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As a big thank you for all the love i get on here and the support you all give my etsy i am holding a summer giveaway as a thank you for my lovely followers!

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The winner will be picked on Saturday Aug 12th using a random number generator and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be picked (have your ask open). I will ship worldwide!!

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there are so many important messages that suga is trying to convey to his listeners through his mixtape and im sure that if you’ve read the lyric translations, you definitely know what i mean. i am seriously blown away that we’ve been fans of bts for what, 3 years now? for 3 years, ARMYs have easily labelled yoongi as ‘lazy’, given him that ‘idagf’ image, and yet, we were oblivious to so many of his hardships. we’ve always known that he’s hardworking, more quiet than the other members, and more reflective, but this mixtape honestly blew me away because yoongi’s gone through so much in his idol career and we had no idea. 

first off, he touches on a sensitive topic that idols don’t speak openly about: mental health. he raps about seeing a psychiatrist, battling with depression, self-hate, experiencing social phobia since age 18, putting on a front, and loneliness. His entire song “The Last” really touches on this:

a word said like habit, oh, I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a fuck
those words are all words I use to hide my weak self
that time I want to erase, that’s right, the memories I want to erase of that day I had that concert
I was afraid of people, so I hid in the bathroom and stared at myself

and in “So Far Away”:

I’m in so much pain and lonliness but people around me keeping telling me to regain my consciousness
I try to vent my anger but I only got myself so what’s the point of venting my anger
I’m scared to open my eyes everyday and start breathing

these lyrics from ‘At Dawn’ also illustrate this:

I pretend I’m not lonely, I pretend I’m not suffering
I pretend I’m okay for no reason, meaninglessly I pretend to be strong
don’t come over the wall I’ve put up in front of myself
don’t throw me off this island in this wide sea 

he also talks about his struggles during his trainee days and i dont think he’s ever talked in depth about this period of his life. this mixtape gives us some insight about him moving to seoul, getting a part time job to afford the cost of living in the city, going to school dead tired after work, and still training with big hit to live out his dreams

was I needy for success? No just needy for money
it’d been a long time since I forgot the words ‘in style’
I practiced at night and went to my part time job at dawn
then even if I dragged that tired body to school I just slept
I became 20 that way, the sight of the graduation room was suspicious

and the fact that he admits he puts up a front:

I hide the self that’s behind my defensive posture
I hide myself completely like I’ve become a criminal, always
I can’t even take one step outside the dorm that’s like a prison 

all of these are reasons im so moved. because it really highlights how idols only show one side of themselves to the camera, and fans can never really know them fully. we only know the version of bts’ min yoongi that he wants to show us through shows and broadcasts. 

behind every idol rapper who succeeds
there’s a weak self standing, it’s a little dangerous
I fall sometimes again into depression and compulsion
hell no, anyway I don’t even know if that’s the real me

but through his music? through his mixtape, he’s trying to show us another side of him, and i’m so thankful that he’s opened up to his worldwide audience. this takes courage. talking openly about your hardships and your weaknesses to people who look up to you, that takes some damn courage. so thank you, yoongi, for opening up to your fans. 


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The last time these sweethearts did press together was for Inception. The next time might be for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. Principal photography started today and continues through the summer, with production spanning France, Holland, the UK and Los Angeles. The film opens worldwide on July 21 2017.

Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Christopher Nolan are back!

I’ve recently become aware of the fact that I have a very particular interpretation of Seto’s ambition towards building amusement parks that would be open freely to orphaned children. I’m going to preface this by saying that I in no way think this dream of his is anything but a positive. But I did always understand it as existing within the boundaries of limited empathy. I didn’t think it was a coincidence that Seto’s dream is based specifically in righting the greater wrongs that had personally victimised him in his life. I assumed that, when Seto fostered this dream in his youth, alone and uncared for at the orphanage, it was primarily a power fantasy. It was a dream about having the resources and sway to turn his life around. To be the one holding the reins that could decide and create a positive outcome for him and his brother (and the limited number of others whose struggles he could directly identify with).

