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The speed on those hands though. I think she’s got this.

Don’t close yourself off from opportunities.

It’s so easy to immediately say, “I won’t like that,” when you haven’t even given it a shot.

I recently got an opportunity that I initially felt kind of “meh” about, and it turned out to be AMAZING.

Don’t miss out on stuff because it doesn’t make you 10,000% psyched from the get go. Give it a chance. Give yourself a chance.


17.5 was a giant bitch. Walking off the floor from that I had my first asthma attack ever. I didn’t even know what was happening until other people jumped in to help me and someone gave me their inhaler. But here are some people who killed it and didn’t suffer like I did haha #crossfit #17point5

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Dating Steve Rogers would include...

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Dating Steve Rogers would include…

  • Catching him up on modern day things
  • Him teaching you things about the past ( like dancing)
  • Getting butterflies in your stomach whenever he calls you ‘doll’ 
  • “How does this work?”
  • “Steve what did you do to the microwave!?” 
  • Being the first one to expose Steve to the internet
  • “What’s YouTube,”
  • Him always being a gentleman 
  • Teasing him about his old ways
  • “If you read the newspaper on my tablet you’d be saving trees,”
  • “It’s a habit,”
  • “At least you’re not stuffing them in your shoes,” (CA:TFA reference) 
  • Learning about all the silly things Steve did when he was younger/before the serum  from Bucky
  • Him always holding the door open for you
  • Watching him workout 
  • Watching him workout shirtless
  • *there’s a difference trust me*
  • Getting clingy before he has to go on a mission
  • Wearing his shirts when he’s gone
  • Him looking like a lost puppy when you’re on a mission
  • Forever cuddling when you/him get back
  • “(Y/n) i can’t get the TV to turn on!”
  • Him complaining about how difficult everything is now 
  • “Everything was much simpler back then,”
  • “Shut up grandpa,”
  • Steve texting like a grandma
  • “Sorry you got hurt on your mission lol”
  • “Bucky got hurt on a mission, LMAO”
CrossFit 3/17/2017 & 3/18/2017


WOD: 6 rounds (not for time): low handle/high handle sled push + 10 pull-ups

Sled weights were 50#, 70#, 90#, 110#, 130#, 150#. Spent most of the workout doing active recovery and mobility work to prepare for…


WOD: 17.4

13 minute AMRAP:

  • 55 deadlifts (153#)
  • 55 wall-balls (14#)
  • 55 cal row
  • 55 handstand push-ups

I did 166 reps Rx (1 HSPU), which is 21 reps better than when I did this workout two months ago in January. Did the deadlifts touch-and-go in straight sets of 5, and then the wall balls in sets of 11 (except for a set of 6 and 5 at the end). The row was the worst part and was horrible and soul-crushing. My grip was totally trashed and I could barely hold on to the handle, but my goal was to finish the row, and I did! Everything else was pretty smooth, and as a bonus, I didn’t blow up my back. Pretty happy with how much better I did this time around, especially because this workout does NOT favor small people!


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***turns ON out-of-office replies***

To ensure that I didn’t give into the gravitational pull of the couch, I baked another batch of chocolate chip toffee cookies and tried out some new stuff from the Ulta order that came today (1 of 2 new lipsticks and hair curler).

🎉YAY, long weekend!🎉

Off to get some food and watch the 17.4 Open workout announcement with my sister. 💪

Lip color: Maybelline The Bolds Collection in Berry Bossy.