open your eyes~

Season 1: Lance and Keith, neck and neck

Season 2: Lance and Keith, back to back

Season 3: Lance and Keith, side by side

Season 4: Lance and Keith, chest to chest

Season 5: Land and Keith, hand in hand

Season 6: Lance and Keith, mouth to mouth

Season 7: Lance and Keith just fuckin die lmao

Pool Rules
  1. Do not swim alone.
  2. Do not open your eyes underwater. Some things are best left unseen.
  3. Do not swim down to the bottom of the pool. Do not touch the bottom of the pool. Stay away from the bottom of the pool. There are things down there that still remember what it was like to be alive.
  4. There are no lifeguards on duty. If you see a lifeguard, exit the pool area immediately.
  5. Sometimes the pool water will be different colors. This is normal. Continue to swim.
  6. You will see bubbles rise from the deep end of the pool. You will hear water splashing. Do not try to find the source. Stay in the shallow end of the pool.
  7. Do not enter the pool at high tide. Do not enter the pool at low tide. Only use the pool in between high and low tide.
  8. If you find something floating in the pool, do not touch it. Allow it to float on.
  9. Do not be alarmed if you feel something swim past you. This is normal.
  10. Do not drink the pool water.
[TRANS] Junggigo, Chanyeol :: Let Me Love You

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I knew the first time our eyes met.
I knew that someday
we’d meet each other like this.
I would miss you whenever I had time to think,
so I even cancelled all the plans
I had on a packed weekend.

You’re different from other girls.
I’m sure you must hear
that you’re so special
so much you’re sick of it,
but don’t think too lightly of it
because I’m being serious now.
Stop worrying over it, you just need to pick me.

When you open your eyes each morning
I’ll be by your side,
and when you can’t sleep at night
I’ll hold you tight.
Just let me love you,
now all you need to do
is nod a bit for me.

Recently, no matter what I do
I get lost in thoughts of you
and I can’t stay focused.
Even if each day is long and boring,
everything will be okay
if I can just hear your voice.

Don’t you say that I’m no different
from all the other guys
too quickly now,
just keep an eye on me.
Don’t think too lightly of it,
because I’m being serious now.
Stop worrying over it, you just need to smile for me.

When you open your eyes each morning
I’ll be by your side,
and when you can’t sleep at night
I’ll hold you tight.
Just let me love you,
now all you need to do
is nod a bit for me.

I, I wanna fall in love.
Just take one more step closer to me.
I, I wanna fall in love.
Could you stay by my side just like this?

When you open your eyes each morning
I’ll be by your side,
and when you can’t sleep at night
I’ll hold you tight.
Just let me love you,
now all you need to do
is nod a bit for me.

When you open your eyes each morning
I’ll be by your side,
and when you can’t sleep at night
I’ll hold you tight.
Just let me love you,
now all you need to do
is nod a bit for me.

Bisexuality is not a mistake

Let the churches scream we’re wrong

They’ll hate me for writing this song

Blood flows from my wrist

All we did was try to kiss  

And you’ll scream

You’ll yell

You’ll tell us we’re mistakes

This isn’t fake

You say we’re selfish

For liking both

But you were fine when I liked him

But now that I love her

You scream that it’s a mistake

The world is a fucked up cruel place

It’s odd that people like you will be missed

And people like I will become examples

Something to reblog

To talk about 

To feel shame or guilt

But there would be no shame or guilt

If you opened your eyes and saw

We’re real

We’re here

Just look. 

Dedicated to @manicromaniac

Writing Master Post

Here’s a master post of all the fanfiction and theories I have written. I will update it every time I post anything new. Let me know if any of the links don’t work. 






Written in Embers

One Wish

Your Hands are Warm

Hot Water (Light Smut)

Trouble (smut)

All Hallows Eve (smut)

Love Me Now

I’m Back (smut)


NaLu Drabbles/Ficlets

I Swear

Trick or Treat

You, my friend, watch too many cat videos

Don’t mind me


Pizza Boy

Open Your Eyes

Lost in Thoughts All Alone

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Home Is Where the Heart Is




Empire of Dirt (drabble)


Fairy Tail Articles/Theory


Natsu & Zeref FT 516 Theory

Natsu - NaLu Theory

NaLu, Fairy Tail & Fanservice

Happy, Natsu & NaLu

Ch. 503 thoughts / Part 2

Natsu FT 520 

do you think that Zeref knows that Natsu has already transformed into end?

