open your eyes woman

the year is 2067. an elderly woman sits in a hover-rocker at the local care home. she’s nodding off to sleep when a voice says, “hey, i like your shoelaces.” the woman opens her eyes, confused. shoelaces? shoes stopped having laces decades ago. she stares at the grey haired lady in front of her for a long quizzical minute before it hits her. a large, dentured smile spreads across her face and she replies:

“thanks. i stole them from the president.”

My Prince

Ivar x deaf!Reader

There is simply not enough Ivar fluff out there to satisfy my thirst

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You played with the daisies you had picked up, starting to braid them together carefully as you laid in your lover’s lap. Ivar sighed, shaking his head while smiling and playing with your soft hair. He couldn’t help but stare at you - you looked so beautiful when you were relaxed. “Y/N” he muttered softly, but quickly caught himself as he realized you weren’t looking at him. He often forgot of your condition. You were born deaf, but you soon learned to read lips. From a young age you were excluded from most child games, as you couldn’t orientate yourself as well as the others, and the other kids did not have the patience to talk slowly enough for you to understand. That’s how you found yourself often sitting beside Ivar, the crippled boy who stared longingly at his running brothers. Your friendship seemed to have no choice but blossom, and turn into something more beautiful. You relied on each other, understood and loved each other in a way no one could. He was your ears, always on the lookout and keeping you safe.

You smiled at the memory, clenching the daisies you were holding closer to your chest. You couldn’t help but remember your first kiss. An alarm rang through Kattegat, while you were alone in your house, preparing a meal for your mother. You didn’t hear anything, and naturally you were not aware that your village was under attack. You had jumped when you felt a hand suddenly grab your ankle, shaking it violently enough for you to drop the egg you were holding. Panicked, you turned around quickly, ready to defend yourself when you saw Ivar. His face was red and his eyes were wild – large and filled with panic. 

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Dialogue Prompts
  • “They can’t prove anything, if we stick to the story.”
  • “Don’t let the lights go out.”
  • “Give me my cut!”
  • “You shouldn’t  have come alone.”
  • Aren’t you going to call the cops?”
  • “Your jobs is to help them part with their money.”
  • “Doesn’t matter how far you run, you’ll never be able to hide from them.”
  • “You want to hear my story? Well it starts with a farm.”
  • “The disease is spreading too quick.”
  • “You’re screaming again.”
  • “I don’t like where this is going.”
  • “You have an hour.”
  • “What’s that smell?”
  • “Whatever you do don’t open your eyes.”
  • “You’re Mother was the baddest woman, I’ve ever know.”
As The Years Go By (Lin x Reader)

Prompt: “At new years on midnight for a single minute you possess your soulmate’s body.”

Words: 2707, I think.

Summary: The reader is Lin’s soulmate. They take their sweet time finding one another.

A/N: Soooo many line breaks!!!! (thanks to @diggs4life for the help)

You couldn’t wait.  Today was the day.  Well, tomorrow was. You were about to find out if you had a soulmate.  Maybe it was just a myth, but Grace had said she felt it last year. Only for a minute, but it had been enough to know that someone was out there. You wondered what it would be like to walk around in another person’s body.  Did they speak English? You had heard stories of people learning new languages to be able to locate their soulmates.  Grace entered her room and shut the door.  Should you find somewhere quiet to sit?  Were you building yourself up for nothing?

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❝ It’s nice that smile ❞

Plot: You’re Yoongi’s girlfriend but you’re scarier than him, more cold and distant but a little marshmallow inside. One day BTS see you crying because your grandma, who was suffering of amnesia, finally remembered you. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x BTS

Words count: 2,9k+

Warning: None 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 
P.S. I hope you’re fine now. ♥

gifs aren’t mine, credits to the owner! 

“Darling, can you bring this to grandma?”  

The sweet voice of your mother forced you to lift your gaze, biting the inside of your cheek for keeping you from sending her to the devil.  

Not that you hated your mother, she was the most important woman in your life, but she knew how much your grandmother’s condition would hurt you. You were tied to the old woman by a bond that couldn’t be explained and every time her blank gaze was resting on you, you could feel the pain hit you repeatedly and tears constantly pinching your orbs.  

“All right.” You murmured, taking the dish that she was giving you.  

Your brother gave you a little smile of encouragement and with a slow pace, you headed to the room where your grandmother was resting, feeling your heart beating more and more violently and the dish shaking in your hands.  

You weren’t sure you could do it, now that condition was leading you to exhaustion and even the failure to really talk to someone, the fail to express to the best of your emotions, provoked further concern and pain to your heart already too bent and broken.  

Quietly you opened the door and on tiptoe, you approached the king sized bed that filled almost completely the room. She was asleep and you didn’t want to wake her up because selfish you wanted to be able to lay the pot on the nightstand and run away.  

But her eyes opened and rested on you, so you stuck near the nightstand and watched her remain silent. The doctors explained that abrupt and sudden movements could cause further problems for people in those conditions.  

“Hello dear.”  

A knot at the throat prevented you from saying something, but your eyes opened wide as the woman in front of you gave you a little smile. Maybe that was the day? Your heart began to beat even more violently than a few moments earlier, while hope began to flow into you rising to monstrous levels.  

