open your third eye

The first step in waking up from ‘reality’ is to recognize that it is an illusion created by your five senses. Your eyes tell you the earth is flat and the ground is stationary but the truth is - you are spinning through space at thousands of miles per hour. You may worry about your weight but the truth is – you are weightless and it is only gravity that keeps you from floatingskyward. The entire physical world that seems so ‘real’ isn’t really there. It’s just recycled atoms. There is no near or far, up or down, big or small, future or past. There is just infinite energy. 
You see the world with your brain, not with your eyes. Your eyes input light waves of energy. Your brain then interprets, configures and projects that input onto your mind’s “internal” 3D movie screen as animated shapes and colors. It appears as though your 3D picture of the world is outside of you but the truth is, you are seeing the world with your brain as configured images. Your brain’s 3D software allows you to manipulate, interact with and navigate through the world of energy. 
There is no physical world. 

American social institutions have set up and determined the way we think. Telling us what is the right way and what is the wrong way, and what is important in a fulfilling life and what is not. In order to reach a higher level of consciousness, you must take a look inside yourself and and ask yourself this question. Who was I, before the world told me who I should be? I am still searching for the answer. Find yourself!