Co Workers (Part Twenty-Three)

A/N: I swear it has a happy ending!!! Also, these last few chapters are a bit shorter, but it’s okay! Also, there’s only TWO PARTS LEFT to this series, so if you’re on the Co Workers tag list and you’d like to be moved to a different tag list, let me know!

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy loss, lots of emotional stuff

Word Count: 1.6k


(Gif not mine)

“I love you both.”

You blushed again as you opened your mouth to answer him before hanging up, but as you were turning, you looked to your left just in time to see a pickup truck smashing into the driver’s side door.

The car was still running and you could hear people yelling as you faded in and out. You fought to open your eyes and look down at your stomach, which you were holding onto with bloodied hands. You faded out for a second before trying to look and see if Misha was still on the phone, but your vision was too blurry. Your head was pounding as you fought to open your mouth and say something, only to lose consciousness.

“Y/N?” Misha yelled into the phone, “Y/N? Are you there? What happened?!”

Misha had heard the crash followed by you screaming and was now in full panic mode. He didn’t want to believe it, but when you didn’t answer him he knew it was bad.

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Bean Boozled.

Anon requested- 

2- “I bet you ten bucks”

17- “I told you so”

31- “Why’re you laughing? This isn’t funny, Y/N”

You were sat in the library with Sam, Dean had gone out on a hunt demanding that Sam stayed behind since he had a sprained ankle, you offered to stay and Dean took Cas with him.

Your feet were kicked up on the table, your headphones were in your ears with the volume turned all the way up and your head was tilted back as far as it could go, feeling a tap on your shoulder you opened your eyes to see Sam looking down at you, pulling out your headphones you sat up and crossed your legs, “what’s up?”,  he pulled out a small box from behind his back and a grin settled on your face “aren’t those the Bean Boozled Jellybeans?” You asked grabbing them, nodding he sat next to you.

“Do you really think they’re as bad as people say?” He questioned, you shrugged and started opening it “only one way to find out” you answered, pouring the jelly beans on the table in front of you. Picking one up you examined it, “okay, that one is either… Buttered Popcorn or Rotten Egg” Sam grimaced as he read of the flavours, you shrugged and popped it in your mouth, you chewed and smiled “buttered popcorn, thank god!” You praised causing Sam to chuckle.

Sam picked one up and looked at the flavour sheet, “okay, this is either… Oh god, it’s either Peach or Vomit” he sighed, taking in a deep breath he popped it in his mouth, he chewed and went to spit it out but you forced his mouth shut “nope, you have to swallow it or you loose” you laughed, he groaned but swallowed it. You sat back and laughed while Sam just glared at you, “Why’re you laughing? This isn’t funny, Y/N. That was disgusting” he whined, making you laugh even harder.

“I’d like to see you try one without spitting it out” he muttered, sulking in his chair, you wiped your eyes and looked at him, “I bet you ten bucks, I can eat a handful of those things without spitting them out” you challenged, Sam raised a brow at you before holding out a hand, “deal” he spoke, shaking your hand with his you grabbed a good sized handful and sighed before putting them in your mouth.

Chewing quickly, you kept your eyes shut tight and your face was scrunched up, swallowing them you let out a breath and looked towards Sam who’s eyes were wide “I told you so” you smirked, “how have you not vomited?” He asked surprised, you went to answer when a weird feeling erupted in your stomach, standing up you looked at your brother, “hold on to that thought” you answered before running towards the nearest bathroom, you could hear your brothers footsteps not far behind.

Yeah, this was a bad idea.


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Dear Girl,
Do not let them tell you that life isn’t about love. Do not ever let them tell you that. Because it is. No matter how hard you try, it all boils down to love. 

But remember, love, that love comes in all sort of shapes, sizes, colours and forms. Perhaps that is why there are so many kinds of it. 

