Just imagine John kissing Sherlock for the first time and Sherlock hesitating for a moment with his eyes open and then, as John reaches his fingers into his hair, he slowly lets his lips move and his eyes close. When John finally pulls away, fingers still in Sherlock’s curls, Sherlock can’t open his eyes, he never wants to let go of the feeling of John’s lips on his own. After a few moments of John softly massaging Sherlock’s scalp in the silence, he whispers quietly “Open your eyes.” And when Sherlock does, he is staring into the eyes of the bravest, wisest and most beautiful man he has ever known.

Antis: “Gruvia is 99% comedy. Their relationship is a joke.”

I’m pretty sure this is way more than 1% of their relationship, and if you didn’t notice NONE of these panels are comedic or meant to be taken that way. NONE of these panels show Juvia being a “stalker” or Gray being “bothered” by her. None. They show growth, progression, and development. From cute moments, to natural, to serious ones. And there is still plenty more to come. The pairing started at rock bottom, but then bloomed into something beautiful: two people that share mutual romantic feelings. Anyone with half a brain can see Mashima is not glorifying something “unhealthy” in his manga. And if you can’t see it, then congrats, you failed to understand a manga aimed at 12 year olds. 

The problem with anti Gruvia is they take the comedy way too seriously (that’s not meant to) and disregard the meaningful moments like they are insignificant. They think comedy outweighs the serious stuff and make up excuses, which is hilarious. Like have you ever read a manga before?


Yes, what a “joke” indeed.