By this understanding, contrary to Seto’s thoughts, it’s not his heart he’s rediscovering, it’s his sense of direction. Seto was successful in grabbing power from Gouzaburou but, in the process, he succumbed to Gouzaburou’s doctrine of being motivated by (and thus perpetuating) hatred. This moment is then a ratification of Seto’s purpose in his struggle against Gouzaburou - once his ambitions and need for power were not fueled by hate, but fueled by a need to see him and his brother to a place of safety and joy. Seeing this original goal through - regardless of how idealistic and ill-formed - is the only way to ‘win’ his ‘shadow game’ against Gouzaburou.

– And that’s all well and fine, but it seems I’ve been overlooking that there are other ways of interpreting what’s happening here. Given how poorly attuned modern Seto is to reading other people’s emotions, I never really considered that the happiness of others might be a motivating factor to Seto’s goals here. It flat out did not occur to me that Seto might be deeply and altruistically motivated by the thought of a bunch of smiling children. Although I’m not as personally touched by this interpretation, it seems to be highly parsimonious with what we’re shown in canon: little Seto’s joyous agreement when Mokuba say ‘we can all play together?’, the fact that Seto also seems to feel a deep concern for people victimised by Gouzaburou’s war mongering, Seto saying his ‘heart’ was buried in ruins. Upon reflection, it seems completely plausible that Seto was acting out of concern for others.

In the final analysis, it may not matter. On a practical level, Seto’s plan to open theme parks will bring happiness to a lot of unprivileged children. Regardless of whether the motivation is that happiness, or the the power to grant it, the result is a net positive. (And I don’t think Seto is so unaware of his position in the world as an adult that he doesn’t truly wish to do more good than harm.) But I do feel these fragments of canon really effect how you understand Seto, especially in a developmental manner. What child Seto’s purpose in dreaming of opening theme parks worldwide? What is it that Seto reaching for and accessing in these memories of him and Mokuba? Was Seto a caring child that had all the kindness stomped out of him by Gouzaburou? Or was he already an asocial and self-important (but harmless) little brat whose worst instincts were built-upon and taken and twisted into something far crueler and more destructive than they ever should have been? Or is there a third/forth/fifth option here? Is this an important distinction in how people in this fandom interact with Seto’s character?


and thank you so much @nenya85 for discussing things with me and letting me use her manga scans~

Milestone anti-Trump giveaway

Ladies and gentlemen, this blog has now reached

So @wendigoskitchen & I decided it’s time for another give-away!

As you all know, Hannibal Lecter is not a fan of rude people.

He’s also not a fan of Putin and the puppet he managed to install as POTUS.

So we’re giving away two “Eat the Rude” anti-Trump pins

three “Eat the Rude” anti-Trump stickers:

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Highly Interactive, Immersive Digital Simulation Experience Centers Give Fans

Up-Close Encounters and Adventures with Transformers Characters

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – May 23, 2017 – In collaboration with Hasbro, Dan Mintz’s DMG Entertainment is launching highly-immersive, interactive Transformers digital simulation experience centers. Featuring up-close and personal character interactions, highly immersive virtual and augmented reality technology, interactive environments and activities featuring the latest digital technologies, guests will experience the Transformers universe like never before. Debuting in Shanghai this summer, the centers will expand to other China cities regularly over the next five years and be designed with the global audience in mind.

Born from the massively popular multi-billion dollar franchise, the Transformers centers put participants right in the middle of the action, allowing them to immerse themselves side by side with the characters and engage in a variety of missions. Imagine battling against the evil Decepticons on Cybertron alongside Optimus Prime, or climbing behind the wheel of Bumblebee for the ultimate driving experience. Guests of all ages can unleash their inner hero in this immersive, next-generation adventure, right alongside their favorite Transformers characters.

“We’re pushing the boundaries of creative storytelling by harnessing innovative, immersive and interactive technology that brings fans into the Transformers world like never before.” said Mintz.

The Transformers franchise, which began with a toy line more than 30 years ago, has expanded to include comic books, animated series, films, video games and consumer products. The most recent Transformers film, 2014’s TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, earned more than $850 million internationally. TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT opens worldwide on June 21 with additional sequels planned for release in 2018 and 2019.

“We’re very excited to work with DMG as we launch into the rapidly growing space of VR, AR and other mixed reality experiences,” said Simon Waters, General Manager, Senior Vice President, Entertainment and Consumer Products, Hasbro.  “The Transformers digital simulation centers will offer fans an incredibly immersive experience that’s truly … ‘More Than Meets the Eye.’”