Open your eyes wider the next time you’re in front of a big wide mirror. Scan your face. Find what you love about it; Self-love has always been the first and the most crucial kind of love. 

Breathe in a little deeper the next time you find your feet in the sand, and the wind in your hair. By the ocean, is always a good place to be; Loving the life you live, is the second kind of love. 

Smile wider the next time you make it for that Christmas dinner. Your family is your own blood and the bond of blood is something one should always cherish. Open up to them, a little more. After all, they are your home; Loving your people, is the third kind of love.

Be exactly the way you are the next time he calls you up. He deserves to uncover what you truly are, and fall in love. Do not keep secrets, layers or walls. If romantic love is a battlefield, be dumb: get in without an armour, because in amour, that is bravery.

Loving him, is the last kind of love. It comes when it has to. You do not stop your life, waiting for it because, honey, time’s ticking. 

Next time they tell you that life’s not about love, let them know all of this, okay?

—  Tanvi R

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32. open your eyes + kylux? ty!

open your eyes

Hux was not quite tipsy, not quite there yet. He and Ren were simply sharing a nice bottle of brandy in his quarters to celebrate a victory they’d just been informed of, that was all, just having a chat and a drink, nobody had to know they were kissing harsh and biting like it was a dare, like a game of chicken. 

“I’ve always wanted to know something,” Hux said, soft, when he drew back from the sharp-sour-sweet kiss.   


“What does it feel like?”

“What does what feel like?” Ren asked. There was a little bruise blooming just below his plump lower lip, where Hux had bitten with a bit too much enthusiasm. 

“Hearing everyone’s thoughts.” Hux felt almost like he’d swoon into Ren’s lap, lazy and pleased, unbothered. He closes his eyes and leans against him. “Isn’t it loud? Isn’t it a distratcion? Stars above, Ren, I can barely stand it when someone’s coughing on the bridge.”

“Mm, think of it this way,” Ren answered. “You don’t hear the engines, or the hum of the machines, do you?”

“If I listen for them, I do.”

“It’s exactly the same. If I listen for things, I hear them. Otherwise they just become part of the background.”

Hux smiled. “Do you hear me?”

“Don’t let it get to your head, but I’m always listening for you.”

“What an impossible request. Everything gets to my head. You’ve told me a thousand times.”

“Hux, open your eyes.”

Hux opened his eyes and searched Ren’s face, but his vision was swimming and maybe he’d had more to drink than he thought, maybe–

“We’ve had our victory, General,” Ren said softly. “I’m putting you to bed now.” He paused, lest it sound too sweet. “You lush.”

“I’m celebrating,” Hux protested.

“Celebrate in bed.”

“With pleasure.”

Sleep, Hux, stars.”

“You can listen to me dream,” Hux says gleefully, loving the way it sounds when he says it. Far more poetic than anything he’d say sober. Listen to me, he wanted to say again, but Ren was scooping him up and he closed his eyes again, sighing.

Fight For You

Anon:  heeeey! could I pleeeeease request a scenario with JOhnny ?? one where you’re in a girl group and you faint on stage during a performance because of stress and bc not feeling well but still wanted to perform and stuff and Johnny basically saves you and fights for your rights to your manager and then takes care of you after? THANKSSSSS<3

The first thing you saw when you opened your eyes was the bright ceiling. The room was familiar, enough for your mind to register that it was the infirmary where you have been many times. Your head hurt causing your eyes to shut. Everything felt a bit hazy and distant, even the panicked voices around you. 

“Y/N?” Asked a male voice. You turned your head gently and saw Johnny standing on top of you appearing even more of a giant. You blinked once and inhaled. He bent over your bed and placed his cool hand against your forehead. “Well at least your temperature’s down.” The ringing memory of the blinding stage lights and the deafening fan chants slowly crept up to you. You remembered the nauseous feeling in your stomach as the world seemed to revolve around you, everything becoming nothing but darkness. 

“What are you doing here Johnny?” You asked, your voice weak. 

“You fainted during your performance. I came here as soon as they told me.” He poured the water into the glistening glass and steadily brought it over to your bed. Even from a distance he smelled like the ground on a rainy day. He was dressed up in sweatpants and his regular black hoodie.

