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Unpopular opinion: I don’t need any more huge open world games with distractions scattered all over the place. I’m tired of losing track of the actual goal because of an abundance of pointless side quests. Give me a linear, story-driven game that focuses on its narrative structure instead. I want characters to care about and a story to be moved by.

me: award shows don’t really mean a thing and should never be taken seriously

me in December when Nier: Automata gets cheated out at TGA for some Western open-world game:

  • write that sentence, that dialogue, that scene that terrifies you
  • don’t delete shit, just move it to another document
  • have a “bits and pieces” document for all the odds and ends you can’t fit anywhere else
  • think of the color of a person’s eyes, imagine something reflected in them, now write that scene
  • fiction doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, don’t research yourself to boredom
  • i’m being serious there’s a thing called suspension of disbelief and it’s magical (yes that’s me making a joke)
  • write something that makes you cry
  • write something that makes you laugh
  • write something you can’t explain to other people
  • write something you won’t remember until you read it the next day
  • don’t read about the publishing industry until you really, really need to. all it will do is make you unbelievably tired
  • listen to music from open world RPG video games, you’re welcome
  • always take a small journal or some paper and a pen with you
  • write by hand in a journal every once in a while
  • put the ending of your story in the beginning and see what happens
  • listen to input from other people. yes you’re the writer, but they’re the reader and they want to help you make something spectacular
  • said is not dead dude like wtf
  • the thesaurus is shiny and lovely and a great resource but don’t let words get in the way of your story telling, you don’t need to write prose as poetry for it to be beautiful
  • just finish the draft first, worry about perfection after
  • yes, you do have talent
  • yes, you can do this. you already are

The moment we all have been waiting for! 

Roger Federer is the 2017 Australian Open champion.

Bel18ve = Ach18ve


New painting in the Zelda Open World series! This is what I think Kakariko Village could look. It probably won’t be like this in the game, but I think it’d be cool if they did it - since running on those rooftops and scaling the buildings would be so much fun :D 

Prints here: (
Kynseed - A Whimsical Sandbox RPG Adventure
Made by a couple of ex-Lionhead Fable devs, Kynseed is a quirky 2D sandbox RPG. It's an adventure of a lifetime - literally.

Kynseed is a 2D sandbox adventure from veterans of Lionhead Studios’ Fable series. Drawing from years of experience crafting the iconic Fable titles, we aim to deliver an all-new quirky RPG filled to the brim with mystery, exploration, awful puns, and sandbox possibilities.    

While invoking the spirit of past Fable games, Kynseed is infused with our own ideas and a mix of British folklore, ancient legend, and rustic traditions. We hope to capture these inspirations in an atmospheric world with whimsy, humour, and eccentricity, and not a single orc or high elf in sight.

For all who haven’t heard from Twitter or elsewhere, Kynseed has just launched its Kickstarter campaign, with a minimum goal of £30,000 (about $38,740) set for it to be in full-time development. 

Following the link, there’s a promotional video showing game footage from the prototype, which is available for download right now in the KS’s campaign section, whether or not your a backer. It’s a perfect way for you to see what it’s about for yourself!

For those of you who aren’t sure how Kickstarter works, you will only be charged if/when the project is fully funded, before the end date it has set (June 3rd, in Kynseed’s case). The more you pledge to donate, the more goodies you get when the game is released. Some rewards for this campaign are:

  • Digital copy of the game (when released for Early Access). (7/$9)
  • Digital Art Pack (wallpapers, posters, gifs). (10/$13)
  • Your name in the credits for all to view in wonderment. (10/$13)
  • Digital Soundtrack. (15/$19)
  • And many, many more. 

The lowest tier is $9, and every backer is guaranteed a copy of the game when it is released for early access. (For those worried their old PC/laptop won’t be able to run it, there is a veeery small chance of it, since the game is 2D)

This game looks like it has so much potential, and I really want to see it succeed. I urge you to check out the kickstarter, read some of the features and projected goals (music by Russell Shaw!!), and, if you can, become a backer!