, his mouth slack and his eyes glazed. As he began to grow in your grasp, you bowed your head forward and took him into your mouth. A rich moan fell from his lips as your tongue slashed along the head, stroking the base with confident fingers.
“Jesus,” he husked.
He hauled himself up into a sitting position, his fingers running down your spine. Splaying his fingers between your ass cheeks, he petted you slowly, groaning at the vibrations of your moans that trembled around him. He repeated his movements from earlier, stretching you with two fingers.
“Your mouth feels so good, ” he grunted, withdrawing his wet fingers before slowly pushing them back in. You slowly began to bob your head, fondling his balls with your fingers.
“I want you inside of me,” you murmured around him.
Silently, he drew your mouth off of him and gently flipped you over, hovering over you. He warmed your lips with a comforting, gentle kiss, smoothing your hips.
“(Y/N),” he whispered.
“I’m ready, Jongdae,” you cupped his cheek. “I’m sure.”
He bobbed his head wordlessly, planting his hands on either side of your head. With one hand, he positioned himself, gazing at you intently all the while. You cupped his shoulders as he slowly, carefully pushed inside.
He stretched you gently with the head first. It was slightly uncomfortable, and thankfully you couldn’t sense a strong twinge of pain. Jongdae stared hard at you, looking so tense you nearly winced.
“I’m fine,” you quickly assured him. “I’m alright.”
He nodded, stooping to lap at your breasts and shoulders. After a few seconds, he nudged a little deeper, holding tightly on to you. The same feeling came and surpassed as he built a slow, gentle pace, making sure not to dive any further. Your gaze locked on Jongdae, focusing on his magnificent face, the chocolate pearls of his eyes, his smooth skin, his thin vermillion mouth, the long, sculpted throat. You were almost too distracted by staring that when he finally made to nudge his hips forward, you shuddered with surprise. Jongdae immediately stopped, withdrawing a little.
Oh no, you thought. He thinks he’s hurt me.
Jongdae’s mouth twisted with worry, his eyes wrung with pain.
You quickly kissed him, cupping his face. “I’m fine. I just…I got lost in my thoughts.”
“Oh,” he breathed, obviously relieved. “God, if I’d hurt you, I would’ve…”
“I’m alright. You can move.”
He nodded, guiding himself deeper inside of you. He buried his face in your neck as he set the pace, slow and deep. You gripped his back, sinking your teeth into your lower lip.
“God, you feel so good,” he grated, perspiration starting along his neck.
You moaned and held onto him as he swung his hips, gently rocking back and forth. Pleasure mounted your body with haste, pressing your hands against his hips, coaxing him to go deeper. Jongdae’s mouth found your breasts, sucking and lapping, his fingers reaching to pet your clit. The sudden movement of his hand made you gasp and you buried your face in his shoulder. Splaying your fingers across his ass, you hauled him deeper and his grunt of pleasure wafted into your ear. He distributed his weight to his elbows, snapping his hips a little harder, but not too much to harm you with his force.
You were getting close. Oh, so close. Jongdae’s fingers sped along your clit, wracking the bundle of skin with so much pleasure, your hips shamelessly bucked into him.
“I’m gonna cum,” he rasped. “I’m gonna cum for you.”
You nodded into his skin, letting him know you felt the same. The knot in your stomach pursed tight and then slowly, deeply, gloriously–fell. It felt like the world was shifting around you, like you were hurtling through empty space. The colors of the ceiling shifted and revolved and you remained suspended in your high, eyes rolling to the back of your head. You felt Jongdae falling with you and wondered if heaven felt just like this.
“Umpph,” Jongdae groaned against your skin. The last few tresses of ecstacy faded slowly as reality came screaming back. You properly peeled open your hooded eyes. You were staring at the ceiling, but you weren’t on the bed. The prickly, dense coat of carpet was warming your back.
Jongdae rose his head from your shoulder. His black locks were swept across his forehead and over his right eye, casting shadows along the skin. A jovial smile spread his mouth.
“W-We kinda fell off the bed.”
A laugh erupted from your chest as he hugged you close. “I thought I just came too hard, but…we were actually falling,” he sniggered. “Are you alright?” His eyebrows came together with worry.
You nodded, still shaking with laughter. “I’m alright.”
He rolled over beside you, splaying his arm across your stomach, smiling broadly. “That’s great.”
You kissed his cheek, wrapping an arm around his damp shoulder and letting his head fall against your chest.
“Was it good?” His gaze shifted up to meet yours.
You chuckled, pecking his nose. “What do you think?”
He smiled, sweetly kissing you back. “It was absolutely great for me.”
You smiled cheekily as he feathered kisses along your jawline. “So great, we can do it again?”
Jongdae grinned, playfully tugging you into his lap and searing your mouth with a long, hot kiss. “You bet.” He leveled your ass against his erection and slowly swept inside. You both moaned in concert at the feeling of him stretching you again.
“I’m gonna go slow the whole time this round,” he whispered, pecking your forehead. “I don’t want you getting sore. After this, I’ll have to pamper you.”
You chuckled, lightly squeezing his chest as he began to guide you up and down. “I love you, Jongdae.”
He slowly kissed your lips, as if transferring all the love pulsing through his soul into your mouth. “I love you too. Now ride me, baby.”

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hoshi + film camera

You had finally been able to buy your very own film camera, and you couldn’t have been more excited. In the time of digital photography and just snapping shots here and there, not really minding how they looked because you could easily take another photo, you found beauty in an old camera, where every frame should be thought about with care if you wanted to efficiently use the film.