“Who are you? What’s your name, darling? ”  

Your little bubble of hope exploded, an explosion so strong as to take your breath away and the tears began spontaneously to slip on your cheeks, falling on your mouth and letting you grind your nose to the brackish taste that they left on your soft lips.  

“I-I am… I brought you something to eat, you have to feed yourself, mh? ” You couldn’t stutter, while your lips bent into a small and fake smile.  

Your eyes were filled with disappointment and especially a sense of abandonment. Your grandmother hadn’t recognized you for the umpteenth time and your world had collapsed a little more.  

~ ~

“Taehyung leaves immediately Jungkook, you’re choking him.” Seokjin was furious, obviously, he was just pretending to be, while trying to separate the two boys who continued undeterred to do wrestling in the living room.  

You were sitting on Yoongi’s bed, with the door open and a beautiful view on the show that the eldest was trying to stop, while at your side your boyfriend quickly beat his fingers on the keyboard of his laptop completely immersed in his world.  

Your expression was flat, like every time you showed yourself outside the house walls. Only Yoongi was able, now much more than before, to penetrate that armor that you used as protection. You were similar, similar fears, similar thoughts, similar problems. And similar behaviors so understand what you felt and how you were actually had never been difficult for him.  

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Breaking... Ch. 1

A/N: So this is my first fan fiction! I’m really excited to show it to anyone who’s willing to read it! I’d really like to thank @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit for giving me the the confidence to write this, thank you so much! Anyway This fic is going to be a series and honestly I’m still not entirely sure what ships I want to use so I guess it’ll be a surprise for everyone XD Ok I’ve rambled long enough, I hope you all enjoy :D

Word count: 3,894

Warnings: Gun use, blood, cursing (Sorry not sorry)

Breaking Laws

             You walked down the street with your close friend Anna. It was dark outside, the air surrounding you was thick and hot. Extreme weather in New York was never really nice for anyone but to you it wasn’t unpleasant. Anna couldn’t say the same however since she was wearing dark jeans and a T-shirt while you were sporting shorts and a tank top. Earlier in the day you had taken off your flannel and tied it to your waist–it was almost ninety degrees at that point and cotton was no friend to you. Anna continued to try and change the subject by complaining about the heat but you were being stubborn. “I swear on my life Anna, if you listen to this you will not be disappointed!” You exclaimed.

“I know you’re super, mega, ultra-obsessed with this play thing but we’ve talked about this hon. It’s just not my thing.” You pouted slightly at her answer.

“It’s not a play thing… It’s a fantastic representation of our history that is showcased in a hip-hop and rap music styling format…” She chuckled at your over exaggerated sadness and gave you a little shove.

“Ok I’ll make a deal with you, I’ll listen to three songs, whichever ones you want, if you help me with Algebra 3. That number junk just flies right over my head with Mrs.Gepson gone!” You couldn’t help but squeal slightly and happily agreed to the terms. You silently thanked the universe for core math classes and for the University’s uncanny habit of finding underwhelming substitute professors. The two of you continued to walk down the street and laugh at your own commentary on the way to your apartment building. The laughter didn’t last long though, you felt like you were being watched, you were still about 10 minutes away from your destination when Anna nudged your arm and whispered. “Do not turn around. This guy behind us has been on our tail for the last 3 blocks.” Her words were quiet but they were sharp and she looked like she was ready to pounce at any moment.

             Both of you instantly picked up the pace, not running but just walking with more vigor and purpose than before. The man behind us matched our pace, no he was actually catching up to us pretty fast. You turned your head as we started to run and saw him pull something out of his hoodie. Is that a gun? He yelled out to us, making us stop in our tracks, the intent of his words catching up quicker than he was.

“Stop running before I do something undesierable.” His voice was deep and coarse, like he’s been screaming all day. We both look at each other, out of breath and tired from the adrenaline high we just experienced. Putting our hands up in the air we slowly turned around, not wanting him to try and shoot at us. He was about seven feet away from us at this point and still making small steps toward us as he spoke once more.

“Empty your pockets.” He ordered. We did as he asked, dropping our phones to the ground first we reached into our pockets and pulled out all the money we had on us. Anna had a twenty and three ones, you had three tens and a five on you. Looking at the money on the ground the man scoffed.

“You little girls shitting me right now? No way in hell that’s all you’ve got!” His voice sent chills up my spine, Anna was the first to speak up to him.

“That really is all we have… We just came back from friend’s and we weren’t exactly planning on going to Tiffany’s today…” Her tone was a combination of anger and fear; it was certainly not one you’ve ever heard her use before. The man gripped the gun tighter, a low growl erupting from his throat. Quickly he shifted the gun’s position toward Anna, her eyes widened and her voice got caught in her throat.

“Excuse me?! Wanna say that again?” He yelled. You couldn’t even think about what you were doing before you side-stepped in front of her, the gun now directly aimed at you. Forcing yourself to speak, you voice cracked slightly from the storm of emotions mulling in your body.

“Let’s try and be rational here… Just lower the gun, we don’t need to be too drastic right?” He didn’t seem to care about keeping a level head in the situation. His gaze never left you as he stepped closer once more, the muzzle of the gun only about two feet away from you.

