open ur eyes larry is real

anonymous asked:

are you larry af? what do you think about the rifts between larries and ziam(idk what ziam believers/shippers would be called)?

i think that if yall larries and ziams children look closely we are on the same god damn team… and a lot of us ziam people even want to chill with yall larries but some of yall get too unfair and BLIND when it comes to ziam for EXAMPLE:
1) larries believe that louis’ twitter is operated by 1dhq but the same larries refuse to believe that zayns and liams might be too?
2) they believe in all secret larry touches yet when ziam does anything like that it’s deemed ‘friendly’?
3) louis told harry he’d sit right next to him during a press conference and it was a big deal the god damn world turned upside down but when zayn said he’d LIVE right next to liam it meant nothing?
4) elounor was staged/fake since the very beginning, yall didn’t believe it for 1 sec but zeri/payzer/sophiam are all real they can’t be fake?

and like these are just a few points. i believe in both larry and ziam so from where im watching we could all be friends fam we’re literally on the same team open ur eyes and lets chill together

anon hour, ask me anything.