DMG, in collaboration with S2BN, is also in development on a Transformers Live show.

JSAMN fanart exchange 2017

Following the success of our first fanart exchange, we’re hoping to run another in 2017. There were 24 beautiful pieces of fanart created last year, of 11 different JSAMN characters. (You can view them all here, if you’d like.)

The exchange is simple: draw a piece of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell fanart and receive some in return. The exchange is open worldwide and welcomes artists of any skill level. Art needs to be posted online so only digital or scanned traditional art is accepted.

As before, exchanges work best with a good number of participants as this makes for better matching. If you’d like to take part, please like, reblog or reply to this post by 11.59pm (GMT) on 30 September 2017. You can also message us if you’d prefer. If there’s enough interest, we’ll open Sign-ups in October! 


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Lamborghini Opens its Largest Showroom Worldwide 

With the inauguration of the largest Lamborghini showroom in the world in Dubai, Lamborghini is preparing its international dealer network for the future.

The new showroom and service centre, located on Sheik Zayed Road, exit 41, Dubai, UAE, is one of twelve Lamborghini sales points within the dealer network in the Middle East and Africa.

With a total surface of 1,800 square meters over 3 floors the showroom and service centre environment reflects the need for increased space as Lamborghini expands its model line-up and plans to double sales with the launch of its new SUV by 2018.

Milestone+Valentine’s giveaway

Ladies and gentlemen, this blog has now reached

Also it’s Valentine’s, so @wendigoskitchen & I decided it’s time for a give-away!

As you all know, Hannibal Lecter is not a fan of rude people.

He’s also not a fan of the very rude Putin puppet currently installed as POTUS.

But he loves Valentine’s Day, now that he has Will Graham to share it with!

So we’re giving away two “Eat the Rude” anti-Trump pins

three “Eat the Rude” anti-Trump stickers:

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Great Seddm, do you have a link to the episode of today to give us, poor mortals (of other countries lol)?

One day Disney is going to open a worldwide service “GIVE US THREE BUCKS AND GET YOUR EPISODE AS SOON AS IT AIRS IN THE USA”. What a world would that be.
Here’s why we’re not criticizing Taylor Swift for her Women’s March tweet
Taylor Swift has been criticized recently for her tweet in support of the Women's March, and this is why we think that we should support her choice.

Over the weekend, millions of people marched as a part of the Women’s March in cities throughout the United States and all over the world. Women and men marched for different personal reasons, and we were so inspired to see such powerful support. Taylor Swift supported the Women’s March, but it turned out to be very controversial. In fact, when Taylor tweeted her support, she was met with a ton of backlash. Fans criticized the way that she chose to support the march. But we think that kind of criticism fights against the premise of the march.

Taylor Swift tweeted this message of support for the Women’s March.

We think that’s an awesome, supportive message. And we agree, because we were totally proud to be women, whether we were at the march or not.

Criticism for Taylor essentially boiled down to fans being upset that she supported the Women’s March without actually attending. Especially because so many celebrities were active and present at the march, people claimed that Taylor’s gesture wasn’t big enough. But we don’t agree with that. Because we think Taylor should be allowed to support the march in whatever way she wants.

The Women’s March was all about people standing up to make their voices heard, because all of our voices matter.

Seeing all these incredible women flood the street to proclaim their positive messages was so inspiring. And we think that everyone’s reasons and purpose for being out there was valid. And that includes those who did NOT want to march, like Taylor.

If we’re going to be part of a movement that supports all women’s voices, then we should also support Taylor’s decision to support the march from a distance. We don’t know what might be going on in Taylor’s life. We don’t know the details of her exact politics. And we don’t need to know that. We appreciate her support, however she chose to give it. And we think all of us should challenge ourselves to find ways to support each other as much as possible, rather than focusing on the negative.

We’d love to steer the movement in a direction where we stop criticizing each other for HOW we participate.

That’s not the important place to focus our energy. We need to band together and support each other in whatever way we choose to support. Plus, showing everyone that the people behind the Women’s March are a positive, safe community of awesome people can only help the movement grow. So rather than finding fault in the people who do support the Women’s March, we should be harnessing the collective positive energy we just created.  Because by using that positive energy, we can build on our message to make real change that benefits us all.