“I’ll lower the damn gun when you give me the rest that you have!” He bellowed, his eyes unwavering, they were such a cold shade of blue. They felt like they were stabbing you by just looking at you. You kept your voice low but you knew he would hear you, there was no other way to do this.

“Anna run. Don’t look back, just keep running. I’ll take care of this.” She tried to refuse, she really did. But you both knew that if she stayed there wouldn’t be any chance of either of you getting away. She began to take a few steps backwards before turning around into a complete sprint. You could see the anger pulsating in his eyes, there wasn’t even a moment of hesitation before he pulled the trigger.

             It was an odd sensation; you could feel the pressure in the air that pushed towards you as the bullet exited the chamber. You could feel the blunt puncturing of your skin as the round bullet burrowed into your skin, on the right side of your forehead. You could feel your skull crack from the contact. Everything was painful, it was burning and reverberating. You heard a scream and then you felt yourself falling, but you didn’t hit the concrete of the dirty city street like you expected to. No, you kept falling, at first there was no color, just white, moving white. Everything looked like silk, swirling and twisting around your body. But the soft tangles of the silk soon turned to the same intense shade of blue that that man held in his stare. Everything turned into electricity—you watched as your hair started to frizz out into a halo around your head—but you couldn’t feel anything. You were numb as your eyes finally shut.

             You felt your eyes burn as sun shined onto your eyelids. With a soft groan you shifted over slightly, the ground was hard and warm. God my head is killing me. As you sat up every muscle in your body seemed to screech. Reaching up you touched the side of your forehead and winced, feeling a sudden sting wave through your brain. You finally opened your eyes and looked down at your hand, watching as the blood slid across your fingers and into your palm. Blood glided down your cheek and some small droplets clotted in your eyebrow. Your head felt like it was about to explode as the memories rushed back to you. The man, the gun, the scream. Your hand instantly went back to the spot on your head where the blood was coming from, there wasn’t any hole or anything. What the hell is going on? Looking up you saw that you were sitting under a lamp post. A dirt path stretched out underneath your body, making your legs dirty. Hooking your arm around the lamp post you used it to help you stand up, you gripped it tightly as your mind suddenly felt clouded. It was incredibly bright outside so you had to squint to look down the paths. In the distance you could make out what seemed to be a yellow house.

             Only the sound of the dirt shifting under your weight kept you awake long enough to approach the building, it seemed to grow in size the closer you came to it. Your eyes fluttered open and shut, your mind wanting nothing more than to shut down. Staggering up the solid steps your legs gave out, you had to use your arms to pull yourself to the door. Your breath was short and sharp, your chest felt like it was going to collapse. Hell, your entire body seemed to feel like it was being pulled apart in every direction possible. With a clenched and bloody fist you banged on the wooden door as hard as you could. You’re almost there Y/N, just stay awake. Your body slumped over as the door opened, your eyes focused on the off white fabric that now stood where the door once was. It was a woman, she knelt down beside you and her voice was laced with concern.

“Dear Lord, child are you alright?” Your eyelids slammed down into each other once more as another wave of pain crashed into you.

“Help me, help…” And suddenly you were out once more.

             The second time you woke up was much more pleasant, at the very least it wasn’t painful. Instead of hard dirt you were laying on some sort of cushion, it was so soft it almost seemed like it was a giant throw pillow. You opened your eyes and saw the woman from earlier stare back at you. This time around you could actually make out the details of her face. Her skin had an olive like coloring to it, very faint laugh lines crossed past her green eyes, a few long strands of brown hair fell out from under the white handkerchief that was wrapped around her head.

“I see that you are finally awake, child.” Her voice was soft. Child? She couldn’t be that much older than me.

“Hello.” Your voice felt a little strained but managed to at least say that. She smiled at you.

“If you are feeling well enough to stand I would like to ask you allow me to help you dress.” You nodded and slowly pushed yourself up from the bed you had been laying on.

“May I ask what your name is Miss?”

“Y/N L/N, what’s your name?” You finally took notice of what she was wearing. The long white fabric had a few red stains on it, that was probably from you. But that wasn’t what was so surprising, it was just the style of it that looked odd to you. The skirt flowed down and brushed against the floor, the top almost looked like it was in two pieces. As she turned around you could see the lacing in the back, it was almost like a corset but nowhere near as tight as the models you’ve seen. Not only that but it looks like it’s made of fabric, not metal or anything like that. She cocked her head to the side as she picked up some things in front of her.

“Rachel, Rachel Spencer.”

“That’s a really pretty name… So um Rachel, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course Miss L/N, what’s your question?” She turned back towards you, holding a small pile of cloth in her arms.

“Where exactly am I?” You questioned. She looked at you incredulously.

“Oh dear, you’re in New York.” She smiled at the words.

“No, I get that, I’m from New York. I mean where am I, like why am I not in a hospital?” She seemed to be even more confused than she was before.

“A hospital? Do you mean for all that blood? Don’t worry Miss L/N it was only a bruise when I washed away the blood.”

“Then… What exactly is this place?” You asked as your gaze slid across the room you were in; it was small but it felt homely.

“Why Miss L/N, you’re standing in the Hamilton residence, to be more specific you’re in my living quarters.” Before you could actually question her more about the matter she set the pile down on the bed behind you and clapped her hands together.