“Were you in practice? Will the other members mind that you’re here?” He shook his head and lifted you up gently for you to take a sip of the water.

“No, they wanted to come see you too but I told them not to. It’ll only make you feel over-whelmed and you shouldn’t be feeling that way especially right now.” The door swung open and Hye Jin, your group-mate stepped in. She was still wearing the sparkly miniskirt and the blue top from the performance. She blinked at you and sighed as relief washed over her. 

“Here, I got the medicine.” She handed Johnny the clear brown bottle and turned to look at you. “Oh Y/N you got us so scared. The other girl are being reprimanded because they never notified the manager that you weren’t feeling well. I’m glad you’re feeling well.” She said. You smiled at her as she placed her hand over your arm. “You should’ve told us you weren’t feeling well. Seriously Y/N, you work too hard and especially with the all fluid diet and the schedule, you need to take care of yourself. If Johnny wasn’t there to bring you here the manager would have left you there and scolded us. Ya Johnny you shouldn’t have fought with the manager, he totally hates you now!” Johnny’s face remained placid as he scrolled through his phone. You looked at him not believing your ears. 

“You fought with the manager?” You asked, surprised. 

“Not only that he called him various things and told him that he’ll sue the company if this happens again.” Hye Jin sat back, still massaging your hand.

“Johnny, he’s going to kill us now. You shouldn’t have stepped in. It’s just going to result in a scandal. I’m already so stressed why did you have to add more stress?” You sat back, a lump forming in your throat. Everyone is going to be more hard on you now. You weren’t close with the other members, except Hye Jin and they are going through all that because of you. and now Johnny fought them and made it all worse.  

“If he even tries to lay a finger on you tell me, I’ll take care of it myself,” he uttered. You widened your eyes as his bold behaviour. 

“Johnny, you JUST debuted. If you continue this behaviour then it’ll be so hard for you, have you thought about that? I know you care about me but stop toying with your own career.” 

“Y/N I-” He started but you interrupted him. 

“We’re idols Johnny, we can’t go along in life as we please. Stop doing all of this for my sake and think about yourself too. Your group, NCT, they work so hard. Stop washing all of their and your efforts down the drain.” Your voice was cracking and begged for the energy your body couldn’t provide. Silence sat over you three and grew heavier as time advanced. 

“I’m sorry or fighting ok,” Johnny said. He inched near you and placed a hand over your leg. “I just don’t want you getting hurt, that’s all.” Hye Jin smiled at him and sighed. You reached for his hair and shuffled it. He scrunched up his face as you did so. Johnny was impulsive and he cared about you deeply, there was literally nothing else you wanted. As your manager stepped in, Johnny left giving you an understanding look. As long as he was in your life, you didn’t have to fear anyone or anything else.

A/N: I used the name Hye Jin because its one of my favourite names. She’s another member of the group and your best friend in this scenario.

Valkyrie Part 18: Alone

A/N: You can find all the other parts to this series here. If you have any suggestions for the story or want to read a specific scene etc, please let me know. :)

Plot Summary: Y/N wakes up only to realize that she is caught in a hopeless situation. Hearing about the siren’s plans only strengthens that impression. In the meantime Stiles freaks out because of her absence and Lydia makes a grave revelation. 

Pairing: Reader x Stiles

Warnings: Kidnapping

Persons involved: Reader, Stiles, Scott, Lydia, the siren

When you wake up, it’s cold. You inhale the icy air, regretting it immediately because even the effort to breathe makes your head ache. Your fingers brush over hard underground while you slowly come back to your senses. Something happened. Something pretty horrible. You start to remember. You were on your way to Stiles but you never reached him.

You open your eyes as your heart cramps up at the thought and stare at a dusty, grey, cracking ceiling. You feel pain in your whole body but your head is worst. Scared of what you’ll find, you raise your fingers and touch your forehead. Something sticky meets your fingertips and as you look at them, you discover exactly what you expected: blood. Fresh blood, which pretty much is proof that you’re still bleeding.