Soonyoung held your camera curiously, turning it in his hands and looking out of the viewfinder over to the sea. He grinned and turned the camera to you while you had closed your eyes and lifted your face, taking in the scent of the beach as well as the wind around you. Hearing the shutter go off, you opened your eyes and turned to Soonyoung, who snickered and placed the camera down.

“Come on, don’t waste my film,” you said with a pout and took the camera from him, running your fingertips on the material of it. Soonyoung shook his head, still obviously amused.

“I wasn’t really wasting it,” he defended himself and gave you a peck on your cheek when you continued pouting.

When you got the film developed, there was one photo among all of them that stood out to you, obviously not taken by you. What was in it was you, with your hair flowing in the air, your eyes closed and the sun shining beautifully behind you while a serene smile rested on your lips.

With a smile you thought that perhaps Soonyoung hadn’t been wasting the film, after all.

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YEs, and it pisses me off so badly like- dicahahehahdhdbdnsk

Imagine being in a relationship with Rick and unexpectedly dying.

••I hope it is as requested (: ahhh the angstttt••

Three years. You and Rick have been together for three whole years. And through those years, you’ve loved every messed up minute of it.

You met Rick when everything in your life was going to hell. Rick had saved you from a humongous herd of walkers. You thought that your life was over and that you’d be bit until you heard the gun fire followed by walkers dropping to the ground.

As rick and his group took down the walkers, you began to cry hysterically as you crouched down in the corner. Rick and his group looked so dangerous to you at first so you assumed that they’d hurt you after they killed all the walkers. As you cried in the corner, you suddenly felt someone pull you close followed by a sudden comfort. You opened your eyes and saw that the man who you assumed was the leader was hugging you and tell you that you were okay. He then introduced himself to you followed by you introducing yourself as well.

Ever since then, you and Rick had become inseparable. You loved Rick with all your heart and constantly worried about his safety, and he felt the same way about you.

As you sat on the porch of your house, thinking about all the memories you’ve shared with Rick you were suddenly pulled out of your trance.

“Are you okay baby?” You heard Rick ask you.

You nodded your head yes and smiled as you pulled him down to kiss you. You told him that you were thinking about the first time you met and rick shared his input. He told you how he thought you were the most beautiful girl ever and that he still thinks you are and always will be. You smiled as your heart felt happier than ever.

“Hey lovebirds” you and rick heard Glenn say “sorry to ruin the moment, but you better get going on that run.” He reminded you two.

You and rick nodded as you both grabbed your bags and headed towards one of the many cars you and the group owned. Although it was your anniversary, You and Rick had to go on a supply run. You weren’t mad about it though because you still got to spend the day with the love of your life.

As you and rick walked through the woods, you suddenly heard multiple groans from the walkers. The two of you turned around to see how many there was when you were surprised to see a giant Hurd of walkers. There were about 100 of them.

Rick gripped onto your hand tightly and looked into your eyes and said “run as fast as you can.” Before kissing you on the forehead.

The two of you turned back around and began sprinting the other way. Although you were running as fast as you could, the walkers weren’t too far behind. Even though rick told you to stop looking back, you continued to do it.

Instantly regretting not listening to rick, you didn’t see the big root that was in front of you. Your foot got caught under the root as you tripped and fell to the floor. Rick didn’t notice your fall and continued to run, thinking you were still next to him.

“RICK!!” You screamed, hoping he’d turn back and save you.

Half of your wish came true as you saw rick instantly turn around and scream your name in panic. The other half of your wish wasn’t so lucky because a walker managed to grab ahold of you and bite a giant piece of flesh off your neck.

You screamed out in pain as rick did the same, knowing your new fate. He sprinted to you and instantly picked you up bridal style and continued to run. He was lucky to find a small cave, just off the bank. He quickly ran into the cave and watched as the walkers passed, not knowing they were hiding.

Rick then pulled his attention back to you and noticed that you were sobbing. He cupped your face in his hands and began to sob as well.

“Y/n… no.. no.. y/n you keep your eyes open.” He cried as he tried to stop the bleeding, but knew it was no use.

You tried your best to keep your eyes open, but it was the hardest thing you’ve ever done. You quickly gripped onto Ricks hand and looked into his eyes.

“R-rick. I love you so much.” He whimpered.

“No y/n. You aren’t saying goodbye. You’re living y/n stop.” He cried, gripping onto your hand tightly.

“No rick. I love you. Yo-you’re going to be o-ok..” you continued to say “p-promise me so-something.”


“Don’t forget me.”

And just like that, the light in your eyes that rick loved the most about you, went out. The last bit of air that you had, you blew out and your grip on Rick’s hand loosened. Rick sobbed as he cupped your face and began shaking you, thinking you’d wake up and be instantly okay.

rick continued to cry, hoping this was all just a dream and that he’d wake up and everything would be okay. That you’d be okay. He came back to reality when he suddenly felt movement underneath him. A small piece of hope overcame him as he sat up.

“Y/n?” He said hopefully, as he turned YOU over.

His heart dropped as he saw your once bright colored eyes, grey and dull. He watched as your pale, weak, body attempted to sit up and bite into his skin, just as the walker who bit you did.

Tears streamed down his face as he slowly pulled out his knife and place it on your temple. He looked into your lifeless eyes as he cried.

“I promise I won’t forget you y/n” he said and squeezed his eyes shut as he pushed the knife into your skull.

His crying became heavier as he heard the low growls that came from your now ‘zombie-fyed’ body, stop. He then proceeded to lay his head on your chest and cry until another herd of walkers came around.

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