“Now please undress so that I can help you into some more proper clothes. I know what I have isn’t very nice but it’ll at least cover you up.” Your eyes widened at her words.


“Yes, why is that- Oh I see, you must be shy. Very well, I’ll turn around as you undress and you put the shift on. I shall turn back around and help you with the other pieces once you are done.” She had already taken a step back and turned around before you could protest. Heaving a sigh, you made quick work of getting out of your shorts and tank before examining the cloth on the very top of the pile. Not much different than a really long night dress I suppose. You pulled the material over your head, luckily it wasn’t that off in size.

“Okay, you can turn back around now Rachel.” You were still really confused about what was happening. Where were you exactly? Some sort of colonial reenactment? Or perhaps somehow you got dropped off into some Amish territory? That would actually explain why they didn’t call for an ambulance. Rachel turned back around to you and quickly put the rest of the pieces on you. The two of you looked very similar now in terms of clothing, the only really noticeable difference was that her bodice was white and yours was blue. Suddenly the actions of this woman were flooding over you. She helped you, cleaned you up and now was helping you to blend in. The world always needs kindness like hers.

“Thank you so much Rachel, I don’t know what would’ve happened if you hadn’t had helped me when you did.” You spoke like a child thanking a parent for teaching them how to tie their shoes. Speaking of shoes, Rachel had just pulled out a pair of dark boots and was motioning for you to sit so she could help you put them on.

“No need to thank me child, if there was anyone you should be thanking it would be Lady Betsy. She heard me cry out and came to see what all the commotion was about and found you lying in my arms. She truly is the kindest woman I have ever met; the moment her eyes fell on you she ran around trying to find anything that might help you.” A soft smile graced her lips as she spoke, all the while she was sliding and buttoning the shoes to your feet.

“She must be amazing judging by how much you praise her.” You stood up once she was done and silently thanked her for the help.

“She is, now come with me. Lady Betsy would actually like to speak with you.” She hopped up off the ground a led you outside the room. The corridors she led you down were narrow and plain at first but the further you traversed the wider they became. Before you knew it you were walking down grandiose white walls with gold embellishing the linings. Eventually the two of you stopped in front of a pair of double doors and Rachel gave one small knock.

“Come in.” A woman’s voice called from inside. Rachel opened the doors escorted you inside the room. The walls were lined with bookshelves; it was almost like a personal library. There was a large wooden desk at the end of the room, someone was standing in front of it. From the back all you could see was a big, blue gown with white and gold accents, part of her long, dark hair was pulled back but the rest spilled down flat against her back. She finally turned around and faced the two of us, her eyes were dark and gentle as she smiled worriedly at us.

“Hello dear, I’m glad to see that you are finally awake. You gave us all quite a fright when you showed up the way you did.” The woman spoke softly, at this point you were able to guess that this must be Betsy.

“Hello Mrs. Hamilton, forgive me for interrupting you but I would like to introduce you to our unexpected guest.” Rachel said as she gave a small curtsey, she then motioned for you to take a step closer. You did so and followed Rachel’s example by curtseying as well.

“Hi, um, sorry for showing up the way I did… My name is Y/N, nice to meet you.” She furrowed her eyebrows for a moment.

“No need to apologize Miss Y/N, I am Elizabeth Hamilton, but most people call me Eliza.” Eliza Hamilton, isn’t that ironic. You smiled up at her, she actually oddly looked familiar.

“Thank you for all of your help, Eliza. I don’t know what would’ve happened if you and Rachel hadn’t helped me when you did.”

“It is no trouble, dear. If you do not mind I would like to talk with you more on your situation once my husband returns.” She spoke like an experienced mother, it was comforting.

“Is Mr. Hamilton scheduled to arrive back at his usual time, Mrs. Hamilton?” Rachel asked.

“Yes, it is almost time for supper so he should not be too far away. Would you like to join us for dinner Y/N? It would give us ample opportunity to discuss what comes next.” Eliza went behind the desk and took a seat, holding her hands in her lap. At first you were caught a little off guard but you ended up agreeing. Eliza and Rachel’s eyes lit up at your answer.

“Wonderful! Until then you can rest in here, my husband won’t mind us occupying his study while he’s out. Take a seat, Rachel could read to you if you’d like as well.” She beamed happily. Read to me? Oh, they probably think I have a concussion or something.

“That’s very kind of you Eliza but I’m just fine! I can read on my own.” You reassured her. The other two women were taken aback by your comment.

“Oh, so you’re an educated woman? Forgive me, I didn’t realize.” Eliza apologized but the tone in her voice made her seem more questioning. Did I say something weird? I could see maybe if they thought I was homeless but I don’t know what education has to do with that. You decided it was best not to question her on the statement, she probably didn’t mean for it to sound the way she had. Rachel excused herself, she said she had to go help ‘Angie’ with her work.

             You paced back and forth, your fingertips gliding across the rows of book spines as you examined the titles. Whoever Eliza’s husband is, he really likes Shakespeare. You eventually plucked out A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, you’d be lying if you said that it wasn’t a personal favorite of yours. You always felt that you related to Helena the most out of all the characters. Taking the book, you sat down on a nearby couch. You fussed around with your dress for a few minutes so that you sit ‘Crisscross applesauce’ style underneath the layers of fabric, most of it hanging over the cushions. You had just gotten to Titania and Oberon’s confrontation when a young girl, maybe around 12 or 13 years old, came skipping into the room. Her dress wasn’t quite as big as Eliza’s, it was more…fluffy than bulky, the light purple color popped against her tan skin. Her hair was pulled into a pair of pigtail braids.