A wave of panic washes over you. For a while you’re simply lying there, trying to calm your breathing. It doesn’t work at all, so you just give up and get on your knees, groaning from the pain, before you slowly stand up. You are sure that any quick movements would make your head all dizzy. You push out the air and have a look around that is not very helpful. The room you’re in is pretty big but empty, dark, cold and damp. There is only one small window high above you and impossible to reach and an iron door in front of you that looks quite thick.

At the sight of the door you lose all your calm and run at it, push yourself against it but of course it’s locked and doesn’t move an inch. She kidnapped you, threw you into this hole without water, food or medicine and you can only imagine what she is planning to do with you. The pictures you come up with are not pretty. You thought you were relatively safe after you finally captured Theo. Now you realize what a big mistake that was.

Anger cooks up inside of you, replacing the panic for now. That siren makes you sick. You clench your fists and hammer against the door, over and over again, screaming for her and telling her to show the hell up. “Or do you want to hide until I’m dead, just like the coward you are? Just like the coward who knocks out someone from behind? Just like the coward who sends Theo to do the dirty work? God you are so pathetic!”

You are panting, taking a step back, trying to get a clear head while your blood is still boiling. You sink onto the ground and hide your face in your hands, taking deep breaths and fighting hard against your tears. You have never been so desperate in your whole life. Especially because you are incredibly scared that you’ll never see Stiles’ face again. You can’t believe how quickly your joy changed to utter despair.

You don’t know how much time passes that you are simply sitting there, listening to your own breathing. At some point you suddenly hear a scraping noise and shoot up, staring at the door in front of you. A little square of metal is pushed aside, revealing a barred window to the world outside of this room. Your heart beats a little faster until crystal blue eyes appear in that space. You can’t see the rest of her face but even this limited view suffices to notice her arrogant and patronising expression.

“Are you done?”, she asks, her voice cold and filled with contempt. Right now she doesn’t sound soft or seducing at all, but like the ice queen she really is. “Fits of rage always bore me.”

You are quite willing to perform another one but you don’t have the strength anymore. All you master to do is stand up, walk towards the door and glare at her.

“Why did you take me?”, you ask bluntly. It’s the only question that really matters because the answer dictates what will happen to you.

Her eyes flash, revealing that she must be smiling to herself. You hadn’t believed it possible but your hatred towards her even grows.

“My dear Y/N, did you really believe that your presence in Beacon Hills is a coincidence? That it is not connected to all of this? A little bit naive, don’t you think? You are the key to my success. I thought Theo would help me get you but I guess sometimes you have to get your own hands a little dirty”, she says, as if you are having an everyday conversation. Simple smalltalk, no more no less.

“Oh don’t be so modest. Your hands are far more than a little dirty!”, you spit.

“People like you would probably think so. People who are not willing to fight for what they really want.”

“People usually don’t want other people dead! If you think that I will help you, you are very wrong! Over my dead body!”

She pushes out a humourless laugh that makes you shiver, although you try to hide it.

“Is that so? What if I’ll kill your little lover boy if you don’t help me? Or this beta that you want to protect so desperately? I am still a little pissed that I didn’t get him, but it doesn’t really matter. I made it work with weaker victims”. She dwells on it for a moment, probably knowing very well how mentioning Stiles and Liam gives you a sting. “It’s not important anyway. I don’t need your help. I just need your body and that wonderful connection you have to the world of the dead.”

You swallow hard. That can’t mean anything good. The longer this conversation lasts, the clearer it becomes that your situation is hopeless.

“Why? Why are you doing this?”, you ask.

That’s when her face changes for the first time. Even the little part that you can see suddenly resembles an angry mask, deforming her attractive features and showing her true lunacy.

“Why? Because I am fed up!”, she growls, punching against the metal of the door and startling you. “Once the supernaturals have been feared. We have been the superior race and every human dreaded us! We have been the most important parts in the most important stories, the creatures the boldest heroes of ancient Greek fought against! We ruled this world and they hid before us. And now look what has become of us! We have been reduced to myths and been forgotten. Nobody believes we are real anymore! We have to hide like outcasts although we are the strong race, the deadly race! I won’t take that any longer. I will show them how weak and insignificant they really are!”

“Fighting for your race by killing a lot of them seems a weird way to do it”, you retort gravely.