“Mama! Mama! Daddy’s home, it’s time for dinner!” She exclaimed before she finally took notice of my presence. “Who’s this Mama?” She asked, she must be Eliza’s daughter.

“Angie sweetie, this is Miss Y/N. She will be joining us for dinner.” Eliza explained as she stood up from the desk and stood next to the now identified ‘Angie’ from earlier. She gave the girl a small pat on the back and motioned for her follow as she walked off toward the door. You put the book down next to you, Angie took notice of the cover and skipped toward you excitedly, grabbing your hand to help you stand up.

“Daddy will be very excited to meet you, he loves Shakespeare!” She giggled and linked your arm with her own.

“I noticed.” You chuckled and allowed her to guide you out the door. Eliza gave a small laugh at the sight and continued to walk by your side. Your trio made your way through some more of the beautifully designed hallways, the sound of chatter becoming louder as you approached an archway that lead you into a large, open room. You recognized the door at the far end, this must be main room and that must be the front door you were slumped against not so long ago. Your gaze then fell onto a man; he wore a dark green coat with a matching pant. You could tell that the clothing was meant to be from the same era as everyone else’s, the pants stopped at his knees and a pair of long socks covered his shins. He was looking down at two young boys with mischievous grins on their faces.

“Daddy! Daddy! Look!” Angie ran up to the man, he must be Eliza’s husband. The man turned around with a wide smile stretched across his face. He quickly ran his fingers through his dark hair to push it out of his face before wrapping his arms around Angie.

“My sunshine girl! I missed you even more today than I did the last!” He said happily. Why does he look so familiar? He kissed Angie’s nose and released her, turning his attention to Eliza.

“My love, how was your day?” He asked as he made his way over to Eliza and gave her a kiss on the cheek. His eyes clouded with curiosity as he took notice of you standing next to his wife. “And who is this young lady?” He questioned, Eliza’s voice lowered slightly. Angie came bounding toward her father.

“That’s what I wanted you to see Daddy, she likes Shakespeare too!” She smiled.

“Is that right?” He spoke, sounding slightly impressed.

“Her name is Y/N, Rachel found her on our door step, bleeding from the side of her head…” She leaned in and whispered in his ear. “Poor girl, she was practically naked, I wanted to wait till you came home before we asked her any questions.” She pulled away and his eyes softened. Looking back over at you, he stepped back and gave you a small bow.

“Well it is a pleasure to have you in our home Miss Y/N, perhaps we could discuss literature over supper? Pardon, you must forgive me, I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Alexander Hamilton.” Your eyes widened as the name washed over your thoughts.

Alexander Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton?

             There was no way but you couldn’t shake this feeling in the pit of your stomach that begged you to ask something, anything that could prove the growing thought in your head wrong.

“Forgive me sir, but um, may I ask what you do? For work I mean…” He seemed confused for a moment but answered you nonetheless.

“I work up in the city as the Treasury Secretary under President Washington.” He said simply.


Miss Stark -One shot


“Could I request a tony x sister one where the team finds her in a cryo tank? She disappeared right after her parents died and she was only 16.. when she wakes up and sees Tony she remembers him but she’s shocked to find she’s still a teenager. And because of hydra she can control the elements. Maybe some fluffy tony cause he’s got his baby sister back”

Steves POV

“Guys , what’s the hold up? We have to take this base down within the next 5 minutes. ” Natasha’s voice sounds through the comms. Me and Bucky are face to face with a cryo tank that’s housing a young girl inside.

“ do you know her ?” I ask him, the way he’s staring at her sends chills through me.

“ I -I can’t remember . But something about her seems familiar . We can’t leave her here.”

“ I agree , but we can’t just release her, we don’t know how dangerous she is Buck. ” as I speak bucky disconnects the tank and opens it.

“ did you not just hear a word I said!” I yell , he lifts the girl into his arms , she doesn’t look older than 18. She has long (y/c/h) , and smooth flawless skin . Her long eyelashes rest against her cheeks and he arms hang limply as Bucky carries her.

“ we have sedatives on the jet to keep her down , I’m not leaving her here if we are blowing up this base steve .” I follow him to the jet , my eyes not leaving her motionless body as he explains to Nat and Clint about this girl. Who is she?

When we arrive back at the tower, the medic team is already waiting in the hangar . As they carefully place her onto the hospital bed and begin rolling her out of the jet  ,Tony appears.

 " Well I heard you brought home another Hydra toy, how many times are you-“ As the girl is wheeled past him, hes voice pauses.

Originally posted by thefandomlifenerd

” Oh my God.“ Tony says under his breathe as he stares at the young girl.

” Tony what-“

” Did you know? “ his voice is cold and filled with anger as he stares at Bucky

” What are you-“

” Did you know they took my sister Barnes!?“ Tony grabs Bucky by the lapels of his gear and shoves him against the nearest wall. Tony has a sister?

” N- no , I didn’t know . “ Bucky wont fight back, his guilt about his hand in killing Tonys parents is still lingering after all this time.

Natasha pulls Tony off, tugging him along with her to follow after his sister.  What the hell is going on.

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

Tonys POV

 I rush behind Natasha and the medics, following them into the med bay . I watch as they hook Y/n up  to watch her vitals. How is this possible ? I should have known HYDRA took her, someone doesn’t just disappear .

” You couldn’t of known Tony.“ Natasha says from beside me.

” She was only 16, I thought- I thought she ran away , that she didn’t want to be stuck with me anymore. “  I watch the steady beeping of her heartrate, trying to push away the tears.

” Barnes says it looks like shes been frozen a while, maybe they didn’t-“

” Maybe they didn’t turn her into a weapon , a murderer? I don’t have that much faith in HYDRa ,Natasha. “ I spit .

Originally posted by jmeshowlett

My chest tightens, thinking of my innocent teenage sister being used as a toy for HYDRA.

“Any other Starks I should know about?” Steve appears on my other side, placing a hand on my shoulder. His face is sympathetic,  I send him a sad smile.

“ I thought she was gone, I didn’t think there was anything to tell.”

He nods, “ Why don’t you go get some air, we'll stay incase she wakes up . “  he offers . Why the hell is he always so nice?   I nod, knowing ill go even crazier just waiting for her to wake up.  I silently walk away, praying whatever  Hydra could of done to her is reversible.

Y/n’s POV

 The sound of beeping and hushed whispers makes it way to you ears. Where am I ?  you slowly open your eyes, seeing a red headed woman , and tall blonde at the end of the medical bed whispering.

” Where am I?“ you ask,  you go to move your hair out of your face, but are restricted by the thick cuffs chaining your hands to the railing of the bed. You frantically begin pulling at the restraints, panic invading you .Memories of  being tortured flashing through your mind , its almost as if you can still feel  all the times you were cut, beaten , and  burned all over again.

” Calm down miss, you are safe. I’m Natasha & this is Steve,  Do you know your name?“ The woman asks .

” Y/n .. Y/n Stark .“  you watch as both their eyes go wide. The blonde, Steve , looks oddly familiar.  When they don’t speak , your fear rises evenmore.

” Please, don’t- don’t hurt me. “ tears start flowing from your eyes , I cant go through this again.

” you are safe we aren’t going to -“

” Of course you are , youre Hydra ! I don’t know what you want from me!“  You are hysterically sobbing, the cuffs ripping into your wrists from how hard you’re pulling to be free.

Another man walks in, hes shorter than the bloinde & has glasses.

” Oh good, youre awake!“ he says cheerily , his tone alters when he sees the state of panic youre in .

” Y/n Stark?“  he asks, moving closer . You shrink into yourself, cowering back from the new man.

” Don’t be afraid, I’m Dr. Banner, but you can call me Bruce.Youre safe now. Do you know what SHIELD is?“ he asks calmly.


” Yes , my father -he was a founder. “

” You’re at a SHIELD affiliated tower, not HYDRA, you are safe . “ he places a hand on your arm . His touch is warm and comforting. The fearful tears turn into tears of joy; the feeling of being some where safe is overwhelming.

” Y/n?“ a new voice appears behind the Doctor .  A man about the same age as Bruce. He looks like he hasn’t slept in days, maybe weeks . There is a strong sense of familiarity , but you cant seem to figure out why .

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His eyes stay locked on yours as he approaches you . The closer he gets, the more you recognize him . Tears rolls down his cheeks as he takes your hand in his, you don’t flinch when his hands clasp over yours.  The feeling of his hands holding yours sends a new wave of warmth and memories through you . You squeeze his hand, tears of your own freely falling.  You know the man infront of you , although hes a lot older than you remember, he is still him ; he’s still your brother.

You begin really pulling at the cuffs, craving the feeling of your brothers embrace . You begin sobbing as you feel blood leak from beneath the cuffs down your arms.

” Calm down , I’m going to get you out of these .“ Tony promises, digging in his pockets looking for the keys.

” Tony , I don’t think its a good . we don’t know if she-“

” Does she look like a threat to you Rogers?! Back off .“ Tony growls, finally finding the key and releasing you from the bonds.  You immediately through your arms around Tony, tugging him to you  . Everyone in the room tenses at how quickly you move, their bodies moving to defend Tony. Bruce stops them though , when he sees you aren’t a danger.

” What did they do to you kiddo?“ Tony asks, gently rubbing his hands down your back.

” They wanted information, but I didn’t- I couldn't  . They -“ you begin sobbing again , not able to form the words.

” Its alright, youre safe now. I’m not letting anyone take you away from me, not again.  “ 

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Growing up Batty: Part 7

AN: One Part left after this!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

You don’t bother changing into your uniform. In fact, you’re certain that it’s better to stay in plain clothes. Your sweatpants, tee-shirt, and tennis shoes are fine for this anyway. It’s insanely easy to sneak past the guards on duty. It’s even easier to lift yourself into the AC duct and crawl your way through the building.

           It doesn’t take long to find them. You just follow the screaming. You peer through the vent down at the scene below. You’d seen pictures over the years. Your mother had shown you pictures of Harley before she’d gone insane. She had seemed so normal, and put together. It scared you, how easily she snapped.