“Only the feeble ones. They have no place in my new world anyway. You should accept it, little Valkyrie. It’s over, there is nothing you can do about it.”

With that she closes the window and leaves you alone with your increasing misery.

Time passes but you can’t really measure it. You sit in the corner of the room, unable to do anything else. At some point an uneasy sleep with weird dreams overcomes you. You can’t remember what they were about but they leave you with bigger hopelessness than you felt before you fell asleep. As you open your eyes, you discover a bowl of soup and a bottle of water right next to the door. She must’ve placed it there as soon as you were unconscious.

You wish to be strong enough to resist and not even look at it. But you are feeling weak and dizzy and you are incredibly hungry and thirsty. Therefore you crawl towards the bowl and empty it in huge sips, not even minding that it’s already cold. Afterwards you lean against the wall and stare at the ceiling. Waiting. Dreading. Wanting nothing more than having Stiles at your side and to assure him that you are okay.

“Have you found something? Anything?”, Stiles inquires desperately, sprinting through the kitchen towards his best friend as Scott enters. The sorry look on his face is answer enough and Stiles heart becomes even heavier while a new pang of fear makes his whole body shudder. He stumbles backwards and grabs the counter to hold himself steady while his whole world seems to spin.

“We couldn’t find her scent”, Scott explains, more to Lydia because he knows that Stiles doesn’t really care. The only thing that matters to him is finding her or not. “And the warehouse is empty.”

“Then we have to go out there again! We have to keep searching!”, Stiles exclaims, desperately running his fingers through his hair. Lydia and Scott throw him worried looks. He looks like death. He hasn’t slept a second since the siren took Y/N, therefore he has dark circles under his eyes and his face is unnaturally pale. Also he is constantly accusing himself of what happened although the whole pack agrees that that is total nonsense.

“Stiles, we have no idea where to look anymore”, Scott answers unwillingly but calm. “We need to reconsider this whole thing, formulate a plan that will actually help her instead of running around aimlessly.”

“A plan?”, Stiles retorts incredulously. “We don’t have a plan! We have no idea what is supposed to happen tomorrow. We don’t even know if she…if she’s still alive and…”

His voice breaks right there and he sinks down onto a chair, all the tension leaving his body at the thought of that. Lydia is at his side in no time, kneeling down in front of him and taking his hand in hers. She looks at him intensely and serious.

“Stiles, I would’ve felt it! She is alive, I am sure of it”, she states, her decisive tone not allowing any doubts. “She must be part of the plan. It all makes sense, that’s why she needed Theo, although that didn’t really work out, did it? She won’t hurt her till the very end and we’ll be there to stop her. Tomorrow. At the nemeton.”

“But…we don’t know what will await us there…”, he mumbles, blinking at her, not daring to hope.

Lydia presses her lips together. “Screw that. We couldn’t find out until now and we probably won’t until tomorrow. But she is alone and we have a whole pack and still one night left. We will gear up and prepare ourselves as good as we can. And then we’ll deal with her tomorrow.”

Stiles keeps silent for a moment, desperately frowning and thinking about Lydia’s words. “That means that Y/N has to endure another night.”

“You know her. She’s strong. She can do it.”

In the end he gives her a weak nod. “Alright. Yeah, you’re right.”

“Good, then let’s start with our preparations. Can you get the others?”

Stiles nods again and heaves himself out of the chair like it’s the hardest thing to do. Without the usual spring in his steps he walks out of the room. Only after he disappeared, Lydia gets up with a deep sigh.

“That was good”, Scott praises her, walking over and putting a hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

“Yeah…only that it was lie”, she says.

“What? What do you mean?”

“I got this today. Deaton emailed it to me”, she explains, fetching a piece of paper out of her pocket and handing it to Scott with an expression that doesn’t promise anything good. “He found it in Greek. The ritual that’s explained there must be ancient but it perfectly fits this situation. It even explains why she needs Y/N.”

“And why’s that? Come on, Lydia, I can’t read ancient Greek!”, Scott retorts impatiently.