           Then there was the Joker. You’d read every file Bruce had on the man. You’d seen the pictures. But that did nothing to prepare you for the chill that went down your spine at the sight of him. You freeze as you watch him rant, and scream. And the laugh… the laugh makes you want to throw up.

           You survey the room first. Joker is pacing erratically. He’s mumbling to himself, before he turns to yell at the person in the corner. That’s when you see her. She’s dressed in normal clothes, something the surprises you. Then you see her face, it bruised and battered, right along with the rest of her body. The Joker had used her as a human punching bag.

           For the first time, you understand. Your mother had never hated Harley. Whenever she spoke about her it was with a sad smile. You’d never understood that. How could you love someone who had hurt so many people? How could you love something that was a product of the greatest evil to ever befall Gotham?

           She’d always said her love for you was easy. If there was one thing Harley had done right, it was giving you to them. You were her daughter, she loved you no differently than your sisters.

           As for Harley… she had always described Harley as a victim. Their own parents had been abusive, and Harley had drawn most of the abuse on to herself, in an effort to protect her sister. She’d grown used to it, and had gone into psychology as a way to understand it. Somewhere along the line she had confused abuse with love. She’d been the perfect prey for Joker.

           Only now, staring at the woman, beaten and battered, did you understand. She was a victim. It didn’t make what she did right, but it explained a lot. You watch as she smiles at Joker even as he screams at her. You wince when she calls him puddin’, and you gasp when he hits her.

           That’s what gives you away. The man’s head turns towards the vent, and a sadistic smile takes over his face. You hold your breath, as he approaches, “Well, well, well… what do we have here. Has the latest little bird come to visit?”

           You feel the vent go out from under you, and you fall on to the floor. You hear something crack in your arm, and it takes everything you have not to cry out. You shift to a sitting position, and stare up at the monster.

           He grins, “And who might you be?”

           You hesitate, as Ivy’s words come back to you, he’d try and kill you. You keep your mouth shut, and a moment later his fist connects with your mouth. You take the hit with a whimper, before pushing yourself to your feet.

           You cradle your arm close to your chest, and move into a defensive position. You know how to fight, how to take down someone bigger and stronger than you. But he’s wounded you. You’re eighty-five percent sure that your arm is broken. That prevents you from flipping, crawling, and even throwing some punches.

           You stay on the defensive, dodging any more punches. But he’s sneaky, you never see the pipe coming. He gets you on the head. When you wake up, your hands are tied, and your arm hurts worse than anything you’ve ever felt. There’s blood crusted on to your face, and you can feel someone gently dabbing at the wound.

           You wince as they dab at a particularly sensitive spot. Opening your eyes, you stare at the woman hovering above you. Her blonde hair is dyed with red and blue, and her makeup is outrageous, but hiding the bruising you’re sure is there.

           You flinch away, and she smiles at you, she strokes your cheek, and simply says, “There, there, mama’s here.”

           You hear that laugh and look behind her to see Joker staring at you, and fear grips your heart, as you wonder how you’re going to get out of this one.

Invisible, Prologue

Invisible Summary:  Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone.  When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate.  What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid?  Will Sam believe that you’re real?  Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone?  And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterpost

A/N: Here it is, the prologue to my newest series, Invisible!  This series will be posting a new chapter each Tuesday.  Enjoy!

warnings: scary things for a 7-year-old and a creepy old lady

word count: ~650

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The Problem With Assassins

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Request:  Request for batfam angst with Damian’s s/o please? And I love your writing 💖

Pairing:  Damian Wayne x reader

Summary:  You are a former assassin and you and Damian fall in love but the rest of the batfam are more than wary of you.

Words Count:  1157

Genre: angst but fluff at the end

Notes:  So i got like 5 requests for this subject exactly so i just combined then into this fic, I hope you don’t mind!

Damian is like 18 in this

“Damian! Open your eyes! The woman you’re in love is a killer! She could kill you and never bat an eye!” Jason yells.

This fight had been raging for months.

“Jason you hypocritical fool! Look at yourself before you judge her! You have a much higher body count and at least she is remorseful.”  Damian shoots back.

You sat in the corner of the Batcave, content in letting those two fight it out. You lost your urge to fight this battle when you saw that there was no possible way that the Wayne’s would ever accept you. In your past you had been an assassin for the League of Assassins, but you left that all behind when you met Damian. He was the love of your life, you would give up anything for him.

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After a while you learn the subtle difference
Between holding a hand and chaining a soul,
And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning
And company doesn’t mean security.
And you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts
And presents aren’t promises,
And you begin to accept your defeats
With your head up and your eyes open
With the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child,
And you learn to build all your roads on today
Because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans
And futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight.
After a while you learn…
That even sunshine burns if you get too much.
So you plant your garden and decorate your own soul,
Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.
And you learn that you really can endure…
That you really are strong
And you really do have worth…
And you learn and learn…
—  Jorge Luis Borges, You Learn
Five More Minutes (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman x Reader)

Prompt: “Could you do a Diana x fem!Reader imagine where the two are in bed? NO NSFW! Just a fluffy piece that’s pre-intercourse, post-intercourse, or even no s*x at all.” 

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The first thing you noticed was a soft, warm breeze blowing softly across your cheek and the sensation of sunlight warming your face. Taking a deep breath, you let a soft smile come over your features as you felt yourself slowly start to shake away the lingering tendrils of slumber.

“Are you awake?”

Without opening your eyes, you turned towards the source of the voice, noticing for the first time the strong arms wrapped around your waist and the pair of legs that were tangled with yours. Sighing through your nose, you leaned forward and nuzzled into what you guessed to be a neck and spoke with a voice rough from sleep.


A soft, musical laugh was heard from right under where your forehead rested, and it was only then that you opened your eyes and pulled back to see the smiling face of the woman you loved.

There Diana lay, looking down at you with soft brown eyes and long black hair falling around her face in soft waves. Even after just having woken up, she was a vision that took your breath away, more beautiful than any painting or sculpture that had ever been made. And she was yours.

Returning her smile, you leaned up and pressed your lips gently to hers in a chaste peck that lasted only for a moment before you dropped your head to her chest, feeling the rise and fall of her breaths. A hand came up to stroke your hair, and you felt like you were about to start purring as her fingernails lightly scratched against your scalp.

“Sleep well?” she asked, her accent stronger than usual as she continued to wake up.

“I always do with you sleeping beside me,” you replied, letting your arm snake over her waist. “Even with you talking in your sleep.”

A playful swat landed on your shoulder, and you giggled as she protested.

“I do not!”

“You really do. Last night it was about ice cream.”

“Well ice cream is very good,” she said in mock-offense, causing you to laugh softly once again.

“So I’m guessing you had pleasant dreams?” you questioned.

“I did. No nightmares,” she told you, and you felt relief upon hearing it. Too often she was plagued by memories of wars she’d fought in and people she hadn’t been able to save, always blaming herself despite the fact that she always tried her hardest and then some.

Letting out a pleased hum, you press a kiss to the center of her chest, right above where the top of her tank top was.

“I’m glad to hear it,” you said sincerely.

“I actually had a dream with you in it,” she murmured, causing you to prop yourself up on one elbow so you could look down at her.

“Oh, yeah?” you asked, giving her a sleepy grin. “Did we get ice cream together?”

“No. It was after the ice cream,” she informed you, reaching up to run her fingers through your hair. “We were walking down the street, holding hands, and you told me that you loved me.”

“I do love you,” you reminded her, feeling your heart swell with affection. She smiled and kissed you once more, her thumb tracing circles against your cheekbone until she pulled away.

“Then, of course, the Eiffel Tower turned into a horse and chased us around Paris,” she went on to say, making you laugh. “But other than that part it was a lovely dream.”

“Well, luckily, I can make the first part come true,” you said, pulling away to stand up. “How about we go out for breakfast today? And when we walk down the street I’ll make sure to tell you I love you as many times as you want.”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea,” she sighed, not moving from her spot on the bed. “But I’m too comfortable to move.”

“Diana, you have to get up,” you giggled, walking to her side of the bed and tugging on her hand. “C’mon. We can go to that cafe around the corner and split an omelet and a pastry.”

“I caaaan’t,” she groaned, and suddenly you felt her pull you forward, lifting you up like you weighed nothing and pulling you onto her lap until your legs were on both sides of her hips. “Just stay here and be my blanket.”

“Diana,” you tried to protest, but then she was pulling your face down to hers, pecking first your lips and then your nose, your temples, your cheeks. Sighing in defeat, you sprawled out over her, feeling her arms wrap around you like twin vises.

“Alright, alright,” you finally conceded. “I’ll give you five more minutes. But then we’re getting up and going to breakfast. I’m hungry.”

“Ok, my love. Five more minutes.”

I Am No Slave

Part 5 of Ivar x Reader series

Summary: To everyone else in Hedeby you are just a slave. You don’t even have the luxury of being called a guest. You will show them that you are more then that, in doing so, you’ll prove your worth to Lagertha.

A/N: Sorry, no Ivar in this chapter NEXT ONE THOUGH I PROMISE! Sorry in advance for any typos.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

“We’re lost again, aren’t we?” The dark haired woman slid down a rock and pulled the furs closer to her. She had dark eyes that twinkled with amusement as she stared at the man in front of her.

The man had furs hanging off his shoulders as well. His long dark hair was pulled up halfway. He had familiar blue eyes that were restless as they scanned the surrounding. Early winter snow was blanketed around them, making their surroundings that much harder to navigate.

With a sigh, he turned to her. “Yes, yes. You’re right.” She smirked at him as he stepped forward and slumped beside her. “You’re always right, though, aren’t you, Torhild?” 

“What can I say, little brother? I seem to have grandmother’s gift.” They smiled at each other. “Why did father send us out here again? Does he hate us?” She joked.

“No. He wanted us to get the lay of the land. It would have been better if he told us to do this during summer. Everything looks the same!” He threw his hand, gesturing at the snow. 

“Aw, don’t be so angry, Sigtrygg.” She teased as she twirled a finger in his hair. He glowered at her for a moment but it was quickly replaced with a grin. 

“Well Torhild Ivarsdottir, you must know something I don’t.” Torhild chuckled at his accusation.

“Oh, Sigtrygg Ivarsson, if only you knew.” The woman looked straight forward.

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