“Well, first of all it says that hell can only be raised at places of direct connection to the underworld. That would be the nemeton. It also has to be at summer solstice but we already know that. What’s new is that the weaker supernaturals that are locked in there can be raised solely by the powers the siren has fetched. She only has to touch the sacred ground and they will follow her call. If she then wants to break the seal and release the most ancient and dangerous ones, the blood of the creature bound to hell and heaven alike has to soil the earth. A Valkyrie.”

Scott swallows hard, looking at her with widened eyes. “Y/N. So she really plans to kill her.”

“I think so, yes. And she won’t be alone. It will be the pack against a whole army of zombie supernaturals.”


GUN SONG by THE LUMINEERS | i don’t own a single gun but if I did you’d be the one. to hold it, aim it, make all of the bad men run but I don’t own a single gun.

SLEEPING SICKNESS by CITY AND COLOUR | and i’m afraid, to sleep because of what haunts me. such as, living with the uncertainty, that’ll never find the words to say which would completely explain, just how i’m breaking down.

NO REASON TO PRETEND by AARON SPRINKLE | you’ll never know dear how much you breathe strength and courage into me. and as the day comes closer to an end, i find no reason to pretend.

OPEN YOUR EYES by ANDREW BELLE | open your life now, I’ll try to be, all that you need me to be.

NITESKY by ROBERT KOCH | i get lost all the time. in my thoughts, in my mind. you come through like a light in the dark, give me sight.

PIECES by ANDREW BELLE | there’s too much smoke to see it, there’s too much broke to feel this. I love you, I love you and all of your pieces.

SLEEP ON THE FLOOR by THE LUMINEERS | cause if we don’t leave this town we might never make it out. i was not born to drown, baby come on.

ENDS OF THE EARTH by LORD HURON | out there’s a world that calls for me girl, headin’ out into the unknown. wayfarin’ strangers and all kinds of danger, please don’t say I’m going alone.

listen to playlist here.

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Sentence ; " It'll be okay y/n! just stay with me, open your eyes "

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You could feel the bullet lodged in your chest. The pain overtook you, and it felt like it would never end. You coughed, blood gurgling and staining your chin. After another few rounds of gunshots you heard footprints approach you.

“Y/n!’ You heard Spencer cry as he rushed to your side. Noise was starting to sound like static but you could make out Morgan calling for an ambulance. Something wet struck your cheek and you looked up to see Spencer crying. You tried smiling but could feel the blood smattering your teeth.

You started to back out, your vision blurring as your eyes fluttered. “It’ll be okay y/n!” The white noise flickered in your ear. “”Just stay with me, open your eyes!” Finally, you were taken by the darkness and silence surrounded you.

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hii i was wondering if you can rec us some music that have a merthur feel in it? thanks! :D

What I (Samantha) personally consider the “classics”. Some you most likely have heard of and perhaps some you may not have and are my personal favourites;

Jon Bellion: Carry Your Throne | Hugo: Dark Days | Death Cab for Cutie:  I Will Follow You into the Dark | Florence And The Machine: Heavy In Your Arms | Tribe Society: Kings | Amber Run: I found | Snow Patrol: Open Your Eyes

I Promise

I Promise

I no longer recall the sound of your voice
Not it’s pitch, it’s volume, nor it’s cadence
Your exact height
Your weight
Your shoe size
It’s been fifty-eight years
Of course, memory fades

Some recollections, however, never diminish
The way you bit your bottom lip when I smiled
The extra time you took to open your eyes after a kiss
The doors you opened
The unrequited passion
The hand reaching to hold mine
Oh I promise, as long as there is breath in this body
I will remember you

~ c wolf

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The reason there is criticism in the su tag is because not everyone's opinion on a show has to be that's its perfect. The criticism points out some very good points and maybe if you actually opened your eyes and watch the show you'd notice the blatant problems this show has

Oh yeah I’m totally opening my eyes to the animation that I wouldn’t have noticed until SU critical blogs pointed them out and I honestly???? Do not give two shits. That’s what I’m complaining about. Not the things that should be acknowledged and I DO acknowledge but that’s not going to make me say “this show is absolute crap and shouldn’t be enjoyed ever cause I’m the fun police” the world isn’t black and white. Everything you consume will have problems. The show isn’t even finished yet and people are complaining like it is. Fuck off to something that meets your unrealistically high standards then.

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